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DeRicki Johnson
From Motherland My people Were brutally #Uprooted Bred and raped Within dark laws “DulyConstituted” Morphed To be a people With no roots FromWhenceWeCame Now you tell me “GoBack” But our tribes Are lost to pain Paid by my Ancestors’ blood This Home’s Where I’ll remain #vss365 https://t.co/mxIVzAWkrO
10 Sep, 10:07 AM UTC
Kelvin Rodrigues
“That was some storm last night, sir.” “Certainly was, Haskins.” “The tree at the end of our road was #uprooted and fell over.” “How very sad.” “I found all these things by the tree, sir.” “That’s an acorn.” “What’s an acorn?” “In a nutshell, it’s an oak tree.” #vss365
10 Sep, 05:36 AM UTC
Tianna (Sept #vss365 host)
10 Sept 19 📖 “But it would not be the sun's or the wind's fault; my parents had uprooted me.” #prompt * Uprooted * #vss365 #uprooted Guadalupe Garcia McCall - Under the Mesquite
10 Sep, 04:00 AM UTC
Indigenous Soul
Uprooted and adrift on mirrored sea & fairytale sky Branches reaching for a better life and a chance to never die #vss365 #uprooted https://t.co/zrXkLv6lME
10 Sep, 05:55 AM UTC
how long does it take before we all stand as one #prism of victims racism is wide awake #uprooted ignorance runs slavery exists in intolerant mindsets children imprisoned based on the shades of their skin Love Is Our Blood-We’re All Kin #BraveWrite #vss365 #tanka #ColorOfChange https://t.co/I1qhqCNv4r
10 Sep, 04:22 AM UTC
in rains earth fell away I’d stay trapped in my adoption lost muted longing adapting terrain I the #Uprooted foster belonging moss spread un-fearing in clearing offspring offshoot strong in forest family undisputed self-grown as earth falls away we stay rooted We Are Home #VSS365 https://t.co/X5C5F3aRWE
10 Sep, 11:00 AM UTC
Joel Maslakowski
I lived for years on orphan shores a foreigner of sorts a mutt in a melange bowl I adapted in due course shape shifted my sins spoke in tongues twas hell within at the endings of all I was #uprooted at last deported by heartbreak back into my past. #vss365 #BraveWrite #vsspoem
10 Sep, 04:07 AM UTC
You #uprooted Me From Purgatory With a kiss Ignited Something Deep Within And how Those embers Burned But it was Just a lie And I Have become A #prism Built Of why? Oh why? Do you awaken Sleeping souls Just to watch Them burn In this fresh hell #vss365 #braveWrite
10 Sep, 08:13 AM UTC
Tafari Nugent
Samantha hated being #uprooted, being a foster child it was part of the package. But the unexplained accidents when she was around made her caregivers not regret seeing her go. #BraveWrite #vss365
10 Sep, 10:49 AM UTC
The Sinister Showcase
The gardener spotted the melancholia ivy early, strangling his flowers. “Lethal,” he said as he #uprooted it. When he removed it, it returned stronger. Defeated, he collapsed on the lawn. He felt an odd sensation in his throat. Ivy burst from his chest. #vss365 by @ChaOFarrell
10 Sep, 07:51 AM UTC
The Astral Wanderer
Frustrated, the gods #uprooted the old universe to make way for a new one. They planted it where the roots of the old had once sunk into reality. As it grew, it filled the void the former left. But not perfectly. Echoes of the old still sound in the dreams of mortals. #vss365
10 Sep, 07:38 AM UTC
Charlotte Nystrom ⚓️
The storm came and went Its wind songs receding until only silence filled the air Gliding slow it tickled the toes of trees #uprooted from the only soil they'd ever known Thin tendrils clinging where brawny ties let go Left in limbo uncertain of ever finding home. cln #vss365
10 Sep, 12:14 PM UTC
Kay Hammett
Freedom #Uprooted from The #prism of home His hair blowing In the wind Hearing the melodies Of the open road Calling him to Follow a golden Path to an unknown Destination His heartbeat of Liberation #vss365. #BraveWrite. #vsspoem
10 Sep, 12:43 PM UTC
After I #uprooted Myself from a Wallowing pit Of black tar I was able to See eyes wide open Hence I no longer #follow This #prism Of fake coloured Rainbows Hence I no longer Crave your smile #vss365 #BraveWrite #vsspoem
10 Sep, 08:25 AM UTC
Marsha Adams
"Wassup?" "I feel as though my #essence has been #uprooted, refracted through a #prism, and used to #enrapt a willing audience, to hold their thoughts, making me vessel and vassal, mistress and minion." "I told you not to send nudes." #bravewrite #vss365 #converstory #trickytues
10 Sep, 08:49 AM UTC
Sam Koumi (神見サム)
#WritingCommunity #prompt #vss365 Some things need to be fully #uprooted to disappear. If you don't, they will come back again, and again, and again.. Some things need to be fully uprooted to leave space for new things. Rotten trees and bad practices, need to go away for the new. https://t.co/DcvpBQ1hQ8
10 Sep, 06:29 AM UTC
Shakespeare's head was rumoured to be #uprooted from its resting place... Stolen by drunks inside the chapel that served as his grave Those futtinghole drunks bet the most daring bet as in this case And stole the poet's head just for their mirth and rave... #vss365
10 Sep, 05:40 AM UTC
Tanya ☕✍🏻
I've spent my life unheld and #uprooted. It should be all #blue skies, open roads and other metaphors for bliss, but sometimes freedom is the heaviest anchor. I don't need to belong, but I don't want to be lost anymore. #vss365 #bookishtues #amwriting
10 Sep, 10:01 AM UTC
Arvind Iyer
#Uprooted from the bedrock of trust, the resplendent tree of their love wilted in no time. All their once-inseparable souls could do was detach from their beings & watch the tragedy unfold from a distance. And watch it later again, thru a prism of whys & hows. #vss365 #BraveWrite
10 Sep, 12:33 PM UTC
Drew Fleming 👀
#vss365 #uprooted #acrostic #haiku #micropoetry Unparalleled Poverty Remains On Our Televisions Every Day Stop now and see me yours is not to look away as I'm uprooted 📷 @alexradelich https://t.co/LlOVwhaAO9
10 Sep, 06:22 AM UTC
Amiya Dutta
Thirteen years ago, my life was #uprooted in one violent yank. My family was murdered, and I’d murdered the killers in return. I was ten. Now, my job is killing families. I learned from my family’s mercenaries’ mistake. The children are all dead before I leave a home. #vss365
10 Sep, 06:42 AM UTC
Md Saifullah Rizvi
Mind polluted, Trust #uprooted, Love decimated, #Soul diluted, Hate took the centre stage, Everybody is living with rage, It is time to pray to almighty, Please quickly pass this phase, Help us to get rid of this mess, Make the world again lovely place, #vss365 #amwriting #poetry
10 Sep, 10:57 AM UTC
Ash Tudor
Their panting echoes in the orphanage courtyard. The boy seems to have a dozen faces, a dozen bloody noses, through the #prism of her broken glasses. The deaths that #uprooted their childhoods are, for a moment, forgotten behind a flurry of fists & low kicks. #vss365 #BraveWrite
10 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
The farmer whipped out a can of pesticide and sprayed the creatures as they fled from the tree he had just #uprooted. Enough was enough. Colored cows that gave flavored milk, vegetables that tasted like candy. "No more wishes for my kids!" he yelled at the fairies. #vss365
10 Sep, 10:39 AM UTC
Drew Fleming 👀
#vss365 #haiku #micropoetry #Uprooted for you just to see what i will do same shit bigger pot 📷 @talabcsab https://t.co/dKnH7nMH2A
10 Sep, 05:58 AM UTC
Judith Petrushko
With the #prism to brightly colour my day I jump start to #follow my heart Painting the colours of the rainbow across my canvas exposing my #emotions for the world to see I now breathe more easily Feeling #uprooted no more I comfortably lay back&snore #BraveWrite #vss365 #vsspoem
10 Sep, 09:50 AM UTC
Penny Mac McMorris
OMG, not another ism! My ideals have already been #uprooted since I met an existentialist & his transcendentalist wife at a Schrödinger convention last week. I felt like I was on the dark side of their #prism, the entire conversation. #vss365 #BraveWrite
10 Sep, 10:22 AM UTC
#Uprooted from a life they cherish Re-planted no consent Found transported A kaleidoscopic #prism Dizzying confusing This new life this new a land A false Eden Built to be hellish #BraveWrite #vss365 https://t.co/OSvBsCkZi8
10 Sep, 11:53 AM UTC
The #prism Of Hell Will only but deceived… It tempts whatever a weak mind might perceived The hidden horrors that a tortured #soul will eventually conceived It #uprooted the crippled spirit, until hope will no longer lived... #vss365 #BraveWrite https://t.co/XS1NmS6lwj
10 Sep, 06:11 AM UTC
#vss365 "What's that one, Mum?" The boy pointed to the forest of #uprooted trees. Her own mum told of playing in forests just like it as a girl. "It's an evergreen," she said, reading the plaque to be sure. "Where'd it come from?" "Here. Before, at least." #writingcommunity
10 Sep, 02:34 PM UTC

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