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Total Soccer Show
Sincerely hoping somebody in the presser tries to figure out what has happened to Tyler Boyd. Clearly, GGG didn’t love his Curaçao game. -T
08 Jul, 03:03 AM UTC
MLS Buzz
Tyler Boyd didn’t touch the field this game. Roldan got 30 minutes. Boyd: 6 goals and 4 assists in 14 Turkish league games. Roldan: 3 goals and 1 assist in 15 MLS games. Gregg has his favorites and it’s obvious. Very obvious.
08 Jul, 03:08 AM UTC
Ives Galarcep
Think we'll see Tyler Boyd as the first sub off the bench. Morris hasn't been very clean in attack, and Boyd could do better combining with the #USMNT playmakers.
08 Jul, 02:06 AM UTC
John Godfrey
You need a goal. You have Tyler Boyd. And you bring in.....Daniel Lovitz? You are DONE, greggggie. D-O-N-E #usmnt #USAvsMEX
08 Jul, 02:57 AM UTC
Juan G. Arango 🇨🇴 🇮🇹
Not sure why Tyler Boyd didn’t come in.
08 Jul, 02:58 AM UTC
Coach Webb
@Matt_Stepp817 The disconnect between Bradley and McKennie is almost as astounding as the fact that Tyler Boyd hasn’t seen the field tonight.
08 Jul, 03:07 AM UTC
Why is Jordan Morris starting over Tyler Boyd?
08 Jul, 12:12 AM UTC
Eric Robinson
@ColinCowherd @USMNT @FS1 How does Michael Bradley play the entire game and Tyler Boyd never comes in
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Second-half disasterclass from Berhalter. Not only was Tyler Boyd left as an unused substitute, but a DEFENDER was brought on when we were down 1-0. Need I say more? #USMNT
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
jermaine chambers
@TheRealArturK Was Tyler Boyd kidnapped?
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Tyler Boyd right now. #USMNT https://t.co/0LCy4G70Hz
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Chris DeSouza
Remind me why Tyler Boyd made the switch again? We really used him tonight. But no, please keep feeding me Roldan, Morris, and Arriola. When will the US realize that the MLS is garbage football? #USMNT
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Humanity First Dave
@mbhodges904 Where is Tyler Boyd in all this? 🧐
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Tyler Hawk
Also, Tyler Boyd needs to see the field in that game
08 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
‘Pinoe Possible
My only take on the #GoldCup final: Is Tyler Boyd not the best attacking option off the bench? Why is he not 1st sub when down? I’ve been a big fan of Berhalter’s and very supportive of his decisions, but seriously questioning sub choices tonight. #USMNT #USAvMEX #GoldCup2019
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Floyd Thursby
@The1SportsNerd Second half thoughts: #USMNT - Altidore and Bradley are too old - Passing out of the back was dreadful and cost the game - Berhalter is a crap coach - Where was Tyler Boyd? - Paul Arriola worked hard he stood small and a step slow - Pulisic was awful on free kicks and corners
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Johnny Freedom
@SoccerBarista @TotalSoccerShow Exactly my question. We need a goal and he brings on a fullback? Why not Tyler Boyd?
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Tyler Murry
Michael Bradley standing watching on that goal with Tyler Boyd sitting on the sideline <<<<<<<<<<<
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Kyle Matsen
@USMNT Bradley blows. Useless subs. Tyler Boyd somehow doesn’t touch the field. #BerhalterOut
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Bizimle anlaştığı haberleri netleşmeye başladığından beri Tyler Boyd, güzel oynadığı turnuvada yedek kalmaya başladı. Bizimkilerin bir talebi falan mı oldu bilmem ama ABD’nin kupayı kaybetmesine sebep olmuş olabilirler.
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Kris Schonewill
@MicahKool I agree since we have limited forwards, but after the goal, you have to bring on Tyler Boyd and sub off defensive, slow players like Bradley, especially after the night he was already having
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Brady Thompson
@cperia Why Tyler Boyd didn’t play the last two games is beyond me
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Jared 〽cFarland
@MGoFish SUPER questionable subs. Down a goal and you make a like for like switch.. 🤔 Tyler Boyd should have seen the field tonight.
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
F7_JonPerezA 🔜 Boston/Canada!
Where was Tyler Boyd?? He’s electric. Has the skill and pace to play the international game. No offense but need more players like him and pulisic.
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Nate Kirkpatrick
Outplayed in 2nd half and outcoached. Tyler Boyd has been a catalyst all tournament. Should have replaced Morris after first 45.
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Nando 🐝
Still don’t understand how you bench Tyler Boyd the ENTIRE final and keep shitty ass Morrison in
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Trey Mongrue
Tyler Boyd not seeing the field is... puzzling. Also, Tata put on a tactical masterclass against Gregg in the 2nd half. #USMNT
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Future is bright for this group. Hopefully the last we ever have to watch Morris, Zardes, Altidore and Bradley. Healthy Yedlin, Brooks and Adams will help. Weah and Sargent waiting in the wings. Where was Tyler Boyd tonight?!
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Chris Henry
@CoachAdragna He dropped some sweet dimes in this tourney that led to goals, check the highlights. He is past his prime but he is not 🗑. No clue why Tyler Boyd didn’t play.
08 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
BjK VoLki BjK
Meksika 1-0 kazanarak şampiyon oldu, 3 oyuncu değiştiren Amerika'da Tyler Boyd oyuna dahil olmadı, çokta iyi oldu.
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
@Jwayne2218 Beats me. It’s not like he honestly would have made a difference. My thing is why didn’t we see Tyler Boyd this game.
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Larry Henry Jr
Zero reason for Tyler Boyd to not come off the bench. Lovitz last? Cmon now.
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
@justynlemon Should’ve been a couple yellows in the first 10 minutes for real, but I am pissed that Jozy came out and Zardes and Roldan came on like they didn’t have Tyler boyd on the bench
08 Jul, 03:17 AM UTC
In need of a goal & Lovitz as your last sub? Tyler Boyd must really have been in the doghouse.
08 Jul, 03:17 AM UTC
Matt Lion
@zlebmada Altidore continues to be criminally overrated and ggg can't make a good substitution to save his life. Rip Tyler boyd
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
Blake Horne
Tyler Boyd should have played in that game. Zardes should not even be on the roster. Tbf to Ream he did well as a makeshift left back but why is he there. Timothy Weah, Jonathan Amon, and Josh Sargent should be on the roster as super subs.
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
How Tyler Boyd didn’t see the pitch is beyond me.
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
NZFootballers OS
Turkish club Besiktas set to sign former All Whites winger Tyler Boyd https://t.co/H9mjCeFPAR
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
@GOrtiz895 I don’t get how usa’s coach leaves Tyler Boyd on the bench awful decision.
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
The Arshavin 🤺
@USMNT Tyler Boyd was needed.
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
Pomykal and Weah will be immediate upgrades, as will Duane Holmes. Hopefully Tyler Boyd gets more chances. John Brooks missed out. Tyler Adams is the US' 2nd best player. Future looks better than the past five years.
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
Who in the USSOCCER “media” is going to ask the hard question of the curious case of TYLER BOYD?!
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
Pete Manchester
@ChrisWarcraft Wonder why they didn’t bring in Tyler Boyd? Outside of Pulisic we looked offensively challenged in the 2nd half.
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
@USMNT Somebody needs to explain why the coach subbed on Lovitz instead of Tyler Boyd when we were down a goal with 10 minutes left
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Adam Sesler
@patrickseung This man Berhalter takes off Jozy who was bullying their back 4 & then doesn’t put on Tyler Boyd with the final sub oof
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
✭ Kory Kelch ✭
You see promise but need to get the young guys out there to play regularly. Turn it over. Pulisic, Weston McKinnie, Tyler Boyd, Timothy Weah, Josh Sargent, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Kellyn Acosta, Tyler Adams, DeAndre Yedlin, Matt Miazga
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Caleb Legnini
@lgbtqfc Tyler Boyd???
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Aryeh Brusowankin
@lgbtqfc Was tyler boyd not available tonight?
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
John Flocka-Durant
@USMNT First of all, finish a fucking shot. Secondly, how in the hell does Tyler Boyd not get a single minute tonight?? Sad.
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
DJ Waters
@jm170101 @Castro1021 His name is Tyler Boyd and he didnt come off the bench for some reason....
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Imagine yourself taking
@StarsStripesFC Tyler Boyd would have been nice there
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Will Land
Is Tyler Boyd injured? Did he bang Berhalter’s wife after the Group Stages?
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Joe Robinson
@DontTreadSoccer Gyazi over Tyler Boyd is absolutely ridiculous. And why was there adjustments in the midfield? They ate us up like we were barely there
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Im just sad Tyler Boyd didn't play 😔
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
@USMNT Why didn’t Tyler Boyd play? Why is Michael Bradley still on this team? Why do ALL of our current strikers SUCK ASS? Why didn’t we push up on their centerbacks as they did ours? Just WHY WHY WHY? This game was LOST Congrats to Mexico but we gave them this game in the 2nd half smh https://t.co/YKDugdm9mW
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Ken S.
@MenInBlazers Why wasn't Tyler Boyd on that field? Berhalter Out!
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
@UnderdogSP Tyler Boyd was on the bench!!! IMO that’s fireable. No excuse. Not fucking one!
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Holden Cribb
@eddie_johnson7 Thoughts on the sub choices? What in the world did Tyler Boyd do to be cast aside all of a sudden?
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
@LLLLLavee Agreed on Zardes and Roldan. Dude Tyler Boyd can play! He balled out for us at CM in the group stages but didn’t get any time in the knockout. Ridiculous.
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Will Brown 🎣
We needed a Tyler Boyd sub in the 2nd half... good tournament @USMNT #GoldCupFinal
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Derek Wolff
Yeah we’re down 1-0 and Bradley is complete 🗑 as usual but you know what, I’m gonna let Tyler Boyd rot on the bench and bring on a wing-back instead. -Berhalter, probably #USMNT #GoldCupFinal 😤
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Daniel Feuerstein
Berhalter made subs, but I think Martino made the better adjustments. Just a bit of luck on that chip shot gave Mexico the win. I also believe Tyler Boyd should've been subbed into this one. Why didn't he get that chance, I don't know. #USAvMEX #GoldCupFinal
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Rui Girao
@TaylorTwellman you can’t tell me that Tyler Boyd doesn’t have a spot on this team? Horrible substitutions #GoldCupFinal @USMNT
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Wesley Stratton
I really want to know why Tyler Boyd didn't play in either of the last 2 games. I know he lacks experience, but I think he would have been a better attacking sub choice with fresh legs.
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Max Weir
@USMNT Where was Tyler Boyd?
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
@USMNT No. We’re proud of Pulisic, Aaron Long & Zach Steffen, possibly Tyler Boyd. Fuck the rest of them.
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
@CoachChiado @SJCeruti Tyler boyd, Zimmerman, fine with zardes
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Nathan Petrie
I need someone to explain those subs to me. My only guess: Berhalter was looking past the equalizer to extra time + he wanted more pace. But...where’s Tyler Boyd?
08 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Zach Rose
@anavenueblog pinche Berhalter. No Tyler Boyd is mind blowing too. What a waste.
08 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
TJ Prontnicki
Tyler Boyd should be pissed. And send Michael Bradley to the sun. Post match thoughts.
08 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
@NicholasMendola I think Tyler Boyd was playing completely out of Greggy B's system, which is why he was put in the dog house.
08 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
Jared Fredrick
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more lazy game than altidore and the substitutions were also just non logical. Bring in a shit defender that has no attacking ability whatsoever in a time where you’re losing. Stahp it berhalter. Bring in Tyler Boyd someone who will give you chances
08 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
James Kievit
@MenInBlazers Where was Tyler Boyd?
08 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
Maxwell Johnson
Where? Was? Tyler? Boyd???
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Michael Oberholtzer
So Berhalter has Tyler Boyd on the bench and subs on a left back in the 83rd minute while losing what a fuck
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
A.J. Manuzzi
Imagine defending Gregg Berhalter, Gyasi Zardes and the decision to make defensive subs instead of bringing on tournament hero Tyler Boyd while chasing an equalizer against Mexico’s B team. The USMNT is and always will be an utter dumpster fire with zero cohesion.
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Andrew Lightle
@DegenerateTBone The subs made by the USMNT were horrific.. everyone knew Zardes for Altidore was going to happen, but Gregg leaves Tyler Boyd on the bench for the entire game! His last sub was a like for like change with a leftback?! This is horrendous game management.
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Rui Girao
@hapoo111 Where’s Tyler Boyd?
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
@diesel2410 Josh Sargent not being named to the squad and Tyler Boyd not being subbed on is criminal
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Emmanuel Perez
Putting Lovitz in instead of Tyler Boyd is insane. I don’t know what Berhalter was thinking.
08 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC