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Actu Foot
Cette semaine 😍 🔙 Ligue des Champions : Manchester United ⚡️ Paris AS Rome ⚡️ Porto Tottenham ⚡️ Dortmund Ajax ⚡️ Real Madrid 🔙 Europa League Fenerbahçe ⚡️ Zénit Galatasaray ⚡️ Benfica Rennes ⚡️ Bétis Sporting ⚡️ Villarreal Malmö ⚡️ Chelsea BATE ⚡️ Arsenal Lazio ⚡️ Séville
11 Feb, 06:33 AM UTC
Alexis Huston
11 Feb, 06:02 PM UTC
Lucci quand faudra faire le Round 2 contre Luffy en Snake Man, haki de l'armement, de l'observation et des Rois. ALL BLUE CHANNEL 🐌's photo on traore
11 Feb, 08:54 PM UTC
Fantasy Premier League
Goal - BOLY Assist - TRAORE Wolves 1-1 Newcastle (90+5 mins) #WOLNEW #FPL
11 Feb, 09:52 PM UTC
90+5' | #WOL 1-1 #NEW Traore stands up a cross to the back post where Boly rises high to head home from close range! GET IN! #WOLNEW
11 Feb, 09:52 PM UTC
Nathan Judah
Tell you what, he divides opinion, but Adama Traore was an absolute menace tonight for the last 10 minutes, caused so many problems #wwfc
11 Feb, 10:05 PM UTC
Tim Spiers
Wolves have somehow SALVAGED a point! Traore lifts a cross, dreadful keeping, he lets it through his hands and BOLY CAN'T MISS FROM A YARD
11 Feb, 09:52 PM UTC
@F_Edits Adama traore. Arrives quickly but nothing to look forward to
11 Feb, 10:31 AM UTC
¡GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL del Wolverhampton! En la última del partido, apareció Willy Bolly (90+5'). Remate de cabeza tras un centro elevado de Adama Traoré. El defensor puso los brazos en Dúbravka, pero el central no pitó falta. Benítez no se lo puede creer. Wolves 1-1 Newcastle.
11 Feb, 09:53 PM UTC
R U B B i .
"St Valentin bla bla bla" vous êtes chauds hein, fête des mères, y'a moins de monde
11 Feb, 08:56 PM UTC
Sky Bet
🐺 @Wolves love a late goal: 90+2': Traore's winner vs West Ham 90+3': Doherty's winner vs Newcastle 90+2': Jota's winner vs Leicester 90+2': Doherty's equaliser vs Shrewsbury 90+4': Boly's equaliser vs Newcastle 👀 Two crucial late goals against Newcastle, ouch. #WWFC Sky Bet's photo on traore
11 Feb, 10:04 PM UTC
Neil Farrington
How does the linesman not give a free kick to Almiron and buys Traore's dive? He's a linesman. That's why he's a linesman. Gutless, the lot of them when it comes to anything other than offsides.
11 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
Tu sors avec l'eX de quelqu'un. Quelqu'un sort avec ton eX. Son eX a aussi un eX. Dans cette vie nous sommes tous des X-Men.
11 Feb, 10:23 PM UTC
AFC Ajax
How is the line-up, Michael? 👨‍🏫 🎤: Kotarski; Dest, Schuurs, Botman, Timber; Ter Heide, Jensen, Lang; Cerny, Traoré, Kühn. #JongAjax #jajrod AFC Ajax's photo on traore
11 Feb, 05:46 PM UTC
Just want to point out how much backlash we got when we suggested Traore (and more recently Willian) should be played at RWB 😂😂 It's like we always say: wingers with bad end product or decision making, while being athletic and having good work rate, should be moved to RWB/RB.
11 Feb, 10:02 PM UTC
82' | #WOL 0-1 #NEW Sub for Wolves: Matt Doherty is replaced by Adama Traore. #WOLNEW
11 Feb, 09:37 PM UTC
82' | #WOL 0-1 #NEW Big chance for Wolves - Cavaleiro's cross is met by Traore at the back post, his deflected shot loops up for Jimenez who heads wide in the middle. #WOLNEW
11 Feb, 09:39 PM UTC
This game is shit, let’s just call it off and whoever wins in a 100 yard sprint between that new Newcastle lad and Adams Traore takes all 3 points.
11 Feb, 09:30 PM UTC
Roi Ours
@ColonelRTenda T'a les Lyonnais ils jouent le Barça avec Dembele Traoré et Cornet ils y croient à mort et nous Di Maria Draxler Mbappe certains chialent... On mérite pas notre équipe jme dis des fois...
11 Feb, 09:03 PM UTC
J'ai jms fêté la St Valentin en étant en couple...j'espère que ça changera ce mois ci !😭
11 Feb, 08:56 PM UTC
Can you imagine being adama traore and seeing helder costa being picked ahead of you
12 Feb, 12:13 AM UTC
Looks like Nuno to advice from @EiFSoccer to use Adama Traore as a RWB. In the end it was his cross the assisted Wolves equalising goal in the dying moments of the game. Like EiFSoccer said, Adama's position from now on should be RWB, he's much more effective in this position.
11 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
Aminata Dramane TRAORE prépare une grande conférence au #Mali avec de grands noms de l'altermondialisme et de l'économie d'Afrique sur la souveraineté monétaire. Ce sera le samedi 16 fevrier au Mémorial Modibo KEITA.
11 Feb, 11:48 AM UTC
Best Olicity Fics✒
FANFIC | I Will Protect You Chapters: 10/10 Genre: Family feels, season 7 speculation, Drama, Romance. Relationship: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak #Olicity #Arrow #BestOlicityFics Via: Best Olicity Fics✒'s photo on traore
11 Feb, 11:02 PM UTC
Best Olicity Fics✒
FANFIC | The Takeover Chapters: 11/11 Genre: Drama, Romance. Relationship: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak #Olicity #Arrow #BestOlicityFics Via: Best Olicity Fics✒'s photo on traore
11 Feb, 10:54 PM UTC
Best Olicity Fics✒
FANFIC | Break Chapters: 15/15 Genre: drama, justice league, romance. Relationship: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak #Olicity #Arrow #BestOlicityFics Via: Best Olicity Fics✒'s photo on traore
11 Feb, 11:34 PM UTC
Best Olicity Fics✒
FANFIC | You're Banging My Bedroom Wall Chapters: 33/? Genre: Romance, smut, angst, humor. Relationship: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak #Olicity #Arrow #BestOlicityFics Via: Best Olicity Fics✒'s photo on traore
11 Feb, 11:24 PM UTC
Je dis ohhh votre affaire de grève si vous ne voulez pas venir nous déloger aussi là... c'est mieux vous allez mettre fin à ça!!! Aujourd'hui encore Mr Traoré a fait devoir de SVT!!! Kessiaaaahhhh même 😭😭😭
11 Feb, 11:42 PM UTC
We begin our weekend awards with our top GKs. We base the top GK off of the number of saves they made over the weekend. And our first top 5 GKs are... 1) MCArthur- @PrilepUnited 2) Pereira- @fc_gibson 3) Vera- @EliteLegendsTE 4) Hartman- @TIKCU5_ 5) A. Traore- @nijthompson12 🔥ЇЙFЄЯЙѲ ШАЯЯЇѲЯ$ ЇЙC🔥's photo on traore
11 Feb, 11:18 PM UTC
I'm not saying Traore was amazing tonight but we are finally seeing slight improvements in him and he is getting better! So good to see 😊 #WWFC
11 Feb, 11:03 PM UTC
Best Olicity Fics✒
FANFIC | Two Weeks Notice Chapters: 04/15 Genre: Romantic Comedy, CEO!Oliver, Attorney!Felicity, Friendship, Friends to Lovers. Relationship: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak #Olicity #Arrow #BestOlicityFics Via: Best Olicity Fics✒'s photo on traore
11 Feb, 11:17 PM UTC
Best Olicity Fics✒
FANFIC | When We Were Young Chapters: 15/? Genre: Married Olicity, Romance, Mayor Oliver Queen, Pregnancy. Relationship: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak #Olicity #Arrow #BestOlicityFics Via: Best Olicity Fics✒'s photo on traore
11 Feb, 11:11 PM UTC
Three Tuns Brewery
Traore makes things happen . I’m going to get a Traore badge. #wwfc
12 Feb, 12:27 AM UTC
Boly's hands appreciation account
@Dendoncal We need to give Costa more time! 🙂 Also, Traore is so bad, get rid! 😡
12 Feb, 12:10 AM UTC
Stewart Flaherty
@PhilBannister10 Sometimes Adama Traore runs so fast time goes backwards pal. Seen it first hand, may account for additional minute.
11 Feb, 11:32 PM UTC
@conortoon @DobbySolanoNUFC I think that cross is a keepers nightmare. Traore couldn’t been more fortunate. It’s pure luck. He should have punched it, but it is what it is
11 Feb, 11:29 PM UTC
@WolvesFanVideos Init, traore should’ve come on sooner but hay ho
11 Feb, 11:15 PM UTC
The Wolf 🐺
@JamesMolineaux Yes, based on recent performances you would imagine Traore is ahead of Costa in the pecking order (although not sure why Nuno opted for Costa first in the match)
11 Feb, 11:06 PM UTC
Steve Hickman
@njudah_star Looked a bit low on confidence imo. Would love to see him get a proper run in the team in his preferred position - Costa was given very fair crack at beginning of the season with good run of games and didn’t capitalise - Traore deserves the same opportunity
11 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
@afclucy Somebody doesnt understand football 🤦🏻‍♂️By this logic Djimi Traore was better than whoever Arsenal had at left back in the mid 00’s 😂😂. Champions League winner 👍🏼
12 Feb, 12:42 AM UTC
traore younos
Si Dieu Le tout puissant nous demandais de payer les factures de sommeil, Cela aurait été un gros problème. Dormais bien Sur la protection d’Allah gratuitement.
12 Feb, 12:37 AM UTC
@JB4t00n Yeah- I didn’t actually think it was a foul when I saw it live- I just thought how the fuck did Traoré not smack that into the crowd. We have had too many late dampeners last season. Our last 15 min record is terrible
12 Feb, 12:19 AM UTC
@chemicalbrodar It seems light skin is really a thing in Nigeria. 🤔
12 Feb, 12:13 AM UTC
Dominic McGee
@ConnerJacquie Bruises...God knows how you must have celebrated 😜 was surreal by me as was sure ref would disallow as Boly had hands on keeper but I was screaming at the shite cross from Traore as from where i sit it looked like he shanked it and was going behind goal
12 Feb, 12:09 AM UTC
UPDATED: FESPACO 2019: Women at the 26nd Edition | Les femmes à la 26è édition... #Fespaco2019 - Desrances by/d'Apolline Traoré #BurkinaFaso #Haiti AfricanWomeninCinema's photo on traore
12 Feb, 12:08 AM UTC
Adam Coleman
@HWTL27 Let's not forget the clear red you got away with for yanking down Traore when he was through that game
12 Feb, 12:04 AM UTC
andrew wright
@seanb133 @talkSPORT @talkSPORTDrive Did see the squads Gerrard had to compared to lampard and scholes they was all world class in Chelsea and utd Gerrard and shit players Traore won the champion league
12 Feb, 12:01 AM UTC
Ben Bradley
When we first signed traore he was a bit of a headless chicken. Nuno is now sculpting a football brain into his head and he is a much better footballer, knowing where to run, when to pass, when to cross, when to shoot, benefiting the rest of the team in the long run #wwfc
11 Feb, 11:58 PM UTC
🦂 LegendKiller2k🦂
@AngryGhosted @JoeEdwards_Star He had jotas shirt in his hands lol. Clear penalty but unlike kane and co jota didn't go down, second one he clearly caught Traore. Clear as day.
11 Feb, 11:51 PM UTC
Tom Finch
I’ve said that much about traore in various group chats that if he finally does come good I will look a right prick
11 Feb, 11:50 PM UTC
🦂 LegendKiller2k🦂
@AngryGhosted @JoeEdwards_Star Wolves should of had 2 penalties one in first half Toon player clearly pulling jotas shirt, one in second hald Traore clearly bought down.
11 Feb, 11:37 PM UTC
Brian Hand
@wolvesmatchworn @MrRyanLeister Well Patricio hardly had a save to make and gave the goal away. We certainly wasn't at our best but we deserved at least a point. Those who knock Traore eat humble pie great cross under pressure in the last minute.
11 Feb, 11:30 PM UTC
Shaun Calvert
@Rod_Studd I’ll agree with you here Rod but can imagine you were raging when traore should’ve have had a foul against in the corner not long before.
11 Feb, 11:29 PM UTC
Ufuoma Egbamuno
Adama? Really? Cos he got lucky with that assist? If you're in deep sh** and dire need of help, Traore is the worst player to get you that.
11 Feb, 11:27 PM UTC
Party on Birmingham
‘Different weapons’ Every word from Nuno on Adama Traore, Wolves’ party trick & Newcastle draw
11 Feb, 11:27 PM UTC
Thought Traore had a decent cameo considering the fact he was playing wing back. Gradually getting better game by game #wwfc
11 Feb, 11:26 PM UTC
Don't get Adama Traore as a professional footballer. Build and pace of an Olympic sprinter...... footballing ability of a potato 🥔
11 Feb, 11:25 PM UTC
Emigrantes del balón
1-1 empató en el 95´ el Wolverhampton, con @JonnyOtto19 todo el encuentro, Adama Traoré (asistencia) entró en el 81´, ante el Newcastle de @rafabenitezweb o @Cristian_mfm, con @AyozePG 91´, sustituido por @javiermanquillo, @JoseluMato9 suplente.
11 Feb, 11:21 PM UTC
Fonkwo George Kamsuh
@AkwoLouis 😂😂😂😂😂Traore n his friends
11 Feb, 11:19 PM UTC
phil kay
@ethandacherry @Craig_Honeyman @TrueGeordieTG You mean the fould that he didn't call like on our player before traore whipping in the ball and the ref can blow the whistle on an attack
11 Feb, 11:16 PM UTC
Daniel Back
@Heldy_22 @toonarmyblog @NUFC_Index Traore pace against diame....dont think diame is gunna win
11 Feb, 11:16 PM UTC
@SteveWatkiss @WolvesAyWe90 Another traore hater 🤦‍♂️ do you even watch him play?
11 Feb, 11:12 PM UTC
11 Feb, 11:11 PM UTC
@Jai_615 @Jit6181 Jai the amount of times ref blows spot when we losing. Traore even had a shot. It’s horrific.
11 Feb, 11:10 PM UTC
Paddy Day
Costa awful again. When he bothered to get involved, he had no impact. Cav and especially Traore were a right handful. Shoutout to Jonny too - I thought he was excellent going forward tonight. His attacking game is going from strength to strength. #wwfc
11 Feb, 11:07 PM UTC
@Wolves Don't forget traore fight for the ball and get that cross to big WILY.
11 Feb, 11:06 PM UTC
Joseph Marples
Who else thought Traore had scooped that cross into row Z though... Anyone?!!! 🤣🙈
11 Feb, 11:03 PM UTC
Tom Finch
@ZakMason10 Traore doesn’t know what pinpoint means
11 Feb, 11:03 PM UTC

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