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Michelle just ATE Utica’s verse
20 Feb, 01:26 AM UTC
鬼滅キャラで韻を踏んでみよう! 竈門炭治郎 あばよ男子校 竈門禰󠄀豆子 朝のテスト 我妻善逸  鼻歌旋律 嘴平伊之助 刺身は塩漬け 煉獄杏寿郎 全力逃避行 猗窩座   サラダ
19 Feb, 03:52 PM UTC
Paul McCallion
Utica saying “I actually think I’m gonna stick to my guns on this one” is the Minnesota version of Shangela throwing a drink in Mimi’s face
20 Feb, 01:16 AM UTC
RuPaul's Drag Race
Miss Utica with the shade! 😱 @QueenUtica #DragRace @RuPaulsDragRace's photo on Utica
20 Feb, 01:33 AM UTC
utica girl don’t talk abt livs hairline when this was u a few weeks ago https://t.co/OxuB868mWK
20 Feb, 01:04 AM UTC
Utica's Lost Win
from chaotic good to chaotic evil,, I LIVE FOR SHADY UTICA #DragRace https://t.co/OMWzBtQIEZ
20 Feb, 01:11 AM UTC
Brian Lombardo
I would like to announce my commitment to Utica College!! @KrissyBell_13 @CoachGerbino @CoachFaggiano @coachdicunto https://t.co/iHrng4Q4Dq
19 Feb, 07:26 PM UTC
Gillian Quigley
#DragRace Utica really said https://t.co/YuEEWm1UoF
20 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
Másha Potato 🍟💕
Denali / Mik / Utica https://t.co/li8XtloEex
20 Feb, 02:12 AM UTC
No clever or witty name atm
Utica and Utica stans during the Rusical. #DragRace https://t.co/wxL3pypgmF
20 Feb, 01:27 AM UTC
Kurt Snyder
Great basketball tonight in Licking County. Utica, Lakewood and Granville Christian get hard-fought boys basketball wins, and Lakewood, Licking Valley and Granville get girls basketball tournament wins. Stories on Heath and Watkins girls each coming. https://t.co/mueZJbLuYj
20 Feb, 03:48 AM UTC
There are drag queens named Utica and Denali? Are we running out of drag names? @RuPaulsDragRace @danieleliot
20 Feb, 03:30 AM UTC
Utica Pioneers
Fast Start Guides Utica to Win over Manhattanville https://t.co/xUGcWJHmcE
20 Feb, 03:48 AM UTC
Morgan After Dark 🌛
This feels toned down for Utica. Love it. @cmr_2 @therealSnicks https://t.co/Vq1smKr6iS
20 Feb, 03:34 AM UTC
On #DragRace I really love Utica and Olivia, but man I miss Tamisha.
20 Feb, 03:46 AM UTC
// season 13 spoilers hi i just want to say that utica and 2 ts are rumored to be in the bottom for snatch game and i think thats beautiful
20 Feb, 04:12 AM UTC
まとめると シモーンちゃんのセーター可愛すぎ ロゼvsデナリ がんばれUticaちゃん Jamalさんのけしからんタンクトップ ランウェイみんな最高 リップシンクの後、号泣!!! あれ?来週の予告は…? でした!
20 Feb, 04:12 AM UTC
Heather Brown
Hmm did not live for some of these looks this week. Did not care for Symone’s, Utica’s, Denali’s, or Kandy’s runway #DragRace https://t.co/3cwE7Jy2Ov
20 Feb, 03:55 AM UTC
Centennial School
The Centennial Boys edged out Wilber-Clatonia 34-32 in a close one tonight in Utica. Great job Broncos! We look forward to cheering you on next week at Districts! #broncoblue #giddyup https://t.co/mOiSX2Mvuy
20 Feb, 03:50 AM UTC
*scoffs* ADAM!
@TheJWQ “Front runner” My top four right now is Symone, Olivia, Mik, and one of Rose and Utica.
20 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
Ed White
@JoeKarlsson1 @dallasnagata I mean, I kinda get it. Gottmik is a god-tier fashion queen (what got our attention) but struggles to stand out in other areas at times. We are super into Utica’s Burtonesque weirdness 😂
20 Feb, 03:35 AM UTC
gays twinks que fazem queerbait
meu deus eu juro que salvarem a utica do bottom mais uma vez como tão falando eu largo essa temporada https://t.co/PBxxbb7vNM
20 Feb, 03:31 AM UTC
Also love how unfazed Utica is by the drama she cause... #DragRace
20 Feb, 03:31 AM UTC
@AngelSaenz_ ¿Eliminaron a Utica? :c
20 Feb, 04:02 AM UTC
Free Britney
Okay but olivia is really shady. I love it but don’t be shady to Utica! #DragRace
20 Feb, 03:58 AM UTC
utica is a fashion queen
20 Feb, 03:55 AM UTC
⚔Bastião 🤠🎱🌽🕵️‍♀️
@CarynSucks Lista das próximas eliminações Elliott Denali Tina Utica Rose Winner https://t.co/jyJIhytNS7
20 Feb, 03:53 AM UTC
Utica coming for Olivia Lux’s hairline wearing that same wig she been wearing felt delusional.
20 Feb, 03:44 AM UTC
The irony of Utica being the one to say “my grandma’s a racist???” ..... Mhm #DragRace
20 Feb, 03:41 AM UTC
@Son_of_Sandor Excerpt from "The Incoming Administration," under the subhead "Mr. Lincoln's Speech at Utica," on page 4 above or here at NY Times => https://t.co/VZxClmLGC0
20 Feb, 03:39 AM UTC

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