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David Lammy
I have a joke about trickle down economics. 99% of you won’t ever get it.
23 Sep, 10:05 AM UTC
Rachel Reeves
The Chancellor has made clear what his priorities are. A return to the trickle down of the past, not a brave new future. This is casino economics - gambling the mortgages and finances of every family in the country. It is reckless, and it is irresponsible.
23 Sep, 09:42 AM UTC
Ed Miliband
Let's call out trickle down economics for what it is: the Conservatives doling out hand outs to the super rich, while ordinary people struggle. It didn't work in the past, it won’t work now. #minibudget @Ed_Miliband's photo on Trickle
23 Sep, 11:55 AM UTC
Jess Phillips MP
Nurses and the people of Birmingham Yardley will be looking up to the skies waiting for all this wealth that is going to trickle on them. https://t.co/TI29YvCDDJ
23 Sep, 10:42 AM UTC
Trickle down economics explained far better than I ever could by @MarinaPurkiss #BBCQT https://t.co/PJiQVGuPT7
22 Sep, 10:03 PM UTC
kerry ✊💙🇺🇦
The kids are awake 👏👏👏 Trickle down economics is bollarx #bbcqt #questiontime https://t.co/L7pdRJajlT
22 Sep, 10:12 PM UTC
Parody Prime Minister
Me and Kwasi Kwarteng on being asked whether poor people benefit from trickle-down economics. #MiniBudget https://t.co/fGQnne9lww
23 Sep, 08:37 AM UTC
Laurence Tribe
“In recent weeks, Trump’s trickle-down idiocy has become a significant midterm-election issue for Republicans, and a drag on some of the party’s most vulnerable Senate candidates.” Poor babies! https://t.co/nuVi0RBgit
22 Sep, 10:58 PM UTC
Richard Burgon MP
Bankers' bonuses up. Taxes on the wealthiest cut. Taxes on corporations cut. This is the classic trickle-down con trick. It won't see wealth trickle down. It’ll see it sucked up into fewer and fewer hands. They're not looking after you - they're looking after their own.
23 Sep, 09:20 AM UTC
Tim Hofman
trickle down economics tot op kleinste detail uitgelegd. absolute must watch. @debroervanroos's photo on Trickle
22 Sep, 09:33 PM UTC
Dawn Butler MP✊🏾💙
The decision to lift the cap on bankers' bonuses is disgraceful! Trickle down economics should be a thing of the past, it is outdated and wrong. The #MiniBudget shows this Tory Government only cares about looking after their rich mates. My column👇🏾 https://t.co/Gqd3jlC50C
23 Sep, 11:00 AM UTC
dave lawrence 🐟🐟🐠
@KwasiKwarteng - Targeted at rich only - threats to benefit claimants - threats to strike action - will overheat housing market and inflate prices - bankers and business will drive money off shore not trickle it down - Corporation Tax freeze will do nothing - ££ sinking The end of the Tories
23 Sep, 11:46 AM UTC
Paul Q
@DavidLammy Trickle Down Economics Trickle Down Economic Trickle Down Economi Trickle Down Econom Trickle Down Econo Trickle Down Econ Trickle Down Eco Trickle Down Ec Trickle Down E Trickle Dow Trickle Do Trickle D Trick ⛔
23 Sep, 10:11 AM UTC
ITV News
Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves accused the government of a 'return to the trickle-down of the past' in response to today's mini-budget announcement. 'The chancellor has made clear who his priorities are today – not a plan for growth, a plan to reward the already wealthy.' @itvnews's photo on Trickle
23 Sep, 12:22 PM UTC
Greg Clinker
@DavidLammy The only recent Labour leader to consistently oppose trickle down economics was Corbyn. The PLP vilified him.
23 Sep, 10:13 AM UTC
Prem Sikka
Tory trickle-down economics. Govt hands £45bn tax cuts. One million richest will get £54,000, bigger than the salary of a nurse, teacher, firefighter whose pay is cut in real terms. Someone on £25,000 will collect about £280. 21m adults get zilch. https://t.co/HWy8krXbfe
23 Sep, 04:00 PM UTC
James Graham
Jacob Rees-Moggs went over to the dark side decades ago, he is a disciple of James McGill Buchanan. Buchanan is the economist who brought trickle down, breaking the American dream, rise of the Oligarchy global rule. Koch Industries and Heritage Foundation control the ERG Tories. https://t.co/r2MlF1WtgX
22 Sep, 06:12 PM UTC
Daniel Grigg
Shame 80% of Labour MPs called Jeremy Corbyn far-left when he stood out on his own attacking the lie of trickle down and Tory economics. @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer @DavidLammy
23 Sep, 11:52 AM UTC
David Wadsworth
@JMPSimor "Supply side" is just "Trickle down" dressed up to meet the parents
23 Sep, 04:42 PM UTC
Stop Voting Tory
@IsabelOakeshott @KwasiKwarteng @trussliz Trickle Down Economics Trickle Down Economic Trickle Down Economi Trickle Down Econom Trickle Down Econo Trickle Down Econ Trickle Down Eco Trickle Down Ec Trickle Down E Trickle Down Trickle Dow Trickle Do Trickle D Trickle Trickl Trick https://t.co/SgoExGdCF3
23 Sep, 04:35 PM UTC
@KEdge23 Astonishing to think that there are people in the UK that still think "trickle down economics" actually works? Don't be like Kevin....
23 Sep, 04:42 PM UTC
Anarcho-Bobcat Rebellion Committee
The core principle of trickle down economics is the idea that when the rich get more money, they buy things and put that money back into the economy But it falls apart the second you ask "what can they buy for £3m that they couldn't for £2m?"
23 Sep, 04:43 PM UTC
Lupus Kintsugi
@fandroit Sneakers with socks when you want to run and let your sweat and musk trickle in a confined space to the point it builds up. That way it can add to the potency if exposed to a micro. Alternatively, no socks if you want to let the micro be exposed to the increasing potency.
23 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
Richard Gunter
@nscooper @DBC_of_PBC @CraigIrvinee @Nigel_Farage I find it amazing that this is supposed to trickle down to our pensions, when we’ll be working into our 70s. The best way to increase profit is to stimulate the economy by creating expendable income to as a many as possible. How does this generate sales for growth?
23 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
Constance Morley
@GarnettGenuis It's clear that "sympathy" is all the CPC is offering to "help" people, and so far no economic policies that could improve wages or income...until the next random trickle down event. I heard a worker say once, "it's like waiting to get pissed on in the wind". 🤔
23 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
Daniel Johnson
@butterworthstu @Steveowens58 @KEdge23 This isn’t trickle down economics, so no need to find an example of that straw man ever having worked.
23 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
Thus Whittered Lord Jubalon Flux
It’s not Trickle Down it’s Shat Upon
23 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
Poplar Tales
Another trickle down economics fantasist. The biggest free market in the world the USA are rejecting this sort of out of date thinking. Spreading the wealth results in less state hand outs and dependentcy on the state Now that's economic common sense not playing politics 🤫 https://t.co/lRznVJbe7X
23 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
Jon Elkon
This quasi Kwasi budget ensures increased wealth for the rich and horrendous Austerity for the rest of us. Nightmare! Trickle-down does not work!!! Tired old disproven nonsense on @BBCPM from Chris Philp. Massive borrowing to give to the rich, austerity to take from the poor.
23 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC