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Labour Press Team
The Munich widows are being misled. Jeremy did not honour those responsible for the Munich killings. He and other Parliamentarians went to the Palestinian cemetery in Tunisia to remember the victims of the 1985 Israeli bombing of the PLO headquarters, many of whom were civilians https://t.co/crRoKoFAYL
12 Aug, 10:10 PM UTC
Tunisia here we come! What a beautiful feeling to meet all my fans there in this beautiful upcoming concert! I can’t wait to sing with you 🤗❤
13 Aug, 08:43 AM UTC
Have I Got News For You
Sympathy pours in for Jeremy Corbyn from other people who've accidentally stumbled into a wreath-laying ceremony while taking a leisurely stroll through Northern Tunisia.
13 Aug, 05:56 PM UTC
James Bickerton
On Sky News Corbyn has just said that he may have been "present" at the laying of a wreath by the graves of terrorists in Tunisia, but "I don't think I was actually involved". There's literally a photo of him holding the wreath. This is just getting embarrassing now. James Bickerton's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 01:12 PM UTC
Andrew Neil
When Corbyn wrote in Morning Star just after Tunisia wreath-laying 2014 he said they commemorated those killed by Mossad in Paris 1991 Was he referring to Munich terrorist assassinated by Mossad in 1992? Or 3 Munich terrorists assas. by Mossad, Tunis 1991? Was city or year wrong? https://t.co/AG6VyM3hCm
13 Aug, 03:55 PM UTC
Rugby World Cup
Great try from @OfficialKRU as they beat Tunisia 67-0 and will battle with Namibia for a spot in Pool B at Rugby World Cup 2019 #RWC2019 Rugby World Cup's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 09:46 AM UTC
Darius #JC9
It's important not to forget the real reason why Corbyn was at the cemetery in Tunisia in 2014. In 1985 Israel committed a terrorist attack, bombing a residential area of Tunis resulting in the deaths of up to 60 people, many of them civilians including women and children.
13 Aug, 02:22 PM UTC
Thousands of people in Tunisia are protesting for women to receive equal inheritance rights. The current law allows men to receive twice what women do. The president says he will propose changing the law. https://t.co/ShvGEcY41g
13 Aug, 07:25 PM UTC
Voice of Reason
BlackSeptemberGate latest: Labour would have us believe it was Professor Plumb in the Ballroom with the Lead Piping. I think we can all see that it was Jeremy Corbyn, with the Wreath at a terrorist’s graveyard in Tunisia. Voice of Reason's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 03:10 PM UTC
Sky News
"I was in Tunisia at a Palestinian conference" - In a 2017 interview with Sky News @jeremycorbyn denied being present at a wreath-laying memorial for Palestinian terrorists. - More on the Jeremy Corbyn controversy here: https://t.co/tsLuQc5jmf Sky News's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 04:15 PM UTC
Emma Picken.
The *peace* conference. 👇 "The event in Tunisia, top Hamas leader Oussama Hamdan presented a 'four point vision to fight against Israel' & praised the group's 'great success on the military & national levels', adding that the violence was 'magnificent." https://t.co/n3haO298gw
13 Aug, 05:59 PM UTC
Ibrahim Halawi
Tunisian President announces officially that gender equality will become law in Tunisia, and subtly suggests that a modern and civil law as such does not contradict Islam; concluding his speech with Qura'nic verses. Tunisia defines hope for the entire region. https://t.co/Ww5CNidMg3
13 Aug, 11:37 AM UTC
AFP news agency
People gather in the Tunisian capital to chant slogans during a demonstration to mark Tunisia's Women's Day and to demand equal inheritance rights between men and women https://t.co/5ic0nkvlGf
13 Aug, 07:17 PM UTC
Suzy Snowflake
Forget Israel hype about Corbyn paying homage to Palestinian terrorists. Even the UN condemned Israel for carrying out a terrorist attack on Palestinian civilians on Tunisia. Jeremy Corbyn was in Tunisia to commemorate the death of Palestinian men, women and children. https://t.co/6H9noWJacJ
13 Aug, 06:50 PM UTC
Youssef Cherif
What we are witnessing in Tunisia is almost impossible to see in other Arab countries: a peaceful debate with demonstrations and counter demonstrations regarding sensitive religious issues.
13 Aug, 05:01 PM UTC
#wreathgate #Corbyn United Nations condemned Israeli Terror attack in Tunisia 1985 https://t.co/NdQ9O9w0dA
13 Aug, 04:52 PM UTC
Fermati nove terroristi islamici su un barcone diretto in Italia https://t.co/H8JZHBYqaS I jihadisti fermati in #Tunisia mentre stavano per imbarcarsi su un gommone per il Belpaese. Il governo aveva avvertito: "C’è il rischio arrivino combattenti"
13 Aug, 06:16 PM UTC
Mona Eltahawy
In the same way that it sparked revolutions against dictators in other countries, #Tunisia is leading the way for women’s rights in the region. Look at what it has achieved Mona Eltahawy's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 06:44 PM UTC
Jalel Harchaoui
#Libya-#Tunisia border: #NOC’s #Brega Oil & Gas Marketing Company dissolved the gas-&-fuel crisis committee & fired everyone in it, including its head Milad al-Hajrasi. That is what happens when the amount of fuel stolen from #Libya diminishes too steadily. Jalel Harchaoui's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 12:53 PM UTC
Falcon Malteser #FOFM
So the leader of the Labour Party: 1. Thinks that people who blow up civilian Jews in coffee shops shouldn't be in prison and are his "brothers". 2. Pops to Tunisia to lay wreaths for people who torture, castrate, and murder Israeli athletes at the Olympics
13 Aug, 07:31 PM UTC
BBC News Hausa
Tunisia: Zaa daidaita rabon gado tsakanin maza da mata https://t.co/DT4cdcsiCr
13 Aug, 03:15 PM UTC
@51fini In Tunisia c'è la guerra? Se non li riportano in Tunisia ...qualcuno ci sta prendendo in giro e bisogna gridarlo ad alta voce! Salvini e Toninelli, vogliamo chiarezza!
13 Aug, 11:34 AM UTC
Quel beau message, plein d'espoir qui nous parvient ce soir, le #13aout de l'avenue Habib Bourguiba à #Tunis. La femme tunisienne n'a besoin ni d'un bus ni d'un Chocotom pour revendiquer haut et fort une égalité totale avec l'homme. #Tunisie #Tunisia #Colibe Charchabil's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 07:23 PM UTC
Terrorismo, fermati in Tunisia nove estremisti diretti in Italia #terrorismo https://t.co/tJVhhJ1YnD Tgcom24's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 07:45 PM UTC
Marie Macfarlane #JC4PM
Everyone could just read the Morning Star article, dated 5 October 2014, written by Jeremy Corbyn himself. This tells you what he reported about his time in Tunisia, why he was there. But, of course, @M_Star_Online is censored from MSM https://t.co/MxXutHCShU
13 Aug, 07:38 PM UTC
TUNISIA: Wildly popular with Western EU tourists, socialist Tunisia is gradually turning into an Islamic welfare state https://t.co/rSLJPF4njZ via @barenakedislam
13 Aug, 07:25 PM UTC
Liri Kopaci-Di Miche
We are proud @coe to support #Tunisia’s efforts to advance #genderequality agenda, end #Discrimination & #Violenceagainstwomen - our focus has been on legal and policy changes in line with international treaties such as @coe #IstanbulConvention open to nonmember states https://t.co/hyaFcpjsN8
13 Aug, 07:08 PM UTC
Mrs Gee #JC9
@p3t324 @RuthMorgan63 @DerbyChrisW Oh look, Tunisian General Labour Union & Tunisian Human Rights League also attended the same Memorial Service for those killed illegally in Tunisia by Israel in 1985. They also won the Nobel Peace Prize. Shameful people, like Corbyn 💅#wreathgate https://t.co/4is3gG89AS
13 Aug, 07:24 PM UTC
Repubblica Firenze
Migranti, altri 100 arrivi a Lampedusa. La Tunisia ferma 9 jihadisti diretti in Italia https://t.co/faewdI5p7Q
13 Aug, 07:44 PM UTC
Rosso Parma
Tunisia, Essebsi: “Verso la legge per pari diritti di eredità tra uomo e donna” @CryAntonino https://t.co/YHJjayOYdR
13 Aug, 07:08 PM UTC
Marie Macfarlane #JC4PM
https://t.co/02meFFX9hZ #NetanyahuOutOfOrder #Netanyahu #Wreathgate #WeAreCorbyn Everyone could just read the Morning Star article, dated 5 October 2014, written by Jeremy Corbyn himself. This tells you what he reported about his time in Tunisia, why he was there. #JC4PM
13 Aug, 07:43 PM UTC
Mona Eltahawy
On Saturday, thousands of fundamentalist men and veiled women marched from #Tunis to #Bardo, outside the capital where #Tunisia's parliament is located, to protest the Colibe report.
13 Aug, 07:41 PM UTC
James Tringham
I know I often go to Tunisia for events that I am not involved with. Seems perfectly legit to me. *strokes chin* https://t.co/4hAyd1Bm84
13 Aug, 07:45 PM UTC
Lamis Khalilova
@karimbitar @monaeltahawy Tunisia needs to stop adding insult to injury. Spoken in a collective Arab voice. #sour_grapes
13 Aug, 07:45 PM UTC
@SkyNews @jeremycorbyn Corbyn was laying a wreath to commemorate the 47 Tunisians & Palestinians killed by Israel in an air attack on Tunisia in 1985. Nothing to do with Munich Olympics.
13 Aug, 07:45 PM UTC
salvatore silvestri
@francescatotolo @matteosalvinimi Dalla Tunisia importiamo olio di merda e criminali. Non sarebbe ora di fare un bel discorso con questo paese? Cominciassero a tagliare sui prodotti che importano qui da noi e poi vediamo se si impegnano
13 Aug, 07:44 PM UTC
@DivaAugusta1 @lolasky2014 Clever of Mossad to kidnap him and fly him to Tunisia and make him hold a wreath. Those bastards
13 Aug, 07:44 PM UTC
لمسيح يسوع حي
Tunisian president proposes inheritance equality for women, with exceptions https://t.co/XVxO3V6czG
13 Aug, 07:42 PM UTC
Rana Jawad
Ibrahim, a university lecturer: I’m here because I want to be one of those people who r building the foundation for a country that respects all individuals..we can’t talk about progress..getting to a better place...w/out breaking with the norms. #tunis #tunisia Rana Jawad's photo on Tunisia
13 Aug, 07:42 PM UTC
Jim Conway
@piersmorgan I don’t know what all the fuss is about, hasn’t everybody accidentally stumbled into a wreath-laying ceremony while taking a leisurely stroll through Northern Tunisia?
13 Aug, 07:41 PM UTC
So my little cousin made a vlog from our Tunisia trip and I haven’t laughed this much in ages 😂😂
13 Aug, 07:40 PM UTC

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