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my sexuality is when the camera moves from the Queen logo to freddie in his fur coat in the killer queen top of the pops video
11 Jan, 04:23 PM UTC
Top of the pops T WAYNE 9's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 07:04 PM UTC
Y Barry Horns
when you've got your shift at debenhams at 9 but have to play trumpet on top of the pops at 5 Y Barry Horns's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 09:34 AM UTC
Love Top Of The Pops 2, apart from the nonces
11 Jan, 10:16 PM UTC
You know them people you see proper going for it attention seeking in the background of old Top of the Pops that we laugh at? They’re the ones we now have reality shows specifically for.
12 Jan, 12:24 AM UTC
John Challis
When Will I See You Again? Beautiful! ⁦@SheilaDFerguson⁩ Top of the Pops John Challis's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:27 PM UTC
Top of the pops is on and I cannot watch it now without thinking of “tHiS iS tHe BBC” thanks Gwilym Lee
11 Jan, 10:40 PM UTC
Denise Johnson
The little tomboy in me watching Suzie Quattro on Top of the Pops as a kid was everything. Denise Johnson's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:28 PM UTC
Derrick White will be a top 80 player or better rest of season (ROS). If you added him from the waiver wire congratulations. Dynasty League GM’s maybe concerned about murray next year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if pops started both of them. Id like to buy him. Starks's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 01:51 PM UTC
I met Cher on Top of The Pops in the 1990s but I didn’t recognise her, insulted her and have beaten myself up about it ever since. If only I could turn back t... 🥺
11 Jan, 11:34 PM UTC
Elisa Angel
There's an old man at the top of a water slide. He leaps. Memories of grandkids, grown kids, wife, work, and school go by. Splash. A kindergartner pops up from the pool. He is met by cheers, a whiff of chlorine, and a dry towel. "Hi, Grandpa. It's so good to see you." #SatSplat
12 Jan, 02:11 AM UTC
Cathode Ray
Tonight's Top of the Pops on BBC Four at 7.30pm (and 12.30am) was first shown on 8 January 1987. Top 100 TV ratings for 5-11 January 1987. Cathode Ray's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 06:48 PM UTC
Ahora mismo, en BBC4, Top of the Pops o la máquina del tiempo: Kinks, Stewart y los Faces (con John Peel haciendo que toca la mandolina y los pantalones amarillos de Ron Wood), más T-Rex... 😍😍😍
11 Jan, 11:05 PM UTC
Carly Ledbetter
Them: what kind of wine do you like Me: the kind where the top screws off OR pops off
12 Jan, 02:41 AM UTC
Just watched Marc Bolan absolutely kill it on top of the pops wow what a man
11 Jan, 11:40 PM UTC
Me Joooolie
Excellent Top of the Pops tonight! 1964-75 #TOTP
11 Jan, 11:16 PM UTC
very long ago, that does not give her the excuse to sit up here and blame my friend for all of that and then let people put her attempt on her back when she knows damn well that’s horrible to do to someone, and then on top of all of that she pops up with a boyfriend
12 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
It’s so annoying that Roger was so clearly annoyed on top of the pops cause it meant he got such little screen time and that double denim was so fit I feel robbed
11 Jan, 11:25 PM UTC
shaniqua 🌷
11 Jan, 11:21 PM UTC
peach 🌺
12 Jan, 01:46 AM UTC
The Wonderstuff Size Of A Cow Top Of The Pops 1991 @kittyfisherxo
12 Jan, 12:06 AM UTC
Fraser Allen
It was of its time, but I saw this on Top Of The Pops aged 15 and was mesmerised. I've just finished listening to @chrisdifford reading his biography, Some Fantastic Place, and his journey from Cool For Cats to today is so thoughtful and beautifully told.
11 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC
Mister Moose
Found a 64-75 Top Of The Pops megamix on tv whilst kicking round the house. That’ll do this wee grooving builder on a Friday night......
11 Jan, 11:14 PM UTC
Mark Rae
David Bowie’s bassist on Top of The Pops has two oak aged squirrels strapped to his chops.#gooddrugsbackthen Mark Rae's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:14 PM UTC
On BBC FOUR Tonight
11 Jan 22:00: Top of the Pops, Big Hits: TOTP 1964 to 1975 - With The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Status Quo, Procol Haru... On BBC FOUR Tonight's photo on top of the pops
12 Jan, 01:13 AM UTC
Katheryn Viens
@CraigGaIIagher If you missed seeing the original release video on Top of the Pops you haven’t lived.
12 Jan, 12:15 AM UTC
What do I have to do to bring back Top of the Pops? There was no better relaxation on a Thursday night #joinin247
12 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
@Tommymac90 Just spent a couple of hours watching Top Of The Pops from 60’s and early 70’s. Wonderful memories. I danced in that TOTP studio That was real live music then
11 Jan, 11:31 PM UTC
Sandra (ITSM Educator)
Just spent a lazy but blissful hour watching Top of Pops from the sixties. Those were the days alright. @BBC
11 Jan, 11:30 PM UTC
Best way to spend a Friday evening! Amazing Top of the Pops episode spanning 1964-1975. I am in heaven.
11 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC
She Bop Imagery
Who knew @jimmyfallon performed on Top of the Pops in 1969 🤣 #JimmyFallon #TopOfThePops She Bop Imagery's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:17 PM UTC
Helen Flanagan 🤙🏼
Top of the pops tonight is bloody brilliant. The kinks. Rod Stewart with the faces Maggie May. Bowie ... Helen Flanagan 🤙🏼's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:12 PM UTC
@PottsAndPlum I heard a rumour, that when caravan of love was number one they wanted to go on top of the pops with each of the band members mum's but the producers said no so they didn't perform at all, not sure how true that is..
11 Jan, 11:08 PM UTC
Brian Daniels
@WoodyWoodmansey Starman is on BBC4 right now. Top of the Pops. The Spiders are alive and kicking. 🕷️🥁
11 Jan, 11:05 PM UTC
GSV You didn't ask
@thorpstaveley Yes - it's just been on the top of the pops thing on bbc4 :-)
11 Jan, 10:56 PM UTC
BUZZCOCKS - Ever Fallen In Love (1978 Top Of The Pops UK TV Appearance) ~ HIGH QUALITY HQ ~
12 Jan, 03:06 AM UTC
Grant Lauchlan
@PatrickMulkern @EveningStandard It is definitely notable. Yes. But not as landmark nationwide as a chart topper and being seen peaktime on Top of the Pops!
12 Jan, 03:05 AM UTC
his outfit for killer queen top of the pops the flavor
12 Jan, 03:02 AM UTC
12 Jan, 02:53 AM UTC
クイーンの良さが詰まってる Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Top Of The Pops, 1977) @YouTubeより
12 Jan, 02:52 AM UTC
Rob Armstrong
Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974) via @YouTube
12 Jan, 02:37 AM UTC
Robert Armstrong
Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974) via @YouTube
12 Jan, 02:36 AM UTC
Andrew Stanley
Bananarama Preacher man 1991 Top of the pops via @YouTube
12 Jan, 02:34 AM UTC
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)
12 Jan, 02:26 AM UTC
@laura_hartin Top of the pops was on u shoulda watched that!!
12 Jan, 01:49 AM UTC
Colin O'Carroll
Just watched a Top of the Pops from the mid 80s with Spitting image lampooning Ronnie Raygun to Phil Collins tune. Geez, almost prescient. Another demented fuckwit at the top. How far have we come. Russian Avantgard. Star Wars version 7.862.
12 Jan, 01:11 AM UTC
None of DJ khaled’s music pops. The majority of his songs either flop or are moderate hits. I cant even think of a song he produced that went top 10.
12 Jan, 12:53 AM UTC
Lord Wobbly 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
#totp87 This was about when I stopped watching Top Of The Pops
12 Jan, 12:50 AM UTC
@ChrisSchutte3 Where else would you find what pops up in the top right corner of the statbrodcast landing page
12 Jan, 12:46 AM UTC
Noé Martínez Burgos
The Kinks Lola Top of the Pops 1970
12 Jan, 12:42 AM UTC
Reruns of Top of the Pops on BBC four are a great way to find out which 70s/80s DJs haven’t been Yewtree'd yet and been edited out in a fit of Damnatio Memoriae.
12 Jan, 12:33 AM UTC
Faye Buckland
God I’ve just said I thought Dennis Waterman singing the Minder theme song on Top of the Pops was lookinnnnn good - someone put me in the bin. Courseworks melted me brain cells x
12 Jan, 12:25 AM UTC
iFootpath Super Walking Guides
Top of the iTunes Pops iFootpath has hit a new milestone and we can’t resist sharing this good news. iFootpath Super Walking Guides's photo on top of the pops
12 Jan, 12:04 AM UTC
Terry Seal
Bros – I Owe You Nothing [Top Of The Pops 1988] ♫
12 Jan, 12:03 AM UTC
BUZZCOCKS - Ever Fallen In Love (1978 Top Of The Pops UK TV Appearance)... @YouTubeさんから
11 Jan, 11:55 PM UTC
Philip Hall
bbc4 top of the pops 1974 love it! love today's technology and hate it at the same time.
11 Jan, 11:51 PM UTC
✰ José Simões ✰
@YouTube The Rezillos - Top Of The Pops (Peel Session)
11 Jan, 11:50 PM UTC
Oli Silverwood-Cope
Thinking I may have peaked way too early: 1984 on a NADFAS outing to Top of the Pops seeing Billy Idol, Divine, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Blancmange
11 Jan, 11:42 PM UTC
Sam Underwood
Top of the Pops !! 😘 x Sam Underwood's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:30 PM UTC
gra howard
Ashton,Gardener&Dyke-Resurrection Shuffle-#11.*Top Of The Pops 70s*
11 Jan, 11:27 PM UTC
Chris Taylor
When will I see you again? Three Degrees. Good question! — watching bbc4 top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:27 PM UTC
lucy lawson
Top of the pops from 1974 on BBC4 ... bloody brilliant👍🏻.... my favourite era of music 🎧🎵
11 Jan, 11:23 PM UTC
@BBCFOUR Top of the Pops - Memorable performances from 1964 through to 1975 - 10.00-11.30 pm ! If you want to be reminded of school years , 1973-1975 + ... Suzi Quatro , Queen , T-Rex ... !
11 Jan, 11:22 PM UTC
Kathryn Batte
@hullcity_pfa watching an old episode of Top of the Pops and on comes Bowie and star man @GeorgieBoy61 would have been proud how we belted it out
11 Jan, 11:21 PM UTC
💕✨🌟Sparkles 🌟✨💕
@BeardRaj Hello Raj I am good thanks watching Queen on Top of the Pops .. Hope you had a good day xx
11 Jan, 11:20 PM UTC
This is what Friday nights are all about, top of the pops on bbc four, George McCrae shirt unbuttoned. Man means business It’s all in the hips ladies, all in the hips Michael's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:15 PM UTC
♡ Steph✌
Some proper bangers on top of the pops 70s 💃
11 Jan, 11:13 PM UTC
Every single song on tonights Top of the Pops has been fab, so far. So many great tunes. #theydontmakethemlikethatanymore #modernmusicistosh #gettingold
11 Jan, 11:13 PM UTC
Donald MacInnes
Hey @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight London calling. Just saw Peter Sarstedt on an old Top of the Pops from 1969 singing Where Do You Go To My Lovely? You HAVE to do a lookalike tribute. You're his bloody twin! Do it, man. Donald MacInnes's photo on top of the pops
11 Jan, 11:12 PM UTC
we spend too many nights watching old top of the pops reruns in my house
11 Jan, 11:01 PM UTC
Anybody know why the BBC has cut the presenters out of all these late 60s early 70s Top of the Pops?...
11 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Paul Newman
I love this clip of Rod and The Faces doing Maggie May on Top of the Pops, with Bruno Brookes pretending to play mandolin
11 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Adicionei um vídeo a uma playlist @YouTube - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)
11 Jan, 10:58 PM UTC

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