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Adam Schiff
The Senate Judiciary Committee just released the transcripts of interviews about the Trump Tower meeting. We tried to release ALL our transcripts but were blocked repeatedly by Republicans. The public deserves to see them and judge for themselves. Release the transcripts.
16 May, 04:30 PM UTC
Brian Krassenstein
Dec. 12, 2016 is a big day. According to reports, the Qatari foreign minister & an investor met w/ Cohen at Trump Tower where Cohen asked for millions of $$'s to be sent to Trump's family. This all took place during the transition. Who was head of the transition? MIKE PENCE!!!
16 May, 12:46 PM UTC
Stephen Colbert
The White House must be upset about the Trump Tower transcripts coming out. Especially Mike Pence, who's uncomfortable with any sentence that includes “trans” or “coming out.”
17 May, 02:25 AM UTC
Jim Sciutto
New: Trump Jr talked to Emin Agalarov who arranged Trump Tower meeting then made 11-minute phone call to a blocked number. Trump Jr said he couldn't remember who he called. However, Dems note Corey Lewandowski testified Candidate Trump's primary residence has a blocked number.
16 May, 02:00 PM UTC
Rep. Eric Swalwell
The Senate Judiciary, in its limited #TrumpRussia investigation, released Trump Tower meeting transcripts. We learned much, much more about other approaches in our House Intel investigation. Why are @HouseGOP blocking our transcripts?
16 May, 03:08 PM UTC
David Axelrod
Whether or not crimes were committed is for Mueller to report, but this much is even clearer after today’s doc release: If the @realDonaldTrump campaign didn’t collude with the Russians, it wasn’t for lack of trying!
16 May, 01:29 PM UTC
Jim Sciutto
New: Russian lobbyist Akhmetshin told Senators Don Trump Jr. "was definitely in charge" of 2016 Trump Tower meeting and started by saying something to the effect of, "So you have some information for us?"
16 May, 03:47 PM UTC
Tea Pain
PERSONAL NOTE: Folks, Tea Pain's gonna be a little scarce over the next few days. He's workin' with some mighty smart folks on something really big involvin' the Trump Tower/Alfa Bank scandal that will blow your pants off. Hold down the fort for ol' Tea, will ya?
17 May, 03:24 AM UTC
Scott Dworkin
This video needs to break the internet. It’s Donald Trump in Russia saying he met with businesses to discuss building a Trump Tower Moscow, while sitting next to the Putin-linked oligarch who setup Donald Trump, Jr. Russian lawyer meeting. #TrumpRussia Scott Dworkin's photo on Trump Tower
16 May, 03:34 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
BREAKING: An individual who is close to the Trump family just told me that Donald Trump not only knew about the Russian lawyer meeting in Trump Tower, he made sure it happened. Trump also knew the meeting was about getting dirt on Hillary. More proof #TrumpColluded with Russia.
16 May, 09:51 PM UTC
Renato Mariotti
Text messages and emails provided by Felix Sater to the government contradict Michael Cohen’s version of events, indicating that he was planning a trip to Russia to meet government officials in mid-2016, as Trump was clinching the nomination.
16 May, 11:41 PM UTC
DON JR. SET UP!! House Oversight Jim Jordan says no there there w/Donald Trump Jr meeting at Trump Tower but states the same Russian Lawyer who met w/Don Jr. met w/Clinton, DNC Fusion GPS, Fake Dossier, Glenn Simpson both just prior to meeting Don Jr. & just after meeting Don Jr. USA NEWS's photo on Trump Tower
16 May, 05:57 PM UTC
Richard W. Painter
Collusion and cover up. The Constitution tells Congress what to do about it but nothing happens. Americans are fed up! via @politico
16 May, 09:52 PM UTC
Mark Murray
To me, the biggest story from that June 2016 Trump Tower meeting remains that no one from Trump's orbit bothered to call the FBI that Russians were soliciting potential dirt on their Dem opponent
16 May, 02:15 PM UTC
Renato Mariotti
This doesn’t necessarily mean that Trump Jr. called Trump right after he set up the Trump Tower meeting, but if he did, Mueller will have the phone records to prove it.
16 May, 03:40 PM UTC
Adam Parkhomenko
Trump Jr & Giuliani claiming they didn’t get what they wanted from Trump Tower meeting...they did. That week in fact. June 9 meeting with Russia, June 12 Assange announces leaks coming on UK TV, and by June 15 Guccifer 2.0 was posting on Wordpress. All in less than 7 days.
17 May, 04:01 AM UTC
Jack Murphy
Happy Wednesday everyone! Trump Tower meeting was a nothing burger. Stormy Daniels' attorney is under investigation for tax fraud, pump and dumb schemes, screwing over employees, and defrauding the state. Mueller said Trump won't be indicted. The FBI attempted to frame Trump.
17 May, 02:57 AM UTC
Renato Mariotti
Trump Jr. admitted that Trump shaped his statement about the Trump Tower meeting through Hope Hicks, and said that she asked him if he wanted to speak directly with Trump. He declined because he “didn’t want to bring” his father into “something he had nothing to do with.” Renato Mariotti's photo on Trump Tower
16 May, 01:42 PM UTC
Josh Dawsey
Trump was having rallies to "drain the swamp." When the Qataris came to Trump Tower, Michael Cohen sought a $1 million contract from them, bragging about his access to POTUS.
16 May, 10:18 PM UTC
1. It's time for a summary of the Cohen situation. Bc there's so much going on, it's easy to get lost. So... this below is the latest. To the surprise of NO ONE, the Trump Tower Moscow deal went on for FAR longer than he told Congress.
16 May, 11:55 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
Trump directed Don Jr’s misleading statement about his Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer. If Trump knew about the meeting and then directed his son’s inaccurate statements, that could point to obstruction of justice.
17 May, 05:05 AM UTC
Maddow Blog
The Senate Judiciary transcripts are linked here if you want to read them:
17 May, 01:55 AM UTC
Anna Massoglia
New Senate Judiciary docs on Trump Tower meeting suggest @NRA may have secretly funneled Russian money to Trump’s campaign FBI is reportedly probing if the record $30M NRA spent on Trump came from Russia, violating campaign finance law’s foreign money ban Anna Massoglia's photo on Trump Tower
16 May, 07:01 PM UTC
Sen Dianne Feinstein
We know The Trump campaign was eager to accept Russia’s assistance. The June 9 Trump Tower meeting was just one of interactions with Russian associates that Trump campaign officials eagerly followed up on. Sen Dianne Feinstein's photo on Trump Tower
16 May, 02:54 PM UTC
Daniel F. Baranowski
A 2,500 page report about a 20 minute meeting! The Senate can't get to the Nation's business, but thank God they have this one meeting nailed down. Pyrrhic nonsense! The Democrats want to continue this investigation! The waste is overwhelming!
16 May, 11:44 PM UTC
The Hoarse Whisperer
Well, this is quite the trove... Interview transcripts of Don, Jr.; Manafort; et al, re: the infamous Trump Tower meeting. I wish I had time to read them!
16 May, 01:41 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
Jared Kushner has said that he didn’t stay long at the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer, but other witnesses say he was there the whole time. This wouldn’t be the first time Jared has had trouble remembering his foreign contacts.
17 May, 11:05 AM UTC
Newly released transcripts show Donald Trump Jr. didn't give a firm "no" on the president's knowledge of the infamous 2016 meeting.
17 May, 04:38 AM UTC
Paul Reggio
What we learned today from Donald Trump Jr's Senate testimony regarding the Trump Tower meeting with Russians who promised "dirt" on Hillary Clinton is... Donald Trump Jr lied his ass off to the Senate. He will not be able to do that to Mueller #MoronDonJr #DonJrJailHusband
17 May, 12:30 AM UTC
Jamil Smith
As Trump was clinching the Republican nomination in 2016, Michael Cohen was still working on a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, @hunterw and @BrettRedacted report. That is a lot later than what he told Congress. So, he is in even more legal trouble.
17 May, 12:08 AM UTC
NBC News
Though the Trump camp said the Trump Tower meeting was pointless, efforts were made to set up another with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Kremlin-linked lawyer, after the election, during the presidential transition, according to Senate Judiciary Cmte documents.
17 May, 04:42 AM UTC
Scully ☠️ ⚖️🇺🇸
Email from Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya on am of June 9 requesting to include (known Russian spy) Rinat Akhmetshin in the Trump Tower meeting scheduled later that day. /1 Scully ☠️ ⚖️🇺🇸's photo on Trump Tower
16 May, 09:26 PM UTC
Jared Kushner’s story about Trump Tower meeting is contradicted By multiple witnesses Newsweek's photo on Trump Tower
17 May, 12:30 AM UTC
CNN Tonight
Don Lemon: Donald Trump Jr. seems to have no trouble admitting his memory's not so great -- telling Senators he didn't remember or couldn't recall more than 171 times in his testimony. CNN Tonight's photo on Trump Tower
17 May, 03:55 AM UTC
UnsilentMajority 🌹
Hours after the 2016 election, Rob Goldstone (The man behind the Trump Tower meeting) posted this on Instagram, with the caption “Hedging bets.” After it started getting posted on twitter, Goldstone deleted it and locked his account. We. Have. Been. Invaded. UnsilentMajority 🌹's photo on Trump Tower
17 May, 10:55 AM UTC
The Situation Room
Thousands of pages of interview transcripts with the participants of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting shed new light on how eager Trump Jr. and senior members of the campaign were to obtain damaging information on Hillary Clinton The Situation Room's photo on Trump Tower
16 May, 10:35 PM UTC
The Loyal Opposition
11B) Cohen previously claimed the Trump Moscow Tower project was dropped in January 2016, but texts & emails between Cohen and Felix Sater show it continued into the 2nd half of 2016. Trump at the time was claiming he had no ties to Russia.
17 May, 06:49 AM UTC
MJ (aka, briefly, Lenny)
@ANTITRUMPMVMT It's hard to take seriously the constant "NO COLLUSION!!" refrain from the Trump team when the reason they were so bummed out about the Trump Tower mtg is that it wasn't collusion-y enough :-\
16 May, 09:43 PM UTC
The Daily Beast
Trump Jr. called blocked numbers before and after Trump Tower meeting with Russians, report @woodruffbets and @justinjm1:
17 May, 11:30 AM UTC
Hillary Warned You #ThrowThemOut
Trump literally started tweeting about Hillary's emails after the Trump Tower meeting. #ThursdayThoughts
17 May, 11:11 AM UTC
David Britton
@realDonaldTrump Hmmm. Who Did Don Junior call before and after the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian Lawyer? The number was blocked, and guess who has a blocked number? It’s #mullertime. I bet he’ll find out. #lockhimup
17 May, 11:32 AM UTC
Joan Vassar
Michael Cohen's efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow went on longer than he has previously ac... via @YahooNews
17 May, 11:32 AM UTC
We'll discuss the Trump Tower transcripts and #Crossfirehurricane with @seanmdav next on @WMALDC #MOTM @TheDCVince @MaryWalterRadio @heatherhunterdc
17 May, 11:32 AM UTC
Jess In Texas
Obvious lie no 2-that Jr never told Trump abt Russia mtg in Trump tower, before & after mtg w/them. Complete Bullshite. Don Jr was excited to be playing a secretive part in Dad's campaign. He was jumping up & down, saying "Watch me Dad, watch what I can do!", seeking approval
17 May, 11:32 AM UTC
Jared Kushner’s story about Trump Tower meeting is contradicted By multiple witnesses #LibCrib #UniteBlue #tcot #PDMFNB
17 May, 11:32 AM UTC
Inside Anthony Scaramucci's connection to Rob Goldstone, the man who set up the 2016 Trump Tower meeting
17 May, 11:31 AM UTC
Abraham Lincoln
Donald Trump Jr. Called Dad’s Blocked Number Before and After Trump Tower Meeting With Russians via @thedailybeast
17 May, 11:31 AM UTC
Karen Chestney
Senate panel reveals details from Trump Tower meeting probe
17 May, 11:31 AM UTC
Tommy Collins
From DDN - Thousands of pages of congressional testimony shed light on 2016 Trump Tower meeting
17 May, 11:31 AM UTC

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