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JR Hildebrand
Three-time winner at Indy, drove in both NASCAR and F1, and the undisputed King of the Mountain. Rest easy, Uncle Bobby. @JRHildebrand's photo on Uncle Bobby
03 May, 05:08 PM UTC
Marshall Pruett
Along with the family, spare a thought for the many friends of Uncle Bobby. He and Robin were incredibly close, and Shunck, and others he fully trusted. The three Indy 500 wins and all of the achievements notwithstanding, Uncle Bobby was a source of life and energy for us.
03 May, 03:49 PM UTC
Jake Query
The 1st to win the “500” in 3 different decades, while finishing last in his 1st start and 1st in his last start. One of racing’s most colorful, charismatic and engaging personalities. God Speed to Indy’s favorite Uncle. Bobby Unser. Legend. @jakequery's photo on Uncle Bobby
03 May, 03:18 PM UTC
Willy T. Ribbs
#Cool as ice #RIP to a Man’s Man and I #Love that Man..He treated me like one of his own..Forever Uncle Bobby Unser 🏁🏁 https://t.co/Yj63EyPWaj
03 May, 05:05 PM UTC
Jeroen Demmendaal
Uncle Bobby has gone to heaven. A sad day in motor racing ☹️ #INDYCAR #Indy500 https://t.co/t8KwJoZnGC
03 May, 03:16 PM UTC
Gary Gerould
Deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Bobby Unser, one of greatest characters to ever set foot at a race track. Blessed to have known and worked alongside Uncle Bobby for countless years. Stories of his antics and success will live forever. Rest easy my friend.
03 May, 05:17 PM UTC
Ryan McGee
Godspeed to Uncle Bobby Unser. One of my favorite interviews of the last several years was sitting with the 3-time #Indy500 winner in 2018 to talk about his days as an ABC TV analyst. https://t.co/qdcvHhsUZO
03 May, 04:22 PM UTC
IndyCar Complainer
Godspeed, Uncle Bobby. You were one of a kind! #RIPBobbyUnser https://t.co/DijkG9bx5j
03 May, 04:05 PM UTC
Green Green Green!
Hij had een prachtleven, won drie keer de #Indy500, twee keer de #INDYCAR-titel, 35 races en 52 pole positions. Vandaag verloor de Amerikaanse autosport met recht een legende, 87 jaar oud. Rust zacht, Uncle Bobby 🙌 https://t.co/q3J96S5LA5
03 May, 05:06 PM UTC
Historical Sprint Car Racing
Bobby Unser in his Bardahl champ car in 1969 Bobby was the 1968 and 1974 USAC Champion and a three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1968, 1975 and 1981 RIP to Uncle Bobby https://t.co/YlLjNrAlNx
03 May, 05:14 PM UTC
Fake Doctor Will
Uncle Bobby was as much the voice of the 500 to me as Paul Page
03 May, 04:29 PM UTC
Geferson Kern
Passou por mim em Indianápolis em 2019 dirigindo um carrinho de golfe com aquela cara de quem estava se divertindo. Tri da Indy 500 e 10x vencedor em Pikes Peak. Só faltou Le Mans para a Tríplice Coroa. Race in Peace, Uncle Bobby https://t.co/jO7Cmi8a1Z
03 May, 05:50 PM UTC
REV TV Canada
We at REV TV are saddened to hear about the passing of Bobby Unser. Three time Indy 500 winner, two time big car champion, IROC champion, the only Fast Masters champion, and the absolute top of the heap at Pike's Peak. RIP Uncle Bobby. Image Credit: @halloffamecollection. https://t.co/ksomDf6X8B
03 May, 03:45 PM UTC
I stumbled across partial view of a Schaefer sponsored car in 2013. Research led me to think it may be Bobby Unser but wanted confirmation. I emailed an address I found w/hopes it might reach someone who handled fan inquiries. Uncle Bobby himself emailed me back! #RIPBobbyUnser https://t.co/zoBSWqRze5
03 May, 06:24 PM UTC
F1 in America
RIP Bobby Unser, 1934 - 2021 So many great stories from Uncle Bobby’s life in racing, thanks for memorizing these @DWRshow: https://t.co/fh9tZ9ss2N
03 May, 06:12 PM UTC
Illinois Golfer
RIP Uncle Bobby, as so many of us came to know him from chats each May. A dogged competitor. https://t.co/tnF80TslwC
03 May, 06:02 PM UTC
Chad Wilson
@IMS Uncle Bobby. I only remember his career as an announcer. Too young for the racing. He’s a hall of famer on his broadcasting career alone. But a Legend when you consider his driving success. An all time great.
03 May, 04:05 PM UTC
RIP Uncle Bobby, gunned down in his prime https://t.co/3nQpuoQXe1
03 May, 06:19 PM UTC
Rest in peace, Uncle Bobby. The "500" wouldn't have been the "500" without you both on the track and in the TV booth. https://t.co/eDEvr6K3Up
03 May, 04:18 PM UTC
Still framed and has been on my wall my entire lifetime. Winner of the first Indy 500 I attended in 1981. RIP "Uncle Bobby". Autograph to my brothers and I circa mid-1980s. #BobbyUnser #Indianapolis500 @indycar https://t.co/0D1C6pOi0g
03 May, 05:41 PM UTC
@IMS @IndyCar RIP uncle Bobby Gods Speed. Sad to lose a legend to start the month of May :(
03 May, 05:41 PM UTC
@curtcavin Rest in Peace Uncle Bobby!!
03 May, 06:30 PM UTC
Mark's Signing Bonus
Uncle Bobby, 3 time winner of the Indy 500 passed away https://t.co/KRnbOI7Z58
03 May, 06:25 PM UTC
Jennifer Jo Coomer Johnson
My tribute to Uncle Bobby #BobbyUnser ❤️🏎🏁
03 May, 06:25 PM UTC
glObama 🥳🎈
I just found out my uncle Bobby died 😕 that sucks
03 May, 06:15 PM UTC