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Sheldon Whitehouse
Donald Trump sued CNN for causing him “embarrassment, pain, humiliation and mental anguish.” Which is funny, because that’s exactly what he caused America.
04 Oct, 06:30 PM UTC
Rob Reiner
Trump is asking the Supreme Court to stop the DOJ from looking at the Classified Documents he stole. Soon we’ll find out if we still have a Democracy.
04 Oct, 08:48 PM UTC
Michael Beschloss
Retweet this if you believe that Clarence Thomas should have recused himself from acting on the Trump case.
04 Oct, 11:01 PM UTC
Mr. Newberger
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s messy divorce followed by Trump death threatening Mitch McConnell followed by Dr. Oz killing puppies followed by Herschel Walker fighting with his son over his abortion lie expose. The GOP is trash TV.
04 Oct, 04:06 AM UTC
Occupy Democrats
BREAKING: New York Times reporter reveals that Mark Meadows sent Mike Pence a threat on Trump’s behalf before the January 6 insurrection warning Pence that he wouldn’t get funding for his post-government office if he didn’t help Trump steal Biden’s win. RT TO EXPOSE MARK MEADOWS!
04 Oct, 01:18 PM UTC
The Lincoln Project
Trump issuing death threats to Mitch McConnell, Mastriano employing neo-Nazis, Herschel's secret abortions exposed, Dr. Oz's torturing puppies. The GOP is not a serious governing party. It's a joke.
04 Oct, 07:15 PM UTC
Omar Rivero
WOW! A New York Times reporter just revealed that Mark Meadows threatened Mike Pence on Trump’s behalf warning Pence that he wouldn’t get funding for his post-government office if he certified Biden’s win on January 6. Trump and Meadows will make perfect cell mates in prison…
04 Oct, 01:36 PM UTC
Robert Reich
Folks, there must be accountability for the first attempted coup in the 233-year history of American democracy. Not to mention Trump’s theft of top-secret government documents. Prosecute. Now.
04 Oct, 05:30 PM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
Trump LOST the House, Presidency AND Senate. Banks cut ties. Accountants quit. Brand is worthless. Company, CFO indicted. Got de-platformed. Engineered a coup. Stole confidential documents. Pleaded the fifth. Owes nine figures. Even his lawyers need lawyers. Wait, there's more -
04 Oct, 09:53 PM UTC
Occupy Democrats
BREAKING: Donald Trump sends a demand to Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court — which he packed with his pet far-right psychos — to overturn the ruling that the DoJ can access the classified documents recovered at Mar-a-Lago. RT IF YOU SUPPORT IMPEACHING CLARENCE THOMAS!
04 Oct, 08:38 PM UTC
Omar Rivero
Long after Trump is gone, history will remember the cowards who kept quiet and let this travesty go on. Indeed, history will not treat those who silently condoned and enabled Trump’s criminality and incessant assaults on our democracy kindly.
04 Oct, 11:26 AM UTC
Lindy Li
There is a 7 HOUR LONG gap in the White House phone logs on Jan 6 Now we know why Trump might have stolen them, too We also know that someone in the White House called a Jan 6 terrorist as the attack was underway Connect the dots. Trump stole the records to cover his own ass
04 Oct, 06:18 AM UTC
Jon Starbux
On MSNBC, Mary Trump: "Everything donald has done to date is just a prelude to far worse things to come." I believe her.
04 Oct, 09:28 PM UTC
Hugo Lowell
New: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gives DOJ until next Tuesday at 5pm ET to respond to Trump’s motion.
04 Oct, 10:58 PM UTC
Tristan Snell
Again, stop saying the documents were "seized." That implies they belonged to Trump. They were RECOVERED -- they were and are the property of the United States of America.
05 Oct, 01:18 AM UTC
Lindy Li
5 days ago: Ginni Thomas repeats the Big Lie to the Jan 6 panel 3 days ago: Trump praises Ginni for her loyalty, at his Klan rally Today: Trump asks Clarence Thomas & Supreme Court to bar DOJ from accessing classified docs Nothing to see here. Just our judiciary going to shit
05 Oct, 12:46 AM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
The first thing Elon Musk should do once he takes over Twitter is bring back Trump!
04 Oct, 04:57 PM UTC
Neal Katyal
Reeks of desperation. Going nowhere fast. https://t.co/qSB3QqYcpy
04 Oct, 08:21 PM UTC
Hugo Lowell
The Guardian: Trump could face significant challenges with his SCOTUS motion. To vacate a lower court stay, Trump would have to show he is suffering irreparable harm, which his lawyers did not appear to address directly in the 37-page filing.
05 Oct, 12:52 AM UTC
Andrew Weissmann 🌻
This is not rocket science. Right after the midterms, this is going to be my constant refrain: DOJ must put us out of our misery, end the Trump shenanigans, and friggin indict him. As Bob Mueller used to say if he thought you were taking too long: stop playing with your food.
05 Oct, 02:38 AM UTC
Jo 🌻
@hugolowell @morgfair That it’s Thomas who is the judge overseeing this- the only Justice to dissent in the Supreme Court's Jan order rejecting trump's bid to withhold documents from the January 6 committee & the hubby of a coup plotting insurrectionist - is some next level what the fuckery.
05 Oct, 12:11 AM UTC
Barbara Malmet
Trump packed boxes. He knew what was in them. He wanted that stuff. It wasn’t his. Now he wants SCOTUS to prevent DOJ from seeing what he stole.
04 Oct, 09:13 PM UTC
Sandi Bachom
I don’t know much about the law, but why is Clarence Thomas giving the department of justice a week to respond to Trump. What does that mean please
05 Oct, 12:11 AM UTC
Greg Price
Bobulinski: "The difference between President Trump and Joe Biden was 21,000 votes. If half of those people voted for President Trump, he would still be in the White House... The FBI alone altered history in the 2020 election." @greg_price11's photo on Trump
05 Oct, 12:48 AM UTC
Tom Joseph
Trump is panicking over the classified docs w/ a futile appeal to SCOTUS. He did something TERRIBLE w/ the docs. He knows it & the DOJ knows it. He rots in fear as the DOJ preps their case. Crying “I was framed” won’t help him when proof he shared the docs w/ 3rd parties emerges.
04 Oct, 11:34 PM UTC
Lisa Rubin
I have read Trump's request to SCOTUS. He is not asking to block DOJ's review of the classified docs; rather, he is asking only to allow Judge Dearie to resume his review of the classified records. The question is why? 1/
04 Oct, 08:45 PM UTC
George Takei
This isn’t the first time Trump has filed frivolous cases, motions or appeals before SCOTUS. He does it to show he’s fighting…so that his followers open their wallets. It’s part of the Big Grift.
05 Oct, 12:43 AM UTC
Did Mary Trump wait until the eleventh hour to speak out against her uncle? No Did she bide her time, capitalizing on her relation to Donald until she couldn’t take it anymore? No That’s the difference.
04 Oct, 01:53 PM UTC
Sandi Bachom
What if trump took the call logs from January 6. This is his last stand
04 Oct, 10:41 PM UTC
stuart stevens
To assume most Ga. Republicans will care about @HerschelWalker’s character is to assume they actually care about character. That seems about as safe a bet as why Republicans could never vote for Trump, a man who talked in public about sex with his daughter. It was all a lie.
04 Oct, 11:12 PM UTC