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Toei Animation
You can't miss tonight's episode of #DragonBallSuper on #Toonami! Would you chalk this up as one of the greatest Vegeta moments ever? @ToeiAnimation's photo on #Toonami
14 Sep, 07:55 PM UTC
Welcome to shonen Anime #DragonBallSuper #Toonami https://t.co/s7Wy6tvrba
15 Sep, 03:25 AM UTC
Sarah ♡ Wiedenheft
I am suuuperrr excited to announce that I play this sweet lil’ melon bun, Suika in @FUNimation’s new dub #DrStone❕ 🍉✨ You can catch it Saturday’s on #Toonami @ 11P CST! Directed by @CliffordChapin 🧪🔥 Engineered by Manuel Aragon💡⚡️ Written by @monkeyshines9 🔬🦠 https://t.co/HCoQh8ewC6
15 Sep, 02:16 AM UTC
Matt Shipman
RT if you would watch an entire series of just Senku’s Kitchen. #DrStone #Toonami https://t.co/xvtlCccqRq
15 Sep, 04:06 AM UTC
✨Maria MsDBZbabe✨
He couldn't keep his promise but we still love him #DragonBallSuper #Toonami https://t.co/bN1kxRQhAb
15 Sep, 03:20 AM UTC
Clifford Chapin
Fun fact, when we first recorded this episode, @iantweeting was super sick. So we rerecorded this episode with him for the #Toonami broadcast. That way you guys are always getting our absolute best. #DrSTONE
15 Sep, 04:13 AM UTC
Steve Blum
Ah yeah... there’s that #Toonami feeling. @adultswim
15 Sep, 02:52 AM UTC
Sentai Filmworks 🥳
tonight there will be ~magic~ on #toonami @SentaiFilmworks's photo on #Toonami
15 Sep, 02:34 AM UTC
Toonami News
#Toonami Music Video: Make a Difference https://t.co/UgFUqk8SUX
15 Sep, 06:10 AM UTC
✨Maria MsDBZbabe✨
Bulma waking up Vegeta #DragonBallSuper #Toonami https://t.co/bvHlcs8Vol
15 Sep, 03:16 AM UTC
We established that Yuzuriha’s not wearing panties, so Tsukasa just throws her on the ground and makes her flash her coot to everyone!? SO RUDE TSUKASA! #drstone #toonami @BrittanyLaudaVO's photo on #Toonami
15 Sep, 04:22 AM UTC
Sarah Roach
I really love the little rainbows from the lantern reflected all over the room in this scene. Such a cool and unexpected detail that adds so much atmosphere #FireForce #Toonami https://t.co/ebRO45dSP4
15 Sep, 04:42 AM UTC
Clifford Chapin
It's just about time for #DrSTONE on #Toonami! Tonight, your livetweet team is myself, @Aaron__Dismuke (Senku), @BrittanyLaudaVO (Yuzuriha), @MattShipmanVO (Chrome), @SarahWiedenheft (Suika), and @RiccoFajardo (Taiju)!! Get Excited!!
15 Sep, 04:02 AM UTC
Aaron Dismuke
Okay watching #drstone on #toonami and mecha senku is my favorite. Also @RiccoFajardo is hounding me about what’s in Senku’s... uh... belt sacks? What are your guesses?
15 Sep, 04:09 AM UTC
This is a fantastic shot of the three of them, and I love getting to do funny inhale reacts #drstone #toonami @BrittanyLaudaVO's photo on #Toonami
15 Sep, 04:08 AM UTC
Sarah Roach
“It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!” Chills at this entrance every time dude. #FireForce #Toonami https://t.co/UqicVclvQu
15 Sep, 04:55 AM UTC
Naruto Uzumaki
#Toonami has a lot of great things coming up! -Super's having a marathon -Demon Slayer is coming in October -One Punch Man S2 also airs next month -Black Clover is starting the Reincarnation arc -Boruto is starting the Chunin Exams soon -And Toonami's new TIE event, The Forge
15 Sep, 02:40 AM UTC
Toonami Squad
You don’t have to save the world, you just have to make a difference. Check out the newest Toonami music video! #Toonami https://t.co/kH4jfXUMm4
15 Sep, 05:28 AM UTC
Zach Sally
What’s Hank Hill doing in Boruto? #boruto #toonami https://t.co/H3K3rHfqCB
15 Sep, 06:13 AM UTC
✨Maria MsDBZbabe✨
"...fight for others with all your heart and soul!" and he hears Bulma still ; _ ; #DragonBallSuper #Toonami https://t.co/3SLm87c6LF
15 Sep, 03:19 AM UTC
CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE?! STOP CAMPING, FRIEZA! #DragonBallSuper #Toonami https://t.co/WUPkFH08Qi
15 Sep, 03:21 AM UTC
Kellen Goff
@KylePhillipsFUN @Megami33 Thanks for joining me on this livetweet!! See ya'll next week! #FireForce #Toonami https://t.co/zYBDgKyq0I
15 Sep, 05:00 AM UTC
Dana Swanson
Hope you are enjoying #Toonami. I have nothing clever to say, but I think you deserve good things, Internet!
15 Sep, 06:44 AM UTC
🔥 ToonamiHub🧪🔜NYCC
Next Week! The FIGHT TO END ALL FIGHTS BEGINS! #DragonBallSuper #Toonami https://t.co/qH2Th8HciG
15 Sep, 03:27 AM UTC
Benjamin Oscar ➡️ ColossalCon East
#Toonami is now the @jadbsaxton feels program! 😭💙 #FireForce #FoodWars https://t.co/Xt55kt7dIA
15 Sep, 05:07 AM UTC
Naruto Uzumaki
I didn't even bring up what's going on currently. Dr. Stone and Fire Force just joined the block, Gundam: The Origin and Lupin are still airing new episodes and Naruto Shippuden just started the 4th Great Ninja War arc. It's a good time to be a #Toonami fan.
15 Sep, 02:45 AM UTC
Naruto Uzumaki
I think it's safe to say that #Toonami is in a good place. There's too many people saying that it's doom and gloom, but they've been saying this since its revival in 2012. It's still going strong, so lets enjoy the ride.
15 Sep, 02:50 AM UTC
Food Wars Source | S4 Oct 11, 2019
He called Megumi a dimwit how dare he? #FoodWars #Toonami https://t.co/NqAB4PHdum
15 Sep, 05:12 AM UTC
His food is SO good in turns people into magical girls! #FoodWars #Toonami https://t.co/DUKOKt4iXA
15 Sep, 05:27 AM UTC
Did somebody say “Help?” #FireForce #Toonami https://t.co/0II0q2Ddgm
15 Sep, 04:57 AM UTC

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