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NBA Insider Harrison Faigen
Vanessa Bryant just posted this on Instagram @hmfaigen's photo on Vanessa Bryant
27 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
dani | she/her
vanessa bryant is going OFF rn and i love it
27 Feb, 07:40 PM UTC
I’m happy Vanessa Bryant called out Evan Rachel Wood for that tweet she did on the day Kobe died. Evan really didn’t have to say anything at all.
27 Feb, 07:08 PM UTC
Vanessa Bryant wants to make public names of sheriff’s deputies accused of sharing Kobe helicopter crash photos
27 Feb, 05:13 PM UTC
Vanessa Bryant finally being able to clear tf outta people who talked bad about Kobe after his death makes me so happy for her.
27 Feb, 07:04 PM UTC
Vanessa Bryant responds to Abigail Disney’s tweet about Kobe made right after his passing @TheShadeRoom's photo on Vanessa Bryant
27 Feb, 07:22 PM UTC
Lakers Nation
Jeanie Buss has put her support behind Kobe becoming the new NBA logo.
27 Feb, 11:03 PM UTC
Mamba Mentality
Vanessa Bryant is coming for y’all! And never forget when Evan Rachel Wood continued to film a movie directed by that sick freak Woody Allen, whose daughter accused him of molestation in 1992
27 Feb, 07:14 PM UTC
Christian Gonzalez
Oh Vanessa Bryant had the time today!! Lmaoo get them Queen Mamba!!
27 Feb, 10:51 PM UTC
As someone mentioned #EvanRachelWood worked with Woody Allen in 2009 but decided to call Kobe a rapist on the day he die!? Im glad Vanessa Bryant called her ass out. At this point Amber Heard n her do crack
27 Feb, 09:20 PM UTC
E! News
Vanessa Bryant has called out Evan Rachel Wood after coming across a Tweet she posted just after Kobe Bryant's passing: @enews's photo on Vanessa Bryant
28 Feb, 02:16 AM UTC
Qwerty 🏴‍☠️
Vanessa Bryant dragging ERW for *that* tweet last year.
28 Feb, 01:32 AM UTC
Trent Brown
I hope my future go to bat for me like Vanessa Bryant go for Kobe,,no kizzy‼️
28 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
April J. Emory
The culture pulling up anytime someone upsets Vanessa Bryant ...
28 Feb, 02:59 AM UTC
Sports Illustrated
Vanessa Bryant wants the names of the deputies who took unauthorized pictures of the helicopter crash site that killed Kobe, Gianna and seven others, made public
28 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
Richard Winton
Vanessa Bryant wants to make public names of deputies accused of sharing #KobeBryant helicopter crash scene photos. LA County wants them to stay under seal. In an updated suit her lawyers reveal new horrific details of “morbid” photo sharing.
27 Feb, 05:02 PM UTC
Raw Digga
Vanessa Bryant taking off her earrings and chancletas, and coming for y'all for disrespecting Kobe.
28 Feb, 01:37 AM UTC
Ethereal bisexual who wears mostly black
Live look-in on Vanessa Bryant snatching all the wigs she been saving up on Instagram: @Travon's photo on Vanessa Bryant
28 Feb, 02:34 AM UTC
M. ✨
Vanessa Bryant and her IG story.. Her grief seems truly insurmountable. May she be covered in a strength thats out of this world
27 Feb, 07:33 PM UTC
Vanessa Bryant Slams Evan Rachel Wood for Calling Kobe 'Rapist' Upon Death
28 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
NBC Bay Area
The lawsuit alleges that one deputy used the photos in an attempt to impress a woman at a bar and that the bartender overheard the conversations and filed a written complaint with the department.
28 Feb, 05:32 AM UTC
LEAVE VANESSA BRYANT ALONE... She lost her husband and child so until you feel or go through that type of pain you can NEVER relate. Whoever cross her deserve whatever wrath that they they bring upon themselves... I don’t care about the PAST. KOBE IS A LEGEND. GIGI WAS A BABY!!!
28 Feb, 03:53 AM UTC

Even though she shouldn’t have to I love that Vanessa Bryant is clapping back and defending her family.
28 Feb, 03:59 AM UTC
Michael rueda
Vanessa Bryant is awesome respect to her.... she’s been through hell and more and fights and defends her family rightfully so....
28 Feb, 05:51 AM UTC
Jake Lindner
Vanessa Bryant needs to stop colour chasing because her husband *was* a rapist - and admitted that much.
28 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
Captor Zone
@German_Dictator Vanessa Bryant says LA sheriff’s department wants to redact names of deputies who took pictures at crash site Our Hashtag 2020 #FWN #freeworldnews #today
28 Feb, 05:59 AM UTC
Vanessa Bryant talked her SHIT, then proceeded to say she had to google who they were 😭 #QueenMAMBA
28 Feb, 05:57 AM UTC
K Dubb
Vanessa Bryant blasts actress for year-old tweet #sports #feedly
28 Feb, 05:50 AM UTC

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