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Bette Midler
The vile #StephenMiller wrote that idiotic speech for #Trump at the UN. I hope his ass is next on the chopping block...General Kelly?
21 Sep, 03:40 AM UTC
Chuck Woolery
This is the CRAZY thing. #Muller is investigating #Trump for everything that #Obama and #Hillary did. And we know it.
21 Sep, 03:12 PM UTC
Fox News
WSJ's James Freeman: Americans deserve to know how and why gov't spied on #Trump staff. #Tucker
21 Sep, 12:51 AM UTC
🖕🏻Aunt Crabby 🖕🏻
#Trump: "I can't provide my Tax Returns. I'm under audit." #Mueller: "No worries. We have them. You're under invest… https://t.co/KY7NRSsuwP
21 Sep, 04:17 PM UTC
RNR Kentucky
❤️Best Moments❤️ #Trump 🇺🇸 "You've become a role model in this country." Guess what⁉️He still is‼️ We ❤️our Pre… https://t.co/78VpyXOOCy
21 Sep, 01:11 PM UTC
👠ɳαɳ૮ყ ن
The Elites & Experts on Foreign policy who criticize #Trump on his speech are the ones that have left the world a m… https://t.co/pg5y1NR5wU
21 Sep, 12:49 PM UTC
RNR Kentucky
'Mad Dog' Mattis is glad to have a new Commander-n-Chief‼️ #Trump vs #Obama like a breeze to a hurricane. 44… https://t.co/EAouEgex2b
21 Sep, 11:22 AM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
Coming up: @HillaryClinton sits down w/@JoyAnnReid in a thought-provoking interview on #Trump #Comey #healthcare &… https://t.co/6mmchTgCPB
21 Sep, 11:35 PM UTC
Տᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩ ن
How can this not be a crime? #LoisLerner #IRS #ThursdayThoughts #MAGA #Trump
21 Sep, 09:30 PM UTC
Chicago1Ray 🇺🇸
Unlike #Obama With Imaginary Red Lines #Trump Signed an Exec - Order Putting Some Teeth Behind His Speech at the… https://t.co/v7asaWihFr
21 Sep, 07:53 PM UTC
Boca Vista
JAMES CLAPPER He either lied OR Obama/Comey ordered #WireTap w/out #FISA warrant 🤔 #Trump #MAGA #Outnumberedhttps://t.co/dFMDjE2kqV
21 Sep, 03:03 PM UTC
🔴🇰🇵FLASH - Selon Kim Jong-un, #Trump est "mentalement dérangé". Le dictateur ajoute que Trump «paiera cher» ses menaces. (allocution TV)
21 Sep, 10:13 PM UTC
The US #military budget is $601 billion, but #FlintWaterCrisis can not be fixed? so #wrong @onetoughnerd #trump
22 Sep, 12:05 AM UTC
Kevin W.
#Trump Hits N. Korea right in the Nose issuing an Exec. Order to Sanction companies that finance trade w/N. Korea.… https://t.co/FH95BvOvDj
21 Sep, 11:52 PM UTC
Fox News
Cuban officials blast #Trump, US embargo, amid UN General Assembly https://t.co/YdOXWkxUws
22 Sep, 12:04 AM UTC
Stop Trump 🍷
#Trump is a child playing on the world stage and he is going to get people killed! #ImpeachTrump #NorthKorea
22 Sep, 12:08 AM UTC
Kevin W.
The #Trump N. Korea Exec. Order is a Big Deal. If China Banks Continue to Fund N. Korea, it will be a Death Sentenc… https://t.co/1w4nD7NVCB
22 Sep, 12:04 AM UTC
Kristin Bauer
#KimJongUn called #Trump a #dotard = is a person who is in "senile decay marked by decline of mental poise." https://t.co/o7Eq6kNhwT
22 Sep, 12:00 AM UTC
#Trump 2 #abbas:I will give my heart&soul to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. Bless ur Heart&soul… https://t.co/Dl1Vtl4fec
21 Sep, 11:57 PM UTC
Don't let #Twitter trolls get you down with negativity. #President #Trump IS Making America Great Again! #MAGA https://t.co/qMRi0tHUj6
22 Sep, 12:01 AM UTC
Aidan forgets why he
Don't do what Donny Do-tard does! #dotard #trump #NuclearWar
21 Sep, 11:44 PM UTC
༺ ་ʑıʂʂყ་ ༻38 Dead
This is basically what #trump and #KimJongUn are fighting over. smh You both are soulless.
22 Sep, 12:04 AM UTC
NOW Watch #tRUmp still say: "Mexico Will Pay For The Wall!" ty! @theleidy 🇺🇸#NotMyPresident #TheResistancehttps://t.co/b7X1hJbtie
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Texas Conservatism 2017-09-22 05:32:15 https://t.co/el476evmqx #FreeSpeech #Trump #MAGA
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
Terry Boggs
@imfabulous13 Hilarious....pretty much right on....lol. #Trump #dotard
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
5 Countries That Use “Soft Power” To Be More Powerful And Influential https://t.co/c2PPRINFoF #FreeSpeech #Trump #MAGA
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
I’m betting they share the same speech writer! https://t.co/t1xiq7OhNZ #FreeSpeech #Trump #MAGA
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
The History of Almost One Million Irish Slaves At Risk Of Being Scrubbed From History https://t.co/vp7ljsbb2c #FreeSpeech #Trump #MAGA
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
E Alan Enterprises
President #Trump Participates in an Expanded Meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan. https://t.co/N1YooVdoac
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
#Trump's Secretary of Health and Human Services #TomPrice spent $300K on private plane travel since May. #Waste https://t.co/xqAJJZqPSH
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
All Revolutions
#Saudis #Influencer Read 150 subj till climax site:Will #Trump or #Hilary be good for USA https://t.co/ldPTFyUZDC
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
Scoop Rocket News
Holly Bobo case: Prosecutors describe her final hours in murder tria… - https://t.co/K444BSdW7g #news #politics #clinton #trump #follow
22 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
Hispanic for Trump
I live in California and every time I go out I wear my #MAGA hat, definitely not gonna let liberals stop me from expressing my views #trump
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
@CNN How dare President #Trump actually take a hard stance against a tyrannical lunatic guilty of crimes against humanity!
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Mueller running wild, Susan Powers / Susan Rice Unmasking, Illegal Wiretaps on #Trump Tower, more Clapper lies. Whe… https://t.co/KnsOSazN53
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
@robreiner was tongue tied! War on Russia bc #celebrities don't like #Trump.. no war on #China bc they help w/movies! #TuckerCarlsonTonight
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Reunite America
Breaking News Air Force One phone records wanted by #Mueller #Trump https://t.co/43ilhGWOKl
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Dayala Perez
Kim advierte a #Trump que 'pagará caro' por las amenazas contra Corea del Norte ► https://t.co/QAxFucyN1H... https://t.co/wVI1HUfygo
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Alissa Azar
Pissing contest between 45 and Kim Jong-un in 3, 2... #KimJongUn #Trump #NorthKorea
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Steve J. Park
Could I get the #KimJongUn with a side of #Trump? #CurrentEvents
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Herbert Tillman
New York Times lies about complementary trial offer. they will charge you credit card and lied about. #trump #jimmykimmel #nfl tmz #49'ers
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Brad English
11/ #CrazyChristians "Blessed the People that know the joyful sound" #trump Ps. 89 "And the Lord harkened & Book of… https://t.co/dguALvbRn1
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
#DitchMitch DumpRyan
@Conservative_TM @RandPaul Have U ever considered the possibility that Rand Paul is a Never #Trump'er? = accomplish… https://t.co/SO6wAmt1zZ
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
When the potential next leader takes cheap shot @ dissenting voices. not much different than #Trump 's ratings dist… https://t.co/2sAkgJJkQ2
22 Sep, 12:17 AM UTC
Friends of the Zeiss
#NASA ctr. director: If #Trump pivots to the #Moon, we’re “set up” to do it #JPL #HST #ISS #KSC #JSC #NRAO... https://t.co/MZGs53H8fg
22 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
A Christian/Patriot
@FoxNews: Cuban officials blast #Trump, US embargo, amid UN General Assembly http://www.foxnews.... https://t.co/fVuMPkhUoN
22 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
420 iQ PC 1+2
@egomro4 @ananavarro Kimmy runs a hole entire dictatorship. I bet #Trump would even fail at tht.
22 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
Hwil Hweaton
Trump Tweets Confirm He Doesn’t Understand What’s in the Health Bill. That is because #trump is an ignorant twit. https://t.co/W0hNjg4ErA
22 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
Maybe #Nambia is where #Trump keeps his #Covfefe? 😐
22 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
Charlie C
One thing about the #Trump phone tap, #barackobama team was too stupid and the biggest idiot was @BarackObama and his #Sasquatch wife.
22 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
Try Canada I hear it's lovely this time of year.#Trump https://t.co/cV06acbgLI
22 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
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