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porque eres mi droga mi vicio mortal
JAJAJAJA No se pasen. @hablapesano's photo on Norris
02 Jul, 05:59 PM UTC
slowly accepting the fact that life doesn’t always go the way we want
03 Jul, 08:25 AM UTC
Carly Dossick
Nancy Wheeler in every episode of #StrangerThings @DossickCarly's photo on #StrangerThings
03 Jul, 05:31 AM UTC
i cannot do this rn #StrangerThings
02 Jul, 11:31 PM UTC
周冠宇 | Zhou Guanyu 🇨🇳
I’m ok, all clear. Halo saved me today. Thanks everyone for your kind messages! @ZhouGuanyu24's photo on Halo
03 Jul, 04:22 PM UTC
j-hope 'MORE' MV Photo Sketch @ ( @ ( #jhope #제이홉 #JackInTheBox #jhope_MORE
03 Jul, 10:00 AM UTC
OH MY GOD IM CRYING @nckcharlie's photo on alvin
02 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC
stranger writers
These two @strangerwriters's photo on Perez
03 Jul, 05:03 PM UTC
They’re so real for keeping this fight fair @happysadcoconut's photo on Wiggins
03 Jul, 06:26 AM UTC
Harry Styles.
I’m heartbroken along with the people of Copenhagen. I adore this city. The people are so warm and full of love. I’m devastated for the victims, their families, and everyone hurting. I’m sorry we couldn’t be together. Please look after each other. H
03 Jul, 10:39 PM UTC
Jess Fuchs
yeah sex is cool but have you ever cleaned your apartment because you think you're going to have sex with someone but you go home alone and have a clean apartment and moisturised legs
02 Jul, 09:41 PM UTC
Lisa Dinsdale MSc. BSc. PG Cert. DN, RN 💙
Nobody will remember: - Your salary - Your fancy title - How ‘busy’ you were - How stressed you were - How many hours you worked People will remember: - The time you spent with them - How you made them feel - If you kept your promises - If you were there for them
02 Jul, 10:34 AM UTC
Clearest image ever taken of Venus. @Sciencenature14's photo on Josh
03 Jul, 01:10 PM UTC
stranger writers
“Erica, help” was improvised by Caleb. @strangerwriters's photo on leah
02 Jul, 08:10 PM UTC
藤 あや子
今年は梅雨が記録的に短かった影響からなのか見たことないタイプの蝉が発生しました @fuji_ayako's photo on Masai
03 Jul, 02:15 AM UTC
#名刺代わりの作品をあげてください ポケモンとの日常をテーマにアニメーションを描いています ♪music by @refeeld @oshiruko_s2's photo on keyma
03 Jul, 11:01 AM UTC
Chipmunk tasting an almond for the first time.. 😅 @buitengebieden's photo on Diekmann
02 Jul, 08:16 PM UTC
kira 👾
this is so fuсked up 😭 @kirawontmiss's photo on Tyler
03 Jul, 02:38 AM UTC
너무 행복했던 하루 그리고 내일을 또 기대되게 하는 하루 모아 고맙고 사랑해요❤️ #연준 #YEONJUN
02 Jul, 01:32 PM UTC
Hasbulla 🐐
no one: birds at 6 am: @HasbullaHive's photo on Elia
02 Jul, 08:38 PM UTC
Simple science experiments you can do at home - children will love them… @TansuYegen's photo on Samuel
03 Jul, 09:55 AM UTC
haya 💋
girls night @girImuse's photo on Korn
02 Jul, 02:56 PM UTC
03 Jul, 02:15 PM UTC
Ugandan Kid🧘
As long as you know your heart and intentions are pure, don't explain yourself to anyone.
02 Jul, 04:19 PM UTC
yall was makin fun of plankton for dating a computer screen now Iook at u mfs😭
03 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
ᴘᴀᴠʟᴏᴠ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏʀɢɪ
a fluffy potato @PAVGOD's photo on SAMU
03 Jul, 03:10 AM UTC
Manu 𓃵𓃶
Te quiero perrito que ayuda @Cabramaravilla's photo on Iker
02 Jul, 09:42 AM UTC
모아 사랑해 #태현 #TAEHYUN
02 Jul, 12:52 PM UTC
#ENHYPEN #JAKE #MANIFESTO_DAY1 #FuturePerfect D-day!!🔥 좀있다 봐요 엔진!!!
03 Jul, 10:32 PM UTC
One touch football. Masterpiece. @totalcristiano's photo on Sagan
02 Jul, 02:53 PM UTC
her boobs ease the pain caIl it iboobprofen
03 Jul, 02:24 AM UTC
Stranger Things 4
THE BEGINNING OF THE END. SEASON 5. 2024 #StrangerThings @StrangerNews11's photo on #StrangerThings
03 Jul, 09:01 PM UTC
交互に来るチョンチョン攻撃に困惑する猫さん @tyomateee2's photo on Mick
03 Jul, 08:59 AM UTC
Harry Styles.
Love On Tour. Oslo. July, 2022. @Harry_Styles's photo on Jazmine
03 Jul, 01:56 PM UTC
最近よくやるやつ @joshimatsuji's photo on rays
02 Jul, 04:26 PM UTC
僕にもできるよ @tyomateee2's photo on Charles
03 Jul, 11:29 AM UTC
Pool time.. 😅 @buitengebieden's photo on Charles
03 Jul, 01:19 PM UTC
컴백기념 셀카폭탄 💣 🧨 🎉 🎊 #SUNOO #ENHYPEN #MANIFESTO_DAY1 #사진더있음
03 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Full circle moment ❤️ @StephenCurry30 @BleacherReport's photo on Scottie
03 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
02 Jul, 11:57 AM UTC
film marketing ppl pulling their hair out trying to understand why the morbius memes didn’t translate into tickets but the minions memes did
03 Jul, 12:11 PM UTC
stranger writers
1 million followers. Bada bada boom! 🤯 @strangerwriters's photo on Romeo
03 Jul, 03:07 AM UTC
haya 💋
“hot girl summer” @girImuse's photo on Edge
02 Jul, 11:35 AM UTC
서울 콘서트 이틀동안 너무 행복했고 저한테 소중한 추억 남겨줘서 고마워용!! 사랑해용♡ 다녀올게요! #휴닝카이 #HUENINGKAI #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER
03 Jul, 12:44 PM UTC
gatos fazendo gatices 😼
não chore pelo leite derramado @gatinarios's photo on Leite
02 Jul, 06:03 PM UTC
The Ant Philosophy
10 movies that will change your life + mindset 1. The Pursuit Of Happyness @Ant_Philosophy's photo on Elias
03 Jul, 08:29 AM UTC
Kobayashi Yasuhiro
03 Jul, 03:05 AM UTC
rissa ⃤🦋
“Weed is a gateway drug” a gateway to what? Cleaning my room? A nap? A delightful little sandwich, perchance?
03 Jul, 01:54 AM UTC
Formula 1
IT’S A FIRST POLE FOR CARLOS SAINZ!!! 👏👏👏 #BritishGP #F1 @F1's photo on Sainz
02 Jul, 03:02 PM UTC
Skillipeng ❤️‍🔥
How big did Carti think this stage was? omg 😭 @YoAdriBaby's photo on Carti
03 Jul, 07:06 PM UTC
We don't allow 10 year olds to drive, we don't allow 10 year olds to vote, we don't allow 10 year olds to adopt - but we force them to be mothers. She's 10!
02 Jul, 02:33 PM UTC
George Russell
First of all, the most important thing is that Zhou is ok. That was a scary incident and all credit to the marshals and medical team for their quick response. Obviously gutted to end the race this way and I'm sorry for the team and the fans. Cheering LH on from the garage. 👊
03 Jul, 03:26 PM UTC
perritos que curan tu depresión🐕
❄️ @perritos_qctd's photo on Janet
02 Jul, 03:33 PM UTC
Jeff Bezos
Ouch. Inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this. It’s either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.
03 Jul, 01:42 AM UTC
小顔になる方法をお教え致します。 1、ブラックコーヒーの氷なしをご用意下さい 2、少し飲む 3、小顔になる 是非お試し下さいませ。 パワー なかやまきんに君
03 Jul, 04:40 AM UTC
Qué buena temporada de Stranger Things la puta madre. Eddie Munson mi rey te rezo y Will ven dame un abrazo tas xikito. @auronplay's photo on Eddie
03 Jul, 12:02 PM UTC
free my dawg he ain’t do anything
03 Jul, 02:31 PM UTC
porque eres mi droga mi vicio mortal
- Anoche soñé contigo - ¿que soñaste? - No me acuerdo @hablapesano's photo on Garza
02 Jul, 04:44 PM UTC
Real Life Doodles
Clementine slices @RealLifeDoodIes's photo on Andrada
03 Jul, 11:10 AM UTC
Jack Cocchiarella
Republicans think a 10-year-old girl is old enough to be a mom, but too young to learn some people have two moms.
02 Jul, 05:23 PM UTC
◤ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄◥   最新情報②  PV第1弾 公開 ◣_______◢ 星十字騎士団も登場する最新PVを公開! #鷺巣詩郎 が手掛けた新規劇伴にもご注目ください。 📺Youtubeではこの後に1シーン追加した完全版を公開中! → #BLEACH_anime @BLEACHanimation's photo on Bleach
03 Jul, 02:31 AM UTC
Dating to marry, nothing less.
03 Jul, 02:45 AM UTC
Fabrizio Romano
Cristiano Ronaldo told Man United he wants to leave this summer as he wants to see more ambition. Man Utd are still hopeful of keeping CR7, but aware of decision. 🚨🇵🇹 #Ronaldo Cristiano has no agreement with any other club. Mendes explored options for weeks and will continue. @FabrizioRomano's photo on Ronaldo
02 Jul, 05:37 PM UTC
Formula 1
A FIRST RACE WIN FOR CARLOS SAINZ!!! 🏆🎉 The Spaniard takes the chequered flag with Perez finishing second. Hamilton comes home third #BritishGP #F1 @F1's photo on Perez
03 Jul, 04:22 PM UTC
porque eres mi droga mi vicio mortal
Mi nutricionista : “Puedes tomar alcohol, solo en ocasiones especiales.” Mi psicólogo : “Haz que toda ocasión sea especial.”
03 Jul, 12:05 AM UTC
다들 이번주도 잘 보내셨죠?!월요일 준비해야하는데 제가 항상 늦게온거같아서ㅠㅠ오늘은 빨리 왔어요😎 오늘은 2ne1선배님 Ugly커버임돠!💜🔥💜🔥 예쁘게 들어줘요 하핳 다들 마저 푹쉬고 잘자구 내일부터 또 파이팅해여!! 늘 그랬듯이 사랑함다~ 아니 더 사랑해유😘 #최현석 #CHOIHYUNSUK @treasuremembers's photo on 이번주도
03 Jul, 12:28 PM UTC
모아 나를 세상 가장 행복한 사람으로 만들어줘서 고마워요 사랑해요❤️ #연준 #YEONJUN
03 Jul, 01:24 PM UTC
stranger writers
How good is Jamie? @strangerwriters's photo on Kiwi
02 Jul, 11:40 PM UTC
Je Ge
This legit look like a scene out of The Office . @Jeffgotjuice's photo on The Office
03 Jul, 03:12 PM UTC
ember ☭
who told y’all that bisexuality is attraction to two cis genders and pansexuality is to trans people. i feel like y’all making that up
02 Jul, 02:30 PM UTC
新ポスター公開! ♯7 #SLAMDUNK #SLAMDUNKMOVIE @movie_slamdunk's photo on Milo
02 Jul, 11:13 AM UTC
Perfectly Paused SpongeBob Frames
Bro this is the funniest shit I've seen in a minute 😭 the SpongeBob cast dubbed this star wars scene @PausedSponge's photo on Dylan
02 Jul, 11:47 PM UTC
memes i wish i could tag my cat in
@memesiwish's photo on Nadia
03 Jul, 11:01 AM UTC
lil nicole
netflix be like “we know exactly what movie you talkin bout but we ain’t got it lol”
03 Jul, 12:15 AM UTC
memes i wish i could tag my cat in
@memesiwish's photo on Chan
03 Jul, 11:04 AM UTC
literally no one: nancy wheeler: @zendayurs's photo on Nancy
03 Jul, 07:23 PM UTC
04 Jul, 03:32 AM UTC
Alex Albon
All ok, the pets are ok 😅 but more importantly I’m glad @ZhouGuanyu24 is ok! Thank you to the medical staff and for all the messages. Eyes already on Austria 👊 @alex_albon's photo on Albon
03 Jul, 07:21 PM UTC
南海トラフに備えて非常食を食べました! おいしかったです! @tarako_hage's photo on PSO2
03 Jul, 12:35 PM UTC
산책🚲 #YOONJAEHYUK #윤재혁 #ジェヒョク
03 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC
Lars-Johan Larsson
This blue Lobster was caught off the coast of Portland yesterday and returned to the water to continue to grow. Blue lobsters are one in two million. @LarsJohanL's photo on Lobato
03 Jul, 03:08 PM UTC
Tara Maddock ☮️
This is gold! @TaraMaddock's photo on Sagan
03 Jul, 04:07 PM UTC
◤ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄◥     最新情報①  キービジュアル第1弾      公開 ◣__________◢ 背負いし護廷、刃を振るう―― 掲げし十字、矢を放つ―― TVアニメ『BLEACH 千年血戦篇』 2022年10月より放送開始。 🔗 #BLEACH_anime @BLEACHanimation's photo on Yuki
03 Jul, 02:31 AM UTC
Creative photo hacks you can try 📷 @TansuYegen's photo on Thais
03 Jul, 06:24 AM UTC
esse perfil é a cura do estresse
Doguinho imitando o coelho 😍 @estressecurado's photo on Elias
02 Jul, 10:13 PM UTC
will and mike in that one scene @mayfiieId's photo on Mike
02 Jul, 05:53 PM UTC
Charles Leclerc
Well done to @Carlossainz55 on realizing a childhood dream, you deserve it mate. On my side, I’m incredibly disappointed. Damaged car in lap 1 but we were flying. Great fights on track but I couldn’t do much more having old tyres at the end of the race.
03 Jul, 07:09 PM UTC
Warren Sharp
awareness level: 0 drunkenness level: 98 fireproof superpowers: 100 @SharpFootball's photo on Isabela
03 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC
03 Jul, 03:37 AM UTC
너무나 고마운 내 사람들❤️
03 Jul, 01:48 PM UTC
ceo of kory
my god… @korysverse's photo on Gaia
02 Jul, 10:27 PM UTC
[17'S] BE THE SUN in SEOUL 겨우 (All My Love) - CARAT💎 Hi, SEVENTEEN’s joy💖 #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #SVT_WORLDTOUR_BETHESUN #BETHESUN @pledis_17's photo on #SEVENTEEN
03 Jul, 08:00 AM UTC
모르겠어요 이렇게 많은 사랑을 받아도 되는 건지 그래서 저는 꼭 보답하고 싶어요 너무너무 고맙고 사랑해요 앞으로도 사랑할게요
03 Jul, 01:41 PM UTC
Lando Norris
03 Jul, 07:05 PM UTC
Annabelle ➐
the feminine urge to say “liar” everytime a man speaks
03 Jul, 02:22 PM UTC
We went from July 1st to June 3rd in 2 days..
03 Jul, 04:31 PM UTC
memes i wish i could tag my cat in
@memesiwish's photo on Izzy
03 Jul, 11:06 AM UTC
SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 4th Album Repackage ‘SECTOR 17’ Track List 💖2022.07.18 6PM (KST) 💙2022.07.18 5AM (ET) #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #SECTOR17 #_WORLD #SVT_WORLD @pledis_17's photo on SECTOR 17 TRACK LIST
03 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC
お互いに驚かし合う猫と子供、仲の良さが伺える…@tyomateee2's photo on maxi
03 Jul, 02:29 PM UTC
Burna Boy
Tracks 1-19 Love, Damini! 🦍 @burnaboy's photo on Escobar
02 Jul, 10:52 PM UTC
Big Joel
i didn't "watch" the rise of gru i sat my white ass down and LISTENED
03 Jul, 01:06 AM UTC
Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN
Following a crash at the start of the British Grand Prix, Zhou Guanyu is conscious and now at the circuit’s medical centre to undergo evaluation. #BritishGP
03 Jul, 02:23 PM UTC
rt will be blessed your timeline @twtCats's photo on GOML
03 Jul, 08:41 PM UTC
Monolithia☆彡 pspspspsps heizou come home oaoaoaoa
dont have kusanali model yet so pls bear with me xD i had to animate this to get it off my chest-- (PLEASE DON'T POST ON TIKTOK) @Monolithiaaa's photo on Pato
02 Jul, 07:52 PM UTC
食事中にトイレ行くのはマナー違反ってめっちゃ言われた 食事中に漏らす方がマナー違反だから俺はトイレに行くぜ!!!!!
03 Jul, 05:35 AM UTC
LMAO this was insane. Yugioh/Konami employees at anime expo take notes 😆 @LMJeffJones's photo on Izzy
03 Jul, 04:26 PM UTC
dog owners: their name is buddy cat owners: their name is cool ranch dorito
03 Jul, 07:02 PM UTC
Nobody: Drunk me: “i GoTtA pEe AgAiN yAlL”
02 Jul, 06:31 PM UTC
girls be like “good morning” and then sleep again
02 Jul, 05:22 PM UTC
aespa 에스파 'Girls' Real World Teaser - KARINA aespa 에스파 The 2nd Mini Album 〖Girls〗 ➫ 2022.07.08 1PM KST #KARINA #카리나 #aespa #æspa #에스파 #Girls #aespa_Girls
03 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC
morgan sung
she's a 10 but she gets overstimulated at the supermarket
03 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
Hyde Park Night 1! What a crowd!!
02 Jul, 03:25 PM UTC
Formula 1
First points finish for Mick! 🤘 #BritishGP @SchumacherMick @F1's photo on Mick
03 Jul, 04:29 PM UTC
Thoughts of Dog®
do not start. with those sky booms. i don’t like them. and you don’t deserve them
04 Jul, 12:31 AM UTC
Allen☆Trap || Commissions☆OPEN!
I can't believe Panty and Stocking is back @AllenTrapBox's photo on Panty and Stocking
03 Jul, 02:54 AM UTC
新ポスター公開! ♯14 #SLAMDUNK #SLAMDUNKMOVIE @movie_slamdunk's photo on Yuki
03 Jul, 10:00 AM UTC
1 segundo antes da merda
@1segantes's photo on Luciano
03 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC
너무 소중한 인연들
03 Jul, 02:08 PM UTC
Rap Alert
Congrats to Big Sean and Jhene Aiko on expecting their first child together. 👶🏽
03 Jul, 12:32 PM UTC
Punished Cheburashka
Yooooo if you get one of these and sit on the floor while munching on it you can experience what being a hamster is like
03 Jul, 02:47 AM UTC
Diedrich Bader
This little guy died in my arms tonight from liver cancer The only dog I’ve ever known to kiss other dogs he was the absolute sweetest soul and a lovey and such a good good boy @bader_diedrich's photo on Coco
03 Jul, 05:12 AM UTC
omeo 𖤐
she really gru on me she one inna minion
03 Jul, 04:53 AM UTC
TortillaLand 2
Vaya, se me ha caído esto. Welcome @elmarianaa. @Tortilla_Land's photo on Alejandra
03 Jul, 09:16 PM UTC
q debil q es uno,cuando quiere tanto a alguien
03 Jul, 06:23 AM UTC
Stranger Things
i’d like to see a demo bat try to take my eyes off this masterpiece @Stranger_Things's photo on Stranger Things
02 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
/ #原神 Ver.2.7アップデート 記念キャンペーン!第3弾 最終日 \ 7月4日(月)23:59まで毎日チャレンジ! 原神グッズやAmazonギフト10000円分が その場で当たるチャンス! ▼参加方法 ①@Genshin_7をフォロー ②本ツイートをRT ③その場で結果が届く ▼規約 @Genshin_7 on Rays"> #原神CP
03 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC
lily | vol 2 spoilers !!!
“metallica is about to be so overplayed because of stranger things” my brother in christ they are one of the biggest bands in the world
03 Jul, 11:25 AM UTC
UEFA Europa League🍳
He's not going anywhere!!! 🙌 @EropaLeague's photo on Roman
02 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC
Fred Schultz
Poked the porcupine and found out…😏😂🦔🐒 @FredSchultz35's photo on Alvin
02 Jul, 04:57 PM UTC
Fifty Shades of Whey
The woman running is a breast cancer survivor who spent months training for a 10k but the organizers shut it down when she was only seconds away from the finish. I don't know her but I'm proud of her and I want the world to see her accomplishment. @davenewworld_2's photo on Gerry
03 Jul, 01:12 PM UTC
Braden 🏺
Hollywood must be losing their minds trying to figure out how to market to Gen Z. We refused to watch Morbius and then gaslit Sony with memes into thinking we would see it if Sony rereleased it; then Minions got the meme crowd Sony thought they'd get with Morbius.
03 Jul, 08:27 AM UTC
Science girl
Sea lions riding huge waves near Santa Barbara Island, California filmed by Ryan Lawler of Pacific Offshore Expeditions @gunsnrosesgirl3's photo on lawler
02 Jul, 09:23 AM UTC
Happy Dog
''I adopted one dog, but he didn't want to move without his little friend, so I had to adopt them both. He didn't want to be separated from him even when we got home. This is a real friendship'' 😘😍🤎🤍 @Happydog___'s photo on Janet
02 Jul, 07:41 PM UTC
Formula 1
Your #F1DriverOfTheDay What a drive from Checo! 👏👏👏 #BritishGP @salesforce @F1's photo on Checo
03 Jul, 04:35 PM UTC
Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team
YESS LEWIS!!! P3 at Silverstone!!! 👏👏👏 @MercedesAMGF1's photo on Lewis
03 Jul, 04:22 PM UTC
au通信障害の件。 3大キャリアの1つが使えなくなったんだから、大規模災害用無料WiFi「00000japan」解放すればよかったのに。 自分はBCP関連の本で知ったけど、このWiFiの存在を知らない人は多いと思う。認知度アップ、必要よ
03 Jul, 07:02 PM UTC
ドッグランで犬見知り発動しちゃってずっと1人… @n0qTVdKQKf4r0Qt's photo on herbst
03 Jul, 09:09 AM UTC
Just when I thought this Kroos goal couldn’t get any better then I see this angle. Such an insane goal man. @WolfRMFC's photo on Leandro
03 Jul, 03:52 PM UTC
Eimiko.txt (Ducky)
03 Jul, 01:54 PM UTC
僕のヒーローアカデミア35巻本日発売です、表紙が白です!あと来週またお休みいただいております、すみません!何卒よろしくお願い致します! @horikoshiko's photo on Chan
04 Jul, 02:21 AM UTC
notice how we say “girl” when excited and “man” when disappointed
02 Jul, 05:03 PM UTC
The left one.. 😂 @buitengebieden's photo on Izzy
03 Jul, 06:31 PM UTC
Inseparable frens..🐈🐈😍 @Yoda4ever's photo on Chan
03 Jul, 01:02 PM UTC
Monkeys on Baecation😳?? @javroar's photo on Messias
02 Jul, 10:39 PM UTC
พอนนี่ ʚɞ ! 15.11.65 !
03 Jul, 06:41 AM UTC
Mel ♓️
My best friend randomly asked her boyfriend “When we getting married?” Lmfaooooooo & she doesn’t even know we in Jamaica bc he finna propose to her 😩😩🥹🥹. Omg I’m really gon cry 😩😭😭😭.
02 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
なんかめっちゃ優しい奴おって草 #au通信障害 @willow_sanrow's photo on Hatch
03 Jul, 04:05 AM UTC
⛅️ On Cloud No. 9 🔴 Welcome to Arsenal, Gabriel Jesus
04 Jul, 07:44 AM UTC
NBA Memes
The backboard after a Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook workout @NBAMemes's photo on Russell
03 Jul, 01:46 AM UTC
Stranger Things 4
"I didn't run away this time, right?" #StrangerThings4 @StrangerNews11's photo on Leandro
03 Jul, 03:20 PM UTC
scrunkly birth
you know who's the real heart of the group? dustin
02 Jul, 11:11 PM UTC
˗ˋˏ*̣̩⋆̩ 𝚍𝚎𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚎 ⋆̩*̣̩ˎˊ˗
@FrickinDelanie's photo on Ferrari
03 Jul, 12:03 AM UTC
cuando viene la parte rápida de la canción y me la sé @itsD3lay's photo on Rabago
02 Jul, 09:30 PM UTC
02 Jul, 10:36 PM UTC
Mothership.. 😅 @buitengebieden's photo on Myers
03 Jul, 09:05 PM UTC
🌷🌾 #Yelan #夜蘭 #Shenhe #申鶴
03 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC
💀 The Horror Guru 💀
Elliot Page is a hero because his mere existence managed to cause Jordan Peterson to meltdown so hard he got himself deplatformed lmao
03 Jul, 09:46 AM UTC
it’s the fact that wil wanted to wait to tell Tommy the news until after vidcon and Tommy frantically was looking for evidence of techno on the dream smp whilst crying to wil absolutely breaks my heart.
02 Jul, 05:39 PM UTC
😂🤘🏽 come on brav @stylebender #UFC276
03 Jul, 04:33 AM UTC
Zar ✰
watching Minions alone because me and her Gru apart
02 Jul, 09:10 PM UTC
she’s a 10 but she’s extremely possessive and will go crazy if u look at someone else (she’s me)
03 Jul, 11:48 PM UTC
Netflix France
❤️ Dustin & Eddie ❤️ @NetflixFR's photo on Dustin
02 Jul, 09:41 AM UTC
nap time 💤 🐈 🥔 @CAPYBARA_MAN's photo on Izzy
02 Jul, 06:08 PM UTC
Rafa Uccman
odeio a sensação de “puts desabafei pra um fofoqueiro”
02 Jul, 06:47 PM UTC
lucas freitas
realmente a desconhecidissima banda INDIE metallica
03 Jul, 02:45 AM UTC
me going in the upside down to save eddie munson @quinnxlover's photo on Eddie
02 Jul, 08:56 PM UTC
Tony, loafing? #Caturday #CatsOfTwitter @Trr1960R's photo on #Caturday
02 Jul, 04:23 PM UTC
Great 👍😂 @TheFigen's photo on chivas
02 Jul, 02:21 PM UTC
💜 #MyBTStory Highlights ✨ 방탄소년단의 음악과 활동들이 이렇게 많은 사람들에게 힘과 행복이 되었다니! #감사합니다아미🥺 #아미는우리의원동력 #아포방포💜 So grateful to see how BTS became ARMY's motivation and happiness!🥺 #ThanksARMY #AFBF💜
04 Jul, 03:00 AM UTC
【⚾️「にじさんじ甲子園2022」開催決定!!⚾️】 今年もこの季節がやってきた! 「にじさんじ甲子園2022」開催決定! ライバーたちの暑い夏を見逃すな! ドラフト会議:7/9(土) 19:00~ 本戦:8/12(金)~8/14(日) #にじさんじ甲子園 @nijisanji_app's photo on Skiper
03 Jul, 11:30 AM UTC
【マジか】「ブルーベリーガム」の香り、実は想像で作ったものだった ロッテ・チューインガム研究課の浦部さんは「実はブルーベリー自体にはあまり香りがなく、『もしブルーベリーに香りがあったらどんな香りだろう』と研究員が想像して作った」と明かした。 @livedoornews's photo on Jamaican
03 Jul, 08:41 AM UTC