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Bryan Fischer
"An announcement could come within a couple of weeks concerning the potential addition of UT and OU to the league, the person said" https://t.co/55TBgKmTls
21 Jul, 07:41 PM UTC
Reid Bankston
@BruceFeldmanCFB If UT and OU want to come, the SEC is taking them. We may talk slow but we’re not dumb down here. That’s a complete monopoly on 25% of the country, we aren’t turning that down to protect A&M from big brother.
21 Jul, 10:04 PM UTC
Ben DuBose
Well, this is large, and quite the scoop by Brent. "An announcement could come within a couple of weeks concerning the potential addition of UT and OU to the league." https://t.co/54CylSoqRp
21 Jul, 07:51 PM UTC
Greg Bailey
A&M athletic director Ross Bjork says this about potential #SEC expansion with UT and OU: "There's a reason why we left..." and "we want a stand alone identity" in the state of Texas in the best conference in America. #SECMediaDays
21 Jul, 09:22 PM UTC
Zach Nuñez
I like maps so here’s my proposals ~IF~ UT and OU were to join the #SEC. Assuming no one is kicked out. If you’re color blind I’m sorry. Red: Similar to how the line is drawn in the current format Blue: True East and West Green: Change to North and South @ZachNunezTV's photo on UT and OU
21 Jul, 09:05 PM UTC
Mike Vernon
Texas, Oklahoma and the SEC: Why would UT and OU go to a more crowded conference where TV rev gets split into smaller pieces? They wouldn't. BUT... what if the SEC was exploring a landmark change? What if the SEC was looking into leaving the NCAA? That gets their attention.
21 Jul, 10:37 PM UTC
C. Austin Cox
With the Big 12 TV contract negotiations coming up (current deal ends in '25), news that Texas and Oklahoma are trying to join the SEC could not come at a worse time. Even if the other Big 12 schools rally together, TV networks will be stand-offish until UT and OU are "situated."
21 Jul, 08:48 PM UTC
Frank the Tank
WOW! My question has always been whether UT and OU can proactively leave Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and others behind politically because this comes close to killing the Big 12 for power conference purposes. Lots to process here. https://t.co/C365zWTfwU
21 Jul, 10:38 PM UTC
John Brown
@RedditCFB Ironically, after Oklahoma and Texas, Kansas is the next most desirable school left in the Big 12. They play football (I promise), and they're the only school after UT and OU with a national brand.
21 Jul, 09:26 PM UTC
Matt Thomas
What was your favorite UT and OU in the Big 12 moment? https://t.co/lY6pmAgtjY
21 Jul, 10:02 PM UTC
Jerome Solomon
Exclusive: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference "An announcement could come within a couple of weeks concerning the potential addition of UT and OU to the league," writes @BrentZwerneman https://t.co/CAyvgiln7i via @houstonchron
21 Jul, 09:04 PM UTC
Greg Bailey
Jimbo Fisher added this about potential SEC expansion with UT and OU, "Be careful what you ask for when you come in this league" on SEC Network. #SECMediaDays #GigEm
21 Jul, 09:04 PM UTC
Brian Murphy
If this gets voted down, the Big Ten, ACC and PAC-12 will be offering instantly (though intermediaries, of course). In fact, those three should have let UT and OU know yesterday they are all-in. https://t.co/QNDXFc01hi
21 Jul, 10:17 PM UTC
@llansford0620 @kbohls Right? Particularly if the push is to get to 16. If you need two to get to 16, how do you not ask UT and OU.
21 Jul, 09:18 PM UTC
Bill Hooks
Now with UT and OU looking to get to the SEC which I assume no smoke but tons of fire. Who would you want the B1G to go get to counter the SEC?
21 Jul, 09:07 PM UTC
Can’t wait for the Pac12 to show up and announce UT and OU https://t.co/XrlccAEWfT
21 Jul, 09:48 PM UTC
@BJSymons Im sure they have plans in place to scoop up Sam Houston State and Cincinnati to replace UT and OU. It’s what the Big12-4+2 would do.
21 Jul, 09:30 PM UTC
#ForTheH Jason
@AYanez_5 Almost feels like when the Big East broke up, after we got there. Big 12 may be headed in that direction. American may be the better of the 2, if UT and OU move.
21 Jul, 10:09 PM UTC
@TheSmashSimmons Respectfully, your reponse is typical UT arrogance. UT and OU need the SEC. Not the other way around.
21 Jul, 09:47 PM UTC
Scott G
@thelonghorns12 My conspiracy theory angle: UT and ou called SEC months ago to inquire. SEC made some inquiries to schools and did some “work” to get approval votes. SEC called NCAA to inform it was a go soon and 4 team playoffs had to expand NCAA moved QUICK to start track to 12 teams
21 Jul, 09:24 PM UTC
NADNAR- Not A Democrat Not a Republican
@WinterSportsLaw @BlatantHomerism Thanks for the info. Kind of a huge sticking point, then. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If UT and OU are serious, sounds like things could get very contentious and/or expensive fast.
21 Jul, 09:09 PM UTC
@kfbcsportszone I understand why UT and OU would want the SEC, and why the SEC would want UT, Austin is world-class, as is their education, but why hang that anchor of a school in Oklahoma around their necks? #HookEm
21 Jul, 10:34 PM UTC
Rod Mercado
@kbohls Let’s see the Pac12 make UT and ou and offer
21 Jul, 10:12 PM UTC
Agreed and I'm pleased with the rivalry. I want UT and OU at least to be joined at the hips in football with conference affiliation. https://t.co/7UbZYuk7aI
21 Jul, 10:01 PM UTC
80’s Baby
Aggies will be in full meltdown mode if UT and OU join the SEC
21 Jul, 09:55 PM UTC
Guac Hog
@ScottFaldon I mean am I crazy for not wanting to add two more probable losses to our already probable loss heavy schedule? Bring in us and houston to replace UT and OU. its not a top tier conference but I would rather be competitive than get our ass beat in the SEC.
21 Jul, 09:46 PM UTC
@dereknester and I talking about where KU might end up if UT and OU go to the SEC, and I think I wanna cry.
21 Jul, 09:38 PM UTC
Steven Maurice
@McAlisterDallas @TXSportsLife As a Big East fan I can assure you that is a good way to die a slow death. It's best to hope ut and ou are bluffing and give them whatever they want to stay
21 Jul, 09:26 PM UTC
@DBlank26 @Blessed_Life99 @kbohls Yup. I’d guess South Carolina, Vandy and Kentucky will be yes. Add UT and OU and those three schools historically aren’t gonna compete for an SEC title anyway and will be happy with the increased paycheck. Interested in the others besides bama
21 Jul, 09:21 PM UTC
@ParanoidProf @JaredStansbury A heaping helping of money when you include the Longhorns in your next TV deal. I think if the push is to get to 16, I can’t imagine them not wanting UT and OU.
21 Jul, 09:21 PM UTC