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#Football #UWCL - Démonstration des #Lyonnaises et des #FémininesHSC qui se sont largement qualifiées pour les 1/4… https://t.co/ovwOb1qfEd
16 Nov, 10:18 AM UTC
UEFA Women's CL
Two #UWCL entries, two quarter-finals for @ManCityWomen - @LSKKvinner will be back nest year as Norwegian champions… https://t.co/O9wpn3P2hN
16 Nov, 08:54 PM UTC
Lineups: Manchester City v Lillestrøm, UEFA Women's Champions League #womensfootball #UWCL #MCWFC
16 Nov, 05:43 PM UTC
David x
Professional performance by @ManCityWomen through to the last 8 👏 #UWCL
16 Nov, 08:58 PM UTC
#UWCL – Les quarts au complet! Tirage ven. 24/11 sur ce compte Matches 21-22, 28-29/3 Wolfsburg 🇩🇪 Linköping 🇸🇪… https://t.co/zuZfw0O9d2
16 Nov, 08:56 PM UTC
Stephen J Harrison
#GOAL #ASSIST! ⚽️ @MelissaLawley_ ➡️ #NikitaParis @ManCityWomen 2 @LSKKvinner 1 #UWCL Victory for the Blues! 👏⚽️🏆… https://t.co/9Ba023AMSd
16 Nov, 09:01 PM UTC
City Women Blog
FT: @ManCityWomen 2 - 1 @LSKKvinner (7 - 1 on aggregate). City through to the quarter-finals of the @UWCL. YESSS!… https://t.co/e6L2d8Enxm
16 Nov, 09:02 PM UTC
Megan Campbell stretchered off with leg injury, UEFA Women's Champions League #womensfootball #UWCL #MCWFC Video: G… https://t.co/Rln3RFJN1T
16 Nov, 08:21 PM UTC
Full-Time: Manchester City 2 - 1 Lillestrøm, Berget 17', Christiansen 46', Parris 73', UEFA Women's Champions Leagu… https://t.co/vCs9PCGyQT
16 Nov, 08:55 PM UTC
#UWCL | Octavos de Final 🏆 Vuelta @FCBfemeni 3-0 Gintra (9-0) Rosengård 0-1 CHELSEA (0-4) LINKÖPING 3-0 Sparta Prah… https://t.co/y8w6jW99Sx
16 Nov, 09:24 PM UTC
Montse Fak
#UWCL 📸 [PHOTOGALLERY] @FCBfemeni vs Gintra 👉https://t.co/tUkuRS9Pxv at Bent It Like Women Footballers dot Com… https://t.co/M8xJ5vxk4O
16 Nov, 08:25 PM UTC
UEFA Women's CL
The story of this week's #UWCL last 16 deciders: which of the final eight will lift the trophy in Kyiv?… https://t.co/reACJQKhfl
16 Nov, 09:38 PM UTC
¡Final del encuentro! ¡El @ManCityWomen pasa a cuartos de final con un resultado global de 7-1! MC 2-1 LSK #UWCL
16 Nov, 08:55 PM UTC
Kieran Theivam
FULL TIME: @ManCityWomen 2-1 @LSKKvinner. City march into the last 8 of the @UWCL 7-1 on aggregate. #UWCL
16 Nov, 08:55 PM UTC
Jen O'Neill
PEEEEP! Ref blows the final whistle after 8 mins added on. They had a lot more chances than the scoreline suggests… https://t.co/agAx5A0ldR
16 Nov, 08:57 PM UTC
#UWCL Les huit qualifiés connus pour les 1/4F Tirage au sort le 24 novembre (13h30) des quarts et demi-finales.
16 Nov, 09:28 PM UTC
Johan Paravy
L'@OLfeminin c'est 30 buts en 4 matchs de LDC. Qui dit mieux ? #OLBiik #UWCL #TeamOL
15 Nov, 09:53 PM UTC
Cœurs de Foot
#UWCL Les résultats complets des 8èmes de finale retour. Tirage au sort des 1/4 de finale prévu le 24 novembre.
16 Nov, 09:18 PM UTC
Sólo fútbol femenino
(UWCL) These were the two results of the day! @SlaviaZeny and @ManCityWomen advanced to the #UWCL quarterfinals!!
16 Nov, 09:31 PM UTC
#UWCL | Cuartos de Final @FCBfemeni Chelsea Linköping Wolfsburg Montpellier Lyon Slavia Praha Manchester City 👉🏼 S… https://t.co/IOUrPWDRwu
16 Nov, 09:25 PM UTC
Fútbol Invisible
Ya tenemos los clasificados para 1/4 de la #UWCL 🇫🇷 Lyon 🇩🇪Wolfsburgo 🇪🇸Barcelona 🏴Manchester City 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Chelsea… https://t.co/WGd9293dwl
16 Nov, 09:13 PM UTC
Natasha Miller Premium Snapchat Monthly FOLLOW @NatashaMillerxo NEW HOTTIE #SNAPCHAT #MODEL #ThrowbackThursdayhttps://t.co/Slogmtksnw
16 Nov, 09:31 PM UTC
Pilar Fdez Andrade
Estos son los 8 equipos que pelearán en marzo (21/22 y 28/29) por estar en las semifinales de la @UWCL:… https://t.co/CmoXs4qCYJ
16 Nov, 09:04 PM UTC
R3dD3vil 🇵🇱 ⚽️
#UWCL quarter finals line up: OL, Barcelona, Man City, Chelsea, Montpellier, Wolfsburg, Slavia Praha, Linkopings.
16 Nov, 08:58 PM UTC
Women's Soccer Zone
City Player of the Match @IzzyChr17 been her energetic best again tonight, could have had more than one goal too. #UWCL
16 Nov, 08:45 PM UTC
Freya Golos
Me and @frankirby after the game last night 💙💙💙 #uwcl #CFC #chelsea #cfcfamily #chelsealadies #chelseagirl
16 Nov, 09:47 PM UTC
UEFA.com em português
RESUMO: Manchester City e Slavia Praga completaram o lote de apurados para a próxima fase da #UWCL.… https://t.co/gJOUMqQPZ0
16 Nov, 09:47 PM UTC
🍂⭐️Jackal Pack⭐️🍂
I was thinking about dropping Swedish from my Duolingo lineup (like ... when would I use it?!) until I saw the list… https://t.co/p8ToP6YQIQ
16 Nov, 09:44 PM UTC
viseense do Tondela
Mas eu desepero e muito!!! 😢 Saber que não terei sorte ao amor e pelos vistos nem ao jogo tenho pq a merda do praga… https://t.co/NGPFV5Obm3
16 Nov, 09:36 PM UTC
Lubos Dufek
.@SlaviaZeny - Stjarnan 0:0. Šance na obou stranách, gól žádný. Druhý poločas už byla trochu nuda. Každopádně slávi… https://t.co/hfi8bq4bn1
16 Nov, 09:30 PM UTC
Cœurs de Foot
#UWCL Ligue des Championnes (8e retour) : Manchester City et Slavia Prague sont les derniers qualifiés… https://t.co/8zeKA3tilJ
16 Nov, 09:22 PM UTC
Erwan Chapel
Pour moi, sur les 8 qualifiés, l'OL est le meilleur, avec juste derrière Wolfsburg. Ensuite un groupe de 5 équipes… https://t.co/I8HaSJEZ52
16 Nov, 09:13 PM UTC
El Futbol De Pi.
Estos son los 8 equipos que pelearán en marzo (21/22 y 28/29) por estar en las semifinales de la @UWCL:… https://t.co/rdfzy6yhav
16 Nov, 09:04 PM UTC
El City remontó el gol de las noruegas y ganó también el partido de vuelta. Ya tenemos definidos los 8 clasificados… https://t.co/7Exi64eJ7X
16 Nov, 09:02 PM UTC
UWCLラウンド16 2nd Leg 11/16開催試合の結果 シティ2-1LSK (2戦合計7-1で、シティが準々決勝進出) スラビア・プラハ0-0STJARMAN (2戦合計2-1で、スラビア・プラハが準々決勝進出) #UWCL
16 Nov, 09:02 PM UTC
Sólo fútbol femenino
(UWCL) Full time!! @ManCityWomen 2-1 @LSKKvinner Great game for the citizens. They are on #UWCL querterfinals… https://t.co/Gj94JRJ9ep
16 Nov, 09:00 PM UTC
I feel like we should sacrifice Slavia Prague to Lyon in the next round of the #UWCL, which leaves a host of intere… https://t.co/xaF1XYwTBV
16 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Fire The Bellas
City come from a goal down to win 2-1 and confirm their #UWCL quarter final place. Joining Barcelona, Chelsea, Link… https://t.co/ZQIndVgwnO
16 Nov, 08:58 PM UTC
Tom S
No real surprise entries for the #UWCL QF stage. Very much looking forward to the draw next week determining the final stages.
16 Nov, 08:57 PM UTC
Martin Whiteley
#UWCL Round of 16 2nd Leg @ManCityWomen defeat LSK Kvinner 2-1 to advance to the quarter-finals 7-1 on aggregate
16 Nov, 08:57 PM UTC
Nick Poulsen
Debut for Mie Jans in @ManCityWomen against @LSKKvinner #UWCL #womensfootball ⚽️🇩🇰🙏🏻👍🏻
16 Nov, 08:56 PM UTC
City Women Blog
.@lilkeets shown a yellow card #mancity #uwcl
16 Nov, 08:50 PM UTC
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