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Daily Caller
“Dr. Fauci is cringing at home as he’s watching our game,” says NBA Finals announcer Jeff Van Gundy @DailyCaller's photo on Van Gundy
21 Jul, 02:00 AM UTC
Darren Rovell
Jeff Van Gundy for the win!! @darrenrovell's photo on Van Gundy
21 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
Wu-Tang Is For The Children
Jeff Van Gundy knows it’s a bad look outside the Bucks arena
21 Jul, 02:16 AM UTC
Mike Beauvais
JEFF VAN GUNDY: When we were kids, a fun Friday night was going into the city and paying hobos a nickel to fist fight. MARK JACKSON: For it to be a “salad,” there’s gotta be lettuce. Pasta salad isn’t a salad. I’m sorry, it just isn’t. MIKE BREEN: Brook Lopez with the rebound.
21 Jul, 02:14 AM UTC
“Dr. Fauci is cringing at home…” Jeff Van Gundy for the win 😂 @ChuckModi1's photo on Van Gundy
21 Jul, 01:54 AM UTC
Bonta Hill
The NBA is in good hands with Giannis. Jeff Van Gundy isn’t lying - this is such an absurd performance from Giannis.
21 Jul, 03:26 AM UTC
Alex Moose-Uh-Bye
Stan Van Gundy: Hooper
21 Jul, 02:21 AM UTC
Jeff Van Gundy might as well put a application for the Bucks commentating job
21 Jul, 02:57 AM UTC
Basketball Robot
Van Gundy could hardly believe Giannis had gone 17/17 from the line in a game before, and here Giannis is at 16/17
21 Jul, 03:25 AM UTC
Hawkeye Recruiting
Jeff Van Gundy loves to zoom and watch plays in slo mo and then be like WOW THAT WAS A FOUL as if calling it in real time was the same thing
21 Jul, 03:22 AM UTC
lyle spencer
Van Gundy always points out every game Giannis is “exhausted.” Who wouldn’t be playing 40 minutes full tilt both ends in a playoff game? What’s his point?
21 Jul, 03:23 AM UTC
Love that jeff van gundy is having an existential crisis over the futility of professional officiating right now
21 Jul, 03:22 AM UTC
Mizza __
Jeff Van Gundy must be retiring in WI because he’s on Bucks nuts!!
21 Jul, 03:28 AM UTC
Quintin Reed
Jeff Van Gundy is so proud of himself every time he word a “ball don’t lie” reference into a broadcast. I hope he know that I’m proud of him too.
21 Jul, 03:28 AM UTC
Bryce Runge
I can’t get over how terrible Van Gundy and Jackson are. It’s truly unbelievable.
21 Jul, 03:28 AM UTC
@scouseviking97 It’s comical. Van Gundy ripping him saying “yeah they missed that but you can’t get frustrated.” That’s like 3-4 this quarter lol
21 Jul, 03:27 AM UTC
Idk what tf Marc Jackson and Van Gundy lookin at. Every foul on Phoenix is blatant on them😂
21 Jul, 03:26 AM UTC
Steve Finamore
Jeff Van Gundy quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson. "Your actions speak so loudly I can barely hear what you say."
21 Jul, 03:26 AM UTC
playoff z
Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen are the best broadcasting team in sports
21 Jul, 03:26 AM UTC
Jerry Briggs
'One of the most brilliant performances you ever hope to see in the Finals,' ESPN television analyst Jeff Van Gundy says.
21 Jul, 03:26 AM UTC
El Comandante 💥
@ArnieK @NBA @ABC Van Gundy for sure 💯
21 Jul, 03:23 AM UTC
Does anyone have a firewall config to block Jeff Van Gundy?
21 Jul, 03:23 AM UTC
Omari Green(Coach OG)
@BontaHill Van Gundy gets on my last nerves
21 Jul, 03:29 AM UTC
justin eales
@MarkJackson13 how can you sit by Stan van gundy and say you two are announcers? All he is doing is sucking Giannis dick. Everything the suns do is wrong and Giannis is right
21 Jul, 03:29 AM UTC
pápí #3991
jeff van gundy, the most bias commentator ive listened to
21 Jul, 03:29 AM UTC
@NBA @abc could Jeff Van Gundy be any more biased? My god he’s bad.
21 Jul, 03:29 AM UTC
The fact that Jackson and Van Gundy are not calling these fouls out is infuriating.
21 Jul, 03:29 AM UTC
@GetUpESPN Listen to Van Gundy make excuses for officials.
21 Jul, 03:29 AM UTC
Michael Carotenuto
@kennysargent Fair enough! But if I hear Mark Jackson or Van Gundy say that wasn’t a foul again, I’m goin go challenge them to an old man game and so everything to them they said wasn’t a foul and see if they call it!
21 Jul, 03:29 AM UTC
@juliancooper__ I liked van gundy talking about how fauci would be disappointed in the deer district and Mark Jackson saying “the freaks come out at night”
21 Jul, 03:28 AM UTC