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Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com
They talking about 32 year old Tyler Breeze having a lot left in the tank
26 Mar, 12:06 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
I'd love to see more talents like Tyler Breeze work NXT. Prime example is Apollo Crews. #WWENXT
26 Mar, 12:15 AM UTC
Rumble Ramble
Tyler Breeze/Austin Theory was a solid opener... really physical stuff between those two, which always works well. Also, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton rule together. I really dig that two-man booth combo a lot. #WWENXT
26 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
Royal Wrestling 👑
VAYA SORPRESA LA VICTORIA DE TYLER BREEZE #WWENXT 🔶 Derrota de AUSTIN THEORY que quedara para el recuerdo grabada en el móvil del PRINCE PRETTY @MmmGorgeoushttps://t.co/yCcX6kEpUi
26 Mar, 12:23 AM UTC
Daily DDT
Tyler Breeze in the ring and Byron Saxton / Tom Phillips on commentary makes this feel like a special throwback episode of #WWENXT.
26 Mar, 12:07 AM UTC
Karl Argila
💥Tyler Breeze derrota a Austin Theory en #WWENXT 🤔Derrota sorprendente de Theory, quien el ego le juega una mala pasada. 🤷🏼‍♂️Parecía que cuando debutó tendría un push rápidamente, pero por como está siendo tratado tiene pinta que el momento de Theory deberá esperar. https://t.co/fLowbrfbbL
26 Mar, 12:23 AM UTC
Tyler Breeze really is in his comfort zone at #WWENXT! https://t.co/SxTWPVASwx
26 Mar, 12:10 AM UTC
Nathan 💙💛
Tyler Breeze wins. Great match to kick things off #WWENXT
26 Mar, 12:17 AM UTC
Peyton Wesner
Well, @austintheory1, it’s actually been about eight years for @MmmGorgeous in #NXT. Tyler Breeze made his in-ring debut on June 20, 2012, under the name Mike Dalton. Still, time flies for Prince Pretty. https://t.co/LVCizrSlny
26 Mar, 12:07 AM UTC
Heel Turn Haden
Better put some respect on Tyler Breeze name. Triple H trusted him to wrestle the legend Jushin Thunder Liger. #WWENXT https://t.co/CIRBOPTnTZ
26 Mar, 12:14 AM UTC
Planeta Wrestling
#WWE | Tyler Breeze derrota a Austin Theory en #WWENXT https://t.co/0TmbIOF6tY
26 Mar, 12:24 AM UTC
The Canadian Experience
Austin Theory's cockiness cost him his match with Tyler Breeze. Good shit. #WWENXT
26 Mar, 12:19 AM UTC
Irwin Guevara
Austin Theory vs Tyler Breeze is the first match I've seen that got pretty creative with the no crowd issue. Great stuff.
26 Mar, 12:21 AM UTC
Mark D. Mahler
Tyler Breeze is so underrated in the ring. #NXT https://t.co/XJ57CFJcuN
26 Mar, 12:14 AM UTC
Wrestling Observer
#WWENXT results: Tyler Breeze vs. Austin Theory https://t.co/Ol73G6E7XM https://t.co/reMowEm4Rl
26 Mar, 12:35 AM UTC
Se confió! Austin Theory quisó burlarse de Tyler Breeze, pero tuvieron que embellecerle el rostro para que aprendiera a no bajar la guardia #WWENXT https://t.co/hW0dgi6HLk https://t.co/J9OEO4jtwA
26 Mar, 12:23 AM UTC
I thought @austintheory1 was supposed to be one of the next best stars of #NXT, why are they having him get his ass beat by Ciampa then losing to Tyler Breeze? What did he do in the back to get booked like this? https://t.co/aXoEbbenNX
26 Mar, 12:24 AM UTC
Tyler Breeze should have been utilized much better by Vince & Trips when he got the call-up from #NXT back in the day. His character is too watered down now.
26 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
Peyton Wesner
Austin Theory’s first five #NXT matches (2 W-3 L): Dec 25, 2019 — defeated by Roderick Strong Jan 8, 2020 — pinfall on Joaquin Wilde Feb 26, 2020 — defeated by Tommaso Ciampa Mar 4, 2020 — pinball on Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Mar 25, 2020 — defeated by Tyler Breeze
26 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
😎 Kevin Berge 😎
From the return of Io Shirai and Tyler Breeze vs. Austin Theory to start, here are all my thoughts on #WWENXT as it airs. https://t.co/6i4HTQJjgh
26 Mar, 01:01 AM UTC
A WWE confirmou mais dois combates estão confirmados para o NXT de hoje. Matt Riddle vs. Roderick Strong Tyler Breeze vs. Austin Theory https://t.co/m7b1veRXNP
26 Mar, 12:33 AM UTC
Prince Daniel III
Why is Tyler Breeze beating Austin Theory? How does this get Austin Theory over? #WWE #NXT
26 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
😎 Kevin Berge 😎
I'm glad Tyler Breeze can get big wins still. I feel like he's been forgotten since he moved to the cruiserweight division. #WWENXT
26 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
tommy end
Austin Theory vs Tyler Breeze feud needed ong.
26 Mar, 12:25 AM UTC
Jeff Bair😎🎙️🇺🇸
I'm shocked. Tyler Breeze finally got back in the win column on #WWENXT television tonight. It's been a minute since that's happened. Good match against Austin Theory. #BairTruth
26 Mar, 12:21 AM UTC
madness collector
That match was great way to open the show tyler breeze is so underutilized #wwe #nxt
26 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
The way Austin Theory and Tyler Breeze used the silence as an opportunity to promo during their match was really cool. I'm assuming this will happen more in WWE. #WWENXT
26 Mar, 12:21 AM UTC
Tyler Breeze vence. #WWENXT
26 Mar, 12:21 AM UTC
kel has too many limes
as a tyler breeze stan i am GLOWING right now after that win #WWENXT
26 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
@RingFalconWWF Mr. Perfect, Jake Roberts, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, The Million Dollar Man, Rick Rude, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes, Ron Simmons, Test, Taz, Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Tyler Breeze, Samoa Joe, Braun and Ricochet to name a few
26 Mar, 01:05 AM UTC