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Two different Americas. LEFT: Americans on food lines in Texas. RIGHT: Michigan legislators at Trump Hotel drinking Dom Perignon
21 Nov, 04:35 PM UTC
Adam Parkhomenko
So I’m supposed to believe that Michigan Republicans, who have never cared about covid before, spent an hour discussing aid with trump, stood up to him over the election and then went to Trump hotel to drink champagne and celebrate their independence?
21 Nov, 04:34 PM UTC
Members of the mask-less Michigan GOP who were tossing back Dom Perignon at the pricey trump Hotel last night need to be investigated.
21 Nov, 05:16 PM UTC
Lauren Windsor
I guess MI House Speaker @LeeChatfield + @RepJimLillyMI were in a celebratory mood last night, drinking Dom Perignon at the Trump Hotel til midnight 🥂
21 Nov, 02:31 PM UTC
Mitchell Rivard
After meeting w/ Pres. Trump, Michigan Republicans—including Speaker @LeeChatfield—closed down the Trump Hotel bar last night, drinking $500/bottle Dom Perignon and flaunting CDC pandemic guidelines. Who paid for their hotel rooms, travel & bar tab?
21 Nov, 02:51 PM UTC
I can help but think there’s been a steady stream of sex workers in Trump Hotel DC for the last 4 years collecting kompromat on all the GOP dudes kissing his ring. He collected it at the Plaza & Trump Props for decades. He will use it to continue to wield power. @realDonaldTrump
21 Nov, 02:34 PM UTC
Melissa Nann Burke
I spotted Michigan GOP legislators Mike Shirkey & Dan Lauwers leaving Trump Hotel this morning w/ staff, the morning after their meeting with Trump @ White House. They did not respond to my questions shouted from behind a security barrier and left in a black SUV for airport
21 Nov, 02:26 PM UTC
Lonnie Scott
Breaking: @LeeChatfield, the same day he pretended his meeting with @realDonaldTrump was about COVID, pictured maskless, drinking in Trump hotel with others. A slap in the face to the people in Michigan who are doing their best to fight COVID.
21 Nov, 01:34 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Trump's Michigan legislature stunt has 100% failed. But those legislators could still face criminal conspiracy charges for even meeting with him. So it was really dumb of them to party at the Trump Hotel that night, on Trump's dime. No wonder they're releasing panicky statements.
21 Nov, 04:47 PM UTC
Amy Lynn 🍭🌊
People in Michigan are waiting in line at food banks, while Republicans Lee Chatfield and Mike Shirkey are sipping fucking Dom Perignon at the Trump Hotel.
21 Nov, 05:42 PM UTC
Dr. Rob Davidson #WearAMask
People in #Michigan are getting sick and dying at record rates from #COVID19, the legislature isn't doing anything about it, and our reps are drinking Dom Perignon at Trump hotel in DC after meeting with @realDonaldTrump. Truly disgusting.
21 Nov, 05:08 PM UTC
Jonathan Oosting
From a DC source: Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, state Rep. Jim Lilly hit up the Trump Hotel bar last night after their White House visit. I don't know if they stayed at the hotel.
21 Nov, 09:44 AM UTC
Ricky Davila
What gets me the most is that these corrupt Michigan GOPers want you to believe they were celebrating at a trashy trump hotel w/ Dom Perignon because of a successful a meeting about Coronavirus aid, a virus they have always claimed is a hoax. A load of bullshit. Investigate them.
22 Nov, 12:17 AM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
Here are Michigan House Speaker @LeeChatfield & @RepJimLillyMI celebrating at the Trump Hotel last night (sans masks), drinking Dom Perignon till late (via @lawindsor). Who needs food lines or ventilators when, to quote Kurt Vonnegut: "Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts."
21 Nov, 07:14 PM UTC
Blake News
Whitmer’s deputy chief of staff throws an elbow at the Michigan GOP lawmakers photographed at the Trump hotel
21 Nov, 09:38 PM UTC
Post And Shout 📢
@jeremynewberger Who paid for the Dom Perignon? Was it: - The Michigan legislators? How much do they get paid? - The Michigan taxpayers? Is this a legitimate expense? - The Trump Hotel? Can the Michigan legislators accept that kind of gift? Do they have to declare it? Nothing suspicious here🤦‍♂️
21 Nov, 06:18 PM UTC
𝕂𝕚𝕞 🐝 𝔹𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕎𝕠𝕟 🥳
Guess who closed down the bar last night at Trump hotel? That's right! @LeeChatfield & @RepJimLillyMI spending YOUR money celebrating. During. A. Pandemic. #ONEV1 #DemVoice1
21 Nov, 04:33 PM UTC
Laurie O'Brien
@lawindsor @LeeChatfield @RepJimLillyMI I just don't trust these guys. See what happens Monday. They go see Trump - I'm sure they're offered something to cheat for him - and they're out celebrating at TRUMP HOTEL?
21 Nov, 05:33 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Michigan’s Republican legislators could be in deep trouble over Trump Hotel stunt
22 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
Suzanne Lindbergh
@LonnieScott @LeeChatfield @realDonaldTrump A DOM-ocracy? Should be on the front page of every Michigan paper: @gop legislators drinking Dom at the Trump Hotel while supposedly representing the people of Michigan in the election? @detroitnews @freep @TheOaklandPress @Kzoo_Gazette @GRPress @grpressnews @macombdaily
21 Nov, 07:36 PM UTC
🌎 ☮️ ❤️🤍💙
@ReesusP Russian hooker there to record one of these republicans she will have sex with & giving it to Putin/Trump for Kompromat? Seems like sop for the DC Trump hotel.
22 Nov, 12:51 AM UTC
Teresa G
Didn’t the stay at trump hotel ?
22 Nov, 01:05 AM UTC

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