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Barack Obama
On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we #WearOrange to honor the victims and survivors of gun violence––which continues to disproportionately harm Black communities. Then keep speaking up, voting, and changing laws across the country.
05 Jun, 04:21 PM UTC


shihan 🇧🇩
You heard Sony, no PS5 until you all stop being racist 💁‍♀️
04 Jun, 10:30 AM UTC

All 57

John "Black Lives Matter" Kleckner
'all 57 police officers resigned to show support for --' '-- the two suspended officers'
05 Jun, 08:03 PM UTC


#YouAboutToLoseYoJob is pretty epic. @YourAnonNews's photo on #YouAboutToLoseYoJob
05 Jun, 11:49 AM UTC


BigHit Entertainment
[방송] 오늘(6/5) PM1:00 arirang TV <Simply K-Pop>에 #투모로우바이투게더 가 출연합니다. [TV] #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER will be on the <Simply K-Pop> on arirang TV on Jun 5 at 1PM KST
05 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC


Scott Heins
Ambulance EMT just got on her radio to cheer on the Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Brooklyn. People flipping out @scottheins's photo on In-N-Out
05 Jun, 12:29 AM UTC


05 Jun, 03:09 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Greatest Top Five Monthly Jobs Gains in HISTORY. We are #1! @realDonaldTrump's photo on Barker
05 Jun, 04:31 PM UTC


Benjamin Dixon
I can’t .... something has to change immediately. This is chicago tonight @BenjaminPDixon's photo on Denny
05 Jun, 03:55 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
.@MayorBowser is grossly incompetent, and in no way qualified to be running an important city like Washington, D.C. If the great men and women of the National Guard didn’t step forward, she would have looked no better than her counterpart Mayor in Minneapolis!
05 Jun, 11:10 PM UTC

Lady G

Tom D'Angora
The gay internet is exploding over #LindseyGraham today. An Army of gay escorts are claiming, Lindsay has used their services for years and are trying to figure out how to get around the NDA he has them all sign. It is rumored that DC male escorts now Senator Graham as "Lady G"
05 Jun, 02:42 PM UTC


Austin Meszaros
I was there. She marched with us for 15 minutes tops and then dipped. This was strictly a publicity stunt - she didn’t even stay to talk to people.
05 Jun, 01:00 AM UTC


Mark Poloncarz
I've seen videos of the incident in front of Buffalo's City Hall in which an older protester appears to have been shoved by police, fell backwards and suffered a serious head injury. It sickens me. I've confirmed he is at ECMC in stable condition. My thoughts are with him now.
05 Jun, 02:17 AM UTC

Buffalo Police Department

Philip DeFranco
According to @JeffRussoWKBW a Buffalo Police Department spokesperson gave this statement in apparent reference to this?! “during that skirmish involving protestors, one person was injured when he tripped & fell” Are they aware cameras exist or? @PhillyD's photo on Buffalo Police Department
05 Jun, 02:11 AM UTC


꿀팁정보 저장계
딱 5분만 투자해서 있어 보이는 PPT 표지 만드는 방법 타래 출처 : 기획의정석
04 Jun, 03:46 PM UTC


sharp teeth gangsta ✊🏾🇸🇴
#drawingwhileblack yo, I’m muna I’m obsessed with character design and 2020/2021 is the year I want to get into the art industry!!!
05 Jun, 04:15 AM UTC


Ariana Grande
we demand #justiceforbreonna @govandybeshear @djaycameron @danielcameronag @repjohnyarmuth @randpaul @senatemajldr #sayhername
05 Jun, 04:58 PM UTC

Martin Gugino

Dave Greber
#BREAKING: I’m told the entire @BPDAlerts Emergency Response Team has resigned from the team, a total of 57 officers, as a show of support for the officers who are suspended without pay after shoving Martin Gugino, 75. They are still employed, but no longer on ERT. @news4buffalo
05 Jun, 06:46 PM UTC

Byron Lockwood

Hannah Buehler
BREAKING: Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood has ordered the suspension of both officers involved in viral video in Niagara Square tonight @wkbw
05 Jun, 02:32 AM UTC


Thaay das dançinha😝💃
Gente, essa e a barriga da minha mae, ela tem 35 anos, isso dai e uma hernia, esta muito grande ja, e eu tenho bastante medo de eu perde minha mae jaq ela e a unica coisa que eu tenho, e queria pedir a ajuda de vcs p me ajuda dando rt aqui, pra chegar em alguem que pode me ajud+
05 Jun, 12:51 AM UTC

Happy Birthday Queen

Today would be Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. She was murdered by Louisville police. Her life mattered. Happy birthday Queen, we are fighting for you. #SayHerName @sahluwal's photo on Happy Birthday Queen
05 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC


Please please please don’t forget about Nia Wilson! Her throat was slashed in front of her two sisters, another was stabbed, when they were leaving a train station. Killed for no damn reason. She was only 18! #SayHerName
04 Jun, 06:48 PM UTC


[#ONEUS] 더보이즈 선배님과 하나가 되어 원보이스로서 했던 주인공 무대! 전달하고 싶은 메시지를 담아 후회 없이 무대를 끝낸 것 같아요! 즐겁게 연습하고 좋은 무대를 함께할 수 있어 행복했습니다!🥰 더보이즈 선배님 고맙습니다! 원보이스 화이팅!🤜🤛✨ #원어스 #더보이즈 @Creker_THEBOYZ @official_ONEUS's photo on YOUNGHOON
04 Jun, 12:31 PM UTC


Stop having kids with lil boys bruh
05 Jun, 12:51 AM UTC


The staff knocked on the door because hobi is not aware that he's spoling a song shsjsk the way he said "holy shit" in tiny afterwards 😭😂 @taebokkiii's photo on Holo
05 Jun, 08:21 AM UTC

Lindsay Graham

Patricia Arquette
Lindsay Graham sold America out to Russia for nothing.
05 Jun, 03:56 PM UTC


NCT 127
다들 뮤뱅 볼준비는 하고계신가욤?ㅎㅎ
05 Jun, 07:38 AM UTC


One Friends day #MewSingtoBoom #MewSuppasit #MewSuppasitStudio
05 Jun, 07:49 AM UTC

Muriel Bowser

Omar Jimenez
Mayor Muriel Bowser had Black Lives Matter painted on the road leading toward the White House. As my colleague @abbydphillip put it, @MayorBowser is not playing games. @OmarJimenez's photo on Muriel Bowser
05 Jun, 04:42 PM UTC

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