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Christopher Titus
Accidental Vasectomy with a hedge trimmer 42% Trump 41% #trump41
12 Jun, 03:25 AM UTC
Every single person who has read the Mueller Report thinks Trump should be impeached. Shep Smith #Trump41
12 Jun, 11:40 AM UTC
This Is what happens when you elect a low life wanna be gangster, POS, liar, serial adulterer, slum lord,draft dodging, dictator ass kissing, orange, barbie doll haired,souless,sold his soul for a bucket of KFC, moron to office. #TrumpsWorseThanNixon #Trump41 https://t.co/PbFUtD3BZo
12 Jun, 10:03 AM UTC
mistyrose 🌊
Shep Smith telling Fox Viewers to Read 85% Trump 41% #trump41 https://t.co/FFWVX4XtQA
12 Jun, 11:41 AM UTC
mark michael wbs
It’s really SIMPLE to beat Donald Trump in 2020. * Get out and VOTE no matter WHO opposes him !!! * Watch for voting irregularities and have the phone number of Democratic Headquarters with you if you have trouble voting. #Trump41
12 Jun, 09:32 AM UTC
Brandon Unger
Giving birth to a backward-facing porcupine 52% Trump 41% #Trump41
12 Jun, 10:27 AM UTC
mistyrose 🌊
Nurse Ratchet 48% Trump 41% #Trump41 https://t.co/qX4hmL5asS
12 Jun, 11:13 AM UTC
Republican Swine
Shep Smith #Trump41 That's the thing with Cults and Fascism you can never be pure enough. Anyone that pierces the bubble must be punished ...👇👇👇 Trump enlists Mike Pence in scheme to punish Justin Amash for impeachment talk: report - https://t.co/IrTjGPdDrz
12 Jun, 11:48 AM UTC
W Smith Ω 🧢😎 Impeach Trump & Fumigate The WH.
Trump really needs to pace himself. Televised testimonies of McGahn & others exposing the things he ordered them to do...haven’t even started yet. Panic attacks will just make it hurt more. #Trump41 https://t.co/DFQTPlAvnQ
12 Jun, 10:02 AM UTC
Mike Connor
#Trump41 Alfred E Neumann 59%—-Trump 41% https://t.co/wxGKwy7ZoB
12 Jun, 11:28 AM UTC
Trump 41% No Trump 100% #trump41 https://t.co/UU70meOUsG
12 Jun, 11:05 AM UTC
A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs
#Trump41 % Bette Midler 1000% https://t.co/f05yvDWTpi
12 Jun, 11:19 AM UTC
Please vote!
The Trump Administration is using an Army base once used as a Japanese-American internment camp to hold immigrant children in its custody after running out of room at government shelters. #Trump41 https://t.co/a8UY7hoM4m
12 Jun, 12:17 PM UTC
The Resistance!
42% Ramsey Bolton 41% Trump #Trump41 https://t.co/paSACFVmyB
12 Jun, 10:44 AM UTC
The Dave
Ming the Merciless: 49% Trump: 41% #Trump41 https://t.co/MTvv2bnRs6
12 Jun, 10:16 AM UTC
Phillip Avery
41% higher than he deserves. #Trump41 https://t.co/GvlpqNMhB6
12 Jun, 11:27 AM UTC
🗳Clip Note Politics🌊✊🏿
Alien Cockroach 53% Trump 41% #Trump41 https://t.co/M2QysYFfZO
12 Jun, 11:20 AM UTC
James M. Cain
#Trump41 or a variation of it has been trending all night. If you want the truth, don't look for it on Twitter. https://t.co/DYMWKrlWyP
12 Jun, 09:51 AM UTC
A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs
#Trump41 Sir Winston Churchill 100% https://t.co/eqswt7qErn
12 Jun, 11:16 AM UTC
@LaurenBaratzL Shep Smith 52 % Trump 41% #Trump41
12 Jun, 11:37 AM UTC
Marcus Thomas
Mitsubishi Mirage Owner Satisfaction : 48% Trump : 41% #Trump41 https://t.co/kc1LHpNqGi
12 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC
Voice of Reason
#Trump41 matches up with his base supporters who will support this buffoon at cost, even if it means going against their own self interest. Orange Turd @realDonaldTrump is only interested in cossetting his malignant narcissism. 🤯#WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayWisdom
12 Jun, 12:05 PM UTC
Pussy Footing Around 🏳️‍🌈
#Trump talking about the love letter from Kim Jong Un sounds like an elderly lady swearing the young fella sending her facebook messages requesting money is really into her. #Trump41%
12 Jun, 05:33 AM UTC
Spike Volcanohead 🌋🏳️‍🌈
Meanwhile, in more serious political news, polls have projected a bowl full of M&Ms with Skittles mixed in is favoured to win in all the Rust Belt states by 54% . #trump41 https://t.co/SoIdgqCEeZ
12 Jun, 05:13 AM UTC
Business is boomin
I see the Left is trying to play that numbers game again. How did that all work out for you last time? #Trump41 https://t.co/FUoLUXFiE7
12 Jun, 01:16 PM UTC
#trump41 For 6 Months AMERICA has been without a Defense Secretary~ Just an Acting one~ In The meantime Russian Planes n Ships Harass Our Planes n Ships in The Black Sea Syria n The South China Seas Not A single Tweet from Trump 2 Putin~ But look Out Bette Midler~! https://t.co/sjSzYgwC2m
12 Jun, 12:14 PM UTC
John Persinos
‘Disastrous’ Even For Dogcatcher: Twitter Users Mock Trump Over Brutal 2020 Poll https://t.co/dNmZydiy4S #Trump41 #WednesdayWisdom #TrumpIsUnfit #WorstPresidentEver #Trump2020 #TheResistance
12 Jun, 10:52 AM UTC
Tim Cianciola
Here is what I have to say about #Trump41 https://t.co/udLC157o1x
12 Jun, 12:53 PM UTC
@Kris_Sacrebleu War&Peace audio book narrated by Gilbert Gottfried: 53% Trump: 41% #trump41
12 Jun, 01:30 PM UTC
Suave Hellion
New Polling Numbers Out for 2020 GOP Frontrunner The Shit Weasel from Stephen King's 'Dreamcatcher' in at 45%, edging out Trump at 41%. #trump41 https://t.co/lA3WEwl8Hh
12 Jun, 01:41 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Hey Con Don Donald J. Trump Con Don Trump Supporters hear the news of National #Trump41 % Poll..And #JoeBiden53 % Poll this Morning https://t.co/O8ZbAaRKvi
12 Jun, 12:38 PM UTC
#Trump41 survives another day trending on @twitter. Not looking good Donald, not looking good.
12 Jun, 11:24 AM UTC
Quaker Nana
This is obscene #Trump41 https://t.co/YpDx4WHbyt
12 Jun, 01:40 PM UTC
#Trump41 Date with this guy 59%, Trump 41% (Note: this guy 👇🏼 has more brain/heart even though he’s kinda part zombie) https://t.co/AUhvBeiX79
12 Jun, 01:40 PM UTC
Karl Schwartz
#Trump41 betting trump will refuse to debate the democratic candidate
12 Jun, 12:08 PM UTC
#Trump41 Yeast infection 45%, Trump 41% Close, but a yeast infection can be cured rather easily 😳😂🤣 https://t.co/HHtDuEjwvC
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
Jessy Colossus
Any sorry Dallas Cowboy Fan - 57% Trump - 41% #Trump41
12 Jun, 01:26 PM UTC
Rachel J.
Malaria for 6 months straight +Ebola. 49% Trump 41%. #Trump41
12 Jun, 01:26 PM UTC
Genital herpes 48% #Trump41%
12 Jun, 01:27 PM UTC
Damned Gentlemen
since #Trump41 is trending I'm reminded of the time he lost a poll to my testicles: https://t.co/MZLWO0cKAg
12 Jun, 01:39 PM UTC
Ben Decieved
#MarkOfTheBeast #Trump41 #PromisesMade #LiesKept #BLUFFOON What is @realDonaldTrump made of: Zero accomplished in two and a half years! Zero leadership in two and a half years! “Beautiful” kowtowing to murderous dictators in two and a half years! Screw America it’s #aMErica https://t.co/aK9HPUbuyY https://t.co/hFmcBqJ3Ed
12 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
@eugenegu @realDonaldTrump The #Trump41 trend gave me life yesterday. I needed to laugh.
12 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
Kristin Samuelian
@realDonaldTrump Yeah, if you cheat again. #Trump41
12 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
@DonaldJTrumpJr #Trump41 #TrumpCrimeFamily #LockThemAllUp
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Jessy Colossus
The umbrella Donald couldn’t close - 51% Trump - 41% #Trump41 https://t.co/WcDYHnYFwz
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Lori Go
@jaketapper @DevinNunes #MuellerReport Vol1 proves @POTUS colluded - @POTUS got calls w/dates of Wikileaks dumps: pg54 - DonJr tells campaign, HRC dirt frm Russia coming: pg115 - Manafort gave cmpgn plans to #RussianAgent: pg140 - Kushner let Russian write Trump foreign policy speech: pg105 #Trump41 https://t.co/hIqcjlgyE9
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
My chemo sessions 55% Trump 41% #Trump41
12 Jun, 01:43 PM UTC
#Trump41 Fact! 41% of Americans are drinking the kool aid #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #WednesdayWisdom #ImpeachmentInquiryNow https://t.co/AZHGvfy3Oc
12 Jun, 01:43 PM UTC
Steward Beckham
Is Jared wishing he never married a Trump yet? #Trump41 https://t.co/6E7Jc2gd42
12 Jun, 01:42 PM UTC
Rock Salt
Quinnipiac University Poll is biased because kids are brainwashed from kindergarten right thru college.Weak minds are easily controlled. Strong minds are free thinking & don’t have follow the herd mentality.I pray to GOD the free thinkers will lead our country forward.#Trump41
12 Jun, 01:42 PM UTC
𝒜𝓃𝒾𝑒𝒶𝒹𝒾 🌄
@ryanstruyk Falling down and spraining my thumb twice in one night 47%: Trump 41 % #Trump41
12 Jun, 01:42 PM UTC
Do people really believe in #Trump41? The polls are usually never correct, and Trump in office proves it.
12 Jun, 01:41 PM UTC
D. E. Park
Irritating rectal itch: 43% #Trump41
12 Jun, 01:40 PM UTC
Deplorable YIAMDMB
#Trump41 Panic in Troll City...the Dems KNOW what’s coming down and nothing than stop it.
12 Jun, 01:39 PM UTC