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Dolly Parton's $1 million donation to coronavirus research at Vanderbilt University helped fund Moderna's vaccine
21 Nov, 05:00 AM UTC
Southeastern Conference
NEWS-The Florida at Vanderbilt football game today will now be seen on ABC. Kickoff remains at Noon ET. The game was originally scheduled for ESPN. @GatorsFB @VandyFootball
21 Nov, 02:45 PM UTC
PBS NewsHour
Parton’s $1 million gift to Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center helped researchers develop Moderna’s experimental coronavirus vaccine.
21 Nov, 07:12 AM UTC
Simon Gibbs
Dan Mullen and the Gators refuse to use Vanderbilt’s visiting locker room at half. Florida also showed up to the stadium late (on purpose), then went through warmups without pads/got dressed at the last second.
21 Nov, 06:44 PM UTC
Financial Times
Our person in the news this week is the country singer Dolly Parton, whose donation of $1m to Vanderbilt University Medical Center at the start of the pandemic helped to fund an early-stage trial of one of the most promising Covid-19 vaccines
20 Nov, 11:30 PM UTC
Thomas Goldkamp
Vanderbilt just gifted Florida a Third-and-Grantham with a drop.
21 Nov, 07:19 PM UTC
Christian D'Andrea
a 15-yard penalty against Vanderbilt's Grant Miller and ...nothing for Florida ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @TrainIsland's photo on Vanderbilt
21 Nov, 07:19 PM UTC
Scott Carter
SCORE: #Gators 31, Vanderbilt 10 -- Trask 2-yard pass to Gamble caps 10-play, 91-yard drive in 4:34.
21 Nov, 07:29 PM UTC
Lil Ugly Dude
Derrick Mason must have some serious dirt on Vanderbilt to still have a job lol
21 Nov, 06:24 PM UTC
Odds Shark
Notable lines for NCAAF Week 12 (Bovada): Florida @ Vanderbilt +31.5 Indiana @ Ohio St -20.5 Cincinnati @ UCF +4 Kansas St @ Iowa St -13 UCLA @ Oregon -18 Kentucky @ Alabama -32.5 Wisconsin @ Northwestern +7.5 Oklahoma St @ Oklahoma -7 USC @ Utah +2.5
21 Nov, 04:30 PM UTC
Austin Harmon
@DK_Thompson It’s like listening to a Vanderbilt fan call this game. He is getting so emotional
21 Nov, 07:18 PM UTC
Brad Spielberger
That call on Vanderbilt was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen Get angry @danorlovsky7!
21 Nov, 07:18 PM UTC
Adam Sparks
Florida 24, Vandy 10. 3Q TD run by Pierce to cap a 75-yard drive for Gators.
21 Nov, 07:07 PM UTC
Florida Gators - The Spun
Safety first.
21 Nov, 07:30 PM UTC
Big College Sports Fan
It was fun while it lasted, Vanderbilt
21 Nov, 07:28 PM UTC
CFB Blitz
Dameon Pierce scores for Florida. Dan Mullen made a gutsy call earlier in the drive by going for it on 4th down at their own 34 yard line. The Gators are starting to pull away from Vanderbilt. FLORIDA 24 VANDERBILT 10 #CFB
21 Nov, 07:07 PM UTC
Scott Carter
#Gators up 24-10, take over at their 9 after Vanderbilt punt. Clock is nearing 7 minutes left in third quarter.
21 Nov, 07:20 PM UTC
AllGators on Sports Illustrated
Kemore Gamble with a back-of-the-endzone touchdown extends Florida's lead to 31-10 over Vanderbilt. 2:55 left in the third quarter.
21 Nov, 07:29 PM UTC
Florida just scored a touchdown. 2:55 left in the 3rd Quarter with the score Vanderbilt 10, Florida 30. More:
21 Nov, 07:29 PM UTC
The design of the back of Vanderbilt’s end zone took that one off of the board lol
21 Nov, 07:28 PM UTC
Los Bebum Futebol Clube
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21 Nov, 07:28 PM UTC
BOT 47
@grave_acid @HappyGo49881713 @jwpetterchak @j_cWasHere2020 @thehill @TheHillOpinion But we already knew masks do little to protect the wearer and this study supports that claim. So what? We wear masks to mitigate risk of transmission from the wearer to others, like the results in these studies show:
21 Nov, 07:26 PM UTC
Chad Bishop
Gators on the move with a fresh set of downs at the Vanderbilt 9
21 Nov, 07:24 PM UTC
gordon hayward hornets charlotte #iufb justin fields indiana ohio state #TwitterTurkeyDrive #TUBBO1MIL #huskers #COYS #TOTMCI mourinho brian williams clemson vandy vanderbilt #gators master teague danny ainge celtics #Caturday michael jordan avery bradley
21 Nov, 07:22 PM UTC
So Vanderbilt was winning this game 7-0, but is now down 24-10. It’s confusing how they are now trailing. They shouldn’t concede. That’s how things work now right?
21 Nov, 07:19 PM UTC
mark mcnulty
What a terrible call against Vanderbilt!
21 Nov, 07:19 PM UTC
Robert 1911
Florida leads Vanderbilt 24-10 with 0:00 remaining in the 3rd
21 Nov, 07:18 PM UTC
Philip Burger
@espn University of Vanderbilt other SEC schools 70,000-80,000 seat capacity stadiums.. 40,000 seat stadium finances college football city of Nashville interest net ticket sales logically expand or construct stadium..
21 Nov, 07:30 PM UTC
cliff neel
@danorlovsky7 was watching Florida/Vanderbilt and could tell you and the other announcer do not like the Gators.
21 Nov, 07:30 PM UTC
ACNM Midwives
'National Study: Pandemic, Oversight Waivers Impact Advanced Practice Nurses'
21 Nov, 07:30 PM UTC

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