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Love Yo Self ✨
not all heroes wear capes. @MichellCClark's photo on Mayweather
11 Jul, 02:04 PM UTC


i have no exes, just previous entanglements.
10 Jul, 09:40 PM UTC


12 Jul, 03:53 AM UTC


NCT 127
저도 이제 커피를 마셔요@.@ 물론 시럽은 넣어요. 📷 by mom #DOYOUNG #도영 #NCT127 #NCT
12 Jul, 11:10 AM UTC


Rob Reiner
You can free Stone, Flynn, fire prosecutors. It won’t help. You’re going down. You’re a Sociopath, a Criminal and a Moron. You’re gonna lose in a landslide then go to jail.
11 Jul, 12:09 AM UTC


Cash Addict
This bitch just lost 5,500 😭😭🤮 @mikeblvd_'s photo on Mittens
11 Jul, 12:21 AM UTC


Joe Biden
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Donald Trump is the most corrupt president in modern American history. Every day that he remains in office, he further threatens the future of our democracy. We have to vote him out this November.
11 Jul, 08:46 PM UTC


Josh Gad
If you are a reporter and you are giving Trump “credit” for wearing a mask five months and 130,000 plus American lives later, kindly go f**k yourself.
12 Jul, 04:57 AM UTC


My new favourite thing is this guy’s shutter shaming hobby
11 Jul, 01:04 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
No, Radical Left anarchists, agitators, looters or protesters will not be knocking down or harming the Washington Monument, the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorials, or just about any other Federal Monumrnt or Statue. If they even try, an automatic 10 years in prison. Sorry!
12 Jul, 12:30 PM UTC


this picture made me very happy @apolobelvedere's photo on Palace
10 Jul, 10:50 PM UTC


Niggaz Be WILIN
Bro if yo Relationship fail. Don’t blame her. It takes two. Blame her& her mother 💯
11 Jul, 04:27 PM UTC


Virender Sehwag
A soldier celebrating his birthday. Forget cheese cake, the beauty of a Snow cake, which only a soldier knows. No word are enough to describe their sacrifices and resilience. @virendersehwag's photo on Katara
12 Jul, 05:29 AM UTC


Reggie Fils-Aime
Five years ago my boss, mentor and friend #SatoruIwata passed away. His words and creations touched so many of us. I continue to think about him every day. @Reggie's photo on #SatoruIwata
11 Jul, 02:24 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Congratulations to A.G. Barr. Law & Order!
11 Jul, 11:54 AM UTC


Savannah Chavez
words cannot describe the pain I’m in, but I’m glad my dad is at peace. you were an amazing man and anyone who ever came across you knew that. I’m going to miss you so much. you died doing what you loved most, you died a hero. i love you daddy, see you soon. #bluelivesmatter 💙
12 Jul, 02:47 AM UTC


太陽系を翔る旅人、彗星の姿。 本日夜明け、梅雨のわずかな晴れ間に見られたネオワイズ彗星です。 2枚目は望遠鏡を使って撮影。 夜明けの北東の空低く、肉眼でも見えましたがより楽しむには双眼鏡が必要です。
11 Jul, 12:13 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Big Senate Race in Alabama on Tuesday. Vote for @TTuberville, he is a winner who will never let you down. Jeff Sessions is a disaster who has let us all down. We don’t want him back in Washington!
11 Jul, 12:36 PM UTC


Niggaz Be WILIN
Niggas will dap u up and still inbox yo bitch
11 Jul, 09:05 PM UTC


Pretty girl tap in 💕👅😘 @Saweetie @Tinashe's photo on Goddard
11 Jul, 07:32 PM UTC


Ava DuVernay
If you watch one thing online today that should actually stay in your head forever, watch this.
11 Jul, 09:38 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
This man should be extradited, tried, and thrown into jail. A sick lier who was paid by Crooked Hillary & the DNC!
11 Jul, 12:00 PM UTC


Tested positive for being there for everyone but they not even being here for me
10 Jul, 06:51 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Does anyone notice that the real Polls, as opposed to the Fake Suppression Polls also used in 2016, are starting to define Sleepy Joe Biden as someone totally I’ll-equipped to control the Radical Left, Crime, Cancel Culture, or to even come close to me on REBUILDING THE ECONOMY?
12 Jul, 12:43 AM UTC


Charles Leclerc
I am disappointed in myself. I'm sorry but being sorry is not enough. Seb hasn't got any faults today. I've let the team down after them working a whole week to bring the updates early. Too eager to gain those places in the first lap. I will learn from it.
12 Jul, 01:50 PM UTC


11 Jul, 11:31 AM UTC

Jill Scott

Tory Lanez
You can’t trust a nigga that don’t find Jill Scott attractive 😒😒
11 Jul, 12:11 PM UTC

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