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Manchester United
All kinds of feels ❤️ 🏡 @Cristiano  #MUFC | #HereWeBelong @ManUtd's photo on Valdez
11 Sep, 09:46 AM UTC
David Faitelson
“El Canelo” le explica a Óscar Valdéz que fue lo que exactamente le faltó en la pelea. Me quedo con: “Es experiencia…”.
11 Sep, 05:04 AM UTC
Jesús Marryott
Se merece el mundo y espero poder dárselo.
10 Sep, 07:06 PM UTC
David Faitelson
El boxeo es un “juego de intereses” malévolos… Cuando estás por descomponer un “negocio”, interviene su parte más codiciosa y también vergonzosa… Oscar Valdéz no ganó esta noche…
11 Sep, 04:18 AM UTC
Saurav Jain
I found this amazing Github Repository which contains around 100 Python mini-projects 💯 This repository is perfect for a beginner to learn python by making projects.🚀 From a Calculator app to a WhatsApp bot, there is everything :) 🖇️
11 Sep, 06:23 AM UTC
ESPN Ringside
Oscar Valdez dug deep and showed a heart of a champion to retain his WBC junior lightweight title 🏆 #ValdezConceicao
11 Sep, 04:13 AM UTC
Mike Coppinger
Oscar Valdez retains his 130-pound title via unanimous decision vs. Robson Conceicao: 117-110, 115-112 and 115-112. Conceicao was in control over the first five rounds but faded. I had Conceicao up 114-113. Could have gone either way. Good fight.
11 Sep, 04:06 AM UTC
World Boxing Council
#andstill the Super Featherweight Champion of The World… Oscar Valdez!! #ValdezConceicao @WBCBoxing's photo on Valdez
11 Sep, 04:07 AM UTC
Shakur Stevenson
Miss me wit the Valdez talk I’m getting ready for Oct 23rd 😈
11 Sep, 03:05 AM UTC
FERNANDO SCHWARTZ #nuncabajolosbrazos
Hoy ganó Valdez y perdió el BOXEO
11 Sep, 04:08 AM UTC
ESPN Ringside
Oscar Valdez told @MarkKriegel that he felt disrespected by Robson Conceicao after their fight. #ValdezConceicao @ESPNRingside's photo on Valdez
11 Sep, 07:24 AM UTC
Premier League Yanker
valdez got popped n says he had a rough week lmao blame yourself n your team brah
11 Sep, 04:15 AM UTC
Valdez said he “lost sleep” over this situation which is funny because one of the side effects of Phentermine is insomnia...
11 Sep, 03:11 AM UTC
Notice darker complected fighters (Blacks, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, etc) get labeled runners & marathon travelers even when it DOESNT fit? Why did the runner Outland Valdez? Why did the Runner make Valdez face/scar tissue break up? Why did the runner look very calm & showboat? #EGO
11 Sep, 08:45 AM UTC
@adolfoln_ @CCLegaspi un juez le dio 2 de los primeros 5 rounds a Valdez. Y otro juez le dio 3 de los primeros 5 rounds a Valdez. Y una de las tarjetas es 117-110 pero no es robo porque... ¡venga home no me jo..!
11 Sep, 05:00 AM UTC
How Being Bad At Coding Led Rochelle Valdez To Work As A Cloud Developer At Google
11 Sep, 02:00 PM UTC
100 Billion
How that Valdez fight go
11 Sep, 02:05 PM UTC
Teron N. Briggs
Lol I see everyone who was outraged about Valdez being able to fight still tuned in & tweeted about it 🥴
11 Sep, 02:06 PM UTC
leo valdez bot
“We’ve arrived,” Leo announced. “Time to Split” Frank groaned. “Can we leave Valdez in Croatia?”
11 Sep, 01:29 PM UTC
Mike García
#ValdezConceicao HUBO REVANCHA, @oscarvaldez56 retuvo su cetro superpluma del @elfildeo
11 Sep, 04:21 AM UTC
James Kelly
(4-4) on the Day (29-15) week ✅Tyler Mahle o5.5 K -127 ✅F. Valdez u6.5 K -128 ❌Shohei Ohtani o5.5 K +115 ❌KC/MIN NRFI +107 ❌TOR/BAL NRFI +100 ✅DUKE (-18.5) -108 ❌MIL/CLE u9.5 -115 ✅MIL BREWERS -155 @SportsLine @propsdotcash @AllanBell247 @LarryHartstein @allie_sports
11 Sep, 02:09 PM UTC
@Tom_Valdez Zendaya y Willow Smith son las reinas del mundo.
11 Sep, 02:07 PM UTC
@2beerspodcast @Biden202020241 @CompuBox In any round ..compu box just showed this was Valdez worst performance in 10 fights and he’s being praised for that performance when he got mauled
11 Sep, 02:06 PM UTC
Gabi Jack
“I would play out an experiment on yourself. Pretend you are a man and speak with the confidence of a man. Do not apologize, do not use hedging words. Just state them as facts. And see what happens.” -- Rochelle Valdez, Cloud Developer at Google
11 Sep, 02:06 PM UTC
@Boxingego Exacccctttlllyy... Look at Valdez face....a **** robbery This 'ish cant keep going on...WT!...we gotta start putting pen 2 paper...petitioning...they robbing these babies... #PISSEDYO😡😡😡😡
11 Sep, 01:38 PM UTC
LilChewyDaSmoker 🔫
Conceicao not playing with Valdez rn 🥊
11 Sep, 03:32 AM UTC
Tom Valdez
@Gassulinero Cae gorda la tipa de lo bien que se ve siempre. 😒
11 Sep, 02:03 PM UTC