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Complete Control PR
Imagine if Lennon was still alive, he'd be worse than Morrissey #totp
22 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
Andrew Stewart
If you don't like Gloria Gaynor, you can just go. Walk out the door ....... #TOTP
22 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
BBC Four
Prepare to bust some classic 1980s dance moves with #TOTP at 7.30pm, and don’t forget to tweet your memories.
22 Jun, 06:00 PM UTC
BBC Four
It’s #TOTP Thursday! Grab your best toga and join in with our live tweetalong from 7.30pm on @BBCFOUR.
22 Jun, 03:30 PM UTC
BBC Four
We’re not entirely sure why that girl is making an "it’s this big!" gesture. Perhaps that’s for the best. #TOTP
22 Jun, 06:41 PM UTC
Never seen a keyboardist look so smug about playing four notes before. #TOTP
22 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC
Ian Danter
Pipes of Peace vid on #TOTP - prefer Wish I Was At Home With The Missus' by #brianpern on balance @RhysThomasOBE @simonday24
22 Jun, 06:57 PM UTC
Retweet if you remember when an angry Lionel Richie threatened paparazzi with a giant yellow HB pencil #TOTP
22 Jun, 11:30 PM UTC
Issa Lean Ting yeah 🍼🍼🍼🍭 #Lean #Codiene #TOTP #gunsnroses https://t.co/DM02H5FyzZ
23 Jun, 05:54 AM UTC
Eve Smith
#totp last week of my survey asking what death of #CarrieFisher meant 2 u. Please complete survey and retweet.… https://t.co/QuV6MlHSS9
22 Jun, 11:40 PM UTC
Looks like we're missing one of the seminal eps. Cyndi climbs all over the set and says hello to the Queen #TOTP https://t.co/Af3LKcKeQP
23 Jun, 12:23 AM UTC
HI Ipswich Orwell
Let us become ur #TOTP 1️⃣ #hotel 🏩 in #Ipswich 💯 🛌Overnight Stay 🍽Food 🍷Drink 💍Engagements 💑👩‍❤️‍👩👨‍❤️‍👨Weddings 👫👭👬Anniversaries 🎉Parties🤗
23 Jun, 06:24 AM UTC
Chloe Morrow
The only life problems I'm currently having is what movie I want to watch. #TOTP #help #lifeproblems
23 Jun, 01:29 AM UTC
Tom Pullin
Love BBC4's old #totp repeats. A debut chart entry in January 1984. What became of her?
23 Jun, 01:10 AM UTC
@DexySmiths @5goalthriller oh no, that's not the one where Cyndi climbs all over the set then says hello to the Queen is it? #TOTP
23 Jun, 12:12 AM UTC
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