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Nancy Pelosi
Yet again, the Trump Administration is on a mission to attack working families’ health care. #TrumpBudget Nancy Pelosi's photo on #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 11:47 PM UTC
Sheldon Whitehouse
The #TrumpBudget was cooked up in the laboratories of the Koch brothers and a bunch of other creepy billionaires. Sheldon Whitehouse's photo on #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 11:44 PM UTC
Paul Ryan has been dreaming of cutting Medicaid since college. The CRUEL #TrumpBudget he supports brings us closer to that EVIL dream. Donate to #StacheBound at https://t.co/t0DKX2DdW8, and help us give Ryan some early retirement to dream about! https://t.co/Db4qtQPunR
13 Feb, 05:36 PM UTC
Rep. John Yarmuth
Just like Trumpcare & the #GOPTaxScam before it, the #TrumpBudget will force America’s working families to pay the price for the GOP’s giveaways to the wealthiest Americans. Rep. John Yarmuth's photo on #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Pé Resists
The #TrumpBudget plan is to replace food stamps with food delivered by the government. As a reminder, here's what FEMA delivered to Puerto Ricans following the hurricane (the Nutri-Grain bar is "fruit")... Pé Resists's photo on #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 05:16 PM UTC
Jim McGovern
This is outrageous: #TrumpBudget doesn't just cut #SNAP by $200 BILLION Hungry families lose HALF their financial aid & instead get monthly box of govt-selected food. They call it a “Harvest Box” but it won't include ANY fresh food. This is a cruel joke. https://t.co/wSGbUskVKx Jim McGovern's photo on #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 03:21 PM UTC
Rep Frederica Wilson
The #TrumpBudget is cut from the same cloth as the #GOPTaxScam: working families sacrifice to pay for items that will make the wealthiest even wealthier. -Undermining health care -Cutting student loans -Weakening the standard of living Rep Frederica Wilson's photo on #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 08:58 PM UTC
Jess Phoenix
THREAD: Let's talk about what the #TrumpBudget means for students. Continuing its hostile stand towards #Education , the budget does a few things that will stunt our country's economic growth and kneecap our competitiveness on the world stage. 1/
14 Feb, 03:34 AM UTC
Jim McGovern
@WhiteHouse #TrumpBudget cuts to hungry families' #SNAP financial aid doesn't just limit access to healthy food. It takes dollars out of local grocery stores & farmers markets, hurting #SmallBiz GOP claim to care about. Our families deserve better. #HandsOff Jim McGovern's photo on #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 04:07 PM UTC
Next muthafuckah who talks about Obama’s deficits after this bullshit #TrumpBudget.... Tennesseine's photo on #TrumpBudget
14 Feb, 03:42 AM UTC
Democratic Coalition
Tell Congress to oppose @RealDonaldTrump's disastrous 2019 budget: https://t.co/ibp9ZA6Oa9 #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 07:47 PM UTC
Sonny Burnett
Trump fails America daily. #Trump #TrumpBudget #TrumpRussia Sonny Burnett's photo on #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 08:50 PM UTC
Tuesdays With Toomey
RT if #PuertoRicoRelief is more important to you than giving millionaires like .@SenToomey a #taxcut! #TrumpBudget Tuesdays With Toomey's photo on #TrumpBudget
14 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
House Budget Dems
The #Trumpbudget unveils massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, despite his promises not to touch these programs https://t.co/W4OntFyHQC
13 Feb, 05:45 PM UTC
Puppet String News
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #QAnon #UnsealTheDeals #GreatAwakening #FisaMemo SpaceX #FISAMemo #ObamaPortrait #TrumpBudget #ObamaGate Blue Apron #SNAP #MAGA https://t.co/FfXBnHnHdv Vatican busted stealing 300,000 children from birth mothers in child trafficking network Puppet String News's photo on #TrumpBudget
14 Feb, 09:25 AM UTC
G. K. Butterfield
#TrumpBudget would gut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps. So we're clear: SNAP costs just $1.40 per meal and helps over 80K households in #NC01. https://t.co/X5Y7P81Mv3
13 Feb, 08:27 PM UTC
Mike Galbraith
#ClimateChangeIsReal The #TrumpBudget proposes a MASSIVE cut to the EPA as well virtually eliminating all funding for #ClimateChange research. When I am elected to congress as part of the #BlueWave2018 a major priority will be environmental protection. https://t.co/VAdc9Qup4b
13 Feb, 08:27 PM UTC
MA Democratic Party
The #TrumpBudget favors billionaires over working families. Yet @CharlieBakerMA won’t advocate for those families and denounce this shameful budget. #ChallengeCharlie #mapoli READ MORE: https://t.co/kC0yUIEUPi MA Democratic Party's photo on #TrumpBudget
14 Feb, 12:22 AM UTC
G. K. Butterfield
(Yes, you’re reading this correctly) Just weeks after Trump handed huge tax cuts to billionaires, his #TrumpBudget slashes #Medicaid, #Medicare, #SNAP, and many other critical programs that help families put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.
13 Feb, 08:32 PM UTC
Space cosmo
@realDonaldTrump #TrumpRussia #TrumpBudget #Trump #impeachment #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #NoWall #DACADeal #TrumpTaxScam #Resist #TrumpIsAMoron #TrumpLies #NotMyPresident #FoxAndFriends #PoorPeoplesCampaign #nowar #CNN #ImpeachTrump #TrumpCurse #TrumpShutdown #TrumpIsARacist #BlackLivesMatter Space cosmo's photo on #TrumpBudget
14 Feb, 11:33 AM UTC
Amy Hanauer
Sorry next generation. Trump budget grows the national debt by $7 trillion. #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 03:24 PM UTC
Amy Hanauer
Sorry schools. Trump budget cuts Education department by $3.6 billion. #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 03:24 PM UTC
Amy Hanauer
Sorry Lake Erie. Trump budget cuts Great Lakes cleanup from $300 million to $30 million. #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 03:24 PM UTC
Amy Hanauer
Sorry planet. Trump budget cuts EPA by 25%. #TrumpBudget
13 Feb, 03:24 PM UTC
Hope Hicks
@Side_Piece_45 @realDonaldTrump Yes. He really understands debt, since he's been bankrupt at least 6 times. I think, he's learned everything about it. You can call him Debtopedia or the living debt. It's hard to find any human being who has more experience within this subject. #TrumpBudget #NationalDebt #debt
14 Feb, 11:34 AM UTC
Daft Thoughts
Privatizing the @Space_Station is just the first step to a @TrumpHotels in space #USPolitics #TrumpBudget
14 Feb, 11:29 AM UTC
Scott Krupp
The left is bashing Trumps budget? Maybe if the left had a plan to balance the budget that includes something other than either a) raise taxes enough to keep up with their exorbitant spending or b) slash the military which is a legitimate function of government. #TrumpBudget
14 Feb, 11:22 AM UTC
Straight-Up Canuck
@WordVendetta @RBReich @realDonaldTrump @GOP The budget doesn't cut enough to leave even a small dent in the debt, yet everyone is freaking out. This is why America is doomed. You're all hooked on government money. Money it doesn't have. #TrumpBudget #20Trillion #Debtclock
14 Feb, 11:20 AM UTC
Puppet String News
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #QAnon #UnsealTheDeals #GreatAwakening #FisaMemo SpaceX #FISAMemo #ObamaPortrait #TrumpBudget #ObamaGate Blue Apron #SNAP #MAGA #ValentinesDay https://t.co/CCBZN7s96l
14 Feb, 11:18 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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