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🇺🇸 Trumps Catia 🇮🇹
I’m sick of American athletes embarrassing our country around the world. Charmed lives, wretched hearts. @mPinoe sends a f*uck u Potus, motivated by Kapernick 🥴 News flash u ungrateful prima donna, u play 4 the USA, not U. #USWNT #SendHerAssHome #Bench https://t.co/aSviD5Goaj
13 Jun, 01:07 AM UTC
Steven Goff
Top 10 U.S.-rated markets for Fox coverage of #uswnt's #fifawwc opener: 1. Kansas City 4.46 2. San Diego 4.12 3. Tulsa 3.66 4. Austin 3.65 5. Richmond 3.63 6. Norfolk 3.51 7. Wash DC 3.42 8. Milwaukee 3.08 9. New Orleans 3.01 10. Hartford 3.00 SD had highest share (15); KC, 14
12 Jun, 09:01 PM UTC
U.S. Soccer WNT
With the #FIFAWWC underway, @MenInBlazers + @budweiserusa sat down with a few #USWNT players for some insightful conversations. @USWNT's photo on #USWNT
13 Jun, 10:30 AM UTC
FOX Sports
"Ask yourself this: if you flip the score… People would say, 'how embarrassing, the United States women with all that talent were humiliated, they deserved it.' This is the price and the burden of power and greatness, scrutiny." —@ColinCowherd on #USWNT's 13-0 win over Thailand @FOXSports's photo on #USWNT
12 Jun, 10:41 PM UTC
Girasol Parlante
But when women do it we're out of line, hysterical, unreasonable, etc. His name isn't on the headline. His actions are described as virtuosic. He isn't being shamed for what he did but #USWNT are for "celebrating goals in blowout" after winning 1st game of a WORLD CUP. FUCK OFF! https://t.co/GcQY9IvvRo
12 Jun, 01:52 PM UTC
Julie Foudy
I would take Sam Mewis/Rose Lavelle press conferences everyday all day. Love the young energy on this team. #uswnt @JulieFoudy's photo on #USWNT
13 Jun, 09:13 AM UTC
Larry McReynolds
Come on folks! Quit beating our USA Team up for celebrating the awesome win against Thailand 13-0 This is something we all should be over the top about! #letsdothis @USWNT #USWNT #WWC2019 #FIFAWWC2019 #FB
12 Jun, 02:41 PM UTC
Matt Fortuna
Poor form of the Blues to run up the score on a stage like this. (Am I doing this right?) #USWNT
13 Jun, 02:34 AM UTC
Rob Stone
Golden Blazer Alumni meeting. #USWNT #USA @RobStoneONFOX's photo on #USWNT
13 Jun, 11:48 AM UTC
Morgan Hughes
13 Jun, 02:34 AM UTC
Diana Taurasi’s Bun
“You can never have everyone love you so fuck ‘em.” - What Alex Morgan really wanted to say #USWNT https://t.co/hj0BS5gq5s
12 Jun, 10:23 PM UTC
The Soccer Heretic
Meanwhile their overlords at #MLS lose $100M annually, can't beg 350k people to watch primetime national TV matches, and repeatedly get their asses kicked by Mexican clubs in #CCL, but still rake in profits through SUM on the back of #USWNT TV value.
12 Jun, 03:41 PM UTC
The Soccer Heretic
#USSF is just #MLS's lap dog in operations. The #USMNT is a complete failure and used as a piss poor marketing extension of MLS. The #USWNT gets screwed on behalf of SUM raking in their value on TV. Lower division soccer gets held back and screwed out of investment repeatedly.
12 Jun, 03:38 PM UTC
Ben Murphy
The world is mad that the #USWNT scored and celebrated 13 goals. Hope you understand this was the best thing that could've happened to soccer. "Sport is all about competition, finding out how good you are. And if you are lesser by 13 goals, then good at least you know." @BenMurphyTV's photo on #USWNT
12 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
Rebecca Cohen
Ah the Women's World Cup - instead of the usual takes about the US sucking at soccer, we get to hear how the US is too good at soccer. Such a refreshing change. #USWNT #FIFAWWC
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Matthew Sauk
Sick and tired of people complaining about the #USWNT scoring 13 goals. Their job is to score goals, it is the job of the other team to stop them from scoring. This isn't little league people! There is no such thing as running it up in professional level of sports
12 Jun, 03:22 PM UTC
Miss Representation
Lots of faux outrage directed at the #USWNT following their decisive opening round victory in the @FIFAWWC. Let's drop the sexism and celebrate success! https://t.co/9ZXuBoXfja
12 Jun, 06:55 PM UTC
Zach Hynes
How dare the Blues celebrate that goal to go up 4-0!! Have some respect and show some humility during a blowout! Can’t believe they would show emotion and celebrate in a moment like this! #StanleyCup #USWNT
13 Jun, 02:35 AM UTC
Nancy Armour
ICYMI The #USWNT's celebrations will be the ruin of our society! The sun will no longer shine! Puppies will disappear! Ice cream will cease to exist! We must have rules for decorum! https://t.co/WBLO5xByh5
13 Jun, 11:41 AM UTC
Zach Ertz, whose wife Julie Ertz is a starter on the #USWNT, has no issue with their #FIFAWWC celebrations. "It's really the best way to build chemistry because you see people so happy for another person’s success." https://t.co/C7DVLv1c9q
13 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
THIS. THIS. THIS. #USWNT 🙌🏻♥️⚽️ https://t.co/VNydj4zyX4
13 Jun, 03:28 AM UTC
Eric Nuechterlein
I hope the #USWNT score 15 goals on Sunday...don't ever stop putting the ball in the goal, it's the damn World Cup...also please keep celebrating
13 Jun, 12:09 PM UTC
Anne-Marije Rook
Whether it’s soccer or cycling: Tuning in matters. Here’s why I am dragging myself out of bed at all hours to tune in for women’s sports. #viewsmatter #uswnt #FIFAWWC #COClassic #womenscycling https://t.co/FRolFZtBIy
13 Jun, 12:20 PM UTC
St. Louis Ambush
Have you yet to make your #FathersDay plans yet? Join us at @STLFSMLive at @BPVSTL on Sunday for the next @ussoccer watch party!! The #USWNT will face Chile in their next Group Stage match of the #FIFAWWC at 11am. Doors at 10am! Come join us for an afternoon of WORLD CUP SOCCER https://t.co/NLL28nZqvi
12 Jun, 06:43 PM UTC
AO Phoenix
⚽️ #USWNT 🇺🇸 🆚 Chile 🇨🇱 📅 Sunday, 6/16 ⏰ 9:00 am (AZ) 📺 FOX 🥘 $15 All-U-Can-Eat Brunch Buffet 🍹 $5 Beermosas & Micheladas (w/ buffet) 📱 #USAvCHI #FIFAWWC  #AOPHX 📍@walterstationaz 4056 E Washington St Phoenix, AZ 85034 📲 https://t.co/DL4S7EnK5v https://t.co/kBtRzhZII2
13 Jun, 11:58 AM UTC
The respect between Carli Lloyd, from the #USWNT and the Thai goalkeeper who conceded 13 goals will melt your cold, cold hearts. ❤️ https://t.co/T8Bf8mOzqo
13 Jun, 12:21 PM UTC
The crew is going to talk about the #USWNT game. No the team was not over celebrating and 13 goals was not overkill. What say you? #TBL #FIFAWWC #FIFAWFC2019 #DareToShine https://t.co/9zljg8JwPT
13 Jun, 11:54 AM UTC
Jeff Sharon
Equal pay? I say the #USWNT players get paid what the #USMNT makes, and vice-versa. Meritocracy, right? https://t.co/XwNnzVfH36 https://t.co/WzDZk8EZEV
13 Jun, 12:37 PM UTC
Allison Venella
“This is a team in full attack mode, fighting not just to win a World Cup but to prove a larger point about their worth.” #USWNT #OneNationOneTeam ⚽️🇺🇸 Let’s do this ladies!!! Already can’t wait for Sunday. #beatChile https://t.co/Hll9s0N5uQ
13 Jun, 12:32 PM UTC
ally celezbrates
I will forever be proud of the USWNT at any point in time. #uswnt #worldcup
13 Jun, 12:24 PM UTC
106.7 The Fan
There were goals and joy, but @moneymetalcakes and @EBJunkies said the #USWNT acted like 'ugly Americans' at #FIFAWWC. https://t.co/CDJNz7pu8F
13 Jun, 12:23 PM UTC
Bekah MacPhillips
As @SarahSpain said... I'm just pro-celebration. Storm the court, celebrate all the goals, etc. It's exciting to score & to win, no matter how many times you've done it. You shouldn't have to contain your excitement in your moment of glory to spare someone else's feelings. #USWNT
13 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
Chad Sheldon
This whole controversy with the #USWNT team would be a non-story if only the team from Thailand had joined the rest of the world and had transgender athletes competing for them. https://t.co/Ic4qsW21qZ
13 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
This is how a classy team behaves when throttling an inferior opponent. Wake up #USWNT. #FIFAWWC #USA https://t.co/bg8nPYmNCK
13 Jun, 12:42 PM UTC
dad dancer #FBPE
George Best's guide to celebrating when thrashing an underdog. The photo captures him celebrating his sixth goal. Northampton Town v Manchester United 1970 #USWNT #FIFAWWC https://t.co/kWiShrTrNK via @YouTube https://t.co/VOilt9BGie
13 Jun, 12:39 PM UTC
Enjoy the win and ignore the rest you went out there played hard and won good! Keep it up and go be world champions #USWNT
13 Jun, 12:39 PM UTC
here we go again #USWNT #Worldcup19 https://t.co/GdZSsuexXf
13 Jun, 12:38 PM UTC
Barbara the 🇺🇸🇮🇹
I agree you score as many goals as you can. I don’t agree with celebrating after like you just won the entire thing #USWNT
13 Jun, 12:38 PM UTC
More Bounce
The @USWNT just seems too obnoxious to support. Maybe they’ll learn a little humility along the way. #USWNT #USOC19
13 Jun, 12:36 PM UTC
deionte gray
I wrote a whole research paper on gender inequality specifically in sports and what I found is astonishing... so I fully support anything and will listen to anything #USWNT players have to say....
13 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
Hayley Serres
Thanks for this great read! This basically sums up all of my emotions in one very thoughtful piece. #USWNT #FIFAWCC #ENG #FRA https://t.co/57i8G2D07e
13 Jun, 12:34 PM UTC
@thehill And the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—the law of the land, unlike that song—protects her right to do so. What the HELL is your disgusting point? #EqualPay #1A #USWNT
13 Jun, 12:31 PM UTC
Michael Kasdan
The Sports Detox Podcast Episode 111 https://t.co/tRof2z50D0 feat @WaiSallas and myself via @GoodMenProject talking #NBAFinals @KDTrey5 and #USWNT #Worldcup19 this week!
13 Jun, 12:31 PM UTC
If I see any more posts about what the #USWNT should or shouldn’t have done, I’m gonna scream. I
13 Jun, 12:31 PM UTC
Ashley Douglas
How is calling a team that qualified for the World Cup amateurs not more disrespectful than playing your 100% best against them for a full game and celebrating? They aren’t paid, that’s on the FA and FIFA. There are unfortunately many teams on the women’s side like that. #USWNT https://t.co/VI4VBV3AXQ
13 Jun, 12:28 PM UTC
#usa and #USWNT fan first and foremost but man do I love that @ScotlandNT. #FIFAWWC
13 Jun, 12:26 PM UTC
Maxwell Noonan
I'm still seeing/hearing talk about the #USWNT being disrespectful to Thailand. I don't care if celebrating every goal made us the villains, or if the world roots against us. If the other team doesn't like it, stop us. I fully expect any team able to score on us to do the same.
13 Jun, 12:23 PM UTC
Me trying to figure out why people are so obsessed over a celebration of a goal #USWNT https://t.co/3t3L9S7E0D
13 Jun, 12:22 PM UTC
@myfavoritealias @jamesjj999 @SenGillibrand A really good team can play hard and not run up the score. That’s just bad coaching by the #USWNT.
13 Jun, 12:22 PM UTC