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Tropical Depression #9 is heading straight for the Cayman Islands, GOP better batten down those bank accounts. @GOP
23 Sep, 06:18 PM UTC
Max Chesnes
Floridians: Keep an eye on this one. Tropical Depression 9 formed overnight and is currently forecast to become a hurricane early Monday @MaxChesnes's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 11:56 AM UTC
Reed Timmer, PhD
TROPICAL DEPRESSION 9 has been named off Venezuela, and the first NHC cone shows approach of category 2 Hurricane Hermine to Florida as early as Wednesday. I am planning to chase Hermine in Dominator Fore with storm surge sensors. Tracking on the @Windycom app! https://t.co/y7z4l7uQbb
23 Sep, 12:26 PM UTC
Mike's Weather Page
NEW 5pm NHC track update on Tropical Depression #9. Expected to be Major Hurricane Ian nearing Florida next week. Track bumped north some up the FLA west coast. We need to watch this very close. https://t.co/Hk3pbO84Yf #flwx #tropics #TD9 https://t.co/y47hZi58UD
23 Sep, 09:00 PM UTC
Tropical Depression #9 has now formed over the Caribbean Sea and is a threat to interests in Jamaica. Continue to pay attention to Bulletins from the Meteorological Service. @megjc_jm @odpem https://t.co/7Lb8nZ2DSb
23 Sep, 11:00 AM UTC
Insider Paper
ALERT 🚨 NHC forecasts major hurricane threat: Tropical Depression 9 will hit Florida as Category 3 hurricane
23 Sep, 07:13 PM UTC
Joel Franco
#BREAKING: Gov. DeSantis has declared a state of emergency for 24 Florida counties as Tropical Depression 9 is expected to become a powerful hurricane near the state early next week. https://t.co/EHDdDxkE83 https://t.co/rPKTX2akz0
23 Sep, 08:18 PM UTC
#BREAKING: Gov. DeSantis has declared a state of emergency for 24 Florida counties ahead of Tropical Depression 9. Details here: https://t.co/gw11aG4CJl @WFLA's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 08:16 PM UTC
Space Launch Delta 45
Space Launch Delta 45 has entered Hurricane Condition V in preparation for Tropical Depression 9. HURCON V indicates surface winds in excess of 50 knots (58 mph) could arrive in the area of Patrick Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station within 96 hours. @SLDelta45's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 09:02 PM UTC
NWS Tampa Bay
Newest update for Tropical Depression 9. Important to remember that the cone indicates where the center of the storm could make landfall. In this case, there is still a lot of uncertainty. Remember to not panic, but stay informed. We will be providing updates when available. https://t.co/af35Al0G4W
23 Sep, 03:31 PM UTC
Jeremy Redfern
Today, @GovRonDeSantis declared a state of emergency and is urging Floridians to prepare for the impacts from TD 9. Find more information about the State of Emergency here: https://t.co/U7FRdvNUTt Make sure to follow @FLSERT for updates. @JeremyRedfernFL's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 09:10 PM UTC
Lydia Nusbaum
BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis declares a State of Emergency for 24 counties in the potential path of Tropical Depression 9. The Florida National Guard will be activated and on standby.
23 Sep, 07:57 PM UTC
Philip Klotzbach
Tropical Depression 9 is forecast to be a major, Category 3, #hurricane with max winds of 115 mph approaching southwest Florida in 5 days. The most recent landfalling Florida major hurricane is Michael (Category 5, 2018). @philklotzbach's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 03:42 PM UTC
NWS Eastern Region
We now have 3 named storms in the Atlantic - Hurricane Fiona and Tropical Storms Gaston & Hermine. Also, air force hurricane hunters are en route to investigate Tropical Depression #9 located 430 mi ESE of Kingston Jamaica. This storm is forecast to become a hurricane (Ian). https://t.co/DfmJURBJYf
23 Sep, 09:36 PM UTC
Bryan Griffin
.@GovRonDeSantis Declares State of Emergency for 24 Counties, Urges Floridians to Prepare for Impacts from Tropical Depression 9 https://t.co/ERYFvEQlwU
23 Sep, 08:42 PM UTC
Senator Annette Taddeo (She/Her/Ella)
With Tropical Depression 9 in Florida's path, please take time during your weekend to prepare. We must keep our community safe and being prepared is the first place to start. @SenatorTaddeo's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 06:31 PM UTC
Orlando International Airport
As we continue to monitor Tropical Depression 9, the safety of our travelers is our top priority. While the direct path of the storm is unknown, pre-storm precautions and protective measures are being taken to coordinate airport activities accordingly.
23 Sep, 07:05 PM UTC
FOX 13 Tampa Bay
TROPICAL DEPRESSION NINE: The 5 p.m. update from the National Hurricane Center has the Tampa Bay area in the cone for what could become a named storm next week. UPDATES: https://t.co/MlnNtohyt8 @FOX13News's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 09:09 PM UTC
Pasco County Schools
Pasco Schools is monitoring Tropical Depression 9, which has been gathering strength in the Caribbean. At this time we have not canceled school or any school-related events. We will provide updates via the district website, social media, and School Messenger.
23 Sep, 07:36 PM UTC
NWS Birmingham
Here's the latest NHC forecast for Tropical Depression #9. Tropical Storm Hermine has formed off Africa, so TD9 should acquire the name Ian. The system is currently forecast to become a major hurricane in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. @NWSBirmingham's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 09:18 PM UTC
Eric Fisher
As for Tropical Depression 9 (which should become Ian)...good model agreement on placement by Sunday south of Jamaica Middle of next week...considerable spread on a possible path forward https://t.co/zyjudGDzmf
23 Sep, 09:15 PM UTC
Michael Caputo
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a State of Emergency ahead of Tropical Depression 9. https://t.co/h4NO4pmnaC
23 Sep, 09:22 PM UTC
Senator Rubio Press
As Tropical Depression 9 could impact #Florida, now is the time to be #HurricanePrepared. https://t.co/xYOzUweqsW @SenRubioPress's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 06:05 PM UTC
Brevard EOC
9/23/22 5:01 pm: Tropical Depression #9 updated forecast https://t.co/tALHbP1RHd
23 Sep, 09:04 PM UTC
Zack Fradella
The latest Tropical Depression 9 track is in from the National Hurricane Center. More information at https://t.co/L2XczSPPjf #lawx @ZackFradellaWx's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 02:59 PM UTC
Seminole County, FL
BE PREPARED: Seminole County continues to monitor the path of Tropical Depression #9. Now is the time to make a hurricane kit and prepare your home for a potential storm. Stay informed by texting Storm2022 to 888-777. https://t.co/TmDhVZwh1l
23 Sep, 06:57 PM UTC
Eyewitness News
Tropical Depression 9 predicted to intensify as it heads towards Gulf of Mexico, Florida https://t.co/8GBMSmcb1h @ABC7NY's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 09:56 PM UTC
Eden Checkol
NEW: Gov. DeSantis declared a state of emergency for 24 Florida counties, including Monroe, Miami-Dade, & Broward. https://t.co/Z0K8DFgNMC
23 Sep, 10:11 PM UTC
Rep. Carlos G Smith
“The NHC expects the storm to slowly strengthen, becoming Tropical Storm Ian sometime this evening. Ian is to significantly intensify Sunday and Monday, becoming a hurricane sometime Monday morning.” https://t.co/n3St0EvpOk
23 Sep, 10:10 PM UTC
The latest weather models continue to push the system into the northern Caribbean Sea during the weekend and then toward Cuba and the west coast of Florida early next week potentially as a Category 3 hurricane https://t.co/rP7h6vHxYk @WPTV's photo on Tropical Depression 9
23 Sep, 09:57 PM UTC