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Russell Martin
I want to thank the Blue Jays organization from top to bottom for the opportunity to play in my home country for the last 4 years. It was truly an amazing ride! I’ll miss this great team and staff. I am now looking forward to being back with the Dodgers where it all began fo… Russell Martin's photo on Top 4
11 Jan, 11:01 PM UTC
Byron York
Investigation result: 'No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials.' Is NYT story about Trump, or about FBI malfeasance? 4/4 End.
12 Jan, 03:05 AM UTC
Astro da zueira
Top signos que joga a verdade na cara sem dó: 1° Escorpião 2° Áries 3° Gêmeos 4° Touro 5° Capricórnio 6° Virgem 7° Leão 8° Sagitário 9° Câncer 10° Peixes 11° Libra 12° Aquário
12 Jan, 02:02 AM UTC
Masita Seaweed
สวัสดี #วันเด็กแห่งชาติ นะคร้าบ! จำเด็กน้อยน่ารักทั้ง 4 คนนี้กันได้มั้ยเอ่ย? (ใบ้หน่อยๆ : เป็นเด็กไทยทุกคนครับ) เอ๊... จะมีใครจำได้บ้างน้าา?! 🤔😆 Cr., Top K-Pop News, Cube Entertainment, @ ilamurpair
12 Jan, 04:10 AM UTC
Il est temps de rétablir la vérité, voici le vrai top des signes astro : 1. Vierge 2. Capricorne 3. Cancer 4. Gémeaux 5. Poisson 6. Taureau 7. Lion 8. Scorpion 9. Bélier 10. Verseau 11. Balance 12. Sagittaire Do not come for me I am just speaking true words
11 Jan, 05:08 PM UTC
tobías ; 🇦🇷
⚠️ TOP SOCIAL⚠️ 1- hace cuanto sos army? 2- agua o coca cola? 3- perro o gato? 4- tu familia sabe que sos army? 5- cual es tu comida favorita y porqué? 6- tenes alguna fobia? porqué? 7- cuantos amigxs tenes? 8- rosa o azul? 9- tenes amigxs army? 10- tacos o pizza? @BTS_twt
11 Jan, 06:09 PM UTC
Camila Charts
#1YearOfCAMILA • #1 in 11 official charts • #1 on United World Chart • 2 top 10s on Billboard Hot 100 • Most #1s on iTunes for a debut album • Over 29 million records sold • Over 4.8 billion streams • Biggest pop debut album of 2018 • Grammy nominated • Metascore: 78 Camila Charts's photo on Top 4
12 Jan, 06:23 AM UTC
United Xtra
Tommorow’s game against Tottenham is huge, could even be season defining. Arsenal have Chelsea and City coming up - a win against Spurs could be the catalyst for us getting back into the top 4. #mufc
12 Jan, 02:26 PM UTC
Main Pop Data
Top Billboard 200 Female Artists of All Time (based on total chart points, via @billboard): #1 Barbra Streisand #2 @taylorswift13 #3 Mariah Carey #4 Whitney Houston #5 Madonna #6 @Adele #7 Celine Dion #8 Janet Jackson #9 Miley Cyrus #10 Carole King
12 Jan, 01:59 AM UTC
The Man Utd Way
We had no right to even talk about getting top 4 when Ole Gunnar Solskjær came in, he said he’d allow the fans and the players to enjoy playing football again. Suddenly, with a game in hand we’re three points behind Arsenal, who were 11 points clear of us. Things just got real.
12 Jan, 02:36 PM UTC
Shekhar Gupta
It was on this date (Jan 12) exactly a year ago that the 4 top SC judges held that unprecedented joint press conference to “protect the institution.” Time judges reflect on just how far they might have come since...
12 Jan, 07:57 AM UTC
Duke Basketball
Most Games vs. Top 15 Opponents (includes today) Duke: 5 Marquette: 4 (✌️ @steve_wojo) All 5 games played AWAY from Cameron Indoor. ✈️🚌😉🤔😎😁👿 Duke Basketball's photo on Top 4
12 Jan, 02:42 PM UTC
MadhuPurnima Kishwar
2. Giving #ShahFaesal top rank in IAS was political decision by Congress party in order 2 create role model for Kashmiri youth.Kashmiri friends say his high score" in large part due to his Urdu paper. He pretends to speak 4 Kashmiris but can't even read Sharda,the Kashmiri script
12 Jan, 06:50 AM UTC
Taylor Swift Facts
One year ago, today, Taylor Swift released ‘End Game ft. Future & Ed Sheeran’ It’s certified PLATINUM in the US. It peaked at #18 on Billboard HOT 100, becoming the 3rd consecutive single from reputation reach Top 20. The music video gained 14.4 MILLION views within 24 hours.
12 Jan, 10:55 AM UTC
Grey's Anatomy
👑TOP MELHORES EPISÓDIOS DE GREY'S 👑 4• 6x23 - Santuário (30,4%) Grey's Anatomy's photo on Top 4
12 Jan, 12:56 AM UTC
Top 20 Digital Vote #MusicLibrary 1.ความรักกำลังก่อตัว – นนท์ ธนนท์ 2.แค่ของเลียนแบบ – น้ำ กัญญ์กุลณัช 3.หากวันนั้น – Room39 4.Spark (ช็อต...หัวใจ) – SBFIVE 5.ความจริงแค่ในเมื่อวาน – ต้น ธนษิต 6.บอกตัวเอง –...
12 Jan, 01:00 PM UTC
Voting: We had #QuarkChain Ambassadors New Year Event last week, and here are TOP 4 works that were selected by our ambassadors. Please vote for your favorite work! N1. N2. N3. N4.
12 Jan, 06:16 AM UTC
Girlgroups sales
[Hanteo] Top 5 Best selling 2018 Girlgroups albums as of 190111 [requested]: 1. Blackpink #SquareUp (2 ver): 145,667 2. Twice #YesOrYes⁠ (3 ver): 144,954 3. IZ*ONE #ColorIz (2 ver): 144,613 4. Twice #WhatIsLove (2 ver): 143,920 5. Twice #SummerNights (3 ver): 124,728
12 Jan, 02:09 PM UTC
Arsenal drop points to West Ham. Man United Play Spurs. Chelsea could create some space in the top 4 race vs Newcastle. We know what that means. Rondon Brace and a Park the bus masterclass from Rafa.
12 Jan, 02:21 PM UTC
Pi e uma estrelinha
☆∴。*。★・☆ Sorteio valendo álbum 2 Cool 4 Skool do bts Regras: ☆Dar rt e Fav para valer ☆Me seguir e seguir @btssart ☆E marcar 1 amigo + o @BTS_twt para ajudar no top social ☆Resultado dia 30/03 (Fotos comprovando que eu comprei o álbum) ☆∴。*。★・☆
12 Jan, 02:05 PM UTC
The top five songs on the Adult Contemporary chart: 1. “Girls Like You” - @maroon5 ft. @iamcardib 2. “Delicate” - @taylorswift13 3. “Perfect” - @edsheeran 4. “The Middle” - @Zedd, @MarenMorris + @greymusic 5. “Lights Down Low” - @MAXHellsKitchen PopCrush's photo on Top 4
11 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
• • թ̶г̶օ̶ო̶ﻨ̶ร̶ε 💜 🇪🇨
❗⚠ TOP SOCIAL ⚠‼ No ignoren :'v Por favor ayuden respondiendo las preguntas o dando rt! 1. Carro o motocicleta? 2. Series o películas? 3. Sol o Lluvia? 4. Montaña o Playa? 5. Dormir o comer? 6. Chocolate blanco o negro? No olviden mencionar a @BTS_twt I 💜 U~
11 Jan, 09:23 PM UTC
#CarefreeDaily 🚬
Huge moment for us, Newcastle will be defending like 2012 Chelsea. If we had a striker, we’d be talking title rather than top 4. Hopefully we get Higuaín in before the Arsenal game, another deciding moment.
12 Jan, 02:24 PM UTC
Morning Stars
Our journey is just at the beginning. Thank you for the amazing support! 🏆Top 4 Overwatch Contenders Season 3 eu 🏆1st Angry Cup Morning Stars's photo on Top 4
12 Jan, 02:40 PM UTC
Knew West Ham were getting a result. Wish we actually could turn these draws into wins because we would be in a comfortable spot for Top 4. Another huge chance to increase the gap again, have to take advantage this time.
12 Jan, 02:26 PM UTC
Top 5 ways to accelerate progress in rational thought. 1. Don't confuse activism with science. 2. Study data objectively 3. Avoid the confirmation bias trap. 4. Keep an open mind and when evaluating alternative views. 5. Avoid the precautionary principle.
12 Jan, 03:05 AM UTC
Main Pop Data
Only albums in history to spend 52+ weeks (1 year) straight in the top 10 of Billboard 200: #1 - Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen [84 weeks] #2 - '21' @Adele [78] +3 #3 - Falling Into You, Celine Dion [59] +2 #4 - '1989', @taylorswift13 [53] +6 #5 - Rumours, Fleetwood Mac [52]
12 Jan, 03:54 PM UTC
'Arsenal Guvnor'
Nothing against Emery personally but he is not up to being Arsenal manager. Bring in a Solkajaer sort of replacement, get Ozil back and the lads enjoying there football and will get top 4.
12 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
Shiv Mishra
Editors have this bad habit of editing just anything, including facts. It should be; “..4 top SC judges help that unprecedented press conference, arranged by me ...”
12 Jan, 03:41 PM UTC
Top 5 #trending hashtags now, Worldwide 🌎 1. #BTSinNagoya 2. #INYOURAREABKK_DAY2 3. #MAYMAYWorldOfDanceOnline 4. #BTSLoveYourselfTour 5. #NationalYouthDay 🔥 More:
12 Jan, 11:05 AM UTC
Bishop Mike Okonkwo
Micah 4:1 “But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it” - God expects you to be the centre of attraction! #BMOLive
12 Jan, 09:01 AM UTC
ᴄʏᴍᴏʜ ™ 🇰🇪 ❁
Am so sorry when i said that Arsenal was going to be in top 4 this season,please forgive me, i was young and had high hopes in Unai Emery🙏🏻. All i hope is that Spurs will win🤣😂 . FT Westham ⚒🛠 1 Arsenal 🔴 0. #WHUARS #COYG
12 Jan, 02:57 PM UTC
Top 10 Friday My Girls Hoops Top 10 1. Marquette Catholic 2. Crown Point 3. Kankakee Valley 4. Michigan City 5. Bishop Noll 6. Laporte 7. West Side 8. Morgan twp 9. South Central 10. Portage Next 5: Hebron, Munster, Boone Grove, Andrean, Chesterton
12 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
11.7% of the top 10k managers took a points hit this week while 4.0% opted to play their 2nd wildcard. #FPL
12 Jan, 12:11 PM UTC
Ammanford AFC
90! GOAL! There’s absolute scenes here at the Rec, as last minute Craig Frater has struck one right into the top corner to give Ammanford the lead late on! 4-3 Ammanford AFC's photo on Top 4
12 Jan, 03:49 PM UTC
Pedro Domínguez
¡No joder! Estoy emocionado como niño chiquito dos horas antes del día de reyes. Realmente no hay época mejor que la ronda divisional. 8 equipos, 4 juegos nivel top, top, top. 48 horas de pura emoción.
12 Jan, 04:09 PM UTC
Adam 🔴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Is that a top 4 chance i see?
12 Jan, 02:22 PM UTC
Can't deny we've been straight ass vs Spurs away in the PL but tomorrow's such a big big game for Utd. Proper chance at top 4.
12 Jan, 04:13 PM UTC
Adrian Wilson
2018 Clemson Tigers 🔸 15-0 44.2 ppg 🔸 12-0 vs winning record 🔸 4-0 vs final top 25 🔸 Semi Final: vs #3 Notre Dame by 27 🔸 Championship: vs #1 Alabama by 28 BEST EVER
12 Jan, 03:35 AM UTC
Littlebourne FC
Saturday League Result: Littlebourne 4-0 Bettshanger The boys look to head top of the table with a convincing win at home to Bettshanger. 7 from 7 🔥 Up the YELLA ⚽️
12 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
MGS Sport
That’s the end of the U18 Indoor Hockey School Championship Finals for our @MGS_PEandSport boys. We lost 4 - 2 in the semi-final to Altrincham GSB. Good luck to them in the final and a massive congratulations to our boys in reaching the top four in England! #EnglandHockey
12 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
Pasaos por mi stream si quereis ver el stream the Only The Best II de Napoles en español!!! Tenemos a 4 de nuestros compis en el top 64 y dentro de poco jugaran! @MONODRUNKEN @BaiBlackjesus @RyuFox12 @Tibetanotk
12 Jan, 04:13 PM UTC
Top 5 camilan indomaret : 1. Rumput laut mama suka 2. Sukro rosta 3. Kacang garuda 4. Cheetos puff 5. Pringles
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
kuro 🔮 ayame day!!
my next ssr will probably be a dupe too so i just need 2 more sr pieces then i can 4* another card on top of whoever i suptix kuro 🔮 ayame day!!'s photo on Top 4
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
@Arsenal Dude you are running out of ideas. Leaving out Ozil for no reason, keep changing formations as if you didn't plan for the game. Please tell us what we doing about our obvious problems- the defence a big ONE and stop taking us for a ride. Forget top 4 the way you are playing!!!
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
FC Garston
Another win for the lads today in a crazy game... come out on top with a 7-4 win. Wasn’t our selves today , lots of wrongs to put right but into the quarters we go. ⚽️⚽️⚽️
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
The Coupon Planet
4 x Oil-Burning Ceramic Tea Light Holders from Go Groopie - - Have fun with fragrances using these 4 x Oil-Burning Ceramic Tea Light Holders Heat essential oils in the top, with a tealight inside Cute heart cut-out designs will look sweet in your ...
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
ㅤRainha Dara Mãe das Fadas
@ltsbritbitch tomei 4 cartelas de dramin em 1 semana, dai fui beber 2 vinhos top top
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
Have you considered the possibility that, if not properly prepared, you very well may regret your decision to retire?
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
Grand Prix 4 OC 2014
Grand Prix 4 OC Top 5: Unexpected Podium Finish: via @YouTube
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
Top 5 rasa kopi : 1. Kafein (ini bukan rasa sih but I do love caffeine) 2. Manis 3. Pahit 4. Gurih 5. Nyoy
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
La Covacha
Desde el Thor de Walter Simonson hasta los 4 Fantásticos de Jonathan Hickman, te presentamos 10 Etapas Esenciales de Marvel Comics, ¿cuál etapa incluirías tú en esta lista?
12 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
Bankole Jr
To think that it was Arsenal fans that were pushing this agenda that Manchester United won’t make it to top 4 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
12 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
Mayor Of Africa
Top ten famous people in nigeria 1. Asuu 2.Dangote 3.Otedola 4.Iphone Users 5.Anybody that drives benz 6.Sanwo Olu 7.Inec 8.Adenuga 9.Burna boy 10. Alakija
12 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
Top 5 things I love about my mutuals (agak sombong nantinya) : 1. Mutuals gue rata2 orang yang mau mengedukasi diri mereka 2. Muatuals gue mau diajakin diskusi dari yang berat sampe renyah 3. Active(!!) 4. SL pada jalan 5. Cantik dan ganteng (muah)
12 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
London Tal
@LeGrove Need to spend £100 million on players to make top 4. When is stan going to take an interest in football
12 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
Stuart Collett
@StephenSeiler (2) q's reg 4', 8' and 16' int for intensity, I can't seem to see ref to those @ same intensity or 4' top z3 16' the bottom of z3? Curious to give this a try, found your talks with @Coach_TConnor super interesting! Appreciate any and all thoughts!
12 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
4 of my 6 professors have sent emails saying their class is hard and to drop it if it’s not going to be a top priority........ this will be the semester that officially Breaks Me
12 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
@240pTest One small question - Is the N64 output actually 241 lines? In the overscan test, there's only one line of black space top and two lines bottom. It takes 4 pixels bottom before the white line shows up though. Setting top and bottom overscan to 120 leaves one grey line too Jade's photo on Top 4
12 Jan, 04:13 PM UTC
top 5 animes — 1-one piece 2-boku no hero 3-hunter x hunter 4-shingeki no kyojin 5-gurren lagann
12 Jan, 04:13 PM UTC
18 September
@IAmVhakula90 @lidodaduvha Heḽo ndi ḽone khalanwaha i tevhelaho rs nzhena kha top 4 na cup dzi tea uya Venda
12 Jan, 04:13 PM UTC
Abhishek Kashyap🇮🇳
By 2030, seven of the top 10 economies will likely be current emerging markets, including Indonesia, which is expected to break into the top 4.
12 Jan, 04:13 PM UTC
The Ultracheese
@rudkin_matt Yes lol 7th in the league before kick off ain’t bad going. Things could be better but I don’t think it would see us be breaking the top 4 as the deluded ones think we should be
12 Jan, 04:13 PM UTC

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