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Rolling Stone
From Turd Ferguson to the Moth: Norm Macdonald’s most memorable TV moments https://t.co/BPRhbskT1W @RollingStone's photo on Turd Ferguson
15 Sep, 11:36 PM UTC
Big C
No one realizes how much the birth of Turd Ferguson impacted my life https://t.co/BDYkG2WTbx
15 Sep, 12:03 PM UTC
Robert Harvey
Still processing the news of Norm Macdonald's death. I always loved when he played Burt Reynolds on SNL. RIP Turd Ferguson https://t.co/4tpx6BE6Gr
15 Sep, 07:01 PM UTC
I didn’t know much about Norm MacDonald other than the brilliant ‘Turd Ferguson’ SNL sketch. I’ve loved watching all the videos of him on the timeline, seems like he’ll be a big loss to the US comedy scene. https://t.co/bDEuj6SfvO
15 Sep, 03:41 PM UTC
Maegan Gwaltney
Saw a dude in a Turd Ferguson T-shirt on the way to the train this morning and got the sudden urge to hug him in a moment of communal sadness. 😭 https://t.co/PndKZ9aGzc
15 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
Leslie Scott
My husband regularly calls our children “Turd Ferguson.” It’s never not funny. Thank you, Norm.
15 Sep, 01:06 AM UTC
Scott Simpson
I still call people “Turd Ferguson” to this day 🤣 #RIPNormMacDonald https://t.co/M1ISAEAIwg
15 Sep, 11:38 PM UTC
That Time Alex Trebek Was Tricked Into Mentioning Norm Macdonald's Turd Ferguson (Video) https://t.co/aqiy0dbmpn
15 Sep, 02:36 AM UTC
Kristi Rothrock 🔥🐲
Norm Macdonald gave me an opportunity to say "Turd Ferguson" on the radio today. I'm thankful for that. https://t.co/nBP9n4rkXI
15 Sep, 09:42 PM UTC
Admittedly wasn’t the biggest fan of Norm but SNL was a staple in my house growing up and there’s no denying this is one of the best bits in the history of the show. RIP, Turd Ferguson. https://t.co/Gb3r92o97V
15 Sep, 04:22 PM UTC
Rest In Peace Turd Ferguson❤️ https://t.co/MKVFRPlsUO
15 Sep, 01:05 PM UTC
Zach Hamilton
The fact that neither Burt Reynolds nor Turd Ferguson are still with us is extremely depressing to me #RIPNormMacDonald https://t.co/msv0au3yig
15 Sep, 12:40 AM UTC
Few have written and told better jokes than Norm Macdonald: https://t.co/A8Jrs4TxSr @decider's photo on Turd Ferguson
15 Sep, 10:23 PM UTC
Grant 🦊
I seriously think one of the reasons I use the word "turd" so often in my regular life is due to Norm McDonald going by Turd Ferguson on Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL.
15 Sep, 11:02 PM UTC
RIP Norm Macdonald. Many nights spent rewatching SNL celebrity jeopardy for your Burt Reynolds i’ll never forget. Rip Turd Ferguson https://t.co/gLFoslYaYZ
15 Sep, 02:16 PM UTC
Gary Smith
Who is Turd Ferguson #Jeopardy
15 Sep, 11:48 PM UTC
Gregory Jones
Turd Ferguson forever
15 Sep, 11:40 PM UTC
Peter Cosentino/DEC/Inspire AM
Thinking of #NormMacdonald on my run tonight. RIP Turd Ferguson. You made me laugh so hard. https://t.co/d9h1PjHRM7
15 Sep, 11:39 PM UTC
heavymetalzombiecyborg (Kelly)
I was really sad to hear about Norm. Funny story: When my husband and I adopted our dog Mr. Growley, his name at the time was Elmo. I tried for like a week to convince him that we should name him Turd Ferguson, but he wouldn't go for it. https://t.co/QMuctGLMcc
15 Sep, 10:47 PM UTC
@TheBanditLeg @ThatBraden2112 Turd Ferguson 🤣😂
15 Sep, 10:37 PM UTC
T.₿ain PΣ ₿P
Interesting. I didn’t know Turd Ferguson was a C student. The world is less funny today. 🤡🌍😢 Rest Well https://t.co/30qARdZd2d https://t.co/reDdhwyQ5G
15 Sep, 10:31 PM UTC
Cicero 'There's No Place Like' Holmes
RIP Turd Ferguson Man, this really sucks! Like your mother, Trebek! Damn Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds, Alex Trebek AND Norm MacDonald are all gone! Thanks for the memories... Damn, Bob Hope... I'm spiraling!
15 Sep, 10:30 PM UTC
Murder Most Fowl
@archillect An underwater picture of a girl taking a picture of herself. Naked. **the sound Archillect's sock drawer slowly opening**
15 Sep, 11:34 PM UTC
Jensen the Packers fan 🦎
Very sad to hear about the passing of Turd Ferguson https://t.co/i6eTGwrEXg
15 Sep, 11:19 PM UTC
The Amazing Maine Podcast
RIP Turd Ferguson #NormMcDonald https://t.co/DGtFK6zUO0
15 Sep, 11:12 PM UTC
Ryoga Rocket
Norm Macdonald's final gift to all of us: getting "Turd Ferguson" trending on Twitter. Thank you, Norm, and rest in peace.
15 Sep, 10:49 PM UTC
anime web turnmike
@bennjordan @normmacdonald Rest in peace, Turd Ferguson. His bits on SNL were my favorite.
15 Sep, 11:53 PM UTC