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Jonathan Tannenwald
If you still don't think women's soccer can make you money in America, take a look at how many Americans are awake at 4:30 a.m. or earlier in other time zones to watch #USAvSWE. #USWNT #Toky2020
21 Jul, 08:33 AM UTC
Julie Foudy
Come join the Olympic women’s soccer party. I’m excited to be on the call for #USAvSWE with THE @arlowhite. 💃🏽#TokyoOlympics @JulieFoudy's photo on #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 04:39 AM UTC
Ashanti 🇧🇸🏳️‍🌈
Gonna go to IKEA and push over a lamp later today 😠 #USWNT #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 10:14 AM UTC
The Cooligans
tfw you look at your phone first thing in the morning to see the #USAvSWE result. 😫 #uswnt #Tokyo2020 @SoccerCooligans's photo on #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 11:11 AM UTC
Instead of getting revenge for their ouster at the Rio Olympics, the U.S. women got embarrassed. ⚽️#USWNT #USAvSWE https://t.co/g8SvybxpOK
21 Jul, 10:47 AM UTC
Tobin Heath Argentina 🇦🇷
Rapinoe siempre sin pelos en la lengua: "Nos patearon el culo, ¿no? Creo que estuvimos demasiado tensas, un poco nerviosas, hicimos cosas muy tontas". #USWNT #USAvSWE #Tokyo2020 https://t.co/h6iBfx1zp8
21 Jul, 10:49 AM UTC
mary c
This #USAvSWE game reminds me of when the Mighty Ducks first played Iceland and tried the Flying V & their entire team got steamrolled by bigger faster Iceland players 😑
21 Jul, 09:50 AM UTC
Jeff Davis
Never been happy to see USA lose at the olympics...but it thrilled me to see Sweden kick the womens soccer team's ass. #USWNT #USAvSWE #Olympics2021 https://t.co/00Rtln5jGK
21 Jul, 10:25 AM UTC
21 Jul, 11:16 AM UTC
Kirsty Clarke
There's a difference between a group of excellent players and an excellent team with a clear plan .... it is 0-3 #Olympics2021 #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 11:44 AM UTC
Was so glad to see the "woke" @USWNT team lose to Sweden.. as an American, nothing made me happier to see these politics over team jack asses lose. #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 11:23 AM UTC
Richard Louis
Rodney Marsh and Phil Schoen on the Football ⚽️ Show, Schoen has a great voice, could listen all day. USWNT may be time for a change, tempus fugit @SiriusXMFC @PhilSchoen @RodneyMarsh10 #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 11:13 AM UTC
AMNA Sport
Η #Σουηδία «έσπασε» το αήττητο σερί των #ΗΠΑ https://t.co/8lCAKuuHBS #Olympics2021 #Tokyo2020 #TokyoOlympics #Olympics2020 #Olympics #Tokyo #USAvSWE https://t.co/eK1MpNjP0b
21 Jul, 11:08 AM UTC
RJ Allen
Not entirely sure where 365 Scores pulls their stat data from but this is their assessment of the United States vs Sweden. #USWNT #USAvSWE https://t.co/VERCPkE7IJ
21 Jul, 12:28 PM UTC
Christine Cupo
Spoiler alert: there aren’t any 😭😭😭😭 #Tokyo2020 #USAvSWE https://t.co/iU33omxD6f
21 Jul, 12:25 PM UTC
RD Smith 🦹🏾‍♀️
the #USAvSWE game is proof US Soccer will not get me to get up at 4 AM to somehow generate good vibes to the USWNT
21 Jul, 12:12 PM UTC
Molly 🤌🏻
Just woke up what’d I miss? #USAvSWE https://t.co/8GJqoAC5wD
21 Jul, 12:09 PM UTC
After watching #USAvSWE and now #AUSvNZL at 2-0 early, goal differential could be a big problem for the #USWNT even taking 2nd in the group. Kerr may expose an aging Sauerbrunn. If #USWNT is anemic against #AUS they are certainly capable of beating us. 2 losses = Eliminated.
21 Jul, 12:09 PM UTC
The Family Mortgage Team @LeaderOne
Bout to watch #USWNT ⚽️#USAvSWE #Tokyo2020 No spoilers please! 🤐 Go #TeamUSA 🇺🇸 🥅 ⚽️🥇
21 Jul, 11:55 AM UTC
Josh - O - Rama: Human Disaster
Hey @USWNT — #USWNT #USAvSWE #Olympics #Olympics2021 #TedLasso https://t.co/z993O3C54q
21 Jul, 11:46 AM UTC
Eartha Litt
Damnnnnn Sweden kicked our ass 😭😭😭😭 #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 11:38 AM UTC
Elle - #BringWynonnaHome
Waiting for @torism32 to log on after catching up on the #USAvSWE game.... #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome https://t.co/LNRAE6YTfd
21 Jul, 11:38 AM UTC
Nathan Petrie
UPDATE: the morning was dark & full of terrors. #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
4 News Now
A shocking result for @USWNT in their opening match of #Tokyo2020. #4NewsNow #USAvSWE #USWNT https://t.co/CKUlIQWKqC
21 Jul, 11:16 AM UTC
@USWNT i’m watching the post game on @USAnetwork and @alexmorgan13 @mPinoe are saying the right things and I’m sure will get turned around. Most impressed is @julieertz in the background cleaning up water bottles. #Toyko2020 #USAvSWE
21 Jul, 11:06 AM UTC
The Pyoo-May-Man
Glad I didn't get up early for #USAvSWE. I mean, I was up anyway to go to work, but that's different.
21 Jul, 11:03 AM UTC
Anna The Ivorian ™️
Not the #USWNT being at the bottom of group G right now 😅😩 #USAvSWE #Tokyo2020 https://t.co/9Pxr3FQcfG
21 Jul, 12:28 PM UTC
Here are #USWNT player ratings from #USAvSWE. Among starters: 2 4s, 7 3s, 2 2s. https://t.co/q006eoe3OX
21 Jul, 12:28 PM UTC
July 22 – August 23 Sun in Leo Take care of your horoscope and look at this site to see what is going on https://t.co/hmrKGee5b6 #Giannis #USWNT #USAvSWE #NBAFinals #Tokyo2020 #ChrisPaul #Horan #Ertz
21 Jul, 12:14 PM UTC
Window thoughts with Walter 💭
Is taking a life ever justified? If so, where is the line? When is a person’s life considered forfeit? #USAvSWE 07-21-2021 ~ 08X13X02 https://t.co/KurfYMLpZV
21 Jul, 12:13 PM UTC