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Alex Pavlovic
The Giants won 4-2. They're two games up in the NL West and guaranteed of flying home with the division lead. Wilmer Flores won it with his 100th career homer. Tyler Rogers, who has been one of the best relievers in the NL, got the save.
22 Jul, 05:08 AM UTC
Alex Pavlovic
Gabe Kapler last night: "I can't wait to get Tyler Rogers back out on the mound ... I could not have more faith in Tyler Rogers and I can't wait to get him back out there so we can turn the page and put this one behind him." Rogers gave Kapler a hug as he walked off the field.
22 Jul, 05:09 AM UTC
Alex Pavlovic
Tyler Rogers plans to have a celebratory Bud Light tonight. He's pretty fired up. "Man, it's just so cool just to see all the guys in the clubhouse happy for me and I'm happy for all of them."
22 Jul, 05:28 AM UTC
Andrew Baggarly
Tyler Rogers: "Absolutely, I'm going to have a celebratory Bud Light."
22 Jul, 05:27 AM UTC
Alex Pavlovic
Tyler Rogers is warming up in the Giants bullpen.
22 Jul, 04:40 AM UTC
Alex Pavlovic
I think my favorite part of tonight was the fact that Tyler Rogers celebrated the huge win with Curt Casali and then quickly ran over to pick up the catcher's mask Casali ripped off as he recorded the final out: @PavlovicNBCS's photo on tyler rogers
22 Jul, 06:20 AM UTC

Tyler Rogers and Kenley Jansen trying to decide who wins the NL west https://t.co/8l6vYBaybm
22 Jul, 04:39 AM UTC
Talkin’ Baseball
Giants running Tyler Rogers back out there one night after he got walked off on and then him picking up the 1-2-3 save to keep the team in first place is pretty badass
22 Jul, 05:08 AM UTC
Jeff J. Snider
Tyler Rogers against everyone but the Dodgers this year: 43.0 IP, 4 ER, 0.84 ERA Against the Dodgers: 1.0 IP, 6 ER, 54.00 ERA
21 Jul, 08:44 PM UTC
Kerry Crowley
Tyler Rogers went 1-2-3. The #SFGiants are the first MLB team to 60 wins and now lead the Dodgers by 2.0 games. Wilmer Flores stunned Kenley Jansen with a go-ahead tank shot. https://t.co/HmK7fZWVKp
22 Jul, 05:08 AM UTC
Tyler Rogers is feeling good, and relieved, after he and the Giants bounced back tonight. "Man, it's just so cool to see all the guys in the clubhouse happy for me. And I'm happy for all them. Kapler showing the trust in me personally was huge for my confidence tonight." @KNBR's photo on tyler rogers
22 Jul, 06:05 AM UTC
Ben Kaspick
Wait—I thought Tyler Rogers couldn't face the Dodgers? And didn't have what it takes to pitch the 9th? 🤫 #ResilientSF
22 Jul, 05:22 AM UTC
Susan Slusser
Giants' late comeback win includes Posey pinch hit, Flores HR, Rogers save; Tyler Rogers on trying to stay calm during long top 9: “I guess I was like what they say about the duck on the water - you look calm but the feet are underneath going crazy." https://t.co/mSfCGIrlk3
22 Jul, 06:03 AM UTC
あや ניומן ✌🏼
good night to him, tyler rogers, gabe kapler, and everyone on giants twitter. everyone else….. go to sleep i guess. https://t.co/fiVPTh9UI1
22 Jul, 06:18 AM UTC
Ryan Leong 🖖😷
To commemorate #SFGiants Tyler Rogers getting the save vs. the #Dodgers it's party time! #Budlight #ResilientSF https://t.co/CQdcWJTeTo
22 Jul, 06:17 AM UTC
Tyler Rogers has huge wenis energy. Nice bounce back. 👌🏼 https://t.co/OIpO3AR333
22 Jul, 05:51 AM UTC
Jared A Muscat
Half the people complaining about Tyler Rogers these last two nights didn’t know who he was last year or until about June of this year. I welcome bandwagon fans. Just, don’t pretend you’re a MLB manager, scout, or executive. Watch and enjoy.
22 Jul, 07:49 AM UTC
Janice Hough
Just saying, Giants' reliever Tyler Rogers had even a worse night last night than Dodgers' Kenley Jansen did tonight, and SF Giants fans wouldn't have booed him off the mound.
22 Jul, 07:48 AM UTC
Christian Allen
How bold of San Francisco Giants pitcher Tyler Rogers admitting to the world he enjoys drinking Moose Piss #Dodgers | #ResilientSF https://t.co/fCqkE8LZqE
22 Jul, 07:38 AM UTC
@nyy_cate @chrisvitali @FrankFlorida07 @Blochead4real @RougnedOdor OK. We will throw Tyler Rogers in too. He can be reunited with Wandy
22 Jul, 07:12 AM UTC
Qweetsg (NOT OOPA)
@AlamoOnTheRise @SFGiants @NationalPro Which is why Kapler deep down still can’t manage! He pulled this Tyler Rogers confidence boost thing with Gott last year and that lost us a playoff spot. Luckily Rogers is not Trevor Gott
22 Jul, 06:28 AM UTC
Michael Saiz
When you fall off the horse you get back on. Tyler Rogers gets back on and delivers a save Giants win 4-2.#ResilientSF @SFGiants
22 Jul, 05:17 AM UTC
Tyler Rogers redeems himself!! @SFGiants win!!!
22 Jul, 05:08 AM UTC
🇵🇭🇺🇸 (Posh.Baby.Sporty.Ginger.Scary)
Some Giants fans giving up on Tyler Rogers after that horrendous loss Tuesday night. He redeemed himself the following night. I still think he’s one of the best arms we have in the bullpen. And, I’m not just saying that because he’s an identical twin like me.
22 Jul, 10:28 AM UTC
Tyler Rogers wouldn’t have been booed out of Oracle if he’d given up a GW HR (like he did last night) and the man hasn’t even been with the #SFGiants that long. Kenley Jansen is an LA lifer and got booed for 1 bad outing. This is why #Dodgers fans are the worst fans in sports
22 Jul, 09:46 AM UTC
Einar Vollset 🇳🇴🇺🇸
TIL Tyler Rogers is a twin. https://t.co/5JMhD2mLHQ
22 Jul, 09:44 AM UTC
Janice Hough
@BlakeHarrisTBLA Seriously. I'm an SF Giants fan and last night Tyler Rogers was awful. But it happens. And today he got back on the mound and was lights out.
22 Jul, 07:44 AM UTC
edders 🦉
@benlikesgiants Tyler Rogers is literally our best reliever imo, everyone gives up HRs, The true goats come back strong.
22 Jul, 07:43 AM UTC
Robert Gaustad
I love that Gabe Kapler sent Tyler Rogers out to close again tonight. Get back on that fucking horse, kid. Kapler had confidence, and Tyler came through. He’s a cool cat and a good pitcher. Giants on top.
22 Jul, 07:40 AM UTC