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Chris Kenny
Tony Jones in full campaign mode on @QandA - Absolutely shameless. The ABC charter is worthless. #theirABC
08 Apr, 12:08 PM UTC
Michael West
Dear Tony Jones @QandA, please ask @JoshFrydenberg tonight if his Budget inflated the cash splash by up to 5x because it (craftily) wrapped in last year's tax relief too #doublecounting #qanda
08 Apr, 09:43 AM UTC
Harrison Faigen
Jemerrio Jones had the locker room rolling when he said he’d stop thanking Luke for every opportunity when the Lakers "give me more than 10 days," and he’s had JaVale compare him to Tony Allen twice in 3 days. He’s been must-watch, on and off the floor.
08 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
MMA Junkie
Video: Jon Jones chokes willing fan unconscious at FIBO in Germany 😴
08 Apr, 06:55 PM UTC
#auspol #QandA Due to the fact that this time next week, it is more than likely that OZ will be in care taker mode, why give Friedenburned a hour of spruiking BS unchallenged by Tony Jones??? Balance would be giving Chris Bowen an hr long free hit too?
08 Apr, 11:30 AM UTC
#qanda How about the first question to @JoshFrydenberg is - Can he answer a question without going on a rant about his version of Labor history or attacking @billshortenmp ? I expect Tony Jones to keep him to answering the question. In all fairness, Bowen should be there too.
08 Apr, 05:08 AM UTC
Kerry Jaggers
With a lot of help from Tony Jones, Frydenberg has just admitted this - we are NOT 'back in the black'. Well, we may be. Not right now, of course. Maybe next year. If all the planets line up & the sky doesn't fall in. Pleased we've cleared that up. #qanda
08 Apr, 12:06 PM UTC
Wow! ....... How good was Tony Jones tonight on Q&A? He really held Jush Friedmybrain to account and the audience for once was'nt stacked with Liberal Trolls...... Well done Q&A and Tony Jones!
08 Apr, 12:45 PM UTC
Josh you cannot blame Labor when you have had 5 years. Debt now 300 billion! Your debt. Go Tony Jones. @QandA
08 Apr, 12:03 PM UTC
Résistez Maintenant!
@cheryl_kernot @QandA #qanda stopped being about the audience questions years ago. Tony Jones asks more than the audience, and always favours and conservatives on the panel. The inclusion of IPA, Lib Party officials and ppl like Gerard Henderson shows how low it's sunk.
08 Apr, 03:15 AM UTC
Bruce Haigh
#auspol #qanda With the assistance of Tony Jones and the audience Frydenburg made a complete fool of himself.
08 Apr, 08:26 PM UTC
@chriskkenny @QandA Disgraceful! Would be easier for Frydenberg to debate Bowen, he will be a walk in the park compared to Tony Jones. I don’t know why they bothered with an audience.
08 Apr, 12:33 PM UTC
A Union Fugg
@PaulBongiorno @Bowenchris Tony Jones is & always has been right wing LNP supporter in sheep’s clothing
08 Apr, 11:59 AM UTC
Clive Laurance Chambers
If you want to see a shit bag in full flight turn on Tony Jones on Q&A If you added it all up to the time used 50% of the time is Jones and the remainder The Treasurer and the audience.
08 Apr, 12:08 PM UTC
Stanley Ricky Bryant
1st Me and my best man Mr tony jones, 2nd me showing everyone how expensive my suit was and that it was green inside, 3rd me and Tony cheering because I’ve actually found my soul mate ....... to be continued more photos to come!!!!! #weddingphotos #france #wedding @gemini56rally
08 Apr, 08:20 PM UTC
How rude is Tony Jones #QandA I can’t believe their ABC let this pri*k get away with his atrocious bad manners. @abcnews ....time you pulled this wank in to line.
08 Apr, 12:41 PM UTC
🍃🇦🇺Maggie Mae 🇦🇺🍃
@jazsom You're right Melissa. Heard Tony Jones' dulcet tones later on (husband watches ABC 🤮) haranguing Josh Frydenberg as I wandered past. ABC doesn't change. Tony Jones doesn't change, he always manages to rile me even for 5 minutes.😤
08 Apr, 10:03 PM UTC
Andrew Foster
Fantastic ⁦@KCFConservative⁩ Mega Monday team campaigning this evening for ⁦@ShaunBaileyUK⁩ in Kensington with ⁦@Tony_Devenish⁩ & ⁦@HFConsCllrsAndrew Foster's photo on Tony Jones
08 Apr, 09:50 PM UTC
Aled Jones
Strayed over to Earl’s Court this evening. Always good to be out with team @KCFConservative & @Tony_Devenish. #torycanvass Aled Jones's photo on Tony Jones
08 Apr, 08:48 PM UTC
Tony Curtis ☕🚘🏁
And refreshing to see Tony Jones being his usual impartial self. Yeah, sure!
08 Apr, 08:58 PM UTC
John C
@chriskkenny @QandA I thought Tony Jones did his job as the host to keep his guest on track and answering the questions from the floor - looked a bit like democracy at work!
08 Apr, 10:58 PM UTC
Jonathan Watcham
@QandA Serious response - not acceptable #qanda this close to an election this was poor judgement and has tainted @QandA with an impression of being frightened, bowing to recent government criticism. Tony Jones seems like half the serious journalist he once was. End of an era for @QandA
08 Apr, 09:37 PM UTC
Luna Valentine
Starting I Am Alfonso Jones, by Tony Medina
08 Apr, 10:53 PM UTC
Standup to bullies. Tony Jones Australian tv bully sets a bad example to national audience. Treasurer grilled: ‘Know the answer?’ -
08 Apr, 10:44 PM UTC
Luna Valentine
I Am Alfonso Jones is available to read on Kindle Unlimited
08 Apr, 10:31 PM UTC
matt graham
@Radford57 @chriskkenny @QandA Whats the bet that tony jones is a liberal voter just like Paul Barry is, who works on media watch.
08 Apr, 08:51 PM UTC
Raider Marcus RNFL
Jemerrio Jones is grateful for his opportunity with the Lakers, even if he wishes it was longer
08 Apr, 08:41 PM UTC
Bruce King
Josh is still saying this is labor’s debt. Refused to say to Tony Jones that debt had increased on their watch. jerk! Bruce King's photo on Tony Jones
08 Apr, 08:22 PM UTC

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