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【スカウト予告】 10日15時より『フィーチャースカウト 夏目編』を開催予定! [夏目編/ 導きのマギア] うまくいかないことが続いていたプロデューサー。打ち合わせのため待っていた夏目はその様子を見て占いを勧めると…… 期間中、新規ストーリーは無料公開✨ #あんスタ
09 May, 06:00 AM UTC
【最新刊カバー&発売記念企画を公開!】6月4日(金)に発売となる #呪術廻戦 コミックス最新16巻のカバーを解禁! また、発売記念企画として特設サイト「渋谷事変之景」も公開予定です。詳細については本日発売の週刊少年ジャンプ23号の誌面をご覧ください。どうぞお楽しみに! @jujutsu_PR's photo on Toya
10 May, 02:00 AM UTC
【お知らせ】 本日15時に『fine』が歌う『Neo Sanctuary』をライブ楽曲に追加しました🎉 さらに、現在「アイドル育成『超応援』キャンペーン」を開催中です♪ ライブでは各アイテムのドロップ率がアップしているので、ぜひ育成にお役立てください! 詳細はアプリ内お知らせをチェック💫 #あんスタ @enstars_music's photo on Toya
09 May, 06:05 AM UTC
「おまたせ」 #twstファンアート @krr___t's photo on Toya
09 May, 11:00 AM UTC
突然のめがねちえかお @yamatatuo's photo on Toya
09 May, 07:07 PM UTC
Toya acts like she wasn’t talkin about quad on cecil’s live... #Married2Med
10 May, 01:42 AM UTC
#エイレーン学園24 楽しかったな
10 May, 12:15 AM UTC
Ms. E.
Toya know she's been telling that girls business to the neighbors. #married2med
10 May, 01:53 AM UTC
Steve Jr
Toya already don’t have a job. What other stress she got?? #Married2Med
10 May, 01:52 AM UTC
🗣 Toya, while you tlkn about ppl renting, ummmmmm didn't you and Eugene rent that huge home about 2 seasons ago...the one that LITERALLY broke the bank???? Which is why y'all had to move AGAIN!!!!??? OOOOH OK!!! #Married2Med #Married2Medicine #MarriedToMed #marriedtomedicine
10 May, 02:18 AM UTC
Mrs.Priss 🧘🏽‍♀️🖤Show Them Who We Are. 👑
#Married2Medicine #Toya has no insight. If you argue with everyone in your friend group YOU ARE THE PROBLEM .. some women can’t be good friends to others #married2med
10 May, 01:55 AM UTC
@toyabushharris Toya WANT those “FRIENDS” she can BULLY and MANIPULATE!!! @AnilaSajja 💯🩺 #married2med
10 May, 02:02 AM UTC
Ms. Living in Abundance
#married2med Quad and Heavenly got that foot to neck ratio. And applying pressure to Toya finances......dammmm
10 May, 01:59 AM UTC
/ とうや水の駅に トマトが並んでますよー!!!! \ 地元の方、農家さんの間でもファンが多く大絶賛されている洞爺のトマトなのです😀✨
10 May, 02:47 AM UTC
Quad Webb
You already know RT @JasCooper: @AbsolutelyQuad @Mandeec23 Toya was jealous or trying to block you from filming. Either way is a problem #Married2Med
10 May, 02:45 AM UTC
10 May, 02:51 AM UTC
@AnilaSajja @bravolove13 @toyabushharris Anila jaan don’t listen to toya just blast this song rn
10 May, 02:15 AM UTC
@toyabushharris Toya no one have a storyline this season so they all turned on u because they don’t have nothing going on
10 May, 02:41 AM UTC
Shavonn Clanton
Poor @AnilaSajja now she getting the real @toyabushharris experience smh and that apology was dismissive toya letting that subdivision go to her head but preaching how she want only positive friends around her but being two faced 🤔 #married2med
10 May, 02:51 AM UTC
The God of Sneak Dissin
Lil Wayne was 21 dusting off Toya, Lauren London, and Nivea. Cuz was a bad boy as a youngsta
10 May, 02:46 AM UTC
#사랑에_빠졌다를_자신의_문체로 좆됐다 시발
10 May, 02:45 AM UTC
Tracine Marie
Apparently Dr Heavenly and Quad have no storyline as they keep talking about Toya’s prior money issues…getting old ladies… #married2med
10 May, 02:57 AM UTC
cruella de trill
toya looks so good #rhoa
10 May, 02:56 AM UTC
@NEO_sbkyru おはよーねおねおっ
10 May, 02:54 AM UTC
@NEO_sbkyru なんで!?ww 恋愛だけやん!!
10 May, 02:53 AM UTC
@NEO_sbkyru ねーほんと怖いと怒るよね😡笑
10 May, 02:51 AM UTC
anhane bot
Akito: I told you. They'll figure it out soon enough. Toya: ...Yeah. It's just like you said, Akito.
10 May, 02:51 AM UTC
10 May, 02:46 AM UTC