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Laura tenPas
@Martyupnorth_2 I’m not a Canadian, but I watched what happened on February 18. I am an American and I stand with the truckers.🇺🇸❤️🇨🇦 #TrudeauMustGoNow #TrudeauMustGo https://t.co/nKSl0bZ3U2
23 Sep, 01:37 AM UTC
🇨🇦Carlo Grims 🇨🇦🚜#lStandWithCanada. 🇺🇸🇳🇱
#Montreal born truck driver & former languages teacher. @JustinTrudeau claims I am an extremist, a mysoginist, & a racist for bringing awareness about my injured sister, whose reproductive system was destroyed by the mRNA shots. #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow #Canada https://t.co/kqAbyCOcPP
22 Sep, 10:04 PM UTC
David Enns
I am an immigrant, husband, and father of 5. I speak 3 languages, didn't finish high school and pay a lot of taxes. I believe in patriotism and freedom and for that I'm a racist, misogynist, and an extremist that needs to be dealt with. #TrudeauMustGoNow #TrudeauMustGo https://t.co/r8TIbsTQxx
22 Sep, 04:34 PM UTC
I'm a 41 year old former nurse (left 8 years ago) I have 2 great kids,married 15 years. I love to garden, camp, knit and lift weights. I love my family, friends and community. I am told I am a racist, misogynistic bigot who should not be tolerated. #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/SPW1JR37hL
22 Sep, 04:28 PM UTC
Bev Turner 🌸
This from a man who arrested and froze the bank accounts of innocent people who protested about their rights to refuse an unnecessary and untrialled drug with potential harms. He's literally trolling his own people... #TruckersForFreedom2022 #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/iIJH8dz5a4
23 Sep, 07:11 AM UTC
🇨🇦Unacceptable CanadianGirl🇨🇦TrudeauMustGo🇨🇦
The CEO of Ikea just became Prime Minister of Sweden! He's still assembling his cabinet. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Okay I'm done, I swear. It was too good not to share with my fellow Russian bots.🤖 P.S. 👉#TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow
22 Sep, 10:12 PM UTC
Kris Eriksen 🇨🇦 #TrudeauMustGo
DO YOU HEAR US YET?? 📢📢 #TrudeauMustGo is a cry of unity running across the country. To continue taking a stand against the division and hate, update your profile banner to the photo below & add the # to your bio. Together we are strong! 🇨🇦 #WeAreCanadian #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/nupXrLAMYm
22 Sep, 06:04 PM UTC
James Melville
A bit rich coming from someone who took away civil liberties against anyone who refused a particular medical procedure and froze the bank accounts of Canadian truckers. #TruckersForFreedom2022 #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/wdqtJCnE5T
23 Sep, 08:01 AM UTC
🇨🇦Unacceptable CanadianGirl🇨🇦TrudeauMustGo🇨🇦
Know what the unvaxxed don't have? SADS Myocarditis Pericarditis Blood Clots #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow
23 Sep, 01:11 AM UTC
Matthew Pettipas #TrudeauMustGo 🇨🇦
Im 34 years old and so far ive dedicated most of my life to Public Servive, ive spent 17 years in Customer Service and worked my way up from scratch. Because I oppose Trudeau I need to be dealt with.#TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/9KVeOgPkgk
23 Sep, 12:41 AM UTC
somethin fishy
#TrudeauMustGoNow #DefundCBC https://t.co/tvFkjQEDkQ
23 Sep, 02:36 AM UTC
Dr. #TrudeauMustGo
Truckers ended provincial mandates. A Hashtag ended Federal mandates. Trudeau really is a coward, we just needed to stand up to him. Regardless, #TrudeauMustGoNow #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauResign @JustinTrudeau
22 Sep, 08:38 PM UTC
Shelly 🇨🇦🚛HONKHONK🚛🇨🇦 FRINGE. Pureblood🩸
I'll never forget having to watch my aunt pass away through a window, because of the "science" #TrudeauMustGoNow
23 Sep, 12:38 AM UTC
govt.exe is corrupt
I see the unvaccinated as some of the strongest people around. For 2 years they stood tall while being demonized & degraded by society while guiding the way through the largest psyops program in modern history. They deserve to be recognized. #TrudeauMustGoNow
23 Sep, 12:33 PM UTC
Kris Eriksen 🇨🇦 #TrudeauMustGo
On Friday September 23rd, 2022, at 3pm Eastern Time, post a new personal story (photo/written or video) on how Trudeau's policies have harmed you, your family and/or friendships. Add the hashtags #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow and #WeAreCanadian. Let's do this!! ❤️🇨🇦👊
22 Sep, 06:16 PM UTC
Palminder singh
@JustinTrudeau Read this story after watching 🤡 video #TrudeauMustGoNow #WEFpuppet https://t.co/E9JUIcfpmu
22 Sep, 09:00 PM UTC
🇨🇦 Liar.com deems me unacceptable #TrudeauMustGo
Shop class in Trudeau's Canada 2022 #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/PiQfB5OwY6
23 Sep, 04:06 AM UTC
Nicole Siemens
I'm just going to state it: at this point on Twitter- if you support @JustinTrudeau, you either are a bot, or are paid off by the Liberal Party or the media, or have absolutely no self awareness or conscious whatsoever. #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow #Trending
23 Sep, 02:26 PM UTC
somethin fishy
#TrudeauMustGoNow #TrudeauMustGo #EndAllMandates #FringeMinority #CdnMediaFailed https://t.co/EUjkRtO4HP
23 Sep, 03:19 AM UTC
I was fired from the CAF after serving for 13 years .. a mom of 3, wife and soon to be grandma, future generations must have the right for medical autonomy. Without fear of losing a career. NO is a full sentence #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/0zIzAzd50G
23 Sep, 01:48 AM UTC
Trudeau's "Strong" Canada #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/yaDJwCRnEc
22 Sep, 04:44 PM UTC
Sharon Tracy.
@Captaincoby00 The liberals have hit a stalemate.. Same old, same old, blah blah homophobia, blah blah, racism. in the meantime #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/5W6o0iTMO8
23 Sep, 02:00 AM UTC
Real 🌊 Ray 🇨🇦
FIRST READING: Months after everybody knew it was pointless, the Liberals finally kill ArriveCan... Scientifically, nothing changed between now and March, when scrapping the app could have saved the 2022 tourist season. #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/w9Ed19G7V5
23 Sep, 12:09 PM UTC
So what have we learned from Twitter’s free speech. #TrudeauMustGoNow hash tag can be altered at will for trends and counts because it offends the thin skin of the PM. Transparency and honesty is lost while dealing with children adults in power.
22 Sep, 05:28 PM UTC
Deja Moon
Who loves this show? Can you give me a U? #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow #easycomeeasygo right Trudeau? https://t.co/Z6TffZ858Y
22 Sep, 08:18 PM UTC
I have proven myself to be real and I can do it again. 22 years old, out-of-shape, and unvaxxed since March 2020. The effect of the pandemic on my life reached to a point that I have felt alone. According to @gmbutts, I'm a paid Russian Bot. #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustGoNow https://t.co/v5QrBOUJjx
23 Sep, 01:49 PM UTC
Karen 🇨🇦
This is Trudeau shows his fear of ⁦@PierrePoilievre⁩ ⬇️ #TrudeauMustGoNow #TrudeauMustGo https://t.co/qAkx34p6jF
22 Sep, 07:20 PM UTC
I’m over 40. 2 amazing kids. Entrepreneur all my life. Work my ass off, support employees and their families, pay taxes, give to charity. I’m 2x vaxxed but understand those who didn’t but I would never call them racist or misogynistic. #TrudeauMustGoNow he’s a POS.
22 Sep, 07:24 PM UTC
🇨🇺 🅰️🆓Ⓜ️ 🇨🇦@FreeKanuck on GETTR🇺🇦
In the end, it was not about science. It was not about individual choices or common sense. It was all about poor leadership and @JustinTrudeau's whim and never ending tantrums. #TrudeauMustGoNow #TrudeauHasGotToGo #TrudeauResign https://t.co/zVZ9sY9u0a
23 Sep, 02:08 AM UTC
Sharon Tracy.
Remember. Let’s show the Cult We mean business #TrudeauMustGoNow
23 Sep, 03:15 PM UTC