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Leon Legge
Ivan Toney, go play for Jamaica mate cos Gareth ain’t gunna give you your chance
26 Sep, 08:17 PM UTC
Ivan Toney got called up to clean and carry Bukayo Saka's boots.
26 Sep, 08:54 PM UTC
Ivan Toney might aswell just choose to play for Jamaica
26 Sep, 09:12 PM UTC
Ade Oladipo
What's the point of Tammy Abraham and Ivan Toney..even being called up WHAT'S THE BLOODY POINT
26 Sep, 08:16 PM UTC
Drawing 3-3 with 5 minutes to go and you bring on Henderson rather than Toney or Abraham? Wow.
26 Sep, 08:41 PM UTC

Toney can’t even get some man wann rave minutes 😭
26 Sep, 08:38 PM UTC
🙄 “The blind loyalty in players like Maguire…we have to judge performances!” ❌ “Maguire made costly errors. England is not the place to regain your confidence!” 😡 “What’s the point bringing Ivan Toney?!” @Laura_Woodsy questions Southgate’s #ENG choices in recent weeks… @talkSPORT's photo on Toney
27 Sep, 07:10 AM UTC
Dean Moloney
Ivan Toney not getting any England minutes. ‘The first time was funny, the second was kinda cringe’ https://t.co/DWTXZFkuyZ
26 Sep, 08:37 PM UTC
Ivan Toney got called up and played no minutes https://t.co/HYyBAa10ma
26 Sep, 08:46 PM UTC
Abraham and Toney watching Havertz masterclass on the bench https://t.co/ixxhYdmeuF
26 Sep, 08:51 PM UTC
👔 “Particularly in the Nations League, it was a chance for Gareth Southgate.” 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 “It was a good opportunity to play Tomori, Coady, Abraham or Ivan Toney!” 🤨 “Have a look at them!” Ally McCoist wonders why Gareth Southgate didn’t experiment other #ENG players 🤔 @talkSPORT's photo on Toney
27 Sep, 06:10 AM UTC
Dows 🔴⚪️
We all already know Kane is world class. He’s starting every game if he’s fit, so why waste the last chance to see how Tammy Abraham & Ivan Toney would have slotted into the side? Makes absolutely no sense to take them & give them a combined zero minutes. Shambles. https://t.co/76VVozMUua
26 Sep, 09:09 PM UTC
Mirror Football
England squad for World Cup 2022: Alexander-Arnold ✅ Ivan Toney ❌ Jadon Sancho ❌ https://t.co/IaFdzIHBqd
27 Sep, 08:13 AM UTC
@fplbhuna Translation: Some big decisions to make this week. Do I pretend KDB is benched or Salah injured? Do I pretend Daka starts or Toney has covid? Do I pretend James has scored when he hasn’t? Looking forward to the next few gameweeks.
27 Sep, 08:29 AM UTC
Ivan toney, tomori should switch allegiances
27 Sep, 08:28 AM UTC
Take Kane off and actually try another CF, No?? How can you have Tammy and Toney on the bench and not give either substantial amount of game time in two games?? Southgate is an animal
26 Sep, 08:10 PM UTC
Camarade Sapphyre ☭
@vincentloic_p @ViveLesPelicans Toney Douglas, Omer Asik et Alexis Ajinca rigolent mais ok
27 Sep, 08:37 AM UTC
Basketball ivan toney https://t.co/hOGJ557bog
27 Sep, 08:31 AM UTC
@talkSPORT @laura_woodsy Because it's about supporting Kane to break records, not about the TEAM and/or #rotation🤔 Cash, Nketiah, CHO, Lamptey, Zaha all opted to play for other nations b/c they're not getting selected for #ENG. Same could happen w/Toney, Tomori, Watkins, Abraham🤨.
27 Sep, 08:45 AM UTC
@chavadas9 @willreyner I mean the back up striker position should be between him and Toney
27 Sep, 08:45 AM UTC
@shanylou_ @GuvnaB I agree that Toney 100% should’ve got minutes but to call him fat is stupid, pace has never been one of his strengths but he makes up for it with his football brain and to call him shit I agree he has the last few games but so has everyone bar Rice and Bellingham
27 Sep, 08:44 AM UTC
She's right Toney got violated he was doing up press conference to sit on the bench in one game. https://t.co/Md363Gf8sw
27 Sep, 08:44 AM UTC
Adrian Durham
@jonaidkan @Michael_C23 @ade_oladipo1 He was talking about Ivan Toney. He's playing for his club.
27 Sep, 08:43 AM UTC
Paul Hawkins 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
@BBCRMsport @philmcnulty Give some young outfield players a go. Would have been nice to have seen Toney. We were relegated. A World Cup squad to pick.Thought it was about the WC. We took certain games lightly in earlier in the group & paid price. Need to play without fear and have a real go! Like last 20
27 Sep, 08:43 AM UTC
@talkSPORT @laura_woodsy Spot on regarding Maguire and Toney. TAA until he drastically improves defensively should be nowhere near England squads. Unfortunately for him there’s 3 right backs ahead of him.
27 Sep, 08:42 AM UTC
mr perfect
@Kingcanners I would love that Ivan Toney and bring bk our boy Odoi
27 Sep, 08:42 AM UTC
Adrian Durham
@WarrenHaughton @ade_oladipo1 Dead rubber NL is not a proper game. If Toney plays 90 and looks just OK what then? Learned nothing. He's seen him play, the call up is what GS thinks of him. Crucial info now is whether, if he's not playing in Qatar, will he drag the mood down. Gareth has seen that as a player.
27 Sep, 08:41 AM UTC
@ffscout_az @SebWassell @LetsTalk_FPL The words of a man who has already tossed his wildcard up against a wall Nobody is suggesting Toney to Solanke or summat mad like that But for week 9 wildcarders he is the perfect 7th attacker to afford a pretty good team He's an enabler not a perma captain
27 Sep, 08:40 AM UTC
J boy 🧏🏾‍♂️
@TheFamousCFC_V1 Toney ball
27 Sep, 08:40 AM UTC