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Time to end the Trevor Williams experiment. Love the story with his dad being a lifelong Cubs fan but the guy is ass. Give Keegan Thompson the opportunity. Enough.
15 May, 08:39 PM UTC
Jordan Bastian
With a relatively rested bullpen (helped by two off-days earlier this week), Ross pulls the plug on Trevor Williams' outing after 2 IP and 42 pitches (25 strikes). Alec Mills took over in 3rd out of the Cubs' bullpen, which has a 2.30 ERA in May (4th-lowest in MLB). @MLBastian's photo on Trevor Williams
15 May, 09:25 PM UTC
Uncle Jeff
Trevor Williams In 6 starts (28.1 ip) with Contreras 4.13 era 1.24 whip 33/13 k/bb 3 hr In 2 starts (4.2 ip) with Wolters 17.36 era 3.43 whip 4/6 k/bb 3 hr
15 May, 10:04 PM UTC 🥏
I was hoping for the symmetry of the Cubs DFAing Trevor Williams on Father’s Day. But he’s not going to make it that far.
15 May, 09:25 PM UTC
Folks do you know why it’s ok Trevor Williams is giving up all these runs? Because his dad is a lifelong Cubs fan and has a twitter.
15 May, 08:39 PM UTC
Tyler Kading
Trevor Williams's dad is going to be so upset when Trevor is pitching in Korea next year
15 May, 08:57 PM UTC
Jordan Bastian
The Tigers strike for three runs off Trevor Williams in the 1st inning. Cubs entered today tied for 2nd-most first-inning runs allowed in the Majors this season:
15 May, 08:39 PM UTC
Ryan Cox
Trevor Williams couldn't do anything against the Pirates, Reds or Tigers. Leash is short with Mills and Thompson ready to step in.
15 May, 09:10 PM UTC
Russell Dorsey
Schoop shoots a ball off Trevor Williams' glove and trickles behind the mound. Goes for an infield single. Tied at 2.
15 May, 08:36 PM UTC
But but Trevor Williams dad is a lifelong cubs fan
15 May, 08:37 PM UTC
Eric Alexander
Trevor Williams is avg less than 5 innings a start. He’s killing the Cubs BP yet Hoyer will tell Ross to keep using him every 5th game. What a pathetic organization the Cubs have become.
15 May, 09:57 PM UTC
Erik Mauro
sorry to see Alec Mills but not sorry to see Trevor Williams leave
15 May, 09:15 PM UTC
Matthew Aung
Anybody out there who agrees with me that Trevor Williams sucks, and doesn’t belong in the #Cubs’ rotation?
15 May, 09:13 PM UTC
Ryan Cox
Rather have Alec Mills start than Trevor Williams. Gives the Cubs nothing.
15 May, 08:57 PM UTC
Eric Herring🦁
@BleacherNation It’s always a ugly game when Trevor Williams starts
15 May, 09:51 PM UTC
Can we replace Trevor Williams with Keegan Thompson or Justin Steele in the rotation?! Please Rossy?!?? #CubTogether
15 May, 09:04 PM UTC
Ryan Cox
David Ross basically said Trevor Williams has nothing 🤣
15 May, 09:01 PM UTC
Kasey Ignarski
As much as I like the story of Trevor Williams and his father being a die hard Cubs fan, he's just not doing the job. Its time for someone like Mills to replace him in the rotation. #Cubs
15 May, 08:59 PM UTC
Cynical Baseball Feelings
@infieldflygrl This is the last time I waste any time on a Trevor Williams start.
15 May, 08:57 PM UTC
Sean Boswell
It’s time to move on from Trevor Williams as a rotation piece. #cubs
15 May, 08:53 PM UTC
Ben Sweet
@Cubs DFA Trevor Williams
15 May, 08:41 PM UTC
Trevor Williams has allowed 16 ER in 12 IP on the road this season so far. He's allowed 7 in 20 IP at home.
15 May, 08:40 PM UTC
Matthew Kentgen
Trevor Williams is brutal... any chance we can give Keegan, Mills, or Steele a starting job? @Cubs
15 May, 08:37 PM UTC
Depressed Cubs Fan (trubiskyism)
Fucking DFA Trevor Williams fucking tired of seeing this stupid fuck pitch
15 May, 08:34 PM UTC
Jon Iaccino
Can’t wait to hear more about Trevor Williams dad in Iowa. #CubTogether
15 May, 08:37 PM UTC
Maybe just maybe, Trevor Williams is bad....
15 May, 08:36 PM UTC
Content Cubs fan
The fact guys like Trevor Williams and Alec Mills are stealing reps from Keegan Thompson and Kohl Stewart is pissing me off.
15 May, 09:56 PM UTC
Mark Checki
And if Trevor Williams ever wore that hair for my team, I would tell him to cut it off. Yes, I am old school to a degree.
15 May, 09:43 PM UTC
@JesseRogersESPN Reading about Lester’s return while watching Trevor Williams pitch and scratching my head
15 May, 09:38 PM UTC
Sean Holland
Trevor Williams starts are basically bullpen games now.
15 May, 09:19 PM UTC