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Harry Ramage
Val Holmes 2 years ago had a fat contract that looked awful after his NFL stint. He is now in a rare space of being a centre who is worth every bit as much as your best spine player. Fuck me what a footballer he is #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 11:08 AM UTC
Joel Caine
Actually think VAL HOLMES heart rate goes ⬇️the bigger the moment!
23 Sep, 11:10 AM UTC
Val Holmes is the most perfect player ever
23 Sep, 11:12 AM UTC
Val Holmes 2016-17 best winger in the game 2018 best fullback in the game 2022 best centre in the game 2015, 2019-21 he was just hot #NRLFinals
23 Sep, 11:12 AM UTC
Jay Dwight
Great pass Val Holmes #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 11:08 AM UTC
The NRL Tweet
What a gem of a pass by Val Holmes. Pure quality under pressure. Cowboys 20-12. #NRLFinals #NRLCowboysEels #NRL https://t.co/E3wmgWMOK3
23 Sep, 11:09 AM UTC
Beautiful Girl
Stormzy 131K Eddie 45K jane hume Jimmy Barnes Atkins father bob val holmes Adam Levine 80K desert icon Cotter Slime Rancher 2 Benalla robbie williams moir stakes #JusticeForDrMariaHarrietStack https://t.co/3LnuOpQLMO
23 Sep, 06:33 PM UTC
Beautiful Girl
Russia 592K Waqa Blake moonee valley Lidia Thorpe reed mahoney lachlan 13K taumalolo Coolangatta gutho queen of the ball Dahmer 122K townsville Celtics 119K ICAC Norm Smith asfoora Stormzy 131K Eddie 45K jane hume Jimmy Barnes Atkins father bob val holmes https://t.co/3LnuOpQLMO
23 Sep, 06:32 PM UTC
Beautiful Girl
Brad Arthur todd payten Waleed val holmes Taumalolo Jake Arthur Grand Final Chad Townsend Panthers 15K Coolangatta Gladys Putin 562K Lidia Thorpe Opals Sivo bella nipotina Russia 612K Moonee Valley Chan 291K Jane Hume LACHLAN 11K Eddie https://t.co/3LnuOpQdXg
23 Sep, 02:15 PM UTC
@Hayward_AdamK Just like winning off a Val Holmes dive #karma
23 Sep, 11:45 AM UTC
Chris Cox - 🦇💩🤪 slow streets fan
Val Holmes is the best centre in the game. By a mile #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 11:09 AM UTC
Action Bailey
Val Holmes is a God
23 Sep, 11:07 AM UTC
Greg Davis
Have a look at Val Holmes for first/any time try while you are at it. Eels defence on that edge can leak points. #NRLCowboysEels https://t.co/OOiUYcTe9c
23 Sep, 07:48 AM UTC
@nat_sinclair93 All year Parra have been hot and cold. Where as The Cowboys have been underestimated and outstanding. Deardan has grown another leg and Val Holmes is consistently amongst the top performers every round. Throw in a forward pack that can beat any side.
23 Sep, 03:09 AM UTC
Val Holmes is our best value anytime try scorer play for #NRL Prelim weekend 😍 We also love Robson at $41 and Murray at $67 to score the first try! https://t.co/KqB8pHmc74 #RugbyLeague #sportsbet #NRLFinals https://t.co/CYzyU5Yzev
23 Sep, 02:03 AM UTC
Sam he/him
@jakey_B2395 @TheParraEels I think after that Captain’s challenge as Val Holmes’ knock on you guys don’t have a right to complain. The game was filled with a multitude of bad calls, it’s just that some went our way and some went yours 🤷‍♂️
23 Sep, 09:32 PM UTC
@TripleM_NRL What about the dive Val Holmes took against the Sharks 🦈 It’s called Karma baby
23 Sep, 06:09 PM UTC
#NRLCowboysEels One piece of Val Holmes magic is all that is needed.
23 Sep, 11:33 AM UTC
James Willis
Val Holmes is a freak. #NRLFinals
23 Sep, 11:12 AM UTC
Val Holmes having a great year
23 Sep, 11:12 AM UTC
NRL News
52' Try Cowboys, that was superb. Scott Drinkwater with a cutout pass to Val Holmes, great hands from the centre to find Murray Taulagi, and the winger goes over in the corner. Holmes adds the extras. 20-12 #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 11:09 AM UTC
Interested Onlooker
Always underestimated Val Holmes. Thought when he was at the Sharks he was just a lucky winger. Nah, he is elite.
23 Sep, 11:08 AM UTC
Simon Bralić
Quality from Val Holmes
23 Sep, 11:07 AM UTC
Sport Talk
50’ - Eels penalised and Val Holmes adds the 2 to take the lead. 14-12 Cowboys #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 11:03 AM UTC
Justice for RCG
I forgot Val Holmes never misses a kick
23 Sep, 10:05 AM UTC
@Bradenjbrady @yeezusmid Val Holmes Ruben cotter king dearden and prince drinkwater I can’t wait
23 Sep, 06:23 AM UTC
𝕽𝖔𝖇𝖎𝖓 𝕳𝖔𝖔𝖉
@FOXNRL Good news @sidpunts , you now know Val Holmes listens to the @fcttb_podcast
23 Sep, 05:21 AM UTC
Sir $amuelSOSA
Best season Cowboys have had since JT’s retirement. From 2nd last on ladder in 2021 to top 2. This Cowboys team is going to win a grand final in the next couple of years. Val Holmes and Taumololo are freaks of nature. Our forward pack is best in the league. Next year comp is ours https://t.co/WX72MVYHEX
23 Sep, 10:01 PM UTC
Unfortunately. Val Holmes suffered what the NFL and NRL fans know as the curse of Adam Gase. So glad Val is one of FEW athletes to overcome this curse. https://t.co/eJefNBjvcL
23 Sep, 01:56 PM UTC
paul fahey
@ThatJimmySmith @TopSport_com_au @ReadingThePlay @Katzo60 @NRLHUB @NRL @Benwithnonumber @TheRLScene @scplaybook1 Oh and you can shove ya $2.94 on Val Holmes ATTS up your A#%€ didn’t even look like scoring down eels week edges
23 Sep, 12:59 PM UTC