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jess mcintosh
Some enterprising grad student needs to do a thorough analysis of TV in the Trump era. Sopranos and the Wire were fine under Obama. Now I want to see British people help each other bake and watch people folding clothes BECAUSE IT SOOTHES ME.
11 Feb, 08:33 PM UTC
BBC Four
On 13 February 2012, war-correspondent Marie Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy entered war-ravaged Syria to cover the plight of civilians in the besieged city of Homs. Only one of them returned. Storyville: Under the Wire. Tonight, 10pm. @BBCFour. https://t.co/Cax61Z9EC5
11 Feb, 03:00 PM UTC
Rory Peck Trust
Tonight | Don't miss Under the Wire on Storyville (@BBCFour) at 10pm, based on Paul Conroy's book about his & Marie Colvin's fateful assignment to Homs in 2012 @reflextv https://t.co/6FEeU6XNCX
11 Feb, 10:27 AM UTC
Delta Lax
@RealJacobPerry @benshapiro Anyone who isn’t writing a check on tax day and delivering it to the USPS just under the wire is doing it wrong.
12 Feb, 02:16 AM UTC
mandy chang
Under the Wire - the story of Marie Colvin & Paul Conroy’s descent into the hell of Syria, on Storyville @BBC4 right now. Riveting and gut wrenching stuff. Watch out for Dr Mohammed - an extraordinary heroic human being in this show! @UnderTheWireMov
11 Feb, 10:16 PM UTC
Heather Kelly
just watched "Under the Wire" the story of Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy @reflextv in Syria. Just watch it - it's on BBC iplayer if you missed it tonight.
11 Feb, 11:57 PM UTC
Beautiful naked people with barbed wire sewn under the skin, so that it stretches and breaks over the spikes. People with gorgeous faces and twinkling eyes with smiles stretched over bone, soft, toothless, gums, and dark, darting tongues. https://t.co/deAnaaGJBw
12 Feb, 01:44 AM UTC
Under the Wire should be shown in every school, every college and above all every government sector. Well done Paul Conroy for getting this reality out into the World. Journalism does make a difference.
11 Feb, 11:41 PM UTC
Dr Claire Louise Launchbury 💚
Under the Wire is an extraordinary piece of documentary, honest, harrowing and moving, attesting to the determination and drive of Marie Colvin and her colleagues. Wa'el is just a very rare precious metal human being. Thanks @reflextv
12 Feb, 12:30 AM UTC
'Under The Wire' on BBC4. 13/02/2012, two journalists enter war-ravaged Baba Amr in Homs, Syria; Sunday Times war correspondent and photographer Paul Conroy. His story is one of unimaginable horror and astonishing human endeavour. It is vital viewing. You MUST watch this.
11 Feb, 11:48 PM UTC
Freddy Mayhew
Under the Wire, the documentary about Marie Colvin's final assignment, based on account by friend and photographer Paul Conroy, who was with her when she died, airs tonight at 10pm on BBC Four https://t.co/lkVF3dEvwc
11 Feb, 11:36 AM UTC
Elizabeth Karr
Got it in under the wire! Waited until I'd seen all the films. THE DEADLINE to vote for the winners of @filmindependent 2019 Spirit Awards is TODAY at 5:00 PM PT. #indiefilm #spiritawards
11 Feb, 08:48 PM UTC
Robyn Woolston
#BBCFour - ‘Under the Wire’ #Storyville #MarieColvin @reflextv @lindseyhilsum ... raw, visceral #documentary at its very, very, best. Thank you 4 sharing such an important story with the world. https://t.co/ikY5qrgyot
12 Feb, 12:29 AM UTC
Blonde Lady Cop
@BluelineCovfefe Oh I’ve seen the wire. I don’t totally live under a rock.
12 Feb, 01:34 AM UTC
emmet otter infrasound
@TefferBear goodgoodgood yes that sounds like everything probably *will* be okay, but i can see how it'd be stressful to find out just under the wire!
12 Feb, 02:05 AM UTC
Carol Anne Hetzel
This is sliding under the wire, we need to spread the word https://t.co/XTYErHfVyh
12 Feb, 03:13 AM UTC
They should put a row of flat front busses/RVs bumper to bumper. Barbed wire coils on the US side along the ground underneath in case they crawl under. Can’t climb over those easily, either. #BuildTheWall https://t.co/G9ERDbYL9c
12 Feb, 02:13 AM UTC
Nielsen says just under 20 million watched Grammy Awards -https://t.co/UgcV1IE6l0 - The Western Journal WJ Wire Lady Gaga, right, and Mark Ronson perform “Shallow” at the 61st annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)... FullMagazine❌'s photo on Under The Wire
12 Feb, 01:56 AM UTC
stand free and keep calm
@momjeansplease Under the wire... Kinky
12 Feb, 01:41 AM UTC
Willis W. Roberson
@DonaldJTrumpJr They crawled under the wire right into the base security guys. M-16's guard dogs and everything. They weren't separated from their parents, for long. Nobody died , how's your dad doing?
12 Feb, 01:29 AM UTC
Ian Elstub
Should be asleep but watching Storyville (Under The Wire) on BBC Four. Everyone who can should watch. The greatest journalist #MarieColvin and her final hours in the embattled city of Homs, Syria. You are an evil bastard, Bashir Assad.
12 Feb, 01:06 AM UTC
Nielsen says just under 20 million watched Grammy Awards https://t.co/u2vyOkYQIJ WJ Wire Lady Gaga, right, and Mark Ronson perform "Shallow" at the 61st annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 10,... USA UK News's photo on Under The Wire
12 Feb, 12:45 AM UTC
@krassenstein Why should anyone believe you or your brother?! You're both under investigation by the department of justice for wire fraud! Patrick's photo on Under The Wire
12 Feb, 12:44 AM UTC
RL Aitken
Now this is real journalism...the story of Marie Colvin, Sunday Times war correspondent, who paid ultimate price telling world about plight of the people of Homs, Syria. Escape for rest was touch + go. On iPlayer. #journalism #war #Syria #BBC #Storyville https://t.co/UpB6mhkYnv
12 Feb, 12:40 AM UTC
Andrew Brooks
Top-tellybox watching. Storyville: Under The Wire. https://t.co/8mFoZFldo2
12 Feb, 12:36 AM UTC

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