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Manchester United
"We want these games against the biggest clubs and the biggest teams," says Ole. "We had the final against them in 2009 and 2011 and the semi-final in 2008 when Scholesy scored, it’s these games our fans and this club crave. We are looking forward to this one." #MUFC #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 02:05 PM UTC
Manchester United
Ole: "I’m probably completely different to 99 per cent of managers, as I prefer away last like we had against PSG. If you can get a decent result at home, then we know we can go away and hurt anyone like we did in Paris." #MUFC #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 02:08 PM UTC
UEFA Champions League
🏆 2019 winner will be _________ #UCLdraw | #UCL UEFA Champions League's photo on #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 03:25 PM UTC
Manchester United
🗣 Stand by for Ole's reaction to the #UCLdraw... #MUFC Manchester United's photo on #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 02:04 PM UTC
Manchester United
Find us a man more excited for our #UCL quarter-final with Barcelona than Ole! 🤩 Click below for his full #UCLdraw reaction 👇
15 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC
Tottenham Hotspur
🗣️ "It will be tough but it’s a chance to get to a Champions League semi-final so we will give it everything." #UCLdraw ⚪ #COYS
16 Mar, 08:30 AM UTC
Da Mayor of Tweet City 🌎
Do the maths, what's the outcome? 😂😂😂 #UCLdraw united vs barca Da Mayor of Tweet City 🌎's photo on #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 07:58 PM UTC
📸⚽ A look back at some classic Juve-Ajax encounters after today's #UCLdraw ➡️ https://t.co/bWJT0nZsvB #FlashbackFriday #ForzaJuve https://t.co/25pUaALYNk
15 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
دوري أبطال أوروبا™
⚽️ هدف الأسبوع ⚽️ هدف ساديو ماني لاعب ليفربول @LFC_Arabic في شباك بايرن ميونيخ @FCBayernAr #UCLdraw دوري أبطال أوروبا™'s photo on #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
Manchester United
Ole: "Saya mungkin sangat berbeda dengan 99 persen manajer, karena saya lebih suka yang terakhir seperti melawan PSG. Jika Anda bisa meraih hasil yang layak di kandang, maka kami tahu kami bisa pergi dan mengalahkan yang lain seperti yang kami lakukan di Paris." #MUFC #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 01:10 AM UTC
 Don Meme 🤙
Todo en orden en el sorteo de la Champions #UCLdraw  Don Meme 🤙's photo on #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 06:12 PM UTC
Miss Sylvia 🇳🇬
One of these days I will just let go of the clothes. Follow me and get excited. Retweet and follow all retweets too. Let's fine our horny mates #SaturdayMotivation #UCLdraw Miss Sylvia 🇳🇬's photo on #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 05:28 AM UTC
Captain Jack Sparrow 🇳🇬
Every Manager wanted Porto..Even Porto's Manager wanted Porto. 😂😂😂😂😂 #UCLdraw #UCLdraw Captain Jack Sparrow 🇳🇬's photo on #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 08:50 PM UTC
Harry Kane isn't afraid of Man City following the #UCLdraw 🤣🤣 Full Video: https://t.co/41lqYw6GnB ⚽️442oons⚽️'s photo on #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 01:08 PM UTC
Godian Ollomy
Neymar Jr after the #UCLdraw Godian Ollomy's photo on #UCLdraw
15 Mar, 10:25 PM UTC
Ghetto Radio
Draw za Champions League na Europa zilifanyika jana .Ni team gani unaona hakuna pahali zitaenda ? Tuchapie #Offside #UCLdraw #UELdraw https://t.co/4wAX7EzHsD
16 Mar, 12:24 PM UTC
Lil' Bitcoin
#COYS #UCLDraw I've never wanted a curse to work so badly in my life Lil' Bitcoin's photo on #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 12:34 PM UTC
Solskjaer réagit au tirage au sort de la Champions League.#UCLdraw #MUFC https://t.co/2583xlnlCM Thetotalsport's photo on #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 12:38 PM UTC
Perfect Writer🌏
Victor is my name and I can help you achieve your dream of studying overseas🇨🇦🇬🇧🇺🇲.. with an excellent: *Personal Statement *Motivation Letter *Statement of Intent *Statement of Purpose My DM is open for business! #UCLdraw Etinosa MC Galaxy Porto Abba Kyari https://t.co/o5KuZkKE89
16 Mar, 12:28 PM UTC
Zidane bidik Raheem Sterling https://t.co/3NfqKjhwHk #RealMadridCelta #RealMadrid #Liverpool #ManchesterCity #ZinedineZidane #Espanyol #FCBOL #BarcaOL #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 12:43 PM UTC
#UCLdraw ⚪ #COYS ElvisbayaKE™'s photo on #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
En este momento acaban de sumarse a la lista de trendings en México: - #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Jonny Martin
It's some #UCLdraw for the quarter finals. Barcelona & Man United have 8 titles between them. Liverpool & Porto have 7. Juventus & Ajax share 6 wins. Man City & Spurs are also playing.
16 Mar, 01:39 PM UTC
@gobboveroefiero #Juventus @juventusfc #FinoAllaFine #UCLdraw STRANO CHE TUTTI QUESTI "MEDIA " SPAGNOLI parlino proprio ora! La Juventus deve stare attenta e cautelarsi da QUESTI PETTEGOLEZZI ! PS A PARTI INVERSE!?👿👇 https://t.co/rzip8wUjTg via @fanpage
15 Mar, 05:33 PM UTC
Bello Sani Mukhtar🇳🇬
Up Barcelona #ForçaBarça #Barcelona #UCLdraw Bello Sani Mukhtar🇳🇬's photo on #UCLdraw
16 Mar, 01:35 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Mexico.

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