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NFL Update
For those wondering what’s the delay in the broadcast: NBC's Mike Tirico is broadcasting from home due to COVID-19 protocols. Tony Dungy is at the stadium.
10 Jan, 01:44 AM UTC
nick wright
Props to Tony Dungy. What he said is exactly right. For 100 years that’s a touchdown. They created review to see if his feet weren’t in. Not to see if there was a millisecond his hand came off the ball. That’s the right call all the way through.
10 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
Skip Bayless
Tony Dungy says Tom Brady is playing better than ever because he's moving so beautifully and buying time in the pocket. Yet all I hear from across the table on Undisputed is that Brady has lost arm strength, mobility and nerve. So which is it???
10 Jan, 04:50 AM UTC
Tony Dungy is boring as fuck.
10 Jan, 02:21 AM UTC
Tony Dungy has a big crush on Heinicke and Washington’s defense
10 Jan, 03:14 AM UTC
big heatdaddy
Tony Dungy might try to have sex with Taylor heinicke after this game
10 Jan, 04:10 AM UTC
Pats Pulpit
Did Tony Dungy just call Brady the... GOAT?
10 Jan, 04:21 AM UTC
Art Stapleton
Tony Dungy’s QB rankings 1. Peyton Manning 2. John Elway 3. Aaron Rodgers 4. Steve Young 5. Taylor Heinicke 6. Tom Brady
10 Jan, 02:07 AM UTC
Gerry Callahan
Just so you know: There is no one, anywhere, who is rooting harder against Tom Brady than Tony Dungy. He would give a year off his life to see the Redskins win this. The challenge: pretending he's objective. I'm enjoying this
10 Jan, 02:06 AM UTC
Peter Jennings
Tony Dungy, "Leonard Fournette is so good around the goal line." Tony has never rostered Uncle Lenny in DFS.
10 Jan, 04:02 AM UTC
Will Brinson
Tony Dungy complimenting Taylor Heinicke and Tom Brady at roughly a 30-1 ratio is the funniest thing of the day.
10 Jan, 03:31 AM UTC
Benjamin Solak
Would Tony Dungy leave retirement to coach Taylor Heinicke? Gotta be yes right?
10 Jan, 04:14 AM UTC
Boston Cream 🍩
"Right on the money with pressure in his face. That's why Tom Brady is the GOAT" - Tony Dungy at 11:21PM EST today
10 Jan, 04:23 AM UTC
“This Cleveland team is going to be fired up and they’re going to be a problem” - Tony Dungy’s last words before signing off the NBC TB/WAS telecast LETS GOO #Browns! #WeWantMore
10 Jan, 04:46 AM UTC
DPOY Marcus Smart
Tony Dungy every time Brady completes a pass
10 Jan, 01:54 AM UTC
Blitzburgh ✨
Tony Dungy on the Browns: “This Cleveland team is going to be fired up and they’re going to be a problem.” #Steelers #NFL
10 Jan, 05:14 AM UTC
Josh Taylor
Tony Dungy just compared Daron Payne to Dwight Freeney, you LOVE to hear it.
10 Jan, 03:47 AM UTC
Tony Dungy acting like he wanna come out of retirement to coach this guy
10 Jan, 04:10 AM UTC
Steelers Depot 🎄
Tony Dungy on the Browns postgame on NBC: “This Cleveland team is going to be fired up and they’re going to be a problem." #Steelers
10 Jan, 05:15 AM UTC
Polar Ginger
@michaelFhurley We need a Constitutional amendment to permanently separate Tony Dungy from any and all microphones.
10 Jan, 03:48 AM UTC
got7 Taylor Heinicke #HTTWFT #TalesFromTheSMP chase young godwin vogue #AttackOnTitan cindy mccain tony dungy #bussitchallange steven montez TB12 Fournette noelle bruce arians keri hilson george blanda russ more unstable mike evans roger stone
10 Jan, 06:06 AM UTC
@RealSkipBayless For Tony Dungy, who is not a Brady lover as we know to say those things about Tom, I believe him and also because he is a coach. Your partner is blinded by jealousy and envy of Tom Brady, always has. 🤣
10 Jan, 05:31 AM UTC
@ThatDaveBrown Thank Tony Dungy and Todd Bowles that some other idiot GM is gonna pay this kid a lot of money to fail at QB.
10 Jan, 05:21 AM UTC
Jerry Thompson
Was Tony Dungy impressed by Heinecke? I didn’t hear him mention it. #GoBucs
10 Jan, 05:15 AM UTC
views got7 jype 7 or nothing #asaptogether #votebtsongaon heinicke #tbvswas #talesfromthesmp chase young godwin vogue #attackontitan seahawks cindy mccain tony dungy #bussitchallenge steven montez tb12 fournette
10 Jan, 06:51 AM UTC
got7 jype 7 or nothing #asaptogether #votebtsongaon heinicke #tbvswas #talesfromthesmp chase young godwin vogue #attackontitan seahawks cindy mccain tony dungy #bussitchallenge steven montez tb12 fournette
10 Jan, 06:51 AM UTC
Tricia Nixx I Resist 🌊
@HogsHaven I gotta give Taylor Heinicke credit but he IS a Trumper so that's a problem. It's also prob the reason Tony Dungy was rubbing up against him all night. Trumper on Trumper love #HTTR
10 Jan, 06:33 AM UTC
Jack Hammer
Except for knowing they're somehow instantly Heinicke groupies, I came away with zero insights listening to the pretty mediocre one sided commentary from Tony Dungy and Mike T. I think ambient music should've worked better.
10 Jan, 05:27 AM UTC
Michael Kudis
@StatsGuyDaniel Belichick before Tom Brady started a game: 41-57 Belichick post-Tom Brady in New England: 7-9 If there was no Tom Brady, there would be no Bill Belichick genius talk. He’d be John Fox or Tony Dungy. Coincidentally two guys who needed Peyton Manning to win a championship.
10 Jan, 05:07 AM UTC
me fui
got7 Heinicke #TBvsWAS #TALESFROMTHESMP Godwin Vogue #Toonami Keri Hilson #BussItChallenge Cindy McCain Steven Montez noelle Blanda Vatican #WFTvsTB Columbine Forunette Tony Dungy TB 12 MORE UNSTABLE Bruce Arians Berlin Wall Tampa Bay Gulf War Roger Stone
10 Jan, 07:20 AM UTC

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