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Stephanie Grisham
USMCA will grow the U.S. economy, create more jobs, and increase wages. It’s time for Congress to pass #USMCAnow and deliver a win for America’s farmers, ranchers, and workers! @PressSec's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 02:56 PM UTC
Rep. Kevin Brady
Here are the #USMCA facts: ➡️ Trade w/ Mexico & Canada supports 12 million American jobs ➡️ USMCA adds 176,000 more BOTTOM LINE: USMCA = Good for American workers! #USMCANow
10 Sep, 01:39 PM UTC
House Republicans
📅 It’s been almost one year since @POTUS announced he reached an agreement with Mexico and Canada on USMCA. This has gone on for far too long. @SpeakerPelosi needs to stop dragging her feet and bring USMCA to the floor immediately. #USMCAnow @HouseGOP's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 03:12 PM UTC
Vice President Mike Pence
Not only will the #USMCA benefit America’s farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers, it will add billions to the already booming economy! This trade deal is a huge win for Americans and Congress must work to pass it now! #USMCAnow @VP's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 08:07 PM UTC
Vice President Mike Pence
The #USMCA means: ✅ Stronger Economic Growth ✅ More Jobs ✅ More Exports ✅ Rising Wages Let’s pass a trade deal for ALL Americans! #USMCAnow @VP's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 08:07 PM UTC
Vice President Mike Pence
The #USMCA is a deal for the 21st Century that will support mutually beneficial trade and lead to freer and fairer markets! #USMCAnow @VP's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 08:29 PM UTC
Sec. Sonny Perdue
Over half of our nation's governors and nearly 1,000 food and agriculture organizations signed letters to our leaders in Congress. Their message: America needs to pass #USMCA now. #USMCAnow @SecretarySonny's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 02:17 PM UTC
Rep. Dusty Johnson
The buck stops with Congress. It’s been 284 days since @realDonaldTrump signed the #USMCA agreement. Madam Speaker, it’s time to pass the #USMCAnow. @RepDustyJohnson's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 04:51 PM UTC
Rep. Greg Pence
Today, I spoke on the Floor of the House of Representatives in support of the #USMCA—an agreement that will generate tens of billions of dollars and create over 175,000 new American jobs. @SpeakerPelosi, it’s time to pass the #USMCAnow 🇺🇸 @RepGregPence's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 07:59 PM UTC
U.S. Chamber
Why is approval of USMCA an urgent priority for American workers, farmers, and businesses? (A Thread) https://t.co/GSyc72TTsc #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 05:22 PM UTC
⭐️⭐️⭐️🇺🇸Deplorable Dreg of Society🇺🇸
This bill has broad bipartisan support. Tell Nancy Pelosi to BRING it to floor of the House for a VOTE TODAY!! #Congress #Pelosi #USMCANow @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump https://t.co/NLQju4L41F
10 Sep, 11:12 AM UTC
House Republicans
Passing #USMCAnow will help American workers and businesses compete in today’s 21st century economy. House Democrats need to put the American people first and bring the USMCA up for a vote.
10 Sep, 08:21 PM UTC
Michael McCaul
#DYK? 12 million American jobs are supported by trade with Mexico and Canada - over 950,000 of those being in Texas. The #USMCA would add 176,000 NEW American jobs and add $68.2 BILLION to our GDP. Let's not delay and vote on the #USMCANow. https://t.co/n5ojPTUhaH
10 Sep, 03:49 PM UTC
National Turkey Federation
The #USMCA supports #turkey farmers by: ✔️ maintaining existing trade relations ✔️ creating new export opportunities ✔️ sustaining American jobs Congress, we need #USMCAnow!
10 Sep, 04:21 PM UTC
Congresswoman Debbie Lesko
With our location next to Mexico, Arizona is well-positioned to benefit from the #USMCA. The USMCA is a big win for not only Arizona's economy, but also our national economy. We need the #USMCAnow! @RepDLesko's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 02:23 PM UTC
Rep. Glenn Grothman
Wisconsin’s world-famous dairy industry, and our entire agriculture sector, will benefit from @realDonaldTrump’s #USMCA trade agreement. It’s time for @SpeakerPelosi to bring it to the floor for a vote. #USMCANow @RepGrothman's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 08:13 PM UTC
It’s time for Congress to pass the USMCA! #USMCAnow https://t.co/GWb1b3tDkY
10 Sep, 07:55 PM UTC
Sec. Sonny Perdue
Last year, we exported nearly $40 billion worth of agricultural goods to our valuable allies to our north and south. Passing #USMCA will make a good trade relationship even better. #USMCAnow @SecretarySonny's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 05:40 PM UTC
Sec. Wilbur Ross
In 2018, median household incomes rose above $63,000 for the first time on record as 2.3 million more Americans found full-time, year-round work. With #USMCA, this growth will only continue with more jobs and rising wages. #Congress must pass #USMCANow. @SecretaryRoss's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 07:12 PM UTC
Iowa ABI
Today ABI joined 78 other Iowa orgs–including @DSMpartnership and @IowaFarmBureau–in sending a letter to Iowa’s Congressional delegation asking them to support the USMCA. #USMCANow https://t.co/YgSHAqU97X
10 Sep, 01:09 AM UTC
Becky Freeman
🚨CHECK IT OUT🚨 Arizona's University Presidents Unite To Call For USMCA Ratification ⤵️ @ASU @uarizona @NAU #USMCANow #USMCA https://t.co/BPnpb1Egjx
10 Sep, 05:43 PM UTC
Spencer Tuma
.@WhiteHouse thanks for the mention of @MOFarmBureau’s #USMCA video in today’s #WestWingReads. #USMCANow. You can read the full briefing here ➡️ https://t.co/VAcxkrQ6dk
10 Sep, 04:28 PM UTC
Tucson Metro Chamber
Did you know that 14,100 Arizona jobs and $1.7 billion of Arizona’s agricultural exports are supported by trade with Canada and Mexico? Learn More. Get Engaged. #USMCANOW @AzMxCom @TucsonChamber's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 09:26 PM UTC
Senator Roy Blunt
The internet was in its earliest stages when NAFTA was negotiated – meaning it has no obligations regarding digital e-commerce. #USMCA will include the most comprehensive rules on digital trade. Just another important reason it’s time to pass #USMCAnow. @RoyBlunt's photo on #USMCAnow
10 Sep, 09:30 PM UTC
Joe Murphy
.@IowaFarmBureau, @DSMpartnership, @IowaABI and a coalition of more than 75 organizations others push for #USMCA #USMCAnow https://t.co/1Y8bh4zA8v
10 Sep, 09:28 PM UTC
USMCA provides strong support for sustainable forest management and continues protections against illegal logging. #USMCANow https://t.co/czEeXVfYmT
10 Sep, 03:20 PM UTC
Arizona-Mexico Commission
🥬🍓🥑🌽DID YOU KNOW: 14,100 Arizona jobs and $1.7 billion of Arizona’s agricultural exports are supported by trade with Canada and Mexico? Learn More. Get Engaged. https://t.co/lqOD27Pvr6 #USMCANOW https://t.co/pvdt736uU3
10 Sep, 09:42 PM UTC
Benjamin Stewart
#TravelMatters #USMCANOW https://t.co/oaE7Ycztng
10 Sep, 09:38 PM UTC
Thomas A. Schatz
The USMCA is projected to generate an estimated $34 billion in new auto manufacturing investments & 76,000 automotive industry jobs in the U.S. in five years. #USMCAnow https://t.co/d7srEp7aUq
10 Sep, 08:24 PM UTC
Spencer Tuma
Thanks for sharing, @mmcassella! We're going to keep spreading the good word about #USMCA! Great to see this in @politico MorningTrade this morning. #USMCANow @MOFarmBureau https://t.co/gTcK7ZSpug
10 Sep, 02:27 PM UTC

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