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Alex Berenson
Another week, another 39,000 adverse event reports following #Covid vaccines added to VAERS. That’s 157,000 reports so far, including 9,200 deaths, permanent disabilities, or life threatening events - but the true number of reports is far higher, though @cdcgov won’t disclose it. @AlexBerenson's photo on VAERS
07 May, 12:41 PM UTC
Craig Spencer MD MPH
UPDATE: Tucker didn't call today. I don't think he wants to have an open discussion about vaccine safety. Guess he'd prefer to spread lies and misinformation. If you have to trust someone, better the person who actually submits data to VAERS, not the fool who misinterprets it.
07 May, 01:07 AM UTC
Alex Berenson
8/ The number of side effect reports, including death reports, is off the charts compared to other vaccines. The vaccine advocates can make excuses for this (anyone can report to VAERS, etc), but none of them begin to explain what we are seeing...
06 May, 04:44 PM UTC
Alex Berenson
7/ So it is still too early to tell how important a problem this will be. Now the ugly. Pharmaceutical therapies are supposed to be BOTH safe and effective. See that first word? SAFE? Effectiveness isn't all that counts. And VAERS and EUDRA are throwing up massive red flags...
06 May, 04:42 PM UTC
Aaron Blake
30 seconds of Googling yesterday would have told Tucker that VAERS is open access, raw, unverified data. 30 more today would have told him it’s been that way since well before Biden.
07 May, 12:38 AM UTC
Alex Berenson
By way of comparison, that’s nearly as many reports added to the system LAST WEEK- and nearly twice as many death reports - as VAERS received in 2019 for every vaccine.
07 May, 12:44 PM UTC
Alex Berenson
14/ The VAERS reports have other strange side effect clusters. Tinnitus is one. Does that make sense pharmacologically? Could it be related to the LNP shell around the mRNA? I don't know. Neither does anyone else. But what I do know is that these are worth investigating...
06 May, 05:12 PM UTC
Anyone can report potential vaccine side effects to the VAERS database, so it's important to understand those reports are not verified evidence.
06 May, 07:30 PM UTC
Pam Long
I know you will spend just as much time reading the product reviews on your child’s vaccines as you did on the last birthday present: VAERS. 🥳 🎂 🎉
06 May, 06:19 PM UTC
Rich Davis, PhD, D(ABMM), MLS 🦠🔬🧫
A helpful thread about #VAERS, what it is and what it is not and how NOT to use it. Also, @Voices4Vaccines is a great follow with good resources for countering the tidal wave of antivaccine misinformation.
06 May, 05:54 PM UTC
Dr Verner Wheelock
"Under normal circumstances, 50 deaths reported to the CDC’s VAERS..system would result in a drug being taken off market immediately. In the case of the COVID shots, however, thousands of deaths have already been reported, and yet the.. programs continue."
07 May, 08:51 AM UTC
@AlexBerenson @CDCgov It's amazing how fact checkers are quick to confirm all this data hasn't been verified but yet never ever want to look at the claimed 500K dead in the US and research that. I wonder why they would try and discredit the VAERS report?
07 May, 12:58 PM UTC
Andrew Bostom, MD, MS
VAERS update: 20yo Rhode Island female on ethinyl estradiol/norgestimate oral contraceptive hospitalized for “pulmonary thrombosis” 2-weeks after receiving Pfizer mRNA vax. Why was she vaxed?
07 May, 02:28 PM UTC
Olimpia Szuwar
Wg VAERS w USA od XII.20 do IV.21 z powodu "szczepionki" C19 zmarło 3362 Amerykanów, tj. 30. dziennie, co oznacza, że w ciągu 4. miesięcy po podaniu tych substancji zmarło więcej osób niż po wszystkich innych szczepionkach łącznie w ciągu ponad 15 lat...
06 May, 07:58 PM UTC
Hipster Conservative
@AlexBerenson @CDCgov The way the mainstream media and Leftist influencers are fighting so hard to discredit VAERS the last 48 hours should scare everyone. Something sinister is going on here.
07 May, 01:40 PM UTC
Deaths reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System), from 1990 up to April 24, 2021. Only 1% - 10% of all adverse effects are reported to VAERS
07 May, 02:27 PM UTC
Honey Badger
VAERS has been updated. Up to 3,924 deaths now. (Gains about 200-300 per week, I think.) It's now No. 1 in Permanent Disability, at 2,411.
07 May, 02:20 PM UTC
Extortion17 ⚓️
Twitter is trending "VAERS data is misinformation" as #1 topic right now.... guessing they're too big to hide, too many people are looking these things up now, so they are getting in front of another massive wave of censorship. Thank GOD for Gab...
07 May, 01:38 PM UTC
Pretender of US Cicero #BananaRepublicWithNukes
Studies show that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse reactions are submitted to VAERS. There is a massive medical refusal to acknowledge vaccine adverse events. NOBODY IN MEDSCHOOL OR RESIDENCY EVER MENTIONED VAERS OR HOW TO REPORT. I DONT KNOW AN MD WHO HAS EVER REPORTED.
07 May, 02:20 PM UTC
M S Hopkins
Attacks on US talk show host Tucker Carlson, after he's accused of highly misleading on deaths after Covid jabs, even though he's reporting figures from the official VAERS (USA) reporting system for adverse reactions and deaths, which are a fraction of the real figures! #Truth
07 May, 02:16 PM UTC
K8’s Εθισμός 🌹🪑🧶
@Travis_Rysdam @e_galv How about checking out VAERS? Maybe you might want to look at the more accurate European data base
07 May, 02:42 PM UTC
@Randy070707 @doug_marty @jimcramer This is not a whole virus or live attenuated vaccine. It's an experiment without a decades long proven safe use profile. VAERs data illustrates this. It's not accurate to ascribe "anti-vax" labels (a term that typically references a community with respect to all vaccines) to ppl
07 May, 02:42 PM UTC
Brad Slager- AKA 'Brad Eagle', formerly 'The Crow'
@KiwiUncle If you want to put words in my mouth then you don’t need me for this. That thread leaves out his contention. He didn’t say it was an alarming figure, it is higher when compared to other vaccines. She also slanders VAERS, when it is run by CDC, which is wrong to do, we are told.
07 May, 02:44 PM UTC
Aleksandar Klipić S~1/r2 ⬅️➡️
@scottjbarr @SegmentIntender I think one is prepared in Germany, and more to come in EU. It's gonna be really messy. Just in the US according to the VAERS, there's been 3700 deaths from CV19 vaccine(Pfizer, Moderna). This is on a level of catastrophe. All other vaccines combined didn't have that much in 15y
07 May, 02:44 PM UTC
David Radman
@brmcbratney @DrTomFrieden Don’t send me shit from VAERS, I’m sure you know why.
07 May, 02:44 PM UTC
@Henrik_Palmgren VAERS captures between 1 to 10% of incidents... 3000+ death reports... Means 30,000 to 300,000 DEATHS DUE TO THE EXPERIMENTAL VAX
07 May, 02:43 PM UTC
1% je mal pretiranje... a glede na dolgo vnasanje podatkov v Vaers je tudi 50% manjka #adijopamet #necepimose RT @DrJanesDC_: In the meantime VAERS is surging: 39,000 NEW side effect reports after Covid "vaccines" 157,000 reports so far, including 9,200 deaths, (1/2)
07 May, 02:43 PM UTC
Vikki Devine
@LearnedLarry @PolitiFact Btw... the whole point of the op is that people were literally data mining VAERS. Do try to keep up.
07 May, 02:43 PM UTC
@sugawitter アメリカのVAERS ワクチンによる副作用の統計データによると4/23時点で3544人。この統計も過少評価の疑いあり、1%未満のデータの取得しかされていない。つまり、死者は35万人いる可能性があるとのことだ。
07 May, 02:41 PM UTC
@Craig_A_Spencer @TuckerCarlson What do we really know about these vaccines? VAERS shows the % of adverse events for the COVID vaccines to be of the highest %age (18.47% of 159,256 @ 5/7 10:34am EST), compared to all other vaccines—many that have been available a lot longer/to a larger population. #Research
07 May, 02:40 PM UTC