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Guy Fieri
Bruthas and Sistas it all comes down to THIS! 🏆 Tune in to the Season Finale of #TournamentofChampions tonight on @FoodNetwork! @GuyFieri's photo on #tournamentofchampions
01 Apr, 10:29 PM UTC
Amanda Freitag
That Cuban sandwich was in honor of @carlruiz @GuyFieri @FoodNetwork #TournamentOfChampions
02 Apr, 03:25 AM UTC
Food Network
💥💥TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT 💥💥The finale of @GuyFieri's #TournamentOfChampions starts @ 10|9c! Missed an episode?? We're airing ALL past battles in a marathon — complete with BRAND-NEW commentary from @GuyFieri! — starting @ 5:30|4:30c! @FoodNetwork's photo on #tournamentofchampions
01 Apr, 01:15 PM UTC
Food Network
Here 👏 we 👏 go 👏!!! The FINALE of @GuyFieri’s #TournamentOfChampions is starting now! RT if you’re watching with us. https://t.co/Zl5DSMyBxs
02 Apr, 02:00 AM UTC
🇺🇸AmeriKindred ™🇺🇸
Is anyone else drinking? Because we ALL need drinks STAT! #TournamentOfChampions https://t.co/GoyrEd4Gm6
02 Apr, 02:57 AM UTC
Food Network
What to binge today: Start your morning with a marathon of @thepioneerwoman at 9:30a|8:30c, followed by a #BeatBobbyFlay marathon at 1|12c. Then at 5:30|4:30c, settle in for an evening with @guyfieri. It's a marathon of #TournamentOfChampions until the FINALE at 10|9c!! @FoodNetwork's photo on #tournamentofchampions
01 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Food Network
Inspired by tonight’s #TournamentOfChampions battle, @fork_knife made Duck Fat Brioche with Eggs that is ALMOST too pretty to eat! Check it out in his brand-new class on the @FNKitchen app: https://t.co/Gce3KsqOau! @FoodNetwork's photo on #tournamentofchampions
02 Apr, 03:14 AM UTC
Food Network
The final dishes are up! Huge congratulations to @ChefBrookeW + @amandafreitag for finishing! #TournamentOfChampions https://t.co/J47uI6Pb1q
02 Apr, 03:13 AM UTC
Food Network
Want to up your cooking game at home? 🔪 Master these 8 skills and you’ll be 👌 #TournamentOfChampions @FoodNetwork's photo on #tournamentofchampions
02 Apr, 02:12 AM UTC
Cindy Jensen
@FoodNetwork I’m so sad it’s all over love love love watching this show. #TournamentOfChampions You Rock https://t.co/tfcAcMuNsD
02 Apr, 03:17 AM UTC
Justin Warner
My wife is in the audience #TournamentOfChampions
02 Apr, 06:01 AM UTC
Justin Warner
Fish sauce caramel. What are your feelings? #TournamentOfChampions
02 Apr, 05:11 AM UTC
Justin Warner
Ok guys. I have livetweeted this entire thing. You are on your own now. May the best win #TournamentOfChampions
02 Apr, 05:57 AM UTC
This is going to be epic!! #TournamentOfChampions 😂😂 https://t.co/BtJizIoMJm
02 Apr, 02:57 AM UTC
Justin Warner
FOOD BANKS BAYBEE they roll up and rob me of unused passion fruit etc #TournamentOfChampions https://t.co/4JJtXVwUns
02 Apr, 05:41 AM UTC
Justin Warner
A week in LA. We were monsters. #TournamentOfChampions https://t.co/iLNv9wcEww
02 Apr, 05:46 AM UTC
Justin Warner
I love rhizomes. #TournamentOfChampions
02 Apr, 05:46 AM UTC
G Dean
Died laughing @amandafreitag saying, "There's a reason they call me Chef AF," on #TournamentOfChampions. 😳🤣
02 Apr, 04:38 AM UTC
quarantined CΛROL 🏳️‍🌈
I’m so excited for this all female showdown #TournamentOfChampions 🥳
02 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
#TournamentOfChampions WHAT!?!?! Amanda should of won. That's ridiculous. @FoodNetwork
02 Apr, 06:29 AM UTC
Each Staghound
@ChefBrookeW Is a stealth competitor!?!?!? I think not👇🏻#TournamentOfChampions https://t.co/VxAm9opDW8
02 Apr, 06:02 AM UTC
Cinderella story run @ChefBrookeW go for it all #TournamentOfChampions
02 Apr, 05:56 AM UTC
julie jones
@EatFellowHumans Uh...um.....What??? 😳were we watching thesame show? #TournamentOfChampions on @FoodNetwork that is what I was watching and it was an awesome show.
02 Apr, 05:48 AM UTC
#TournamentOfChampions going into the final cheering for the West Coast. Let’s go @ChefBrookeW !!!!! @FoodNetwork @GuyFieri
02 Apr, 05:46 AM UTC
Drew Papuchis
@GuyFieri I am one of your biggest fans...but #TournamentOfChampions is WHACK! First #ICAG loses, then @chefmarcmurphy, and now @chefantonia ...this show is trash. This show does not represent the best chef in the game. #rigged
02 Apr, 05:45 AM UTC
TonyQuest, Washer of Hands
Watching the #TournamentOfChampions Final Four and I love seeing Maneet Chauhan @ManeetChauhan break out a new, spectacularly decorated chef's jacket for every battle...
02 Apr, 05:43 AM UTC
#RIPGOP #Warren🗽 #Bi2🏳️‍🌈
Holy shit!!! #TOC #TournamentOfChampions!!! We fuckin LOVE YOU @amandafreitag!!! @GuyFieri @FoodNetwork
02 Apr, 09:07 AM UTC
quarantined CΛROL 🏳️‍🌈
I call @ChefBrookeW as the winner 🤞🏽#TournamentOfChampions
02 Apr, 08:37 AM UTC