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Bill Plunkett
Corey Seager with a 2run HR this time. #Dodgers 6-0 in 3rd. He has definitely "cracked the code" of Ty Blach
10 Sep, 11:53 PM UTC
Pedro Moura
The Dodgers are giving Ty Blach the business. They’ve already managed four hits and four runs here in the first.
10 Sep, 11:22 PM UTC
Eric Stephen
Seeing the Dodgers score against Ty Blach this season has been super weird
10 Sep, 11:24 PM UTC
Jeff J. Snider
As of this moment, Ty Blach has allowed 11 runs in 4.0 innings against the Dodgers this year. That’s a 24.75 ERA.
10 Sep, 11:23 PM UTC
Bill Plunkett
Ty Blach's 1st 12 career games v #Dodgers (all with Giants) -- 12 runs, 57 1/3 IP (1.88 ERA), 43 hits, 1 HR, 30 K, 20 BB (1.10 WHIP) Blach's next 2 appearances vs. LAD (both this year) -- 13 runs, 5 2/3 IP (20.65 ERA), 16 hits, 4 HR, 4 K, 4 BB (3.53 WHIP) Code thoroughly cracked
11 Sep, 12:06 AM UTC
Dodgers Nation
So like, maybe Ty Blach doesn't have the Dodgers' number anymore?
10 Sep, 11:25 PM UTC
Norman Chad
Orioles starter Ty Blach off to rough start tonight vs. Dodgers, but he got out of first inning down only, 4-0, throwing just 44 pitches, so it should be smooth sailing from here on in.
10 Sep, 11:33 PM UTC
Joe Trezza
The Orioles haven't had a starter complete three innings since last week. Ty Blach is the latest. His line: 2 1/3 IP, 9 H, 6 ER, BB, 3 SO.
11 Sep, 12:07 AM UTC
Dodger Fan Weekly
#LABleedsBlue #Dodgers couldn’t hitnoff of Ty Blach when he was a Giant, but they can as an Oriole! 💙😏⚾️
10 Sep, 11:22 PM UTC
Doug McKain
Can we get an update on how much Ty Blach owns the Dodgers? We tagged him for 7 earlier this year, and just put up 6 runs on 9 hits in 2.1 innings. #dodgers #LABleedsBlue https://t.co/pwVENgA3qA
11 Sep, 12:05 AM UTC
Home Run Tracker
#Dodgers 6 @ #Orioles 0 [T3-0o]: Corey Seager homers (16): fly ball to LF (2-run) Hit: 346.72ft, 100.52mph, 29.92°🚀, OPPO🌮 [2nd of game] Pitch: 89.4mph Sinker (LHP Ty Blach, 8)
10 Sep, 11:55 PM UTC
Ty Blach might reach his pitch count in the first inning.
10 Sep, 11:25 PM UTC
Dodgers Nation
Ty Blach has gotten two strikes on all five hitters tonight, but only has one out so far.
10 Sep, 11:19 PM UTC
Home Run Tracker
#Dodgers 4 @ #Orioles 0 [T1-2o]: Corey Seager homers (15): fly ball to CF (3-run) Hit: 419.07ft, 101.64mph, 26.78°🚀 Pitch: 91.9mph Sinker (LHP Ty Blach, 7) https://t.co/JgB01PbXQt
10 Sep, 11:22 PM UTC
T3: Kiké singles to left CF; Seager with an HR over the LF wall. Kiké scores (LAD 6 BAL 0); Smith whiffs. 1 out; Joc drops a bloop single into right CF; *Pitching change for BAL: RHP Evan Phillips replaces Ty Blach* Lux slaps a single to left CF. Joc to 2nd;
11 Sep, 12:05 AM UTC
Frank Martinez
Ty Blach solved.
10 Sep, 11:22 PM UTC
JC's jinxed Clippers
So Ty Blach can only pitch well vs the dodgers when wearing an #SFGiants uni. Good to know.
11 Sep, 12:36 AM UTC
Dodger Blue
This is not the Ty Blach of yesteryear. He's chased with one out in the third and responsible for the runner on first.
10 Sep, 11:58 PM UTC
David Young the Elder
Ty Blach used to pitch well against the Dodgers. This season he's pitched 5 1/3 innings and allowed 11 runs.
10 Sep, 11:48 PM UTC
Dodgers score 4 in the 1st and made Ty Blach throw 44 pitches. Poor guy.
10 Sep, 11:27 PM UTC
@DodgersNation If Ty Blach was in a Giants jersey he would take a no hitter into the 7th
10 Sep, 11:23 PM UTC
Corey Seager (24) off LHP Ty Blach (6) - 101.6 mph, 27 degrees (419 ft Home Run) 91.9 mph Sinker #Dodgers @ #Orioles (T1) https://t.co/5HnEFUfgoa
10 Sep, 11:21 PM UTC
Joe Trezza
Earlier in his career, Ty Blach made a name for himself as something of a Dodger killer. Tonight, he's at 37 pitches and four runs allowed with two outs in the first. Cody Bellinger hit an RBI single, then Corey Seager pulled a 3-run homer.
10 Sep, 11:23 PM UTC
Luke Jones
Ty Blach against the Dodgers is going exactly how you would have predicted.
10 Sep, 11:22 PM UTC
Ty Blach may actually be worse than what Straily was. #Birdland
11 Sep, 12:08 AM UTC
Matt Kremnitzer
Ty Blach now has an ERA over 12 in 2019. Even Dan Straily is shaking his head.
11 Sep, 12:07 AM UTC
batt meaty for october
i can smell ty blach's final line from portland
11 Sep, 12:04 AM UTC
Nathan Ruiz
Corey Seager had four hits, none of them homers, in 23 at-bats against Ty Blach entering tonight. He has now homered twice. 6-0, Dodgers.
10 Sep, 11:54 PM UTC
Joe Trezza
Corey Seager hit another home run, this time to the opposite field. He entered play 4-for-23 in his career off Ty Blach. In two at bats tonight: two homers, 5 RBI.
10 Sep, 11:55 PM UTC
@JoeyBartBurner Ty Blach was like prime Randy Johnson when he pitched vs Dodgers before
10 Sep, 11:45 PM UTC

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