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(っ◕‿◕)っ チャド
Even with today’s flooding, coupled with the threat of #Barry approaching, the band and second line rolls on. Love that spirit, #NewOrleans. Good luck & stay safe. Prayers up. #Invest92L #tsbarry #HurricaneBarry #nola #nolawx #lawx https://t.co/nmD7LCJ7DZ
11 Jul, 04:36 AM UTC
Britta Merwin
#TSBARRY forms in the Gulf. Join us at 11am on @KPRC2 for the latest on the forecast and what it means for SE TX @KPRC2WEATHER @KPRC2Britta on TSBarry">https://t.co/f7ZcaQJ97U #Go2Weather #hounews #houwx @KPRC2Britta's media on #TSBarry">@KPRC2Britta's media on #TSBarry">@KPRC2Britta's media on #TSBarry">https://t.co/id2TIV8su2
11 Jul, 03:14 PM UTC
Miya Shay
Sooooo #TropicalStormBarry has formed! Yeesh. Here is a link to keep updated with live interactive info on #TSBarry. Stay informed. Stay dry. Stay safe!! #abc13 #houwx https://t.co/0EhgLE7eKV
11 Jul, 03:38 PM UTC
Russel L. Honore'
#LA. #Miss. #TSBarry Don’t Focus On Category , Focus on Rainfall and Tide Surge , Plan to loose Power. @CNN @MSNBC @foxnewstalk @GOHSEP
11 Jul, 04:40 PM UTC
Brett Buffington
In New Orleans, at this Costco, this is the line this afternoon to fill up. The manager of this station says they are expecting to go through 6 to 7 tankers of gasoline today. #khou11 #TSBarry @BrettKHOU's photo on #TSBarry
11 Jul, 06:12 PM UTC
Harris County OHSEM
Tropical Weather Not Expected to Impact Texas - Harris County Will Continue to Monitor . #TSBarry #ReadyRoundtheClock @ReadyHarris's photo on #TSBarry
11 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
Cheryl Nelson
I have to stress this: tropical cyclones and especially those that form close to land like Barry can be erratic.They can intensify quickly and their predicted path can change.All interests along the northern Gulf Coast must pay attention. #Prepare #TSBarry #Barry #PrepareWithCher https://t.co/23MYA7Oz8S
11 Jul, 05:38 PM UTC
Carl Quintanilla
"Mississippi River only needs a 4 ft storm surge to overtop the levees .. in New Orleans. BUT if the east trend continues .. the winds will be shifting .. New Orleans needs to plan for the worst case but there is still hope the levees will not be over-topped" @BillKarins #tsbarry
11 Jul, 03:50 PM UTC
FOX 8 New Orleans
Evacuation orders issued ahead of tropical weather #TSBARRY https://t.co/FWVaCFKQnM
11 Jul, 05:20 PM UTC
@NHC_Atlantic "barryyyyyyyyyy" #TSbarry https://t.co/74ABljfw1f
11 Jul, 03:17 PM UTC
The Watchers
Tropical Storm "Barry" forms - long duration heavy rainfall along the central Gulf Coast and inland, U.S. https://t.co/rOLbtTO2jZ #TropicalStormBarry #TSBarry #Barry #Alert #Flood
11 Jul, 03:57 PM UTC
New Orleans Airport
Airlines have begun issuing travel advisories for #TSBarry. Travelers may be able to change flights if travel is planned during this weather event. Links to airline travel advisories can be found at https://t.co/gQRNftx9CW.
11 Jul, 05:21 PM UTC
Dave Williams
Bypassed the triple dog dare & went straight to #TSBarry. @LCWxDave's photo on #TSBarry
11 Jul, 03:36 PM UTC
Meaghan Thomas
Tropical Storm Barry has formed -- It is moving west at 5mph - Winds sustained at 40mph. #TSBarry @megtomwx's photo on #TSBarry
11 Jul, 05:50 PM UTC
CEDR Digital Corps
.@napsgfoundation has updated their Situational Awareness & Public Information Prototypes to monitor #HurricaneBarry #tsbarry SA Viewer: https://t.co/os2MISz3y4 PIM: https://t.co/SbPYnS1URT https://t.co/X2aiaQx0F9
11 Jul, 03:57 AM UTC
Disaster Distress
#Hurricane & #TropicalStorm distress warning signs and emotional support resources via @distressline: @distressline on TSBarry">https://t.co/3yFofu0qXf #Barry #TSBarry
11 Jul, 06:09 PM UTC
Oklahoma Weather Lab
Here's the latest cone of uncertainty via @NHC_Atlantic on #TSBarry. Keep in mind that this forecast is for the center of the storm & the impact of Barry could be felt outside of the cone. Barry's main threats include dangerous storm surge, heavy rains, & damaging winds. https://t.co/T5f9zw96tM
11 Jul, 05:35 PM UTC
Flutist Kim 🧡❤️📎
Oh my laws Jesus! It’s da first hurricane of 2019! Y’all better go get ya water, bread & Vienna sausages! Check ya battries & fill the tub so you can flush the terlet! #TSBarry #Barry https://t.co/gesAa76whg
11 Jul, 05:34 PM UTC
Helena Moreno
As always, be prepared, heed official warnings, & take care of each other and our neighbors. #TSBarry @nolaready https://t.co/ntteZpwJct
11 Jul, 06:08 PM UTC
Jordan Ray
Here's the latest update on #TSBarry: https://t.co/lNBd7YytYs
11 Jul, 03:16 PM UTC
Barry Brandt
We will be watching #TSBarry closely in the coming days. Small movements in the track mean big differences in rainfall potential for Arkansas. Stay tuned to @KATVNews for the very latest model and forecast information! @KATVJames @KATVMelinda @KATVToddYak https://t.co/0dKYFHo5xp
11 Jul, 03:12 PM UTC
Karen Carman
🚍#NOLA If you're in a #MandatoryEvacuation area & have no car 👉🏼 17 Evacuspots w/ free transportation to pick you (& OUR PETS 🐾) up 🚨Text your zip code to 888777 to get NOLA Ready emergency alerts #HurricaneBarry #NewOrleans #DisasterAssistTeam #tsbarry #tropicalstormbarry https://t.co/7eyHFjiXGM
11 Jul, 06:28 PM UTC
Cody Lillich
.@nolaready Residents, Visitors, family members can Text "BARRY" to 888777 to receive storm-related alerts. #TSBarry
11 Jul, 04:42 PM UTC
.@LouisianaGov says #TSBarry expected to be a Category 1 hurricane, this will be the first time Louisiana will be hit by a hurricane while the Mississippi River is at flood stage. WATCH LIVE: https://t.co/HyC5N5cxaa
11 Jul, 05:56 PM UTC
Humanity Road
#LA #NOLA The Red Cross recommends that you make sure that your kit is ready, you have a plan and you have two ways to receive emergency alerts, including one that works in the event of a power outage.” #hmrd #dafn #flooding #TSBarry https://t.co/ezpA2450TT
11 Jul, 04:46 PM UTC
Come Hell Or Bywater
Well, there you go. Cantore is already taking on water from #tsbarry https://t.co/vPDkiceOsr
11 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
Come Hell Or Bywater
What's the over/under on when the Stones show gets cancelled? I'm setting the betting line at 5 PM on Friday. #tsbarry
11 Jul, 06:19 PM UTC
Helena Moreno
While “just” a tropical storm, #TSBarry is nothing to shrug off. Torrential rains from this slow-moving storm could cause flash flooding on streets & more 📱Text your zip code to 888777 to get @nolaready alerts Most ⛈ effects to begin Friday Follow @NWSNewOrleans for latest ☂️ https://t.co/03oMxJIJA1
11 Jul, 05:57 PM UTC
That guy
If my doom should come in the form of a tropical weather system, let it be named Barry and not like…Barb or something. #tsbarry https://t.co/7Ev1Y2FzIC
11 Jul, 05:29 PM UTC
Harris County OHSEM
No se espera que el clima tropical afecte a Texas - El Condado Harris continuará monitoreando las condiciones . #Barry #TSBarry #ReadyRoundtheClock @ReadyHarris's photo on #TSBarry
11 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC
Cody Lillich
.@LouisianaGov: This will be the first time we expect a hurricane to hit while we are in a flood fight on the Mississippi River. #TSBarry @FOX8NOLA
11 Jul, 05:55 PM UTC
Andrew Siffert
With an increase in flood take-up rates of private flood growing & with a segment of the reinsurance industry taking on risk from the NFIP flood risk, the insurance industry is real. This is highlighted in the newest BMS Tropical Outlook. https://t.co/jvPr6aQzaE #tsbarry #Barry https://t.co/XzbXByf1x1
11 Jul, 05:36 PM UTC
Marc Pagani
Storm Surge was the name of my metal hair band in college #tsbarry #tropicalstormbarry
11 Jul, 05:39 PM UTC
Alex Klucher
The rainfall associated with #TSBarry will cause significant flooding across portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. https://t.co/gkgbxLrrmJ
11 Jul, 05:22 PM UTC
Francisco Villalobos
#TSBarry 07/11 1330hrs UPDATE Como lo pronosticamos por la mañana. Barry ya es Tormenta Tropical. Su cono del incertidumbre lo mantiene impactando Louisiana en su costa sur. Cuadrante NE azotando a Nuevo Orleans con la peor marea, lluvia y vientos de CAT1 el Sábado https://t.co/6AHSDJHZCF
11 Jul, 06:41 PM UTC
Doreen Piano
I appreciate the brevity of this latest report on levee heights. #shelteringinplace #TSBarry https://t.co/GujCWPTsuu
11 Jul, 06:39 PM UTC
TJ Sampson
#TSBarry forecast to go up Mississippi River. #Disaster in the making! Much of lower #MississippiRiver already at flood stage. #Barry #HurricaneBarry #HurricaneSeason #goodbyeNewOrleans
11 Jul, 06:32 PM UTC
TS #Barry shifting path westward in some model runs...SE TX in cone of uncertainty. #houwx #Tropics #tsbarry #tropicalstormbarry
11 Jul, 06:32 PM UTC
Fred Childers
@LouisianaGov news conference #tsbarry expected to make landfall in La as rivers are at flood stage. Emergency officials concerned about flooding. Voluntary and mandatory evacuations are in place in some parishes. Watch @WVLANBCLocal33 and @wgmbfox44 for updates. #Fox44Fred @Fox44fred's photo on #TSBarry
11 Jul, 06:31 PM UTC
Lauren B. Ritchie
#TSBarry #StormShelter #Bogalusa https://t.co/TAjDAW6P4J
11 Jul, 06:25 PM UTC
#TSBarry is out there — here's how to stay up with @weatherchannel if you've gotten rid of cable. Stay safe, folks. https://t.co/yU9JvGzOGb
11 Jul, 06:10 PM UTC
Cody Lillich
.@La_DOTD announces toll lifted on LA1. #TSBarry @FOX8NOLA
11 Jul, 06:04 PM UTC
Cody Lillich
.@LouisianaGov announces this afternoon he will be traveling to #Chalmette and #NewOrleans. #TSBarry @FOX8NOLA
11 Jul, 06:01 PM UTC
Atlantic Hurricane Hunter
#Barry #TSBarry #JeffersonParish https://t.co/rXoxTXedrm
11 Jul, 06:00 PM UTC
Four States News 📰
RT NBC6News ".LouisianaGov says #TSBarry expected to be a Category 1 hurricane, this will be the first time Louisiana will be hit by a hurricane while the Mississippi River is at flood stage. WATCH LIVE: https://t.co/2kQtL6aCaP"
11 Jul, 05:57 PM UTC
Steven Miller
Future cast looks BRUTAL at 7:00pm #HurricaneBarry #TSBarry @SteveWAFB https://t.co/tm4jJqUwuR
11 Jul, 05:54 PM UTC
Cody Lillich
.@LouisianaGov: Rainfall totals of 10-15 inches are possible with isolated higher amounts. #TSBarry @FOX8NOLA
11 Jul, 05:54 PM UTC
Jeralyn Spooner
#TropicalStormBarry #TSBarry https://t.co/DQvgBHNdmM
11 Jul, 05:43 PM UTC
Sean Musser
Huge waves here in Gulf Shores. Even getting well into the beach! #doubleredflags #gulfshores #tsbarry https://t.co/1uL0Flx8rI
11 Jul, 05:40 PM UTC
BJ Guenther
Double red flags ahead of #tsbarry https://t.co/qMIdcjcmYd
11 Jul, 05:40 PM UTC
Gary Stephenson
As of Thursday afternoon, most models continue to aim Barry at Louisiana. #SpectrumNews #ncwx #TSBarry https://t.co/mywJrxR0MG
11 Jul, 05:38 PM UTC
Cody Lillich
Video of #HurricaneHunter returning from #TSBarry https://t.co/kObGyjGMdj
11 Jul, 05:37 PM UTC
Idolina Peralez
It's official! Tropical Storm Barry has formed. For SE Texas, we will be spared and will see very limited impacts. However, Louisiana may be facing a Hurricane Cat 1 by Saturday morning. Will keep watching for changes. #wx #hurricaneseason #weather #tsbarry #houwx #txwx #glswx https://t.co/QgpedHhO4W
11 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
Matt Hoye
Other airlines announcing travel waivers for #tsbarry @united, @Delta , @SouthwestAir , @SpiritAirlines & @JetBlue - Check websites for updates on which airports are affected. #CNN @CNNweather h/t @CNNEditorChuck https://t.co/dkgDBwBOW9
11 Jul, 05:29 PM UTC
Nicole Bradshaw
Look alive, Gulf Coast friends. Tropical Storm Barry is headed your way. #TSBarry https://t.co/6IqnQeZay5
11 Jul, 05:19 PM UTC
Michel Brewer
#tsbarry airlines issuing waivers in advance of storm for Gulf Coast area so far United and American
11 Jul, 05:12 PM UTC
Four States News 📰
RT NBC6News ".LouisianaGov is expected to hold another briefing early this afternoon after meeting with state and local emergency officials as what is now Tropical Storm Barry continues to gain strength in the #GulfofMexico. #TSBarry https://t.co/0H10hwGe4k"
11 Jul, 05:12 PM UTC