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Adam Schefter
Tyreek Hill under investigation for allegations of battery, per KC Star. Chiefs: “The club is aware of the investigation. We’re in the process of gathering information and have been in contact with the league and local authorities. We’ll have no further comment at this time.”
15 Mar, 09:19 PM UTC
Breaking: Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill is being investigated by police over an alleged battery, per the Kansas City Star. SportsCenter's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 09:29 PM UTC
No one: Tyreek Hill: Chris's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 09:15 PM UTC
Nobody: Tyreek Hill: Brian.'s photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 10:14 PM UTC
Barry McCockiner
Tyreek Hill choked a pregnant woman and possibly broke his child’s arm, but he’s an absolutely incredible football player and that’s what really matters.
15 Mar, 09:19 PM UTC
If Tyreek Hill did indeed break his child's arm, the NFL should seriously consider banishment, especially in light of his history https://t.co/C0uPwcSwmc
15 Mar, 09:52 PM UTC
Christopher Costanzo
@SportsCenter Tyreek Hills son: Tyreek Hill: Christopher Costanzo's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 09:31 PM UTC
Johnner Dorsey
@jeff_rosen88 @MaryKayCabot When Dorsey adds Tyreek Hill after the Chiefs are forced to cut him. Johnner Dorsey's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 09:03 PM UTC
King Brycen👑
Son: hi daddy Tyreek Hill: King Brycen👑's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 10:08 PM UTC
Nobody: Tyreek Hill: #NobodyDied's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 10:10 PM UTC
Raiders Beat
So first Tyreek Hill assaulted a pregnant woman... now allegedly assaulted his own child.
15 Mar, 09:22 PM UTC
Michele Steele
#Chiefs' Tyreek Hill apologized to a judge in 2015 for punching and choking his pregnant girlfriend. Hill is now being investigated by police for alleged battery. "The source said that the incident was against the couple’s son, resulting in a broken arm." https://t.co/Qua0rESSWa
15 Mar, 09:29 PM UTC
The Kansas City Star
If Tyreek Hill broke his son’s arm, the Kansas City Chiefs must break with their star https://t.co/ADrYq0J8fu
15 Mar, 11:38 PM UTC
The Kansas City Star
Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill under investigation for alleged battery https://t.co/N1mdsmQsFH
15 Mar, 09:02 PM UTC
Arrowhead Addict
On Tyreek: A note from the TMZ post/police report: "There is a note on the report that the case was "closed/cleared" and "prosecution declined" on March 8.” https://t.co/GkjcVV0VUg
15 Mar, 10:08 PM UTC
Tyreek Hill’s Snapchat from 23 hours ago. Son did not have broken arm in this video. Please let all facts come out and also consider that someone else in household other than Tyreek Hill may be under investigation. #Chiefs IB's photo on Tyreek Hill
16 Mar, 02:58 AM UTC
Isaac Noren
Tyreek Hill: - choked a pregnant woman - broke his child’s arm - is fast so it doesn’t matter NFL: Isaac Noren's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 09:32 PM UTC
Shobs (Celtics: 42-27)
Tyreek Hill when he sees his kid Shobs (Celtics: 42-27)'s photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 09:58 PM UTC
Zac Showalter
Truth on the Tyreek Hill story 1. He was not mentioned on this report 2. His fiancé was the one suspect mentioned 3. He was in San Diego at the time The media is disgusting. It’s not about news anymore: it’s about what is more likely to click on and post first. Just gross
16 Mar, 01:42 AM UTC
Levi Chappell
NFL is at it again... Smoke weed - get suspended at least 1 year Involved in domestic violence - allowed to play at least half of the season. Joe Mixon, Tyreek Hill, Ezekiel Elliot, Kareem Hunt, Rueben Foster. So unbelievably backwards. @MyFantasyLeague #NFL #kareemhunt
15 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC
There is an agenda in the works by clickbait hungry reporters here. They put “Tyreek Hill” and “under investigation for child abuse (or worse, battery)” in the title to get all the eyes on their “report”. Tyreek Hill is not under any investigation by police as it stands. Brian's photo on Tyreek Hill
16 Mar, 12:10 AM UTC
BREAKING: Chiefs Star Tyreek Hill Under Investigation for Alleged Battery Against His Son https://t.co/5QiHwHGA8V
15 Mar, 09:21 PM UTC
jason 🎲
no one: Tyreek Hill: jason 🎲's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 10:19 PM UTC
Rose Brooks Center
1/2 Re: Tyreek Hill. Let's remove him from the conversation for now and say this: If you or someone you know is being abused, victimized, or feels unsafe in their relationship, reach out. We will listen. We will offer you resources. In return, you may feel anxious. Rose Brooks Center's photo on Tyreek Hill
16 Mar, 02:13 AM UTC
Llorch Flacco
Los Browns siguiendo de cerca el caso de Tyreek Hill Llorch Flacco's photo on Tyreek Hill
15 Mar, 09:45 PM UTC
Amy Dash
If Tyreek Hill broke his son’s arm he needs to be out of the league, PERIOD.
16 Mar, 04:18 AM UTC
I know I’m gonna get bombarded with hate for this, but I really do think Tyreek Hill is innocent. The first report from March 5th was dismissed by the cops and the one from March 14th had nothing to do with Tyreek. #NFL #TyreekHill #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom ChiefsFan05's photo on Tyreek Hill
16 Mar, 04:06 AM UTC
Let’s see if we can do this again without autocorrect screwing with us.... Tyreek Hill (nope it did it again only this time we caught it!) 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️
16 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
THE SPOKEN!! Podcast
🗣NEW EPISODE🗣 We touch on the news surrounding Tyreek Hill, latest #Chiefs moves including Tyrann Mathieu, the aggressive maneuvers of the Browns/Raiders with our SPECIAL GUEST @shaggyshanekc, “Fill in the Cracks” with @ortiz816 and....”HOLD THIS L”. https://t.co/mNRIrCgwun
16 Mar, 03:37 AM UTC
Amy Dash
The @Chiefs should be ASHAMED. They reportedly signed Tyreek Hill into NFL the year after he pled guilty to assault/batttery for beating his pregnant girlfriend, he also strangled her while pregnant. Now he allegedly put his hands on his 3 yr old. He should have never had a deal
16 Mar, 04:27 AM UTC
What are you doing with Tyreek Hill in dynasty right now? #FantasyFootball?
16 Mar, 04:33 AM UTC
Cole Stukenholtz
@JackMitchellLNK Whatever you do, don't look up the Tyreek Hill news.
16 Mar, 04:32 AM UTC
What the Hell KC Sports.
So @kkwhb comes on air says his sources say hill was spanking his kid with a belt & broke his kids arm. Then photos on Hill’s Instagram show his son with a broken arm Jan 24 & the second report of battery doesn’t list Tyreek but according to @kkwhb hill is guilty. What is real?
16 Mar, 04:32 AM UTC
The Big Lead
Tyreek Hill Being Investigated for Alleged Battery https://t.co/tWNzi3Vc4f
16 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
Oklahoma State RB Tyreek Hill Accused Of Choking Pregnant Girlfriend https://t.co/PTliNXu3CV via @deadspin
16 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
KGW News
Chiefs' Tyreek Hill linked to domestic battery case https://t.co/RAtnebRAf7 KGW News's photo on Tyreek Hill
16 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
The Chiefs are investigating an incident in which star receiver Tyreek Hill was involved in a domestic battery episode in suburban Kansas City earlier this week. https://t.co/VRu8LdMT67
16 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
Fantasy Outlook
Disappointed about the Tyreek Hill news, but honestly not surprised
16 Mar, 04:28 AM UTC
Brian Carriere
Is this the same kid he attacked while inside the mom? #P.O.S. https://t.co/ZOwjYMrf7D
16 Mar, 04:28 AM UTC

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