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U.S. Soccer WNT
12' - GOAL! @alexmorgan13 with the #USWNT's first goal of the #FIFAWWC! #USAvTHA | 1-0 @USWNT's photo on #USAvTHA
11 Jun, 07:15 PM UTC
U.S. Soccer WNT
You're ready. We're ready. Our #FIFAWWC opener is UP NEXT! #USAvTHA on @FOXTV & @TelemundoSports @USWNT's photo on #USAvTHA
11 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
Kyle Krieger
How was this announcer mentioned TWICE that she is surprised that Alex Morgan has touched the ball so many times in this game? She has scored over 100 goals. Like?? Where you been sis? #USAvTHA
11 Jun, 07:28 PM UTC
Samantha Bender
Hope Solo out here at #USAvTHA game giving us her best Cersei-Lannister-drinking-wine-on-a-balcony lewk @SamBenda's photo on #USAvTHA
11 Jun, 07:42 PM UTC
USWNT reactions
11 Jun, 08:42 PM UTC
The Fake ESPN
BREAKING: The United Nations will end #USAvTHA and has filed charged against the #USWNT for crimes against humanity.
11 Jun, 08:13 PM UTC
Believe That We
Thank you to @MalPugh for summing up everyone's reaction to Alex Morgan's FIVE goals. #USAvTHA https://t.co/ux8FlgTOMN
11 Jun, 10:34 PM UTC
USWNT reactions
Folks we have waited a whole four years for this moment again 😍😍#USAvTHA #WorldCup2019 https://t.co/mZFXnu9KzZ
11 Jun, 05:53 PM UTC
Believe That We
Keep this best-friend-goal thing up ladies. #USAvTHA https://t.co/pQacCyedtY
11 Jun, 07:25 PM UTC
Believe That We
And the rest of the world looks on shooketh. 13-0. 🇺🇸 #USAvTHA https://t.co/EROIc6EOwQ
11 Jun, 10:05 PM UTC
Believe That We
Even the Thailand defender knew. #USAvTHA https://t.co/A0OYxkUON2
11 Jun, 07:19 PM UTC
HotSpot Soccer
Special congrats to the #USWNT as they won their opening #FIFAWWC match 13-0. Enjoy this gif of Alex Morgan celebrating with the bench after scoring 5! #USAvTHA https://t.co/qsPAVVu5eB
11 Jun, 09:07 PM UTC
The Champs are back! Congrats to the @uswnt on their dominant 13-0 victory in the #FIFAWWC. The Lou is with you! #MLS4THELOU #USAvTHA https://t.co/0Stpa7ERk1
11 Jun, 09:52 PM UTC
Kaitlin Tomassoni
The women’s team is so much better than the men’s 😂🇺🇸 #USAvTHA https://t.co/eBsfq1nEZM
11 Jun, 07:21 PM UTC
First World Cup game was a major success⚽️🇺🇸, 13-0 win over Thailand #USAvTHA #WWC2019 https://t.co/49VShkfigR
11 Jun, 09:20 PM UTC
Zona de Clubismo
To zoando essa goleada dos EUA mas to com medo. #USAvTHA #USA #FIFAWWC https://t.co/fcOihXYrZR
11 Jun, 10:25 PM UTC
The US are really out here scoring goals every like 40 seconds #USAvTHA https://t.co/oj8PwvPj5m
11 Jun, 08:45 PM UTC
The USA walloping of Thailand supports a theory I’ve had for a long time that a losing team should be able to throw the towel in like a boxing match. When you’re being ground into the dust at 10-0... someone just call it. They’re already dead. #USAvTHA
11 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
Crash Gladys
Alex Morgan doing Alex Morgan things... even off the field. WOW! #Badass #USWNT #USAvTHA #USA https://t.co/HjI3Ifvkdf @AlexMorgan13 @USWNT @CalWSoc
11 Jun, 10:58 PM UTC
AO Phoenix
What a turnout crowd for lunch today! Thx to everyone that joined us at @walterstationaz...plus the gracious owners/staff that hosted us! #USWNT #USAvTHA #AmericanOutlaws #FIFAWWC https://t.co/0j8k5NUcZe
12 Jun, 01:01 AM UTC
pelirrojito amoroso
@alywagner Megan Rapinoe owes the Soccer world an apology for being a total jackass after her goal. And yes #USWNT ran up the score. How do you think the Thai players feel after a loss like that? It's simple sportswomanship. END of story. #uglywin #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:50 AM UTC
Dick Naylor
Luke just got beat down worse than Thailand's soccer club. (Go USA!) #USAvTHA #Bachelorette #TheBachelorette #BachelorNation
12 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
Denis O'Bell
@USWNT @mPinoe a disgrace, her sportsmanship a disgrace, the team celebrating by winning against a tiny nation a disgrace. What a shit product you have. #USWNT #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:35 AM UTC
Joe Napoli
12 Jun, 01:43 AM UTC
Jillian Hiscock
👏🏼We wouldn’t ever say this about male athletes. 👏🏼 #LikeAGirl #OneNationOneTeam #USAvTHA Fans debate whether USWNT's late-game celebrations went too far https://t.co/6pxEeVUfZU
12 Jun, 01:11 AM UTC
Michael Lewis
A high 5 and a high 13: #USWNT rolls over Thailand, 13-0, in @WomensWorldCup opener - https://t.co/HDceLPYhom #France2019 #WWC2019 #WWC19 #Francia2019 #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:49 AM UTC
Gods Gift To NJ
At this point I’m pretty sure Thailand is now a US territory... has any team ever been stomped that bad in international play ever? #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:34 AM UTC
@wick_22 @mirtle Classless is understatement.. #USAvTHA #USATHA
12 Jun, 01:27 AM UTC
Just watched the @USWNT game for the second time today. If you missed it then you missed history. #USAvTHA #GoUSA @mPinoe for MVP for all that hustle!!
12 Jun, 01:56 AM UTC
Brandon Maxey
Honestly don’t understand how you could get upset with the @USWNT for celebrating all 13 goals. If you were to see me score at the World Cup, I’m going absolutely nuts, regardless of the score line. Those are the goals you dream of. Keep on celebrating, ladies. 🇺🇸⚽️#USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:54 AM UTC
Joseph R Rojas 🤪
13-0 USA!!!!!! I can feel the back to back victory!!! #WomensWorldCup #WWC19 #USAvTHA #FifaWomensWorldCup
11 Jun, 08:54 PM UTC
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11 Jun, 11:10 PM UTC
Is it just me? After 6-0 isn’t that a good time to get some other players on the field for the @USWNT #USAvTHA #USWNT? It’s not getting some minutes for “scrubs!” These are valuable minutes for backup players that may benefit greatly! https://t.co/f1cKIic1g8
12 Jun, 01:38 AM UTC
Seriously anyone who is upset about the US women scoring 13 goals and celebrating every one of them can just plain suck it!!! Turn off the tv and go do something else if it bothers you. As for me, I’ll take all of the US goals and celebrations I can get!!! #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:35 AM UTC
I know there’s been some responses to those who complained about the US Women’s Team running up the score... but I just tried to find those critics and came up empty lol tbh when I searched for it, everyone seems pretty thrilled. Not sure where that outage is coming from!#USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:32 AM UTC
Erica Payne
#USAvTHA #WorldCup2019 #USWNT and you get a goal, and you get a goal, and you get a goal! https://t.co/oeNaznmYbK
12 Jun, 01:32 AM UTC
Geno Black
I feel bad for Thailand but this is the World Cup not a friendly. If you make it you can take it. #OneNationOneTeam #USATHA #USA #Thailand #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:26 AM UTC
#rapinoe not participating in the anthem is disgraceful. Take the #USA uniform off! #USAvTHA #FIFAWWC @USWNT @TeamUSA
12 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
Ben Miller
Alex Morgan is a legend. What a result! #USWNT #USAvTHA #FIFAWWC
12 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
#USAvTHA What an embarrassing game for #Thailand Score 13-0 #WomensWorldCup2019 Go #USA #WorldCup2019 https://t.co/6QGWwrslD6
12 Jun, 01:55 AM UTC
Adam Kazen
I see you @alexmorgan13 #USWNT #USAvTHA #WomensWorldCup2019 #SheGot5OnIt
12 Jun, 01:53 AM UTC
Lathan Lev
In regards to the #USAvTHA match, I see no problem. If you want the team to stop scoring, then the opponent should have better defense. These talented ladies have every right to celebrate their success. Maybe pay them equally while you're at it
12 Jun, 01:53 AM UTC
Troy Heller
Taking my mind off things for awhile. When I saw the score for US Woman’s soccer team I thought it was a typo. Nope just watched the game #domination #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:51 AM UTC
The #USWNT destroyed #Thailand in the opening round of the Women's World Cup by scoring 13 goals! These ladies are making history, fast! #WomensWorldCup2019 #WomensWorldCup #women #womensinspire #soccer #USAvTHA #USA #USATHAI https://t.co/MJuNwvyJiX
12 Jun, 01:50 AM UTC
Ernie Stevenson
Total annihilation! @USWNT #WorldCup2019 #USAvTHA #USAvsThailand
12 Jun, 01:49 AM UTC
Mario reinoso
Don’t eat #thaifood tomorrow. #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:47 AM UTC
Si vis pacem, para bellum
If you have a issue with the 13-0 #USAvTHA game and us talking about running up the score and implementing a slaughter rule.. You're the problem with sports now. It's not a level playing field. Someone will always be better. Toughen up
12 Jun, 01:46 AM UTC
Gipkalicious 🧢
@SenGillibrand LOL. .. it's like @KrumroyMarion always says ... "Who gives a F about soccer. ... . Let alone women's soccer" #LilHo's #Soccer #SoccerIsStupidAF #USAvTHA #USWNT
12 Jun, 01:44 AM UTC
USWNT: Scores 13 goals in on World Cup match. USMNT: Didn’t qualify for the World Cup. Still the US women soccer players are not being payed equal to the men. #USWNT #USAvTHA #WomensWorldCup
12 Jun, 01:40 AM UTC
kev antaya
#USWMT scored as many goals as the @Patriots I the Super Bowl, and more points than the @RamsNFL😂😂😂 #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:39 AM UTC
Karl Jr
@alexmorgan13 ‘s roll back goal should be worked on at every youth camp this summer #USAvTHA #5Goals
12 Jun, 01:37 AM UTC
Double Doink Enthusiast
What better way to relive the record-breaking 13-0 defeat of Thailand than with a ridiculous shirt. #USWNT #USAvTHA https://t.co/HYlcxTT2Nz https://t.co/ra1Iiq895r
12 Jun, 01:33 AM UTC
Rachel Burns
I left to go to work and the score of the game was 7-0. And when I got home and they won 13-0... #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:32 AM UTC
In an @oprah voice: “And you get a goal! and you get a goal! And you get a goal! 13x” #USAvTHA #USWNT Congrats @USWNT!!! 🇺🇸 ❤️⚽️💙💫
12 Jun, 01:30 AM UTC
Britt Dion Cavacas
@USWNT you’re true role models for every little girl that looks to be you one day! The sportsmanship towards Thailand players was incredible to see after your fantastic win!! Thank you for all you do! #USAvTHA #USWNT #ROLEMODELS
12 Jun, 01:29 AM UTC
Hannah Smoot
Can we just talk about that USA vs Thailand score....oh my gosh that game was insane. #USAvTHA #USA
12 Jun, 01:29 AM UTC
Random Octopus
Anyone notice Alex Morgan’s Rob Brown windmill on her first goal? #USWNT #letsgopens #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:28 AM UTC
@USWNT scored more goals today than Kevin Durant had points in Game 5. #USAvTHA
12 Jun, 01:28 AM UTC