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Brigitte Gabriel
United Airlines is now prioritizing race and gender over qualifications for hiring future pilots. They are literally putting the lives of their customers at risk in the name of being woke.
07 Apr, 12:52 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec
United Airlines roasted on social media for plan to choose pilots by race instead of ability https://t.co/zymhGvd4KK
07 Apr, 02:04 PM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
United Airlines is DONE. If you go woke, it’s time to go broke!
07 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Paul A. Szypula, US Senate Candidate for NY in ‘22
Why did United Airlines just announce it’s instituting the sexist and racist practice of hiring based on gender and skin color? 🤔
07 Apr, 06:17 AM UTC
Nick Adams
Race and Gender are the LAST things that should matter when hiring a pilot. United Airlines is going to put their riders at risk all so they can make liberals happy. This is sick.
07 Apr, 01:04 PM UTC
libby emmons
United Airlines roasted on social media for plan to choose pilots by race instead of ability Skin color, or the lived experience that comes with a racial or ethnic background, has absolutely no bearing on how best to safely fly planes. https://t.co/xvN09DgFSa
07 Apr, 01:59 PM UTC
Black Lives Matter
Hey racists and mysgonists, if you could only read. These are for people who PASS the same criteria as any other pilot. United Airlines is talking about removing the financial barriers that many women and people of melanin can't afford, the tuition. https://t.co/OyHyBWGxgx https://t.co/0hqeZ15Wfm
07 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
Rav Arora
Making my debut on the @benshapiro show today to discuss the United Airlines racial quotas, police violence, and the rise of woke ideology in all facets of society. Look forward to it!
07 Apr, 02:05 PM UTC
Geoffrey Miller
If @united airlines selects their pilots based on sex & race quotas rather than merit, will you feel safer flying United? https://t.co/c2ataaZB1E
07 Apr, 12:19 PM UTC
Do you know that Indian Women are now ruling the skies ? Airlines in India employ close to 12.4% women pilots followed by Ireland 9.9% and Australia 5.8%. India’s record is also higher than United Airlines which employs highest number of female pilots in USA. Proud Moment 🇮🇳
07 Apr, 01:24 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Lynne Patton??? The entire Trump regime violated the Hatch Act. Every damn day. PROSECUTE THEM ALL. #Resist #MorningJoe #TheView Mo Brooks Justice Breyer United Airlines Andrew Giuliani Eric Trump Patagonia Hump Day Kellyanne Conway National Review https://t.co/XddGbRiHfM
07 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC
I Hate BankofAmerica ♿️
@Breaking911 How about United Airlines hire the “most qualified” individuals for the job, period. I don’t care what ethnicity, race, gender, etc. they are as long as they truly know what they are doing and will not put my life in danger.
07 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
LivePDDave 🇺🇸 🚨 🥊
Meet United Airlines' newest pilots. https://t.co/nYygNCLSfE
07 Apr, 01:54 PM UTC
Jake Lobin
It's fascinating to see Conservative Twitter absolutely lose its shit about the United Airlines announcement, because the headline that they can't seem to grasp is that historically, WHITE MEN have been hired more often even when women and people of color are just as qualified.
07 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
Carmine Sabia
United Airlines new slogan: Die For Diversity.
07 Apr, 03:14 PM UTC
Sparkle 🧚‍♀️❀
Erica got stocks in Amazon, Tesla, Disney and United Airlines. Google "Erica Nlewedim stocks" #GoogleErica STARGIRL ERICA https://t.co/hAhit8897t
07 Apr, 09:46 AM UTC
Samuel Gregg
No, United Airlines, your pilots should be the best pilots - period. Their sex or skin color is irrelevant to your passengers’ safety. https://t.co/dgcve6GBRA
07 Apr, 03:23 AM UTC
Christopher 🇺🇸 Proud Dem
People who think only White male pilots can be the most qualified to fly, are part of the problem. Did it ever occur to these people that #UnitedAirlines is trying to make up for past injustices? 2/2 https://t.co/gyhuW8nSuR
07 Apr, 12:48 PM UTC
The Daily Wire
United Airlines Says It Wants 50% Of Pilots Trained In Next Decade To Be Women Or People Of Color https://t.co/fDJdUpIFqs @realDailyWire's photo on United Airlines
07 Apr, 02:31 PM UTC
John D ●
Let's start a new hashtag that's more appropriate for United Airlines. Keep it going. #DividedAirlines
07 Apr, 02:39 PM UTC
Carmine Sabia
Forget United Airlines. You think people have not died for diversity? Police, Fire Departments, Military, Hospitals have all hired for diversity and likely cost countless lives picking unqualified people to meet a quota.
07 Apr, 03:23 PM UTC
Roger Stone and Alex Jones will no longer be flying United Airlines. https://t.co/euFX4U0Mru
07 Apr, 02:41 PM UTC
Kevin Jackson
Hey WOKE United, why stop at pilots? Why not hire average MECHANICS while you're at it? https://t.co/l0TvoNdWHN
07 Apr, 03:17 PM UTC
Washington Examiner
United Airlines announces diversity goals, Twitter users respond with mockery: 'Next, please hire blind pilots' https://t.co/2y3IXr76zB
07 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC
George Francis
United Airlines has begun affirmative action for hiring pilots. This is a very dangerous precedent. Meritocratic hiring for smarts is likely to reduce accidents After all countries with higher intelligence (their students do better in exams) have better airline safety (r = 0.53) https://t.co/FDbZ9MSD0R
07 Apr, 03:25 PM UTC
“Wokeism” v praksi: Družba United Airlines napovedala, da bodo polovico pilotskih pripravnikov predstavljale ženske in nebelci! https://t.co/5s3QI2mlJR
07 Apr, 10:05 AM UTC
Philip Calrissian
United Airlines $UAL is trending. -- ... this can't possibly be good... and it ain't ! https://t.co/ZKhWrz589z
07 Apr, 03:09 PM UTC
ShantyIrish ☘️✝️👍🇺🇸
@esharp73 @united United Airlines a racist past and a diverse future #SafetyInDiversity https://t.co/Dj2jaXESID
07 Apr, 02:32 PM UTC
eric hodges
@KenGardner11 This guy is an Obama appointee now working for United airlines. I think what he meant to say was. United airlines should hire the most competent pilots to fly their planes. Base it on skill and experience. Not some made up political agenda. Just as I want the best heart surgeon.
07 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Shasha Leader
@NickAdamsinUSA Your statement about United Airlines putting riders at risk is SICK! Investing in and caring about a diverse workforce should matter!#UnitedAirlines #ibeleiveicanfly
07 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC