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That moment when you discover season 1 and 3 are in the same universe. #TrueDetective DJM's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 03:09 AM UTC
Rolling Stone
#TrueDetective just dropped one hell of a WTF revelation — and sets up a season finale that promises to be very interesting. Our recap https://t.co/BQoHkhOuCc Rolling Stone's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 03:03 AM UTC
Marshall Jones
When they throw you a beautiful season one throwback. #TrueDetective Marshall Jones's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 02:26 AM UTC
Evette Dionne 🤷🏾‍♀️
Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff are putting on a masterclass in acting on #TrueDetective. Just go ahead and give them their Emmys and Golden Globes nominations and statues right now.
18 Feb, 02:52 AM UTC
Pete Prohaksa
Stephen Dorff has to share scenes and match intensity with Mahershala Ali, who happens to be in the middle of a rare type of run for an actor, complete with major awards and universal acclaim. Dorff, somehow, out of nowhere, has matched Ali every chance he gets. #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 03:10 AM UTC
Guy Benson
Man, this season of #TrueDetective is good.
18 Feb, 03:11 AM UTC
Roland West: “Na, I just want you to know I’m thinking it” #TrueDetective Me: León's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 03:02 AM UTC
This shot tho #breathtaking #TrueDetective me!!'s photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 03:40 AM UTC
A very simple guide to #TrueDetective’s multiple timelines https://t.co/EQBtxCQ2zz
18 Feb, 12:11 AM UTC
+میدونی چیه مارتی؟ -نه +یک عمر منتظر اومدن روزای خوش میمونی، یهو سرطانی چیزی میگیری میفهمی روزای که گذشت روزای خوشت بود. #TrueDetective
17 Feb, 05:04 PM UTC
How season 3 of #TrueDetective connects to season 1: https://t.co/GYjIZRJFCV Nerdist's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 03:02 AM UTC
Why #TrueDetective tapped Michael Rooker to play its Season 3 Big Bad https://t.co/29IKiW6DTw VANITY FAIR's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 03:00 AM UTC
Chris McQueen
Mahershala Ali & Stephen Dorff. This is officially the second season of #TrueDetective.
18 Feb, 04:59 AM UTC
Joe Mainwaring
If you’re not watching the third season of #TrueDetective, you’re making questionable life decisions with your Sunday night.
18 Feb, 03:06 AM UTC
Matthew Parsons
Somehow i think after the final episode next week, i'm going to be rewatching the whole season to make sense of things. #truedetective
18 Feb, 05:54 AM UTC
Finalmente se explicitó el link entre #TrueDetective primera y tercera temporada. Un capítulo perfecto que, además, justifica por qué las dos temporadas tienen una estructura similar en temática y relato. @HBOLAT https://t.co/wnDXyyI7DF
18 Feb, 04:34 AM UTC
Black Girl Nerds
That voice sounded a lot like Michael Rooker. #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 02:59 AM UTC
Loren Coleman
#TrueDetective The stick figures, the straw dolls, the spirals and triangles and evil. Some of us felt it was the same pedo universe, but who saw the anywhen coming before Season 3 began? Fayetteville in both, too.~ @CryptoLoren Loren Coleman's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 04:47 AM UTC
Pierre Langlais
Non mais sérieusement la presse US, ça vous dirait d'attendre un peu avant de spoiler #TrueDetective sur Twitter ? Merci (PAS) @EW Pierre Langlais's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:52 AM UTC
Austin Grant
Me when #TrueDetective Season 3 confirmed it takes place in the same world as Season 1. Austin Grant's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 06:58 AM UTC
Arrowverso DC
B) Estoy al día de #TrueDetective (temporada 3). Ha regresado al origen. A lo que me enamoró de la primera temporada. Mahershala Ali se confirma como uno de los actores del momento. La historia dividida en tres periodos temporales te atrapa. La fotografía como siempre de 10.
18 Feb, 08:21 AM UTC
Blake Thielmann
Roland's hair in True Detective is a bell curve over time. #TrueDetective Blake Thielmann's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 07:24 AM UTC
Loren Coleman
@panamanole #TrueDetective All in the same universe... The background reference to “Nebraska” in the listing of precursors made in 3:7 is given earlier in S3. It is the Franklin Scandal (John DeCamp, Nick Bryant), which was noted via a screen flash and a quick verbal mention. ~ @CryptoLoren Loren Coleman's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 10:08 AM UTC
Lubie en Série
#TrueDetective saison 3 un nouvel épisode inédit sur @OCSTV et mon interview de Stephen Dorff 👉🏻 https://t.co/9RDkDxLyP2 Lubie en Série's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 07:38 AM UTC
Tell-Tale TV
#TrueDetective Review: The Final Country (Season 3 Episode 7) https://t.co/MuuvAAsl8M Tell-Tale TV's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 03:04 AM UTC
Parfois, il vaut mieux ne pas savoir. #TrueDetective saison 3 - épisode 7, l'avant-dernier épisode de la saison, disponible maintenant sur OCS. https://t.co/34eLE0a2cI OCS's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:16 AM UTC
What's Hoyts Plan? | True Detective Sn 3 Ep 7 (The Last Country) #TrueDetective #TrueDetective3 #truedetectiveseason3 #hbo https://t.co/K7ajCjbrr6 Pleeka's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 07:33 AM UTC
Johnny Ray Gill
This weeks episode of #TrueDetective was SPELLBINDING 🤯🔥🔥🤯
18 Feb, 09:09 AM UTC
powerful pbn links https://t.co/95rOc6SiiX Kofi Cain #UFCPhoenix #ElvisAllStarTribute Francis #UFConESPN #UFConESPN1 #HorrorAnyMovie #TrueDetective Kron Gracie Stipe patkerr's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:59 AM UTC
If you try to make a plan for a baby,(for any age) I think this post will help you effectively. #mom #baby #family #UFCPhoenix #ElvisAllStarTribute #TrueDetective https://t.co/Fyy4deGJp9
18 Feb, 08:58 AM UTC
Me and @jaydee991 because all my theories about #TrueDetective since episode 2 are finally coming true and he can’t stand me 😂 childish_blacktino's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:31 AM UTC
Austin Grant
This season of #TrueDetective has been some of the best television I’ve ever seen. Well done @HBO. Austin Grant's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 10:04 AM UTC
I can’t even with all the #TrueDetective timelines 🤔😠🤯
18 Feb, 09:52 AM UTC
Can Roland say the N-word? 👀 #TrueDetective ✈Jim✈Acosta✈Respecter✈'s photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:19 AM UTC
Brad Berkman
#iwanttoseehoyt #truedetective #littlefish
18 Feb, 09:17 AM UTC
I love the #pomodoro technique. I become super productive :) ! Kofi Cain #UFCPhoenix #ElvisAllStarTribute Francis #UFConESPN #HorrorAnyMovie #TrueDetective Kron Gracie Stipe
18 Feb, 08:57 AM UTC
Ray Beaudry
Oh and Amelia will stop writing her second book because the truth would likely mean Wayne goes to prison. She'll do it to protect him. #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:15 AM UTC
Sweet James Jones Jr
Mahershala ali has to be top 5 in the movie business #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:45 AM UTC
The jackets and coats worn by Stephen Dorff this season deserve an Emmy all to themselves. #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:43 AM UTC
Maybe I snapped bc I'm tired of a writer who doesn't know giving certain themes to his bigoted audience is a Bad Idea #truedetective https://t.co/EXBvVxWlrF
18 Feb, 08:31 AM UTC
Now we know what Wayne & Roland did. Geriatric detectives. #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 10:16 AM UTC
Piece To Camera
Watching #TrueDetective has become an act of endurance
18 Feb, 10:16 AM UTC
Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
Who Done It? #BreakingDown the #SeventhEpisode of #TrueDetective https://t.co/IYiOpwCKu9 via @ringer #News #TrueCrime #TV #HBO #TrueDetectiveSeason2 #episode7 #Hoyt #Family
18 Feb, 10:15 AM UTC
Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
#TheFlatCircle (Ep. 7): What Is #Hoyt’s #Role in the #Crime? https://t.co/pIG1vDOcP2 via @ringer #News #HBO #TrueDetective #TV #Podcast
18 Feb, 10:14 AM UTC
Existential Kid
#TrueDetective heads should not forget about the brilliant Steven Williams, who's masterful in The Chi, The Leftovers and my personal childhood favorite, MacGyver ... He plays the "one eyed man" in S3.
18 Feb, 10:08 AM UTC
Chris P. Bacon
The final episode of #TrueDetective better be like 3 hours long to wrap all these loose ends up. 🙄 Chris P. Bacon's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 10:03 AM UTC
Hamish Morris
Love the little McConaughey and Harrelson cameo in #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 10:01 AM UTC
Rust Cohle
Bon aujourd'hui j'dois mater #TWD #TrueDetective et finir la saison 4 de #PeakyBlinders 🤘
18 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
Joey Tru
Stephen Dorff 💯 #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:56 AM UTC
I’m up watching #TrueDetective it’s a horrifying tale of the lengths the well connected use to cover up crimes. In this case a pedophile ring. Then I thought of the disappeared immigrant children taken from their parents at our southern border. The US is in deep shit!
18 Feb, 09:52 AM UTC
I've just watched episode S03E07 of True Detective! #truedetective #tvtime https://t.co/sRlngR4bFi محمد's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:49 AM UTC
What did the casting call look like for the producer guy that sits behind the interviewer on #TrueDetective?
18 Feb, 09:47 AM UTC
A tymczasem #TrueDetective po raz kolejny zachwyca. Za tydzień finał i pozostaje wierzyć, że tego nie zepsują.
18 Feb, 09:43 AM UTC
@guypbenson Thank you. Fighting insomnia right now. #TrueDetective is in the queue.
18 Feb, 09:40 AM UTC
#Crítica | #TrueDetective se acerca a las puertas de la verdad con un pegajoso penúltimo episodio cargado de respuestas https://t.co/lECq0tXBoW
18 Feb, 09:34 AM UTC
Alexandre Paes Leme
Olá Rust e Marty #TrueDetective @HBO_Brasil Alexandre Paes Leme's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:27 AM UTC
Matt The-Irrefutable
the cracks in roland and waynes friendship starting to get deep this ep #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:23 AM UTC
lol I'm glad they put this still in. #truedetective ✈Jim✈Acosta✈Respecter✈'s photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:22 AM UTC
Man #TrueDetective Season 3 is the shit 🔥
18 Feb, 09:19 AM UTC
Eliot joecool
Mon prof "Le cinéma de Mussolini c'était pas du réalisme " #citation #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Robert Scott
Wow. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Finale next week. CAN'T WAIT!!! #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:04 AM UTC
'True Detective' finally connects seasons 1 and 3 https://t.co/ZqHeYFBEeh #JKEMTROMEDIATENT @TrueDetective #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Thaivabalan Balasundaram
In cold blood. #TrueDetective Is writing a pain? Surely can be used for “Preaching” or “Breaching”. Sort of British Petroleum. That twin conscience is bizarre. https://t.co/bghD4Oo0tz
18 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Matt The-Irrefutable
shit is it 2nd to last ep already #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
I've just watched episode S03E07 of True Detective! #truedetective #tvtime https://t.co/OEHUIU7R3Y ÃβẸẸŔ♐'s photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:55 AM UTC
Anders Holmes
Damn! #TrueDetective is so good #TrueDetective3 Anders Holmes's photo on #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:55 AM UTC
John Ernenputsch
This season of #TrueDetective is great. It's not quite s1, but it's way closer to s1 than it is s2 in terms of quality. I'm so happy to have this show back to form and giving us a great season
18 Feb, 08:42 AM UTC
Jamie Summers
Callback #TrueDetective
18 Feb, 08:38 AM UTC
Ay dawg inject the finale of #TrueDetective into my veins IMMEDIATELY
18 Feb, 08:33 AM UTC
Thaivabalan Balasundaram
#TrueDetective One eyed Blackman search continues after monastery based latest death terror. Is this could be Calrissian? Solo’s famous cards game cheater (✊🏽) with a space ship?! Hmm! Sickos!
18 Feb, 08:31 AM UTC
kush x franklin
#newmusic banger you can check out #cain #UFCPhoenix #kofi #TrueDetective #edmlovers #hardstlye #trance https://t.co/xqb9rPdVXt
18 Feb, 08:31 AM UTC

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