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Do You Remember This
Retweet if you remember when Top Of The Pops was presented by Arthur Scargill! #TOTP #ArthurScargill #NUM
17 Nov, 06:51 PM UTC
Michael Alexander
On behalf of generation brought up on Top of the Pops, thanks to whatever genius decided to screen back to back #totp on @BBCFOUR each week
17 Nov, 09:23 PM UTC
Mark Radbourne
Bloody foreigner! Coming over here demanding to know what love is... #TOTP
17 Nov, 08:47 PM UTC
BBC Four
Do they know it’s NOT Christmas? Apparently not. Grab your party hats and streamers, as we take you back to #TOTP f… https://t.co/PowRQ4DN1c
17 Nov, 08:02 PM UTC
reckless monkey 🐵
Regardless of what type of music you're into, if you don't like ELO Mr Blue Sky, you're dead inside. #TOTP
17 Nov, 09:36 PM UTC
BBC Four
Tonight’s #TOTP was first broadcast LIVE at 7.25pm on 20 December 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣4️⃣, when your Thursday night's entertai… https://t.co/8teWzpMVCD
17 Nov, 08:20 PM UTC
BBC Four
🎁 We’ve got an early Christmas present for you, so join @janicelongdj and Simon Bates at 🕣 8.30pm to unwrap a vinta… https://t.co/OGoHh6mnhD
17 Nov, 04:30 PM UTC
Steve Binnie
I was gutted when I found out Rasputin's first name was Grigori and not Rara. #TOTP
17 Nov, 09:59 PM UTC
BBC Four
🎼 Before tonight’s #TOTP at 8.30pm, watch Bob Geldof on Saturday SuperStore, with @MikeReadUK, explaining how he wr… https://t.co/LiwZgsUk1n
17 Nov, 08:10 PM UTC
Анастасия Кузнецова
#2017In4Words Lena Dunham #childreninneed2017 #ILoveTheWayYou Gabby Douglas #FridayFeeling Chris Coleman #TOTP Wha… https://t.co/xhzEqUJYda
18 Nov, 07:50 AM UTC
Top Of The Pops Facts
We’ve also skipped the 13 Dec 1984 #TOTP, thanks to a Gary Glitter performance located between two chart rundowns (tricky edit).
17 Nov, 08:27 PM UTC
BBC Four
That exclusive Council Collective #TOTP line-up in full: • @paulwellerHQ (jumper round waist) • Mick Talbot (polo… https://t.co/ojrHi5Wt0g
17 Nov, 08:44 PM UTC
Tim Worthington
"They call her Natasha when she looks like Elsie" is pop's second best insult. #TOTP
17 Nov, 09:14 PM UTC
And Bono sings his little heart out: 'and I won't be paying any tax this Christmas'. #totp
17 Nov, 08:58 PM UTC
Auntie Pegg
Love this song #totp
17 Nov, 09:28 PM UTC
The Sanity Clause ❄
What a band, the Blockheads were just magnificent, not a waste at all #TOTP
17 Nov, 09:51 PM UTC
Bubble Tents
💥💥 👉Hey you 👋💥💥 We sale bubble tent 🌹A unique and fabulous Pls 📱 00971505199896 #gucci #ChildrenInNeedhttps://t.co/JOq8yfdnd3
18 Nov, 06:02 AM UTC
Waiting For Dogot 🐕
Dreadlock Holiday! 💃🏻 #TOTP
17 Nov, 09:52 PM UTC
Jon Dennis
I bought Dreadlock Holiday when it was no1. Cod reggae par excellence. #totp #totp1978
17 Nov, 09:53 PM UTC
Eric Cantona Bot
When the grasshoppers dial the icicle, it is because Trevor Brooking now clings a mealy Chicken Little #pl #eplhttps://t.co/edP7oZcIkl
18 Nov, 07:00 AM UTC
Bob McCow
To everyone who love The Frog Chorus on #TOTP tonight - We all stand together.
18 Nov, 06:45 AM UTC
To make the #BlackFriday blessed #friday , #CANDURE will be offering biggest sale of the year get a massive up to 7… https://t.co/GqOXA1VhZQ
18 Nov, 06:25 AM UTC
Eric Cantona Bot
When the scorpions yield the corn cake, it is because Janmaat now cuts a sassy Ofcr. William M. 'Billy' Costigan Jr… https://t.co/ANCETxkafQ
18 Nov, 06:00 AM UTC
Sofia Harter
Não usa o meu YouTube pleaae. Já postaram 11 vídeos e eu quero dormir. #TOTP
18 Nov, 05:16 AM UTC
Eric Cantona Bot
When the caimans copy the cover, it is because Duncan Ferguson now saws a braised Arista #pl #epl #ucl #sport #lovehttps://t.co/dndAT7rZME
18 Nov, 08:00 AM UTC
I’m crossing my fingers @BBCFOUR carry on the #totp repeats into 1985 & beyond. Plus if we get to 1988 we might see… https://t.co/oCdh16pwE6
18 Nov, 07:39 AM UTC
Shelby Ying
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18 Nov, 07:08 AM UTC
SIlva Jonna
Amazing right? You can get 5000 Twitter Followers only 2 day using this site #OnceUponATime #totp
18 Nov, 07:06 AM UTC
Posting so many hashtags too and I'm still not gettin notice what the hell #got7 #exo #BTSshow #jimin #kingrama9https://t.co/n7s2KfimhS
18 Nov, 05:30 AM UTC
om majed
https://t.co/pCXeLVJZv5 I wonder if he FOUND any EYE-WITNESSES NOW!!! where were these WITNESSES when he was HYPOC… https://t.co/QHuBrMAiI0
18 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC
Gordon Winton
So I'm trying this new thing where I send a tweet using my phone's #predictive text engine. I want to see the… https://t.co/a0aalBYb7O
18 Nov, 05:08 AM UTC
Jennifer Celeste
has been released today! Buy 5000 Followers on Twitter only $29, 100% safe! at #OnceUponATime #totp
18 Nov, 05:01 AM UTC
Eric Cantona Bot
When the turkeys urge the flippy tan, it is because Nyom now presets a embittered Robb Stark #pl #epl #ucl #sporthttps://t.co/mLBjZQfTM2
18 Nov, 05:00 AM UTC
Alexa Marian
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18 Nov, 04:59 AM UTC
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