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Halloween is gonna be so wild. Excited to spend it at @beyondwrestling #UnchartedTerritory Stream it live for FREE using the code EFFY on @indiewrestling ...and turn off the porch lights so you don’t get distracted by trick or treaters! https://t.co/dPX608oJmT
17 Oct, 03:47 PM UTC
Ryan Brissette
Ooo @beyondwrestling, how I love thee. #UnchartedTerritory https://t.co/a2S9pR3xRd
18 Oct, 12:05 AM UTC
Next week on #UnchartedTerritory Discovery Gauntlet: Tony Deppen vs Joshua Bishop Matthew Justice vs Josh Briggs Allie Kat vs Anthony Greene Kris Statlander vs VSK Violence Is Forever vs Bear Country vs Team Tremendous vs The Butcher & The Blade
18 Oct, 01:29 AM UTC
HELL YEAH #GAYTANICPANIC on #HALLOWEEN #UnchartedTerritory https://t.co/08J73mvie8
18 Oct, 12:56 AM UTC
That freaking ruled!! Best match you'll see this week, amazing effort from Martinez & Starr. Seriously go out of your way to check that out! #UnchartedTerritory @beyondwrestling @indiewrestling
18 Oct, 02:07 AM UTC
If you weren’t already aware. Bear Country FUCKING RULES! #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 01:18 AM UTC
.@realmmartinez rolls Starr into a curb stomp!! #UnchartedTerritory @beyondwrestling @indiewrestling https://t.co/CRb9oUfjsw code: UNCHARTED for 20 days FREE! https://t.co/CIKMlwS8sr
18 Oct, 01:50 AM UTC
What a lariat!! @realmmartinez #UnchartedTerritory @beyondwrestling @indiewrestling https://t.co/CRb9oUfjsw code: UNCHARTED for 20 days FREE! https://t.co/muszXCtZ1W
18 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
Next week! #UnchartedTerritory @beyondwrestling @indiewrestling https://t.co/CRb9oUfjsw code: UNCHARTED for 20 days FREE! https://t.co/oi15m5ZV8m
18 Oct, 01:30 AM UTC
Tenzan Tombstone Driver!! @pufisgod #UnchartedTerritory @beyondwrestling @indiewrestling https://t.co/CRb9oUfjsw code: UNCHARTED for 20 days FREE! https://t.co/viGbVNm4rR
18 Oct, 12:24 AM UTC
David Starr has laid down the gauntlet. It could be anywhere. Or anytime. But he's coming for @JPWarHorse and the IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship. #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 02:12 AM UTC
What. A. Match. #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 02:05 AM UTC
Dylan Hales
Well. David Starr vs Mercedes Martinez was absolutely incredible. That's one to watch on the replay as soon as it's up if you missed it live. One of the best matches I've seen this year. #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 02:24 AM UTC
Tonight Pretty Proper made their #UnchartedTerritory debut. @RealSavageGent @RealLadyFrost @beyondwrestling Sign up to https://t.co/S1rYY1plyh using promo code THURSDAY for a 20 day free trial. https://t.co/2TDtJ3Bikl
18 Oct, 01:45 AM UTC
Governor Lil Buttonhausen
Starr vs Martinez was: - the absolute BEST intergender match I’ve ever seen - outside of NJPW, the best match I’ve watched all year I’m blown away, #UnchartedTerritory, and, frankly, emotional. Thank you, Beyond. That was an absolute privilege to watch.
18 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
Lil Baby Gay
Mercedes vs Starr is a masterpiece. #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 01:55 AM UTC
Big props to @HelloCrockett for powering through commentary. He was sick as a dog and made it through without missing a beat. Dude is a pro. #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 02:31 AM UTC
Another killer episode of #UnchartedTerritory all round, Puf vs Thurston, Pazuzu vs Butcher & Blade and an awesome Discovery Gauntlet match in Deppen vs AJ Gray. Definition of taking your chance right there, Gray knocked it out of the park @beyondwrestling @indiewrestling
18 Oct, 02:10 AM UTC
🎬Pumpkin Cassidy 🎃😎
Everybody with eyes on this tweet, seriously, this is one of those matches that WILL make you a fan. Even if you've never watched wrestling before, please, look this one up later. Mercedes Martinez vs. David Starr. Do it. For real. #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
David Starr congratulating the crowd for getting to watch Mercedes Martinez in a wrestling match is pretty much my internal monologue every time I go to SHIMMER. Damn, what a cool match. #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
Josh Alexander
Nice seeing @RichHomieJuice at #UnchartedTerritory Lots of hungry talented wrestlers left on the indies or Indy’s... w/e
18 Oct, 02:49 AM UTC
Up first at #UnchartedTerritory on https://t.co/mvtQ7021fX....a f*cking tag team match as Team Pazuzu take on The Butcher & The Blade! https://t.co/fGsM3LpaWg
18 Oct, 12:03 AM UTC
#UnchartedTerritory is the best and @andycomplains and @BraxtonSutter are the best tag team in the world send tweet
18 Oct, 12:14 AM UTC
Standing Switch
Such a great main event and great show. If you’re not watching #UnchartedTerritory, you’re messing up.
18 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
Dylan Hales
AJ Gray. Tony Deppen. Dudes deliver. That was the embodiment of a banger #UnchartedTerritory
18 Oct, 12:55 AM UTC

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